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Preview: Orphaned Decor

Orphaned Decor

Story of lost decor and furnishings trying to find their way home. Adopt a new attitude - Adopt a new style

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American Paint Company - Why we switched


For those of us who know us - you know that we were retailers for CeCe Caldwell Paint. We loved the paints and used it every single day in our shop for about 14 months. We were one of the first retailers to sign on and sung its praises.
We have since found a paint that we love even more and we are happy to announce that we were chosen to be distributors of this wonderful paint.
American Paint Company is like the other paint in that it is all natural, chalk and clay based paint, no VOCS and non toxic. It also cleans up with soap and water and is so easy to use.

That is about where the similarities end.

American Paint Company is thick and luscious - it is so thick in some cases that you actually need to thin it down to use it. It covers so much better and goes so much further. 
The colors are beautiful and vibrant. 

The maker of this paint has been making these products for over 25 years and knows all of the ins and outs of her products... she knows the best applications and how each product should be used and how it will hold up. She is quickly responsive with questions or challenges that arise. This company is very retailer oriented. They know how important their retailers are to the success of the company and do everything they can to make them successful.

They are great listeners - we request a change and it is done - we suggest new products and they are manufactured.

The wax is amazing... soft and easy to use and smells like honey. The top coat finish is like nothing else on the market...again, easy to use and so durable.

You have to try this paint to really believe how wonderful it is. No sanding, no priming and no hassle use.

We are currently looking for retailers in WA, ID,OR, MT, WY, ND, SD, AK and BC Canada.
If you or someone you might be interested contact us... we love to talk paint.

A Coat (of paint) of many colors - CeCe makes it easy


People ask me all the time how CeCe Caldwells Paint and some of the other paints on the market at the moment are different. There are a ton of differences.
One of the ones that I enjoy the most is the subtle changes in the color of our paint.
Because our paint is made not only of  natural chalk but also clays - you can add some dimension to your painted pieces simply by lightly sanding or burnishing the paint.
I get asked all of the time "What did you put over the paint to make it look like that?" Nothing, is my answer, our paint does all of the work.
After painting your piece, you simply need to use a very fine sand paper - I use 320 grit and do a little sanding. That find paper will burnish the paint, highlight any brush strokes or roller marks or imperfections in the paint..leaving a slight differing in the color.

 Destin Gulf Green  - you can see the burnished brush strokes.

Kentucky Mint

Seattle Mist.

I love that the color variations can add some dimension and interest to a piece when it lacks embellishments or when you don't want to distress.

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What if you don't want to see the brush marks or the color variations? Use a coarser grit sand paper, don't sand or when putting on your second coat when brushing your paint on - dip your brush in some water first and then load with paint - less brush marks...

Give it a's paint made easy.

A Happy Accident - Story of a little table that would not behave.


Have you ever done a project with a certain  look or finish in mind but the piece will not cooperate?That is how this story begins. I have had this little table for a bit now and wanted to do something really fun with it. Finally, I had the vision and decided to start working on it.The vision was to sand down the top of the table  - then to use my new stencil and use stain to stencil the top and paint the bottom in a nice neutral.So I sanded down the top of the table - not realizing that the top actually had a veneer on it. To make a long story short - there were a couple of places that got a little more sanded than some others, leaving light spots.....darned sander...I am sure it is defective.Anyway, I thought no big deal - I will go ahead and do my stencil technique. I used a brand new script stencil that has just come out and a foam brush and gently sponged stain onto the stencil. I thought this will cover the light spots or disquise them....not so much.  I did not take pics of this ugliness because at the time I thought I would have to paint over the top to hide them. Them I had the bright idea that I would dark wax over the light spots and that would blend in the lighter spots. So I waxed and wiped and waxed and waxed and waited.....nothing...not a bit darker. So I thought I will leave the dark wax on over night...brilliant.....I know. So I did. The next morning, I can into hardened dark wax in globs on the light spots...what was I thinking....I buffed my butt off and finally had to sand off the dark wax.... yeeks.  Can you see the ugly dark marks? Yup, dark wax blobs. I didn't take pics of that either because again, I thought I am going to have to paint the top....but I loved the stained script and really did not want to cover it, I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to paint over the stained script and decided that I would use Virginia Chestnut. So I painted over the top of my gorgeous stained stencil.I just couldn't leave it be....all covered up...that pretty stained, I decided to just try and wipe some of the Virginia Chestnut off to reveal the script here and there. One of the things that I love about CeCe Caldwells All Natural Chalk and Clay Paints is that you can distress the paint simply by using a damp cloth. I wetted a cloth and went to it. I figured if worse came to worse, I could always paint over it again.So I wiped and looked ....wiped and looked....I liked what I saw. It looked like the paint was worn away exposing the pretty stained stencil...yay. I wiped it back a bit until basically the ugly dark and light spots were left covered and the rest revealed......A Happy Accident!!!! I love it and am soooo pleased with myself.I added some clear wax and a good buffing had it looking great. It actually looks better and more subtle in person but I don't have great lighting for pics...but you get the idea. The customers in the store all loved it as I was finishing it up.I love how the top turned out. I decided I would paint a coat of Virginia on the bottom followed by a coat of Myrtle Beach Sand - some light distressing and clear wax...and voila... she is ready for a new home.She is so cute in person. If you are close come by and take a look. I already am thinking about the next project that I am going to use this technique on...a nice drop leaf table...I think. I love this stencil and will have it available in just a couple of days. You can see our other great stencils HERE. We are happy to ship and shipping  on stencils are FREE!!This girl is ready for adoption. What do you think? Happy Accident?[...]

Special Christmas Gift for our Followers.


We have a special gift just for all of our Followers!!!! We are offering a special Christmas Gift Certificate to use for yourself or to give as a special last minute gift!!! You get a $75.00 gift certificate for just $50.00!! This offer is valid until Dec. 24th at noon. The certificate may be used in store or online - on any merchandise!!! This is a great deal. Once your certificate is purchased, you will be sent an email with the certificate to print out to give and a special code to use online....just that simple.

WE have a great selection of stencils with lots more designs to come.

Just click HERE to get yours today!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

I love me some Stencils!!


I love me some stencils!! I love the look of typography and wonderful artistic additions to furniture. I would love to be able to say that I can do it all by hand....I can do some of the artsy stuff myself but a good stencil makes it so much better and easier.The problem that I have here in the town that I live in is that there is really no place to buy great stencils. The typical Hobby Lobby, Michaels and blah, blah, blah.....nothing really great. Then I found a great company that makes great stencils and I decided that I would carry them in my shop and offer them online.Last week we were giddy with anticipation waiting for them to arrive. When they did I quickly opened one and started working with it right away.This little lady was very pretty in her Vintage White and Clear and Dark wax but her top was a little funky because she had some old wallpaper on the top that I could not get completely I added this French Post Card Stencil and added some dark wax. I think it looks like an old letter and I love this. I actually want to take this little baby home.Next up was another pretty table that I did in Vintage White and Clear Wax... pretty curves and a nice big table top that was just ...well...blah...It needed something special. I love the french script that is so popular and I opened up the nice big French Script Stencil. I positioned it so it looked like the script was running through the table...if that makes sense....even if it doesn't, it looks great. I used Seattle Mist Gray and lightly distressed it.....again, I love this look.So soft, I think it looks like it has been there for a long time....just what I wanted.My friend also used this stencil on a sofa table that she did in Seattle Mist and stenciling in Vermont Slate. It looks like someone took a pen and wrote out a beautiful love letter.Oh, those were not the only stencils that we got or played with....but these are the couple that we got all done. I can't wait to try these on some fabric and pillows. There are lots and lots of gorgeous stencils on my website now and more coming.If you are interested in ordering some you can order HERE!ALL STENCILS SHIP FREE!!!!There are several other designs coming soon.[...]

Putting on the Glitz - Glamour Vanity


This is one of those pieces that people kept telling me not to paint. It was one that even I thought - "I can't paint this.It has great variations in the wood and was just so pretty.Alas, she had some problems with the veneer and some pretty deep scratches that just couldn't be rubbed out.So I decided that she would have to be painted. I wanted to do something really special for this girl though. She looked like a movie star to me - so....I decided to put on the glitz.I started with a couple of coats of  Young Kansas Wheat. I love this color because it is a neutral without being white. I also love that I can paint indoors without any VOC's or nasty smells - cuz, baby it's cold outside.I loved this color but knew she needed a little bit more somethun, somethun. I added some metallic paint in a soft silver to the bottom drawer and jewelry box. This is a great paint by Modern Masters that I just painted on right over the CeCe Caldwell Paint. It gives a great sheen. I wanted to give her the glamorous old movie star I added some mild distressing. After she dried a bit, I added a couple of classy stencils to the doors and some clear then dark wax - again, I used dry pigments to tint my clear wax. I love the CeCe Wax....again, no harsh odor and it spreads on like soft butter. The dark wax looks great in all of the great carved details of this pretty girl.I love the inset mirror and am crazy about the huge mirror - which is full length. She also has a great little bench that goes along with her.Now just to add some blingy hardware and she is all ready for her closeup.We are official retailers for CeCe Caldwells Clay and Chalk paints. You can purchase paints, waxes, pigments and the buffing tool HERE.  We are happy to ship nationwide.Want us to custom paint your piece? Contact us @ orphaneddecor@yahoo.comThis piece is available in store now.We also offer classes so that you can finish your piece yourself. Class schedule HERE.[...]

The right Toys - umm tools for the right job - CeCe makes it easier


One of the good things about having my own shop is that I get to try new things and I get to buy new toys....or tools and fun products.I  love painting with CeCe Caldwell Paints. I love painting with a brush but my hubby likes to "get things done." So he bought himself a Graco Sprayer. I don't mind using a manual stapler but the hubby got a new compressor and staple gun. I don't mind sanding by that was a lie... I hate sanding by hand. My hubby bought me a Craftsman Cordless Multi tool.  I guess what I am trying to get to is that I am finally understanding what my hubby meant when he says "the right tool for the right job."So today I decided to work on a little table that the hubby bought while out picking. It had great lines but some cosmetic problems.She has rings and some scratches that look like they may have been inflicted by a cats claws.So I took my little Craftsman Multi Tool Sander and made quick work of sanding the top smooth and removing the old finish. The legs took a little longer but again with the right tool it goes quick and easy.After sanding down the top I used two coats of dark walnut stain to cover. I love how easy it i to just wipe it on and then wipe off.The bottom legs got just one coat of Mississippi Mud - again the right tool. This paint goes on so richly and covers so nicely, it makes painting so easy. I love this color...kind of a neutral without being white.Once the paint dried, which took about 25 is cold here. I waxed with clear wax...including the stained top ( I waited overnight for the stain to dry first.)I wanted to add some more dimension to the table so I tried something that I had not tried before but heard lots of the gals talking about. Natural powder pigments....a new toy.We do have a wonderful dark wax but I liked the idea of being able to mix any color wax in any amount that I needed.You only need a very small amount of pigment to do 4 oz of wax - which is plenty for several projects....a little dab will do ya.So you take just a tiny bit - about 1/8 teaspoon and equal parts of denatured alcohol - vodka works well too. Mix this together into a paste and take this tiny amount and mix it very well into about 3 or 4 oz of as I say and not as I do...mix it well...more well than this.I painted it on and wiped it back and I loved the look. Really that easy...just wipe on with a chip brush and then wipe it back with a cloth.After about an hour I got to use my last new buffing brush. If you have not tried one of these you do not know what you are missing out on. I love the look and feel of a buffed piece - it also adds to the durability of piece.Take a look at this sweet toy.And then you do this.Yup, I got your attention now don't I? It whips right through buffing, removing extra wax and what a shine.I tell ya - you gotta get one of these little babies.So the finished product.The top.Sexy long and curvy legs.All ready for a new home.We are official retailers for CeCe Caldwells Clay and Chalk paints. You can purchase paints, waxes, pigments and the buffing tool HERE.  We are happy to ship nationwide.Want us to custom paint your piece? Contact us @ orphaneddecor@yahoo.comThis piece is available in store now.We also offer classes so that you can finish your piece yourself. Class schedule HERE.We are sharing here.  [...]

Getting my ArtSeY FaRtSEy (AF) Back


So, this past June I celebrated my 3rd Anniversary of my store.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them, that "I am living my dream". I really mean that....everyday I get to go to my shop and create, paint, meet great people and decorate. All of the things that I love to do and I make a pretty good living doing it. I get to try out my ideas and most of the time someone wants to buy them. A win- win for all of us.So what is the problem with this you might ask? Well, when I first started out, I feel like I was more creative. Or perhaps, I should say,  felt like I could be more creative. Of course, I had more time then - I didn't have the customer traffic. I was talking to my husband the other day and asked him if he remembered when the store was first everything was always so cute....all of the displays were perfect.... the floors always always washed? We would sit around in this gorgeous little store and wait for customers...but it looked great.I spent a lot of time crafting, decoupaging dressers and tables, doing hand painting, hand lettering and sewing  and such.Now, I have customers waiting at the door when we get to the store to open. Gone are the days, that our gorgeous displays last more than a day or two. Now, I am not complaining...I feel blessed for every single customer and for how busy our shop has become. Again, you might ask, "so what is the problem?"  Well, as our business has grown, it has become a matter of volume...the more you sell the more you have to paint to replace the inventory. When trying to increase our volume it is sometimes necessary to cut out the Artsey Fartsey stuff.  What I mean is that sometimes the plain  white or black or just blue is what sells.Lately, I have been feeling not as satisfied with just painting something white. I want to make something different. Sometimes something blingy or unexpected....something one of kind.Do you know the feeling? I don't just want to pump out the furniture. I want to be able to take time to make something really special. Not to say that I don't sometimes want to paint something white....I love that....but not just because I have to pump out something to fill my store.So, I have decided that I have to find a happy medium. I need to be able to do some Artsey Fartsey (AF)stuff...and still fill the store with gorgeous things that are more mainstream.Today, I was feeling AF.Of course, I forgot a before picture.I got this little solid wood desk that has a lift up top. I think it may have been a sewing machine or type writer cabinet in its previous life.It had beautiful wood that was in bad shape in some places. I didn't want to paint all of this gorgeous wood but had to do something. I decided to leave the inserts and drawers without paint and did the top in a reverse stencil so that the wood grain would show through.I happen to love it. I am curious to see what you think.This color is CeCe Caldwells Vermont Slate and is a gorgeous charcoal, slate color.You can order Ce Ce Colors online from us. Just click here.   Please know that I didn't end up doing this desk without some resistance. My Junk Hunk thinks it would be better with the top painted solid and the drawers painted two tone....what do you think? I know I am feeling better now.[...]

Fall Classes for CeCe Caldwell Paint Workshops


I just finished putting together the class schedule for all of painting classes as well as our crafting classes through the end of the year. These classes are so darned much fun and make it so easy to be able to use our paints to transform your already owned pieces into amazing treasures.....a whole lot less than having to buy new furnishings!!!Go and check out our schedule and if you like let us know which one you would like to participate in... We would love to have you.Our monthly craft classes are great for a girls night out. Relax, laugh and craft away.Each class includes dinner, drinks and all the supplies that you need to make some gorgeous decor for you home.Sept. 27th - 6 - 9We are putting together some spooky decor for your home. We will be doing embellished Halloween Bottles. We will teach you a couple of techniques - including bottle silvering and bottle darkening.We will add vintage lace, custom graphics, folded papers, bit and bobs, stickers, tea dyed ribbons and lace and more to get a great look.Here is a simple example but we will have more to see.We will teach to you to make the ever popular sweater pumpkins - We supply the sweaters and embellishments. You can add sparkles or scary decor.We will also make a cute Spooky Banner.This is just one example of the banner that you can make....we will have more examples as well.Choose 2 of these crafts for just $25.00 or Choose all three for $30.00.We will be serving a Baked Potato Bar including all of the goodies. Chili, cheese, onions, olives, bacon. Green Salad and your choice of desert and drinks.Please email or call asap to register. Bring your friends - this is going to be so much fun!!!![...]

A kick in the pants by a new CeCe Caldwell Color - Myrtle Beach Sand


 I love what I do. Everyday single day I feel thankful and blessed about the fact that I get to do exactly what I love for a living. But even with that - sometimes - I am ashamed to say - sometimes I don't feel it. I am not inspired - I DON'T WANT TO PAINT!!! There I said it.
Sometimes a piece that is great doesn't speak to me - I wait and nothing but crickets....
So when the new CeCe Caldwell Colors arrived last week. I was so excited. I was ripping every box open as quickly as I could to see the little smudge on the top of each precious can . What gorgeous colors. Each color better than the last. Now my only problem is which to use first!!!

This little dresser is solid wood and had a lot of potential...I could see this but I couldn't figure out what to do with it.

Believe it or not - customers actually came in and said that they loved what I had done with I think maybe I have done a few too many very distressed pieces as of late.

I had to sand the top of the dresser because of the awful paint job. It started coming off pretty easy so I decided to try to take it all off and stain the top. So that is just what I did. Took it all off and then stained it a Jacobean and then clear waxed the top...with a little buffing it shines.

Now to decide what to paint the bottom. I had just seen a wonderful armoire  painted in our New Michigan Pine. I started to paint this piece in Michigan Pine but it just didn't seem to do the next?
I painted a nice coat of  Myrtle Beach Sand over the Pine. I originally was not going to distress this piece but when I started to lightly sand I could see the Pine just peeking distressed. Some places to the wood and some just to show the Pine peeking through.
After a clear wax, I added some light aging wax and buffed. I love this look.

A new color is sometimes all of the kick in the pants that I need. This piece is ready for adoption.

Check out all of our new colors....might just give you the kick in the pants that you are looking for.

Orphaned Decor and CeCe Caldwell are being featured at Redoux


I was lucky enough to be interviewed and featured at Redoux Blog this morning. This is a such a fun and creative place. Go over and visit Karen and all of her great ideas and projects.
You can find her here.

CeCe Caldwell Benefit Paint Workshop featuring CeCe Caldwell


I love the city that I live in and the people that live here. I was raised in Spokane. I have moved away a couple of times but always came back Spokane. Of course, all of my family are here so that is one of the big reasons. One of the other reasons are because of the other wonderful people and organizations that are based in Spokane. One of the those wonderful organizations is Project H.O.P.E Spokane.  Our Mission: “Project H.O.P.E provides the means for disadvantaged youth in Spokane’s West Central and Emerson Garfield neighborhoods to escape poverty and gang affiliation through entrepreneurial initiatives.”  In response to gang fatalities, neighbors of West Central created Project H.O.P.E. (a 501c3, Not for Profit). First, there was a safe place, an open gym in a church. Then, it began to teach life skills. Four years ago, they’d grown to include five community gardens called Riverfront Farms, and a lawn care business called Jobs Not Jails, both run by at-risk-youth from the neighborhood along with a variety of volunteers.During recent years Riverfront Farms has grown to include nine garden lots, and a Farmers’ Market. Riverfront also sells produce at stores that had not previously offered more “food” than a common gas station.  This year, they are re-landscaping several garden plots to be more productive and sustainable. One lot is oriented mostly for education purposes. They are all volunteers. This program is open to kids 8 - 18 and the amount that can participate is only limited by funding.With this in mind -  Western Regions CeCe Caldwells Paint and Products, Debi Weber Design from Paradise Valley, AZ and Orphaned Decor PresentProject H.O.P.E Benefit WorkshopSeptember 8th, 2012This class will be taught by Anne Skougard -  House of Anne– Western Region Distributer for CeCe Caldwells Paint. Anne has over 40 years of experience as a decorator and knows all of the tricks of the trade.Using CeCe Caldwell’s All Green, NO VOC’s Paints and Waxes – you will learn how to use this amazing Clay and Chalk Based paint – water distressing, sand paper distressing, layering colors, crackle finishes, proper waxing techniques and use of Satin Finish and more. The Ce Ce Caldwell   CeCe Caldwells Paints will also be in the house to answer all of your questions and show us some of her tricks as well.In the afternoon, you will spend time completing a take home project provided by the Western Region.This class is limited to 35 people per class so that we can provide everyone with one on one help as needed. Western Region Retailers will be on hand to help you with techniques and project questions and suggestions.Debi Weber from Debi Weber Designs  will also be in attendance and happy to answer any decorating questions that you may have.So much talent under one roof….you don’t want to miss this event.Refreshments, Sweets, Coffee and Tea Bar,  and a Box Lunch will be provided.You will also be entered into a drawing to win some great prizes.*Everything is included – just wear your painting clothes and be ready to have fun.Book you place today by calling 509-216-7689 - emailing Orphaneddecor@yahoo.comor come into the shop.You can also register online at  under classes.A large portion of each registration will be donated to Project H.O.P.E Spokane.This is your chance to meet CeCe in person. You can also get all of those answers to the questions that you have been wondering about....Can you paint linoleum? Can you use the paint outdoors?  Can you mix colors? Can you wax and then use Satin finish? What other goodies are coming down the road from CeCe?You can ask t[...]

Farm Chicks - The Show, The Party


Farm Chicks was amazing. Amazing for a lot of reasons. Not only is there every kind of great junk but there are so many incredible displays not to mention creative ideas.There are also the people. Lots and lots of happy people. On Saturday the early shoppers came in and quickly made their way around the loop. They were giddy with excitement. Then came the throngs. I do mean throngs.We were in Bay 1, which is off of the main hallway and when the doors opened it sounded like a herd of stampeding elephants. You also heard hoops and hollers of excited gals. It made me big laugh right out loud.They were dressed in vintage crinolines, tiaras, party hats, tea hats, cowboy boots, lots of bling and fancy aprons. They all came with great smiles and appreciation for all of the work that we put into our little part of the world for that weekend. They came to see and imagine and to buy - over 6000 of them.My junk hunk came to help - thank you babe - and he said he has never seen so many happy women in his life. They were singing and laughing and pointing. It was a party atmosphere. We were so glad that we were invited.I have a few pictures of some of  what I could see - it was hard to get away from the booth for even a few minutes - but you will get the idea.I loved this display. It was so gorgeous.June BugThe Mad CowLipstick GypsiesFunky Junk SistersLipstick GypsiesPast Blessings FarmOur Booth - Orphaned DecorFunky Junk JenniferGarden PartyThis is just a few of the wonderful vendors that were at the show. Just a few of the pics that we took on the few times that we could get away.If you didn't get to come to she show this year make sure you come and party with us next year.[...]

Farm Chicks


That's right!! We are vendors of the show that we all love. We are going to Farm Chicks!! If you have never been to Farm Chicks then you have no idea what you are missing out on. It is the most Junk Eye Candy that you have ever seen if your life. The displays are over the top incredible and the amazing ideas will get your creative juices flowing like crazy.  The show is June 2nd & 3rd at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds. Admission is only $7.00. You can find anything that you can imagine at this show.

We are going to be in Bay 1 and we are bringing lots of rusty, crusty, junky and beautiful finds. Lots of amazing handmade goodies too.
Here are just a few.

Come out and see our goodies and the other amazing goods.

Just a little change makes a big difference


This may come as a surprise but not every orphaned piece of furniture that we find are necessarily pretty.Some are covered in cobwebs, some are two spider jobs, some are covered in ugly paint and some are covered in uuuuuummmmmm......other "STUFF".It may also come as surprise that my dear junk hunk sometimes does not see the potential that I see....I know, hard to believe...I know.I can always tell when he doesn't agree with my purchases. There is a always a big, toothy smile - you know the one - the smile that says "Really? I can't let you go anywhere by yourself." Followed by the always anticipated "Sweeeeettyyyy." Said in that shame on you tone.I knew that I would see and hear that all too familiar "What were you thinking?" attitude...when I brought this sweet little find home.  Now, I personally thought this piece had lots of potential, in spite of the wonderful rope handles. My junk hunk personally thought...and was willing to share those thoughts.....that I should have thrown this piece away and certainly should not waste my time painting it.It is solid wood. It has great carved details. All of the drawers open and close great and are like new inside. What is not to love?After I cleaned it up a bit, I filled the old hardware holes. They were really close together making it almost Then, I broke out the CeCe Caldwell Vintage White... while the junk hunk was gone.....No sanding or priming, just brush is on.Did a little distressing to bring out some of those great carvings and then gave it a hand waxed finish...super easy. Finally, I drilled some new holes and added a few pretty as can be porcelain rose handles.A few little changes added up to this sweet piece.This sweetheart has already found a new home.Not saying "I told you so...but..."Make sure you enter my CeCe Caldwell "Green" Paint Giveaway - Sponsored by the Western Region.[...]

CeCe Caldwell "Green" Paint Giveaway!!


When I find something that I love, something that really works great, something that is better and newer than what is out there....I tell everyone. Not just people that I know, but everyone that will listen. Yes, I am one of those girls....I will talk to you in the grocery store line or while we are waiting to see our doctor. The funny thing is...when I don't initiate the conversation....strangers will just start talking to me. I think I have one of those faces....a "I will talk to you and tell you everything I know" faces.Anyway, when I found out about CeCe Caldwell "Green" Paints, I wanted to try them. I loved the other paints out there but had a hard time with smelly waxes. It was such an amazing product that we decided to carry it in our store and use it almost exclusively in painting in our store.I my opinion it is the best paint out there right now for painting furniture. I love it, it works great and want to tell everyone about it. I am convinced that once you try will be hooked.It is easy to use, it can be used in the house or shop because No VOC's and no smell, it comes in gorgeous colors, it can be used with other products to enhance our beautiful paint, it is made in the USA and most will get the best customer service that I or any other CeCe retailer can provide you.We will take the time to make sure that your project comes out beautifully. We will answer your questions and offer free guidance. We offer classes and workshops...well, you get the idea.Because I believe in this product so much and want to spread the word -WE ARE HAVING A GIVEAWAY!!!What will you get you ask?Well, you will get 21 sample pot sizes of every color that is offered at this moment.You will get a hand painted color chart with all of the colors.You will get a full can of clear wax - it smells like heaven.ANDYou will get a full can of our brand new Satin Finish like painting on wax.You will also get a couple of surprise goodies as well.SOUND GOOD?There are several ways to enter - or enter several times by doing all of the following:Become a follower on my blog and leave me a comment - I you already follow just leave a comment.Like me on Facebook and leave me a comment below - CeCeCaldwells Paint Page and leave me a comment below - this giveaway on Facebook and leave me a comment below.Come into the shop and mention this giveaway and get an entry.And for two entries - Blog about this giveaway or post a link back to my giveaway and comment below.Wooohhh..... that's a lot of ways to win!!!I know that if you try this paint you will love as much as I do. We do ship samples as well, if you don't want to wait to win. Just click on shop now at the top - you can see our great colors there too.The winners will be announced on May 15th....and we might be adding some other prizes as check back to see what we are up to.So go now my pretties - spread the word and let the paint fly!!!![...]

Create something beautiful with CeCe Caldwell Paint Classes


This last weekend we had our first of many CeCe Caldwell Paint Classes...and we had a great time.
I have always said it is amazing what a coat of paint can do for a piece of furniture. When it is CeCe Caldwell paint - well, the transformation is almost unbelievable. We have taken some the ugliest orphans and made them into cute little babes that anyone would love to have in their lives.
Do you have a little something that needs a little something or maybe a lot something? We can help...really we can really.
This is one of our students from this weekend...sweet Ms. Quinn....she was kind enough to let us do a before and after pictures of her and her project.

She brought in this sweet little kitchen shelf with great bones but a less than attractive finish. Quinn loves color and I love that Quinn loves color. She chose Spring Hill Green, light distressing by sanding and then a clear wax.
After a little demo from me...we were off and painting.

This is Quinn and her little cutie after...the wax is still curing.

This sweet shelf is so much better after....and is ready for her closeup.
I love this color and Quinns big smile.

Are you curious about how our paint works? Do you have an ugly orphan with good bones that could use a makeover?
We just posted class information for May and June. Let us help you Refunk Your Junk - (personal makeover optional.) Just click the Classes Tab above. 
To register to can email, come into the shop or call.
If you would like to gather some friends and chose a special date for your clan...we can do that too.
Hope to see you soon.

Read Your Warning Labels on Your Paint!


Please READ your labels!These are the labels of the paint and wax that I used to use almost daily.  Lung Damage???!! Really???!!!!Read your Warning LABELS! I never really thought about this before I started using CeCe Caldwell's Paints. Paint stinks, it is hazardous and you have to keep it away from children...we all know is a given...until CeCe came out with her paint and wax. Some poplar paints do not even have a  label with contents on it.Ce Ce Caldwell's Paints has no warning labels. Why you ask? Because it is Non-Toxic, NoVOC's, and No Odor! The ingredients are listed...Water, Clay, Porcelain Clay, Chalk, Alcohol Ester (as a binder), Cellulose, Pigments, Preservative! CeCe Caldwell's Paint is so safe expectant mothers can use it. I even let my grandchildren paint with it without having to worry about skin contact or fumes. Two of them have terrible asthma and it does not bother them at all.There are NO warning that says keep out of the reach of children.... because it is safe and natural.  My very favorite product is my CeCe Caldwell's Wax! It is the best! I can wax and walk away without a nasty headache! CeCe Wax does not require a HAZMAT for shipping like some others do! Now that should tell you how harmful other wax products are! very safe CeCe Caldwell's products are! So next time you purchase paint and wax READ THE LABELS!My wax and paint of CHOICE is CeCe Caldwell's!CeCe Caldwell's paint and wax labels:To purchase CeCe Caldwell's Paints please visit Orphaned Decor or Ronan's Door inSpokane, WA. or order online at [...]

How I saved a 150 Year old Farm House Cabinet


I have been lusting after this gorgeous antique cabinet that was salvaged from a 150 year old farmhouse ever since I first saw it. It belonged to some good friends of ours and it was never for sale. Every time we visited I would also visit this sweet piece that sat waiting in the garage for something.My friends always were going to do something with it..but life happens.Sadly, my buddies have to move and just don't have room to take this 7 foot tall and 7 foot 4 inch long goodie with them....good for me.After trying for a bit to sell this piece via craigslist but failing I was able to pick it up. I was thrilled...although it needed alot more help than I originally thought.But we all know the feeling...when you see something...regardless of the shape it is can see it finished and beautiful...that is this kind of piece for me.Of course all of the glass was gone. We have been hoarding old glass for know the kind, wavy and tiny bubbles. My junk hunk cut it and we added it into the doors.Some of the old hardware was not salvagable.We added new hardware which we tried to make look old.The top of the bottom piece was completely rotten. We replaced it with salvaged wood - we also added some bead board that was salvaged from the same house.We loved the original patina. It had been painted several different colors over the years - greens, blues and whites. It was chippy and crackled - I loved it.So we sanded it to remove the falling off pieces and sealed it to protect that gorgeous junky finish. So the hard part are we going to make the new pieces that we added - crown molding and more look like the original finish. That is where CeCe Caldwell Green Paint came in.We used Alaskan Tundra, Vintage White and Destin Gulf Green to replicate the we layered and crackled and sanded and layered and sanded and layered and crackled and... well you get the idea....Until I thought that we had it looking pretty original.Can you tell which is the original and which is the new finish?So after 30 hours give or take she is ready for her debut at the Spokane Home and Garden Show.I may add some baskets to the shelves below but other than that I think she is perfect.I am usually very good about not taking home my work... but if I had a place she would live with me...alas, I have no room so she is ready for adoption. Maybe in your kitchen or dining room? Or heck, she would be perfect to hold all of your crafting supplies.I love that this piece has been saved and I love that I was able to do it with All natural, made in the US products. I wish we could have salvaged more of the house. They don't make pieces like this anymore.What do you think?[...]

My love affair with Vintage White.


Is it wrong to say that "Vintage White" is my favorite color? I mean.. white is actually the absence of color... or at least I have heard that... Never the less...It is my favorite color. I have long been a fan of shabby chic decor. I have heard that it is out of style and that wouldn't surprise me because I am not always in style..I know a big shock for those of you that know how fashionable I am.I love the way a coat of creamy white paint can transform an otherwise ugly piece of furniture.I heard that back in the day, that rich folks would take their old but expensive furnishings and put them in their summer homes. They would cover the old pieces, some with gilded features, with a coat of white paint to update them and make them more suitable and less formal for their summer places. Makes sense to me. Thus, the look was born.Regardless of where it came from - excuse me Ms. Ashwell - I love it still and so do a lot of my customers.Last week we found this poor orphaned china hutch. Yes, I know that she is outdated and not so...ummm...great, but she has good bones. Becauseof that we thought we would give her another chance. We covered her in two coats of CeCe Caldwells Vintage White. If you haven't used CeCe's paint, you should. I glides on and covers to well with no vocs or smell. You can paint inside which is a great thing when it is cold and blowing outside. You don't have to sand or prime either - even on this slick surface. You can also use the buttery wax indoors as well. It has no petroleum in it so it doesn't have the awful smell of gasoline that some other popular brands do.After just a couple of hours of work including some light distressing and waxing this is what we ended up with.She looks like a whole new girl to me. We got rid of her criss cross braces and look how she shines. She is now looking for a new home.This is another project that was transformed with CeCe's vintage White. My hubby didn't even want to load up this monster of a dresser when he first saw it. He thought that it was just to ugly...but I saw lots of great load it up we did. Again, I chose white and I love how it turned out.7 feet of 9 gorgeous drawers and storage space...looking great.So maybe I am out of style and maybe I don't know all of the technical gibber jab about color vocabulary....I do have a love affair with Vintage White.[...]

I am now a Wedding Planner. A little tutorial as well.


Ok, so maybe, technically...I am not a wedding planner...officially. But I think every woman at some time is or has been a wedding planner....whether we want to admit it or not.I love everything there is about weddings. I love the beautiful decor, the delectable food and I love ...the love.I adore looking at wedding photos...even of people that I do not know...I know...I can't help it. And it is not that I am a youngster...I am 49 ish. Weddings are just gorgeous and fun.So when I heard that the theme for the Feb. Junk Show was White and Weddings...I was in heaven.I immediately started planning least decor.A few of the things that I love in the wedding trends right now is vintage weddings. The other is how each couple is making their special day their own. Stepping out of the box with decor and more.One of the things that I love about my work is taking orphaned things and making them into something different and beautiful.So I took some pretty but otherwise fairly forgettable things and put them together to make something new.I love how vintage silver and rust seems to go together. I know I am not alone here. I also love the clear glass. I took a couple of candlesticks and glass plates to make a cute little cake plate. I know, not the breaking vintage crafting news of the year...but I love the look. I also like the old, chippy, rusty white fencing that I added.The other things that I put together were candlesticks and old insulators.The old insulators can be found almost anywhere for next to nothing.I just got a huge box of them in different sizes at a local junk sale.Sorry I didn't take more pictures but I think you can get an idea.After washing both insulators and candlesticks, you simply use E6000 to glue the insulator to the candlestick. You can use a bit of hot glue to hold everything in place until everything dries.After it dries, come the really fun part. I ripped up some old linen fabric and used it for ribbon. You can add some bling or flowers or old buttons...GO WILD SISTA'!!!These look gorgeous in a grouping and they are sparkly when illuminated with a little votive candle.I will have some for sale at the Junk Sale if you are inclined to make your own. Along with lots of other fun goodies. Come check it out. I know my Junkin' Sisters have lots planned too.I am getting my party on here. Please become a follower of my blog if you like. The button is right over there to the right.[...]

Keeping it Green!


Part of the reason that we love what we do is that we can take things that have been discarded or orphaned and make them desirable and beautiful again.
A couple of months ago a friend of ours, Don, found the top of an old cedar chest. It was beautiful but was missing the chest. It was just the lid - beautfiul but orphaned. He could not leave it in the pile to have the wood recycler grind it up, so he carried it home. He is a wood guy. He salvages any wood that he thinks that he can use. His garage is full.
His wife told me that he talked about this gorgeous piece of wood and planned and fussed about it for weeks. Finally, she told him to just build a box and so.... he did.
He built a box from reclaimed wood including the cedar lining.
He then brought this gorgeous piece to us to complete the process.
We sanded that gorgeous top and stained it a rich Jacobean. We finished the box that was so lovingly built with CeCe Caldwell Green Paint in Omaha Ochre.
We love the contrast and the outcome.
This little honey is now ready for a new home. You can't get much greener than this sweet piece of furniture.
Rescued, reworked and then finished in a great green product.
She is ready for adoption at Orphaned Decor....ready for a new lifetime.

Sorry we have no before pics....we were so excited to get this piece done...well, you know the story.
If you would like to try some of our new Ce Ce Caldwell paint on your own projects - you can order online - just click the shop now tabe at the top of the page.
Our new Sedona Red is coming out this week...with 13 more colors coming in the next few weeks.
I am sharing at these parties.

(image) (image)

CeCe Caldwell Green Paint Available On LIne!!


We were so excited when we first announced that we would be carrying CeCe Caldwell Green Chalk and Clay Paint.
But....we are even more excited since we have received it and have been able to play with all of the colors. This paint is amazing!! It covers in one coat in almost every case. It has no smell, no odor that gives you the headache. The colors are gorgeous and so appealing.
The wax is unbelievable! There is only a light citrus smell. It glides on so smoothly - like butter. There is no streaking - even on the darker colors. It provides a durable, smooth finish.
I really can't say enough good things about this paint. I am addicted!!
I can't wait to use every single color and every singe wax application and.....well, you get the idea.
So, now you can order this great product online. Just click our "Shop Now" button at the top of the page and pick out your colors. We will have it sent directly to your door in just a few days.
But will become addicted!!



Someone was asking about a twin bed frame recently. Heres one fresh painted with Cece Caldwells antique white. Comes complete with wood rails and can be distressed if you like.  Perfect for your littl princess!

How to transfer typography with a newspaper.


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday!! We sure did.So, I wanted to try something new that I have been seeing all over blogland. I have never done a tutorial before...partly because I just have really never thought of it and partly because I assume that alot of folks already know how to do this stuff. I am always surprised when someone comes into the store and asks me how to do something that is all over blogland. So at the risk of being goes.So I wanted to do a cute little table with some sweet French Typography. I read somewhere that you can use newspaper to transfer being cheap and inpatient...too inpatient to go to the craft store to get something else...I decided to try it.First I did a coat of white on this sweet table.I did just one coat because I am going to heavily distress this piece. No reason to put it on just to take it off.Then I printed off a great graphic from The Graphics Fairy. If you have not seen her blog, you really must do yourself the favor and check her out. 1000's of vintage graphics for your crafting pleasure.So all you do is put the newspaper down, put your graphic over it and trace the graphic with a pen...yup... that is it.Now, let me give you a little advice. Try to use a piece that does not have alot of the colored ads or alot of blank space. The newsprint acts as a carbon. Also, make sure your paint is completely dry before trying this...I know, this is a given...just saying.The newsprint did not come off on the table at all except where I traced. I have tried the pencil on the back of the paper and ended up with a ton of lead - which does not come off of the paint.This is what you are left with.Now, all you have to do is take a Sharpie...yup a sharpie...and fill in and trace the pencil lines.My Sharpie kind of dried out a bit so I had to wait for a few minutes for it to rehydrate...or whatever you would call it. I think that the chalk paint sucks the moisure out of the felt tip.After you are all done with the tracing...apply a soft wax. I usually distress then wax but in this case I waxed first to seal the Sharpie so the it won't smear when I distress this piece.So here it is finished and waxed. I have not distressed it yet because I have to wait a bit for the wax to cure. Don't worry if the lettering is not perfectly, perfect. Once you do some distressing it kind of all evens out.So, that is it. Super, duper easy and cute.Now go and give this a try... I will show the finished piece tomorrow.[...]