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I have been unable to upload a picture to this blog in a long time. Anyone know why?

The Big ONE!!!



Happy Birthday Cash - We Love You!

A few little faces of T-ball


Sorry I didn't think sooner and caught everyone on third base - maybe next game I get to visit. Aren't these just the sweetest little faces ever?


Adrianne's Dance Recital


Adrianne had her last dance recital of the season. She was so beautiful on stage, she just makes my heart melt. Her daddy bought her the beautiful flowers to give her after the dance. We are proud of you Adriannie!


Trip to Sheridan and baby Lu 6 mth. photo


Here are just a couple of Baby Lucas' pictures from my weekend visit to Sheridan. Isn't he just a handsome little guy. He has grown so much and is just a joy to play with. He is this happy little fellow that always has a smile, even when he is mad. I have more photos to come but didn't have time to get them all on. [...]

Dancing through the night with Emma Jean!


Our little beauty!
Showing Daddy her new earrings.

Miss lollipop!

Austin Wayne turns 10!


Happy Birthday Austin!Austin turned 10 on April 11th and to celebrate, Austin's dad put on one fun, fun, fun party for him.Austin, kneeling in the front in the camo, had 7 of his best buds attend his party. They started their day by having a Nerf Gun war - and you can see by the next picture who thier first vicitm was.Yea, that would be me, the photographer and grandma. However that wasn't as bad as after getting the water guns, even grandmas were fair play.We no more than pulled up and unloaded before they spread like the wind and played all afternoon in the hills.Besides the Nerf Gun War there was a scavenger hunt....Of which Team #1 won, but everyone was a winner because they all received squirt guns so then there was a........water, oops  -  to late! So after the water fight there were a lot of wet boys so they had to dry off............nothing like drying your bum in front of a warm cozy fire. Then it was time to open gifts.......and when someone gives you a football you football. At half time the kids took a break and had some dinner and............cake...YUM! You may ask why a turkey? Well Austin is big on turkey hunting and his party fell on the 1st. day of turkey hunting season.Hope all your wishes come true!It was then time to sharpen those sticks to roast marshmallows.Austin made a smore for his grannie. Thanks Austin!YUM - YUM, Blaine says!Uncle Shane, judge #1, looks over the cow patties to see who found the largest pie. Winner gets $1.00 - WAHOO!And the winners are: Bryce and Spencer- It was a tie. Congrats Boys!Back at the fire the boys continued to make smores, tell stories and hopefully get ready for bed.......I headed home, they probably still had a lot of get up and go...but grandma was tired.Hope you had a happy day Austin![...]

Little baby bunny boy - Mr. Lucas!


My little baby Lucas just turned 4 months old and of course we needed to do a photo shoot. He just laughs and laughs at us and didn't mind getting stuffed into a basket. He is just such a little doll and so very good natured about grandma posing him picture after picture.My sweet little bunny boy!I think we will show this one at graduation!Doesn't Lucas look handsome in his little hat? I wish I had one of those cars that we could stick him in to go with his little derby. MMMMM maybe grandma needs to go shopping!Lucas is  a man of many hats and he is so very good at leaving them on his head.I sure wish I knew what he was thinking! I bet it was something like "shut the d#@* camera off and put my clothes back on....LOL!! [...]

Congratulations Austin!


Congratulations to Austin on 2nd place at the Crawford Touranment and to all the little wrestlers out there who did a good job. Special thanks to all the parents and volunteers who put on such a good meet.

Patty Cake


Patty Cake, Patty Cake, our little Cash a roo can patty cake!

Baby Lucas 3 mths - Dedication photos



WeEk of LoVe - Day 5


It is already Day 5 of WeEk of LoVe where we post about something or someone we can't live without. I am almost at a loss for words to describe these most precious people in my life. I couldn't live with out them. They COMPLETE my life.Taylor Michael is my oldest grandchild..........he is an amazing person.................I don't know if there are enough words in the dictionary to define him..............he iskind, caring, intelligent, athletic, talented, humorous.......and on and on. I love you Bug!Austin is one of those people that you have to dig deep to get to know the real person, he is strong of mind, heart and soul............he will some day grow up to do big things.......I love you my little Austy Spamonte!When it comes to angels one can't help but think their faces must look a lot like my little Adrianne. She is a sweet and pretty on the inside as she is on the outside........she is my all girl ..............she loves to play dress up and dolls and will make the best of mommies some day. I love you Adriannie!Jaxon lights up the day as much as he lights up my heart. He is probably my most sensitive grandchild and has the biggest imagination I have ever seen on a child...........he is kind, loving.........full of humor and grace. I love you more than life itself Jax!!Our little Emma is as bright as the sun, her golden curls and beautiful blue eyes can melt the ice of the thickest iceberg. She is a little tomboy with a hint of girly girl starting to show through............when Emma is around one just wants to stop and watch as she opens up the world around her. Emma has a sweet nature and tries to be strong and brave when faced with life's uncertanties. I love you my little Emmer Jean!And then there is Cash..........our sweet little cuddly bundle of joy. This little guy can light up a room of strangers with his big ole  smile. He is a happy little guy and love and joy just spills from his little spirit.Cash is sit quietly on your lap or snuggle with his mama. I watch as he grows and wonder at his calm quiet little spirit, that of his daddy's I think. Oh Cashus Clay you are a blessing to us and I love you.Our little baby Lucas.........what a blessing he has brought to our family. I look at him in awe and wonder what kind of person he is going to grow up to be.......will he take after his calm mama or will the intensity of his dad's nature show through.......I can't wait to get to know him better.Lucas is a miracle sent from heaven............a big boy who already show a strong spirit..........Oh little Lucas I love you!God has truly blessed me with these beautiful grandchildren. I love to watch them as they grow, to see the kind of people they are and know that God has looked down on us from the Heaven's to give us such warm and beautiful people in which to share our lives. I can tell you that I trully  can't live without these people in my life. They define the person that I am - may God Bless them.Please feel free to join us with the WeEk of LoVe as it has been a very re-warding trip for me.[...]

LoVe WeEk - Day 4


Here we are at week 4 of posting someone or something we can't live without. Today my post is all about my youngest child Damion,  and his beautiful wife Daunee'. They are parents to the newest member of the Kennedy Klan. Lucas Jeffrey Kennedy was born in November, just before Thanksgiving. We already were bless in 2009 and he gave us  even more to be thankful for in 2009. So to start with, I will talk about my baby, Damion. My other children call him the 'Golden Child' and think that I favor him. I don't think I do, however Damion took after me more than any of our other children. He is artisitc, loves to garden and grow things and shares many of my mannerisims.Damion is...............a wonderful husband to his beloved 'best friend' Daunee'. Together they are ready to conquer the world, they have the deepest of Faith and will raise their son to be as close to God as they are.Damion has a sense of humor to rival no other. He can make a sunny day shine like a sun soaked summer day with his silly antics.....he was a rock for his wife in the delivery room...........and makes a pretty good Santa.............HO! HO! HO!.......Damion loves his nieces and nephews and loves to play with them.....we think he still has a lot of 'kid' in him even if he is almost 30!!He even likes to play 'make-up' with Emma.Damion is........................................a great borther to his sister and older brothers and loves to spend time with the family..........he is a wonderful father and son and I couldn't live without him.Daunee' the best daughter-n-law and just a wonderful Aunite!!She loves to spend time with family and always makes time for the people that she Damion, she has the spirit of a child and makes those around here happy with her fabulous smile....and happy personality.........she knows how to make you special just by listening to what you have to say.........and.......Daunee is a nurse with that special touch that makes the people in her care better just with her presense.She loves her neices and nephews.......................and..............................they love her!!............Daunee' is a wonderful mommy and loves her husband and son with all her heart. We are so glad to have Daunee' in our family and has quickly become someone I can't live without. If you have a specail someone or something in your life be sure to join Becky at Wendland 5 and share your story.[...]

LoVe WeEk with Becky - who or what you can't live without - Day #3


Today I am again joining Becky at Wendland5 and LoVe WeEk, where, for the next 5 days you tell about who or what you can't live without. Today is all about the most amazing person, she is my friend, my rock, my DAUGHTER and believe me I can't live without here. Today is also about her hubby, the love of her life.Brandi is an amazing woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She is my third born and has made my life wonderful from the minute that I met her. She was just this little tiny baby with fuzz for hair and the biggest blue eyes your ever did see. I fell in love the moment I saw her. So join me and get to know Brandi like I see her.Brandi is the mother to two beautiful boys........Jaxon (below) and Cash (above)....... She is the greatest mom, always thinking of her little boys first. She enjoys being with them and makes sure they enjoy life's little pleasures. And they LOVE her...........Little Cash has his mommie's eyes, and cheeks!Brandi shares.................... my love of fall, Halloween, carving pumpkins.......................and is sharing that love with her sons...........and she knows how to...........make a great Halloween costume...........andputs on the BEST birthday parties......................Brandi is a GREAT her little brother and her two big borthers............................she....................adores her nieces and loves to play with them be it bowling or..........having a make up party.........Brandi is the best of friends................the BEST of daughters................she is my HERO..................and has a great sense of humor............she makes sure that her children experience life.................and teaches them the values of traditions................she's pretty good at making snowmen...................and enjoys spending time with her nephews.......she is married to Shane..................who is a great husband, dad and Husker Fanatic................Shane loves his wife.........and his two sons...................he works hard as an engineer on the railroad and plays little....................but he does play.......with his sons.I LoVe my daughter and her family and I know I couldn't live without them.Now for SOMETHING I can't live without......did I mention Diet Coke and chocolate? Oh yes I did, yesterday, but let's just repeat that again........I can't live without DIET COKE & CHOCOLATE!!So what are you in LoVe with that you just can't live without? Join Becky at Wendland5 on  Wednesday for Day 3 of our adventure. [...]

LoVe WeEk with Becky - who or what you can't live without. Post #2


Today I am again joining Becky at Wendland5 and LoVe WeEk, where, for the next 6 days you tell about who or what you can't live without. Boy I have a lot to get in by the end of the week so if you don't mind....I will add several of my "I can't live without loves" on each post. So here goes.............Day #2My second born - Greg! One of those wonderful people that everyone should be so lucky to know. He is one of a kind. For this post we will call him "The Gambler" mostly because next to his children and family he loves to gamble.........on anything. He's always wanting to bet his ole mother,  be it about a tid bit of gossip or  which county a certain lake is in. And darn it............he always wins. So here goes The Gambler!!!!!!!!Ok, he can be a little bossy too! Just kidding, he is one hard working man. He has the greatest sense of humor as in this photo, he is helping a friend out to re-build a barn and because he owned a hard hat, he got to be the boss!!Greg is.......................the father to two beautiful children Taylor Michael and Emma Jean........aren't they cute?..............he's not to old to romp around in the park.......................or play in the garden, you might could call him a 'hot dog' on wheels.............and he likes to play with his nephew in the garden...........the garden that he and I share together.............and he loves fall, and gardening and carving pumpkins with his kiddos......................and takeing Taylor hunting...........................and he can really build a great snowman........look below...........pretty good huh! I think there is still a lot of kid in him.................he's a great dad and enjoys teaching his kids things...................and is loved by his neice....................and taught her how to play T-ball...well maybe, not sure if she ever did hit the ball. Greg is one of the people I just LOVE and I don't think I could live withuot.So onto 'a something or two' I can't live without, or so I think. And that would be a cold Diet Coke, the fountain kind with lots of ice or...........a hot cup of coffee with creamer............or a red beer at the pond of my dear friend Twila. I also don't think I could live without a place to garden, a camera, chocolate or my computer......So what are you in LoVe with that you just can't live without? Join us Tuesday on Day 2 of our adventure. Also joining in is Brandi at Keeping Up With The Keane's and Becky at Wendland5.[...]

LoVe WeEk with Becky - Who or What can't you live without?


My good friend Becky at Wendland5 (click on her blog name) has challenged her friends to join in on LoVe WeEk where we share daily a post about something or someone that we can't live without. I am a lucky woman because I have so many wonderful people in my life that I just CAN'T live without. And a few things I THINK I can't live without. Tee Hee! Hopefully I can get it all done in one week, might have to double up a bit.So I will start with oldest first..........well there are older but this will get us a good start. My hubby Jeff and our oldest son Jeremy. These two men are amazing and make my life so wonderful. Both are on the CVFD and EMT's so not only do they save my life but those of others too. Jeff and I will be celebrating 36 years of marriage in March. Jeremy was our prctice child, you know the first one when all you know is what Dr. Spock wrote about in his baby books. The closest thing to a manual about raising children when I had babies. But he survived and what a wonderful man he has grown to be. He has blessed us with two beautiful children, which will be featured later in this week. So here's a salute to two of my life's saviors....Jeff is a loving grandpa, after all showing those shiney, skinny things we call legs so that his granddaughter can spread sunscreen..............and give rides to grannies and great necies in the pumkin patch...............and give hayrack rides! By the way...I think is tractor's sexy!!And oh so loved by his grannies. Jeremy to be around and just a little scary..............and is a great coach..........................and a great dad.............and the best of friends..............and the greatest of  uncles................and dresses up for nephew's birthday parties...and makes life so fun for his children.I could go on and on see why I can't live without these two men in my life!!If there is someone or something you can't live without be sure to join Becky  (click on her name) and share with us all of those wonderful people and things in your life. I look foward to seeing who they all are.[...]

Valentine's Day is almost here!


Ringing in the New Year!





Baby Lucas' one month photo shoot!


Baby Lu - that's our nick name for little Lucas Jeffrey. He celebrated his one month old birthday at my house so of course........that meant a photo shoot. We didn't get a chance to do much as it seemed to upset the little tyke being moved, changed, positioned etc. But we did get a few good shots in. He looks so cute in his little cap, wish I would have  had an old car to put in the background.Happy 1 month birthday Lucas![...]

Our 4th and final stop - Marissa's home


For this stop, our final one of the night we were not only entertained by Marissa's lovely little daughter but also by the sweet sounds of our friend Jess. She has this delightful voice and I am so going to recruit her for next year's Christmas Dinner, the Historical one at the Fort. Marissa's home is set in the country, I wish it would have been early enough for outdoor pictures as she has a beautiful view of the buttes. I think this home has been in the Betson family for many a year but I don't really know that for sure. It is a warm and homey little house and we were greeted by two of the prettiest little dogs.Not to many people cut their own tree anymore, mostly they are fake or boughten ones but Marissa's is the Real Deal! Not only is their home in the perfect country setting but their tree was the perfect country tree. And the smell.........umm there is nothing better than a fresh cut pine tree.This stop was for dessert, and boy was it wonderful. Marissa is a master cheesecake baker and believe me I ate every bite of mine. I think it was an almond cheesecake but I was so tired and full by this time that I didn't get the actual name. It didn't matter to me what it was called as I was busy gobbling it all up........every last little crumb.Sorry about the red eye, I have taken it out with every program I own and yet I still didn't get it. Anyway this is Jess, she lives in Chadron and blessed us with her singing, that was when we could get her to quit playing with little miss Miranda. Like I said I am recruiting her for next year.Ok here is a picture of our host, Marissa Betson and her little daughter Miranda. We had so many laughs watching Miranda dance and show off. Even my little grannie Cash got a kick out of her antics. This is my daughter Brandi and her youngest son Cash. We made a stop between houses to pick Cash up as grandpa was struggling a little bit to entertain the young man. They, like Jess and Misty live in another town so are unable to have a meal at their homes so they are gracious to help the rest of us out. I am sorry that these pictures aren't real good but the nativity set is every so beautiful. I included several pictures of the set.We also did an ornament exchange, which is so much fun and great because we get to take home a little of the personality of the person who gave it. I never even thought to take a photo of all the wonderful ornaments but I did get a shot of mine, it came from my daughter Brandi and fits perfectly with my decorating theme.What a wonderful time we had, I look forward to doing this again next year. Thanks ladies for a wonderful night of fine food, wine and friends![...]

Our 3rd Stop on the Progressive Dinner - Becky's!


So far we had appetizers at my house, sorry no pictures, I was too busy cooking, not something I do very often anymore since all the kiddos moved out. Our second stop was at Angie's for salad and hot bread, raspberry tea and eye candy and then on to the leader of the clan Becky Wendland. Becky has an amazing house that tells a story of her life. From antiques that she inherited, a medley of her husband's hobbies to drawings from her children. An eclectic home of happiness.When you walk into Becky's house your eye immediately goes to her beautiful tree. And the great part about it is that you can see it from her big picture window when walking up to her house. It is filled with fun little ornaments. Many are the old fashion kind, the ones from the early 1900's. And don't forget all her kiddos stuff, like I said her house is filled with everything.Here is one of them. Santa on a Harley! Maybe Santa doesn't drive a Harley but the Wendlands' do. They love to go crusin' on Jeff's bike. She has this beautiful little village setting in her windowsill right behind the tree. I only took a couple of snapshots unfortunately. (Sorry about the sideways shot, I thought I straightened it but I guess NOT)Our chef for the night, Becky's hubby Jeff. Wow can he cook. We had ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the fixins'. OK I think Becky pitched in too, but how wonderful a husband that cooks! Thanks Jeff for the yummy main course!Our tablescape. It was so festive and homey. Becky quilted the runner herself. I love the napkin rings, edible - how nice! And look at these rooster/chicken salt and pepper shakers. Antiques I would bet.Becky knows the real Santa, he painted these pictures too. Did you know that Santa was an artist? He certainly is, and he knows Becky personally, so she really has to be a good girl.This is Becky, and it wasn't taken at her home but at Angie's. But now you know who I am talking about. Well that was about all the photos I shot at Becky's. Wish I would have taken my good camera and had a little more time. Come back tomorrow when you get to see photos of a real Country home. Marissa invited us to her house for the dessert. She is a Master Cheese Cake maker and believe me if you ever get a chance to bite into one of her cheese cakes you will want to hire her to make them for you. Plus we had some fun entertainment from her daughter Miranda AND a small but beautiful song fest from our talented friend Jess. Until then.......[...]

Progressive Dinner and oh the fun we had!


We will start this tour in stages as I have another gathering of friends in just a few short hours and I must start cooking. This is our Progressive Dinner crew, not really my crew but my daughters, however I love all of them so much so yes, they are MY crew too. The only problem with a Progressive Dinner is that you have to limit how many people can come as you have to have enough seating for them. I NEED, NEED, NEED a bigger house because I am the one who limits the crew since I have just a little cottage house compared to the others. Now I have to tell you about these gals, they are so much fun to be around, each of them talented in their own rights as you will see when we are done with the tour. Besides being great mommies, cooks and friends they are also the most nurturing, kind and wonderful people. A couple come from the next town to us, we were missing 3 of our buddies from last year so Lisa, Mandy and Phae "wish you were here". Maybe next............Ok first on the stop was my house but guess what.......I didn't take any pictures, the only one I got was taken by a 4 year old and the group taken by my husband and well, it isn't the best but at least I have one. Thanks Jaxon & Jeffrey!! He (Jeff) also was the babysitter so we need to be nice to him.Second stop was at Angies. Now this gal has the talent that we all would love to have. Not that the others don't because they do, and every one's house depicted their personality and it was wonderful, but back to Angie. She has the knack, I don't know what else to say. I can't imagine what she could do with A. Her own home and B. More time (she has a 3 yr. old, a new one on the way and she babysits) and C. Well what we could all use more of $$$. But Angie is one of the creatives that doesn't need the money she has the talent, but hey it always helps. So lets take a peek at her home.On one her mantels she has these lovely goblets or candle holders or whatever they are. They are so pretty, with her 'dune' colored walls the black, red and silver just pop. You will see a different view of this in a moment. I didn't bring my good camera so I just played a little with the little Finepix.Another look at that mantel. Isn't it just great!Her tree is flocked and done in silver and red......and yes I stole her idea but believe me, mine isn't as pretty. Anyway last year it was awesome and I just couldn't help myself but to borrow her creative ideas. But her tree also has personality with the little ornaments and extras that her little Preston brings to their family.Angie also has a talent for making wreaths. She can whip one up in no time and they all are beautiful. She makes from elegant to whimsical and they are all great. This wreath greeted us at her front door.OH here we are.....not sure if my grannie Jaxon took this one or if it was Jeff but from L-r; My daughter Brandi; Misty; Marissa; Angie and myself (UUGH!); in the front is Becky and Jess.Another look at the beautiful tree, sorry my flimsy camera doesn't do it justice.Here is a shot of her Ansel Adams pictures. One wall is covered with about 20 photos of her son Preston. When I asked her what she was going to do with the 2nd babe came along she said "I'm NOT taking down my Ansel Adams" LOL!!Her stop was to serve us salad - which by the way she makes the best and I do mean best salad ever. I am talking just a tossed salad but she has a talent for that too. Everything is cut into perfect little bites, including the lettuce the she has a few extra ingredient[...]

1935 Historical Christmas Dinner


The Buffalo Barracks is filled with good food, good friends and lots of holiday spirit at the Historical Dinner.Mint jelly........yummy! I really don't know, I didn't taste it but it sure looked pretty on the table.My daughter and her friends enjoying the dinner.JoAnn Read, my Office Clerk helps to set the 56 water carafes on the table before the 200 plus guests arrive.This was the grapevine, pine bough chandelier that we hung over 21 lights in the Buffalo Barracks. This was an extra I brought home to put on the front porch.My granddaughter Adrianne, was one of the the "Itty Bitty Choir" singers. More of the grannies and the "Itty Bitty Choir" singers. Jaxon Keane, (one of my grannies); Kamden Victory (my great niece) are on top. Emma Kennedy (my youngest granddaughter) and Kyler Gortsema.The Cornerstone Bell Choir from Hot Springs were part of the entertainment and oh how pretty those bells were!Talon Jelenick and the Itty Bittys' tell a story about a snowman with a carrot nose and a silly bunny who ate IT![...]

It's A BOY


I didn't know what to get for Damion, Daunee' and Lucas to welcome them home and came up with this idea since it is so close to Christmas. I need to   replace the wire on the inside bulbs with ribbon, but you can get an idea of what is suppose to be like.

Playing with my new camera.


Just had to post some of the pictures I got with my buy of the day. A Finepix 10 megapixel  small point and shoot camera that I bought for $60.00.
My new side table shot on Auto mode above and on Natural mode below. I still need to hang the picture and hide the cords but it is starting to shape.....just in time to take down and put up Christmas. You can't really tell what it is but on the right hand corner is the cute little chicken light I got at Hobby Lobby, I just couldn't resist.

My china hutch above and below on Natural Light mode.

Even though my kitchen is done in warm colors & red sunflowers I fell in love the rooster picture so..I bought it and put it in the kitchen.