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Preview: Conception Interior Design

Conception Interior Design

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Residence Interior Decoration

Mon, 19 Apr 2010 12:40:00 +0000

We are a widely preferred choice, when it comes to offer qualitative as well as aesthetic interior decoration services of residential apartments. Prior to decoration, Our designers understand the layout of the place and decide either contemporary or traditional look will suit the place. They also verify care about the latest amenities, life-style as well as budgetary limits of clients. Our decoration services bring a petition and grandeur in the surroundings of homes adding richness and luxury.

Elegant Modern Home Architecture Design of Geometric M-Vista in Los Angeles

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 18:44:00 +0000

A modern home architecture used a unique design, here is the modern geometric M-Vista home in Los Angeles, California is composed of a collection of daring folds, sharp angles and various volumes connected on the 10,000-sq.-ft. property. This contemporary design by Santa Monica-based Tighe Architecture incorporates a number of buildings, which are structured around a private central courtyard that invites the outdoors into these modern living spaces. From the outside, this cool house is characterized by its unique folded roof and walls. Windows, seemingly scattered about the facade, were strategically placed to frame the fabulous views. Inside this two-storey home, the details are simple, and simply impeccable. A soaring focal wall features cut-outs that echo the home’s windows, with a skylight at the top as its crowning glory.
The interior of this geometric home style was very unique, combined shape of triangle and trapezium shape make this unique home design looks elegant.

The interior of this unique geometric house was very beautiful, the white color of the material can maximize the lighting of the room.

The white bathroom looks great with combined a wooden floor of bathtub. The staircase looks great and the ventilation make a sufficient the lighting system. -arnewde-

Combinations Black and White Italian Byblos Bedroom Enviroment from Padovani

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 18:37:00 +0000

Black and white color combination is a couple of two simple and basic color, but it can describe a lot of things, a modern, traditional, contemporary or minimalist home designing concepts can apply this in every house elements. Here is the concept of black and white color combination for an Italian bedroom environment. Designed by Byblos and Rafello environment, this bedroom become an awesome modern bedroom design.-padovani-

Special Contemporary Green Kids Bedroom Furniture Design

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 18:29:00 +0000

Green is the best color for children, both boy or girl, they like this universal color. It's a great idea to designing a contemporary green kids bedroom furniture for the children. If you have two boys or two girls the problem isn’t as difficult as when you have a boy and a girl. In the second situation you have to find universal color which will be liked by both children. Green is an ideal solution for that.
This color is recommended by psychologists as very favorite color for children. It is quite bright but not aggressive. In such bedroom the child would be active but not nervous or excited. Stemik Living offers cool children room furniture in beautiful green color. This furniture is ergonomic and could satisfy every kid’s need. The two level bed is creatively combined with wardrobe and has a lot of additional spaces for storage. This kids bedroom is awesome and surely will be liked by your kids.

Modern Decoration Bedroom Design Collerction with its Furniture and Lighting System

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 18:18:00 +0000

Designing and decorating a bedroom is an exciting job, a modern bedroom need a special arrangement such as color, lighting and the bedroom furniture, here are several gallery of modern bedroom decorating. The first picture describe you how to arrange the bedroom furniture include bedroom cabinet, wardrobe and all the furniture that use a similar color and material. The white color of bed cover and wall, the natural lighting system from the window, and the decoration of the bedroom.

This is the sample of arranging a small bedroom, it doesn't need a big wardrobe or bedroom cabinet, just use the simple high wardrobe. Use multi-bed in order to maximize the size of the bedroom, this picture describe you the best small bedroom arrangement. Don't forget to decorate this small bedroom with a simple decoration only, and give a sufficient lighting system and bright color.


Decorating teen bedroom is always be an interesting project, teen are unique, so they need an unique bedroom color and decoration too. Pink color, small and funny room decorating are the best.

A cultural bedroom accessories such as European, Japanese, Italian, etc. can bring us to the atmosphere of romantic and traditional sense of special culture.

Natural Quadric Italian Kitchen Gallery from Padovani

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 18:14:00 +0000

This kitchen is equipped with natural stone at the top and steel in other parts.Italian-style kitchen with Quadric models equipped with special lighting effects. The wooden table is designed especially with the natural stone as the base. This Italian kitchen also completed with a large video projection(image) or TV on the wall so You will feel more comfortable. -Padovani-

Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Lighting Ideas Project by Mal Corboy

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 18:06:00 +0000

Kitchen lighting can adding a special value of the kitchen, here are the project of blue lighting contemporary kitchen by Mal Corboy: Here is the description of the project:

The client purchased this penthouse apartment off the plans and has been three years in the making.

The award winning Architect for the apartment project had designed this contemporary complex with very modern simple lines. There is a high degree of glass and natural stone on the exterior. He had sourced European Imported Kitchens for all of the apartments, however my client found that the company could not meet the height he wanted in the cabinetry of 2.4 meters’. A client that I have worked with in the past recommended they commission myself to assist them achieve their perfect Kitchen.

As my clients has been involved with the Professional Motor Sport Industry for a number of years, they wanted a very masculine looking space. To achieve this we eventually chose the Stat Vein Marble and Stainless Steel, which provided an overall strong mono chromatic look to the Kitchen. Bench tops were made 150mm high of Stainless Steel with the Stat Marble inserted into the work surface. I continued the use of the Stainless Steel on the draws, doors and end panel fronts. My clients were particularly fond of Gaggenau appliances and wanted these, to not only match their overall look, but also used extensively within their Kitchen. This required sourcing and importing the Gaggenau fridge/freezer from England as at that time the integrated option wasn’t available in our country. A streamline chromed handle was used on all the cabinetry which were imported from Germany, this gave the Kitchen nice lines and could be used secondary to the Blum electric push release draws. The clients are very design conscious people and coupled with the fact it was twelve months before production began for this Kitchen, I was required to rework the drawings several times as their taste changed as they were exposed to new and different products in the market place. The end result is a very contemporary kitchen which takes peoples breath away when they first see it. This has become a focal point in this large open plan apartment.

Joy Minimalist House Design

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 14:40:00 +0000

(image) Joy minimalist house design | Minimalist Home Designs

Let us pause in our worship and bathroom square footage to calculate the employer's small house or a minimalist joy.
  1. There were fewer places for things to get lost.
  2. You can vacuum more quickly.
  3. Lower heating bills.
  4. There is no room for furniture you can not afford too.
  5. Families spend more time together (because they have no choice).
Here is a picture of a minimalist home community on the web page:

Little House Society is a voice for the Small House Movement. That movement includes movie stars who have proudly downsized into 3000 square meters, happy family of five in the arts and crafts bungalow, multifamily housing in various forms, and more extreme examples, like the people on houseboats and trailers with only a few hundred feet square around them. Relative size, and mainly we promote discussion of the expressway, ecological, economic and psychological excessive housing takes our lives, and what some of us do to live better. This is not a movement about people who pose as "less than thou" but the people make their own choices to live more simple and small but they feel best fits their lives.

I would guess that most people live in small houses do so because of necessity, not choice. However, a small environmental benefits such as greater if they forced you as if you take a vow of poverty.

If Minimalist House Society is successful, the people who are not able to move to a bigger house will probably begin to feel proud of what they do well on this planet. And rich people who think the trade until the 12-room castle with skylight blinds greedy power only may be returned.

No wonder the National Association of Home Builders reported today that the index of builder sentiment fell this month to its lowest level since December.

Modern Cool Design in London

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 13:39:00 +0000

This fantastic 1118 sq.ft. loft where the predominant color is white has been completely redesigned and refitted to create a stunning, high spec space ideal for entertaining, facing west over London and is unlike any other we have seen in this well known and sought after deployment. Overlooking the canal basin, this space boast a crisp clean design throughout, part double height ceilings, gallery master bedroom with dressing room, en-suite and bath suite, plus a study/chill out area and large decked balcony to enjoy the views and sunsets. This apartment is located at the Northern end of Wenlock Road by the Grand Union canal between Old St and Islington in London.


Specialist Decorate small apartment by Tori Golup

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 01:21:00 +0000

Tori Golup is interior specialist have design ideas for decorate small apartment with the limited space. This pictures collection give you new concept and ideas how to create interior decorating for small space saving.


Luxury Classic Glass Homes Design in Los Angeles by Ray Kappe

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 01:04:00 +0000

Ray Kappe architect designed a glass home in the coveted Brentwood district of Los Angeles. This glass home is residential technology taken to the highest possible level and concrete wood architecture.


Timeless one-of-a-kind Southern California Architectural that has been designated a historical monument. This published wood & glass home has been painstakingly restored to incorporate its original natural elements & evocative form. Wood, glass & concrete frame magical vistas & striking views. 5 bedrooms + 3.5 baths including magnificent full floor master w/roof deck. Updated kitchen & dramatic infinity pool compliment this incomparable property.






Classic Wooden Homes Weigel Residence by Substance Architecture

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:59:00 +0000

Substance Architecture was designed the wooden homes in Copper Mountain, Colorado. The Weigel Residence is comprised of a single story conventionally framed tower containing the service spaces and bedrooms furniture. Photography architecture by Farshid Assassi-Assassi Productions.Weigel Residence from Substance Architecture :This 4,000 square foot residence is a vacation home for a couple and their four young children. Located on a quarter-acre site in a residential development in Copper Mountain, Colorado, the home is comprised of a single-story, post-and-beam pavilion containing the primary living and entertainment spaces, and a four-story, conventionally framed tower containing the service spaces and bedrooms. These elemental volumes are arranged to create two distinct landscape experiences: a sequestered, private environment of indoor and outdoor living spaces sheltered by lodge pole pines and nestled into the wooded site, and an expansive, open experience of Rocky Mountain vistas afforded by the belvedere quality of the tower. This arrangement allows the homeowners to “be in the woods” and “see the mountains” – the two site qualities which initially drew them to this location.An entry sequence was developed to heighten the experience of the home. Beginning at the entry drive, visitors approach from the southeast; pass through the outer, cast-in-place concrete wall; up a stair parallel to the pavilion; into a covered porch; and then into the home. Each step along this path reveals carefully differentiated materiality. The compression experience – from fully exposed mountainside, to the more protected woodland, onto a defined plinth, and into the home’s interior – is graduated as well.The northeast entry elevation, the only one with abutting development, remains largely solid with clerestory windows and a protective cast-in-place concrete wall. Both Interstate 70 and approaching winter storms lie northwest of the site; the garage and interior circulation are used to buffer this side of the home from both of these environmental factors. The remaining pavilion elevations embrace the wooded surroundings with large glazed openings which blur the distinction between inside and out. The extended roof overhang creates a large covered exterior deck adjacent to an open patio at grade and shades the glass from summer sun. Fenestration on the tower is limited to a single multi-story opening offering the mountainous panorama to each of the three bedrooms. The top of the tower is reserved for a small office and roof deck – rewarding visitors with a remarkable view. This simple organization has the additional pragmatic advantage of allowing the tower to utilize the chimney effect to cool the home in summer months. As a result, the home is radiantly heated, but relies on simple ventilation strategies for cooling.[...]

Tips on Buying Baby Bathtub

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:56:00 +0000

Tips on Buying Baby Bathtub

A bathtub is one of the things that help to attain bath-time a instance of healthiness or a instance of fear with lots of crying. This is why it is important to choose a tub that both you and the baby module be happy with.

Some of the things to consider when shopping for a tub for the baby are:

Slip Resistant

Look for one that is slipped resistant on the interior, especially where the child's back module rest and where he/she module sit. This module help to keep the baby from slipping around. Additionally, attain sure that beneath it (on the outside) module stay unwaveringly in the function you module place it. That is, that it module not move around when you are using it.

Good Material

Choose one that is made out of strong plastic, so that you module not hit to be concern about it changing its shape after using it once or twice. You can also gently separate your fingers around it to attain sure that there are no sharp edges on it.

Look for Accessory

Some of them come with a built in holder or two so that you can rest the soap, shampoo etc. in. This module help to keep everything in one location and you module not hit to stretch likewise far to get them.


Look for a tub that your child can grow with. Some of them on the mart today are suited for the first threesome stages in the child's life. That is as a newborn, an infant and a toddler.

Article Source:

Facebook Corporate Headquarters by Designers Studio O+A

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:33:00 +0000

This is new headquarters that facilitates interaction and connection for Employees of social networking website Facebook. By San Fransisco designers Studio O+A located on in Palo Alto, California.

Facebook Headquarters Palo Alto, California by Designers Studio O+A :

Employees of Facebook recently moved to a new headquarters that facilitates interaction and connection, reflecting the company’s mission as a social networking website provider. Formerly a laboratory facility for high-tech manufacturer Agilent Technologies, the 150,000-square-foot structure at Palo Alto’s Stanford Research Park brings together more than 700 employees originally scattered throughout 10 locations in and around downtown Palo Alto. The design of the space relied heavily on input from the users, appropriate for a flatly structured company that weights every employee’s opinion equally. O+A designers interviewed employees about what they wanted from their new headquarters. The Facebook platform was used to conduct company-wide polls about design decisions, post construction photos and updates, and keep everyone informed of the thought process behind the project.

The River Bend Residence: Sustainable Homes by Pb Elemental Architecture

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:27:00 +0000

The River Bend residence is sustainable home located on the bank of the Snoqualmie River, in rural Washington State. This home cost around $138 a sqft and 3600sqft at Smokey Point Windows / Arlington Washington.Some information about The River Bend Residence from Pb Elemental Architecture :The River Bend residence sits at the base of the Cascades in a heavily forested site on the bank of the Snoqualmie River. The home balances the client’s desire for privacy, while embracing nature.Many challenges faced the design and construction of this home, low budget, sustainable desires, but most of all schedule. The client, a young family of four, located the site two weeks before legislation would change setbacks and make the site unbuildable. The challenge was to design and submit a sustainable home that would accommodate their existing family and could later be added on to as their family grew, before the change in legislation. The second challenge was accommodating the existing setbacks, protected old growth trees, septic drain fields, and the buildings proposed/future footprint. A seemingly simple bar diagram formulated the initial concept, living/entertaining on the ground floor, private bedrooms on the upper floor. In the future as the clients family grow a third bar was designed to bridge over the living room. Conceived as three masses (private, living, utilitarian) and three materials (wood, concrete/ metal), the River Bend Residence offers a low mantainence exterior and naturally light interior. The river can be heard from the 2400 sqft of exterior decks, while viewed from the upper deck. The forest surrounding the home was maintained to ensure wildlife habitat and reduce the homes impact on the site. Wild grasses and local plants were installed in areas affected by construction. The home features a Geothermal in-ground heat loop and Desuperheater for free water heating during cooling season and reduced energy usage during heating seasons. [...]

Modern House Design in Nova Lima by Morato Arquitetura

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:22:00 +0000

This is house design in Nova Lima by Morato Arquitetura for a young executive with a bold entrepreneur profile. Inspirated to the modern Brazilian architecture, photography architecture by Daniel Mansur.About this modern architecture by Morato Arquitetura :This construction occupies the top of a hillside and is projected over an immense valley framed with a chain of mountains, a predominant relief in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In the surroundings of Nova Lima – MG, where the construction was erected, a considerable part of the houses are influenced by the language of Portuguese colonial architecture and uses manual techniques of construction.The house was projected for a young executive with a bold entrepreneur profile. Our architectonic proposal created a contemporaneous language tuned to the owner’s profile and, at the same time, it incorporated the constructive techniques and materials available in the region. With this conceptual arrangement we were able to articulate constructive tradition to contemporaneous design and open space to a new approach of architectonic solution for local houses.The place chosen for the house was determined by the generous native landscape in the surroundings. In this context, space definition privileged the possibilities of relationship of house users with the exuberant natural landscape. As for the relation House x Nature, we decided for the contrast, i.e., the radicalization of a geometric and rational design in opposition to natural organic shapes. Therefore, the “natural order” and “cultural order” are mutually distinguished and valued.The house was built in a land with three distinct levels. This arrangement lead to a better use of declivity and, at the same time, great plasticity to architectonic elements. Pure volumes receive interference from inclined columns, from discontinuous covering planes and from the red wall that crosses the house. The reference to the Brazilian modernist architecture is maintained and nevertheless unconstructed and reorganized. [...]

Suburban House Design / Atherton California - combination of home and garden is simply stunning

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:16:00 +0000

This house design by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, combination of home and garden is simply stunning. Suburban the large sliding glass doors, garden is a beautiful painting for the living area, the way the water touches the house and the landscaping.Information about Atherton Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, Photography by David Wakely :Located on the peninsula south of San Francisco, this house sits on an internal suburban flag lot. The previous 1950’s house, which was removed due to structural problems, featured mature landscaping and a manmade pond that the clients wanted to preserve. They wanted their new house to be a private retreat that maximizes the drama of the pond and takes advantage of the privacy of the site. As advocates of year round outdoor dining and entertaining, the clients wanted a house that would open up to the landscape and have as many outdoor rooms as possible. The design solution breaks the program into four buildings – main house, study, pool house and garage – that ring the edge of the site and focus inwards on the pond, garden and pool. The main house features a butterfly roof that turns up to the south with a dramatic overhang. Large sliding glass doors open directly out to the pond and terrace. The roofs conceal photovoltaic and solar hot water panels. The house is heated with a radiant system in the stone floors, and despite the hot climate it is not air conditioned, but passively cooled with a combination of overhangs, shades, and operable windows. The house also features many green building materials, including high fly-ash concrete, formaldehyde-free casework and denim insulation. The new house creates a special place for the clients, making a main residence feel like a vacation retreat.[...]

Capital Hill Residence architecture by Zaha Hadid Architects

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:11:00 +0000

Capital Hill Residence is currently construction project architecture by Zaha Hadid Architects. A private house location in in Barvikha Forest close to Moscow, Russia. The project, which is currently under construction, will be shown in the Russia Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale from 12 September – 23 November as part of a showcase of work by Russian and foreign architects working in Russia.


Interior Idea Design Restaurant by EFGH Architects

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:06:00 +0000

These are great idea of restaurant interior design with the sliding seats on Union Square in Manhattan. Dogmatic Restaurant Storefront designed by EFGH Architects from New York.

Information about Dogmatic Restaurant Storefront and Interior by EFGH Architects :

The design of the 600 sq ft interior and storefront for the new flagship restaurant Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System on Union Square, is based on the aesthetics of the butchery, which becomes the generative approach to the project. A 14’x4’ communal butcher-block table is the centerpiece for the space, and incorporates retractable cantilevered seating to avoid any freestanding furniture. A raised built-in banquet on the west wall overlooks the restaurant while providing the base for the Sausage Wall-of Fame. A mural describing the Dogmatic story is baked onto the ceramic tiles using a transfer toner technique. The 11’ tall vertical glass menu board screens a portion of the open kitchen, while hanging off a steel armature from the restaurant hood. Meat hooks support the lighting cylinders on tracks. The custom steel designed storefront doors pivot to allow for maximum openness and connection to the outside.




Lot 18 Modern House Design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Arkitek Axis

Sun, 18 Apr 2010 00:02:00 +0000

Here are new pictures of modern house design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Project by Arkitek Axis, nice execution and some interesting details throughout on the glass details.Information about this modern Lot 18 House by Arkitek Axis :This house is conceptually a U-shaped plan which interlocked with the central landscape and swimming pool area. This house is consisted of 3 storey plan with living, dining and dry kitchen area interlocking around the central pool area on ground floor level, which articulated by long perimeter of full height large glazing, timber deck terrace and suspended concrete platform, forms a permeable and remarkable views towards out to the external pool landscape area. The dining with sliding doors opens up to the central pool area and form an important axis. The first level is consisted of three bedrooms with family hall at the central to open up to the balcony and overlook down to the landscape pool area whereas the infinity pool with roof top garden is located on the second floor level. The right side of the house forms landscape water feature which is visible from the large glazing of staircase area. The car park space is hidden at the back of the house.[...]

Apartment Building Architecture Colman Triplex in Seattle Washington

Sat, 17 Apr 2010 23:59:00 +0000

Colman Triplex 3,750 sq.ft owner occupied three unit apartment building by Workshop for Architecture Design. A 40’ X 100’ inner-city lot that slopes eight feet from west to east. The property has views of downtown Seattle across a park that lies both to the east and north. To allow each dwelling to inhabit a specific portion of the site, the sloping topography was reshaped into two distinct levels.


House of Music seat concert hall Architecture / Performing Arts Centre in Denmark

Sat, 17 Apr 2010 23:51:00 +0000

These are images of architecture performing arts centre in Aalborg, Denmark. Designed by Austrian architects Coop Himmelb, House of Music, the project will consist of a 1,300-seat concert hall surrounded on three sides by music, education and performance spaces.Some Information PROJECT HOUSE OF MUSIC Architecture, AALBORG - DENMARK :COOP HIMMELB(L)AU’s design for The House of Music in Aalborg combines Cultural and Educational functions with shared public spaces, performance spaces and infrastructure in an open system enabling synergy and exchange between the public, artists, students and educators / a shared Hybrid space.Music, Creativity and Art are the centers of inspiration, both of the shared-synergetic behavior and of the form and expression of the architecture.Formal and informal encounters and exchanges are enabled via public spaces that are oriented towards the adjacent Culture Square and Fjord, and are designed to serve as interchange platforms connecting the semi-public and private functions of the multiple institutions housed within, and providing areas of exchange of information, knowledge and inspiration for the various residents and the public in the House of Music.A 1,300 seat, world class, symphonic concert hall is at the core of a compact U-shaped block of music, educational and performance support spaces which wrap around the Main Hall on three sides. The Building composition opens to the north in a vertical public foyer with views over the fjord and adjacent Culture Square. Three additional halls of various sizes and functions complement the Main Hall and are organized below the Foyer in a vertical inversion of the classical front-of-house / back-of-house horizontal orientation, optimizing floor space and providing a lively vertical social space with a mix of users and visitors. [...]

Picture Ferrari F1 Factory Store by Designer Massimo Iosa Ghini

Sat, 17 Apr 2010 23:46:00 +0000

Here are new pictures of Ferrari F1 Factory Store by Italian designer Massimo Iosa Ghini, located on outside the McArthur Glen Outlet in Serravalle Scrivia, Italy. There is also a large glass gallery which gives you the perfect feel of Formula One. This glass gallery is highly innovative and has a curved face without mounting posts and bars that allow complete visibility inwards and outwards.From the designer Massimo Iosa Ghini :Ferrari Factory Store of Serravalle Scrivia, entirely designed by Iosa Ghini Associates, is located outside McArthur Glen Outlet in Serravalle Scrivia. For the first time in the history of Ferrari Stores an entire building has been designed to accommodate the store. The building enjoys a privileged position as one of the first structures of the Outlet visible from the main parking area and access roads, for this reason it was designed with an exterior that immediately identifies it at Ferrari F1 spaceThe building of approximately 370 sqm is characterized by a large glass gallery that recalls the image and feel of Formula One box, immediately projecting visitors in the Ferrari world.From a technical point of view the glass gallery is highly innovative with a curved face without mounting posts and bars that permit total visibility inward and outward. The curved glass panels are assembled using a frameless anchor system, i.e. without mounting supports but with ultra light and clips that guarantees the perception of material continuity between the plate glasses and provides lightness to the whole system.Climate control of the glass gallery is effected by a system of air circulation that takes advantage of the motion of air convection, allowing for the passive cooling by natural induction. This natural system is supported by a forced air system that may be activated when climate conditions require it. In addition, the exterior glass envelope is treated with special UV protection films as well as a screen prints that reduces sun rays for energy savings as required by national standards for the sector.Beyond the glass gallery there is the commercial space. As in all Ferrari Stores the merchandise areas are: the zone for Ferrari fans is designed with aluminium slats of high flexibility, in the luxury zone the display windows use soft materials, brushed leather and polished lacquer, in the children’s zone both systems are integrated : slats and display windows finished in yellow lacquer. A shaped false ceiling outlines the design of the ensemble and follows the path of visitors. The design of the areas is tightly connected to the design and graphic project specific to each Ferrari Store.The graphic style is integral part of the project, in a personal vision of Iosa Ghini Associates of the architectural space, where the three dimensions meet to obtain an encompassing area able to capture all senses, to transmit an engaging idea through a physical and iconographic interpretation.[...]

New Children’s and Teenager Bedrooms Furniture and Storage

Sat, 17 Apr 2010 23:42:00 +0000

Stemik Living have collection of new bedrooms furniture and storage for your children's and teenager. Combination colors that matter, pattern, lighting drama, accessories, bed galore and study tables makes children's bedroom look extremely ordinary and lifeless.Information from designer Stemik Living :Functional storage solutions, practical work areas, sliding hidden beds are just a few of the innovative ideas you can now incorporate into your children’s bedroom. The colour options available are endless, allowing your children’s personality to be expressed through bold colour choices or sophisticated and contemporary tones.[...]