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Clear 4G USB with Cradlepoint CBA-250 - wireless internet for the home


I recently decided to give WiMax (4G) internet service a try. The goal is to replace my existing cable internet service if I can squeeze high enough speeds out of the WiMax service. I'd also like to be able to wire it up to my whole house so I can share the connection with all of my systems in the house. Lastly I want to be able to take my connection on the road should I ever feel the urge. I

How to extract the subdomain from a URL in C# using regular expressions


I recently read a post with some C# code for extracting a subdomain from a URL at Mads Kristensen's blog. Since I am currently working on something where I needed to do the same I decided to share the method I came up with using a regular expression. Here it is for my own and others reference.private static string GetSubDomain(Uri uri){ string host = uri.Host; string subdomain = null;  if (

New Netscape flare shows vote and comment counts


Along the same lines as my Digg feedflare, I created a FeedBurner FeedFlare for Netscape which will show an item's vote and comment counts if it has been submitted to Netscape. Clicking the link will take you to the item on Netscape. If it has not been submitted, then clicking the link will take you to the post submission page.Any current subscribers to my service for the Digg counts feedflare

Check out my widget at!


I've been neglecting this blog lately to work on some other projects I've got going on. One of which I recently unleashed on the public. It's a Yahoo widget that speaks stock quotes and news. I created it to allow myself to be able to work on other software projects while doing some stock trading at the same time. I just enter the stock symbols that I am currently in or want to track and the

How to cut your land-line phone bill to as little as $38(US) per year


I had been a happy Vonage user for almost 2 years when recently my router/phone adapter stopped working with a constant flashing power led. I tried everything I could to attempt to revive the thing...holding the reset button for 15, 30, 45, 120 seconds...holding the reset button while powering on...constantly pinging the router while it was booting to see if there was a response which would mean

Now creating VMWare development tools image (Subversion, Mediawiki, Wordpress, Bugzilla)


After my last post about using VMWare images for development I started using rPath linux to build my development infrastructure. I am also releasing it for public use on the rPath web site. So, if you're looking for a quick and easy Subversion server image for VMWare, then you need not look further. As I said in my previous post I am also using this as a development collaboration server, so I've

Speeding up time to development with virtual servers


I recently started development on a personal .net project and wanted to get my development supporting infrastructure in place as quickly as possible. On my last corporate project where I was the tech team lead I planned for and used VMWare virtual servers for all of our development environment. This lead to a fairly large cost savings due to not having to purchase 4 brand new servers that the

Product Manager - Interactive TV - Mountain View Google Jobs


Looks like Google is wanting to get more into the TV space based on this job posting.Experience developing/launching products in one or more of the following areas: interactive TV, set-top-boxes, personal video recorders, video-on-demand, IP TV or cable TV technologies.What could they be up to next? I'm imagining P2P sharing "appliances". Think set-top-box with an ethernet or wireless connection

Add Digg counts to your RSS feed and blog posts using FeedFlare


I recently completed my first FeedFlare unit which will add your digg counts as links on your RSS feeds and blog posts. I am hosting this service and am opening it up to the general public as well. I am allowing 1000 hits or requests per host name and after that number is exceeded for an individual host the links will start forwarding to an ad page. If your host passes the 1000 hits mark you have

Regular Expressions for the Azureus RSS Feed plugin


Relating to my post on "How to get your missed TV shows with Azureus and Bittorrent", quite a few people have been showing interest in the regular expressions that I use in my Azureus RSS Feed plugin. One in particular that people seem to have interest in is the regular expression to download all first season, first episodes. I created one that works quite well. The only current caveat is that it

Digg counts are now real-time


If you haven't noticed, I now have the Digg counts coming through real-time on this blog. If you read my last post on getting your Digg counts to show for your posts you may have noticed that the counts were delayed due to RSS feed caching. I decided to bypass the RSS feeds and created my own ASP page which will grab my dugg posts from digg and update the numbers on my blog in real-time. If

How to get your Digg counts displayed on your blog


[Update 5/1/2006] This is now easier if you use FeedBurner you can use my service as described here recently took a little time to figure out how to display Digg counts for every post on this blog and thought others might like to know how to do it as well. I searched around for other people doing this and couldn't find

TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook


While searching for a standalone wiki app today I came across this little gem called TiddlyWiki. Seems like a great concept and my experience with it so far is excellent. It is basically a personal wiki all written in a single html file. It makes use of JavaScript for all of it's functionality. It even allows saving and modifying of pages and saves a backup of the old page when modified (You need

Buying discounted gift cards


In a recent post I detailed a way to get higher priced items cheaper and one tactic I mentioned was to buy gift cards on eBay cheaper than the value of the card. I was doing some surfing today and stumbled across this site: It looks like you can actually buy discounted gift cards directly from them for all kinds of stores. I haven't tried this yet so if anyone

collective: Radiospire: HDTV with no wires


collective: Radiospire: HDTV with no wiresI saw this post via a link from one of my readers. I could use something like this. My LCD TV is currently mounted to the wall via a dual arm mount and I have a tied cylinder of wires going to it, each wire about 6 to ten feet in length. I'd love to be able to reduce the amount of wires going to it. This would be even greater if they built it as a signal

How to get higher priced stuff cheaper


My family and I recently moved and in the process we sold most of our furniture and bulky items to make the move easier. We also had a lot of older furniture that we figured we'd just replace with new furniture after the move. I had my own office in our old house in which I built my own "executive" computer desk. I designed the desk just for the space that it was placed and therefore left it

How to get your missed TV shows with Azureus and Bittorrent


I'll start by saying that I am a paying cable subscriber. Often times there are multiple shows on at the same time that I would like to watch and I wanted a way to be able to watch those other shows. I have a 37 inch Dell LCD TV and enjoy watching as much HD content on it as I can. Hooked up to it via one of the HDMI ports I have a PC which I am using as a media center. It currently has two



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