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Kitchen and Baking Equipment for Commercial Cooking


Although ‘Homo sapiens’ (modern humans) have been around for thousands of years, their current history can be surmised within the last 10000 years, i.e. ever since they stopped living the nomadic life and started living in permanent, built structures. Stretching further, the ‘real’ human history is not more than 5000 years old, when civilizations began to thrive and people began to write. Anthropologists believe that the human race that we have today might not have survived and reached the present stage had it not for one thing – the art and science of cooking – which enabled humans to eat and live healthy. Hypothetically speaking, if there is absence of cooking today, populations would die within days due to bacterial and parasitical infections from eating raw foods.For the purpose of this article, we will ignore home cooking and focus on commercial cooking, which is a big industry these days.  Eating out, especially the dinner is now a norm rather than exception. From budget meals at roadside cafes and takeaways to highly priced multi-course meals at high end luxurious restaurants, there is a place to serve all. While taking meals in restaurants, we may perhaps not be aware of what goes inside the kitchen.  Commercial food processing and preparing requires hundreds of tools, hand operated and automatic machines, kitchen equipment, gadgets, refrigeration equipment, cleaning machines and countless other things. The piping hot pizzas ordered by you for instance require dough rollers, rolling pins, cutters, and baking equipment such as ovens, the most important appliance of all.The main reason why a pizza ordered from pizzerias and other outlets tastes better and different, apart from the right cheeses and ingredients, is the oven. Commercial pizza ovens in pizzerias and restaurants are different from those manufactured for home. These are industrial appliances made from high grade steel for caterers, hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, canteen and all such establishments. They provide correct, constant and controlled temperatures to bake the right pizza.Commercial cooking appliances such as kitchen equipment, baking equipment, ovens, etc are designed and manufactured by specialists who fabricate ovens according to clients’ requirements. They also offer wood fired pizza ovens and used pizza ovens for sale at cut-price rates.[...]

Chill out with Advanced and Latest Bar Fridge


Are you searching for a bar fridge for sale? If yes, then it is recommended to do proper research before making any decision. You also need to consider a few important things. First thing that you should consider is to decide how much cash you can spend on your bar fridge. If your budget does not allow you to spend much, then you may have to hold off on fancy and advanced features. Another option that you can go for is to think about getting a used bar fridge for sale.

After figuring out your budget, you can think about other features. These features include styles, colors, and bonuses, such as frost-free and ice makers.  The cost of a fridge depends upon various features, like the popularity of colors, styles etc. 

The style that you select will also vary in cost depending on trends. For instance, the 'old fashioned' bar fridge costs you less as compared to advanced and latest bar fridge having new features. It totally depends upon your choice. Go for the style that you like! Other things that can increase the cost of a bar fridge are freezer drawer (freezer on the bottom), and French door (freezer and fridge side by side).

These days, you can find a bar fridge for sale with almost endless choices. You can get digital icemakers that will chop up the ice pieces to your specifications! Smart bar fridge that is able to tell you if you have left the door ajar. You can even get the bar fridges that are defrosting and self-cleaning. It is totally up to you to decide the features that you actually want in your bar fridge. I hope these tips will help you while buying your bar fridge. Have enjoyable shopping for a bar fridge for sale!

Make healthy deserts in ice cream machine


Are you in need of best ice –cream machine or maker? Have you ever wished to prepare yummy ice cream just in few minutes? If yes, then let’s read this blog further to get some information on ice –cream makers that let you cherish every slurp of ice scoops! In case, you wish to buy an ice cream machine, and not getting any clue after reading reviews, then it is better that you jot down what type of maker you want. List out your needs and brand preferences; know what functions you need while making preparing ice cream.

Who would not love to have deserts made from best ice cream machines? Everyone would..! In fact, you not only prepare just ice creams; you can make them healthier yet tastier instead of adding artificial sweeteners! So, if you like to add healthy eating, then ice cream machine is an ideal option. Another most essential aspect to keep in mind is that – consider your priorities cautiously! There could be three things: amount of ice cream, time spent in preparing, cost of the ice cream maker, or free space in your freezer?

Most of the deserts produced by machines are ready to eat immediately! You can explore ice cream machines online, and get reviews that can assist you settle on exact model you want. So, make no mistake, there are several types of machines to pick from! Thus, you will learn that one ice cream machine can very well be manufactured by renowned manufacturers.

Restaurant Furniture – One of the Boosting Features for an Owner!


People prefer to chill out at the places where they can have variety of options to treat themselves! It can be anything; the hottest choice amongst them is to have luscious food in an excellent restaurant. A restaurant ambiance is the first and the foremost thing to be considered; generally people emphasis on the restaurant furniture and the premises. Restaurant furniture can hinder the whole dining experience; so it is better that a restaurant is well equipped with cozy chairs and tables! Visitors always want to dine in a comfy place where they can cherish with each and every moment. If you are a restaurant owner and wants that visitors should admire the ambiance then you should get your restaurant well equipped with artistic restaurant chairs and tables. Let the furniture and menu keep your every visitor happy! As people come to your restaurant to spend quality time with their friends and families then why not give them the best services during those few minutes?... This can heighten the overall experience of a scrumptious meal. Furniture of your restaurant should be either modern with a traditional touch! It can create a positive impact on the visitors; blending two different cultures may uplift environ of your restaurant. Luckily, you have various options in restaurant chairs and restaurant table; white glassed tables are easily cleaned; hence other artistic restaurant furniture can heighten the beauty of your restaurant. Any elegant furniture falls perfect to allow you to have a splendid dining! Being a restaurant owner, you must explore various patterns in office furniture; as you will discover variety of styled chairs; tables and other things which can boost up the ambiance of your restaurant! So get grand yet trendy looking furniture that can get you appreciation. [...]

Unveil Different Types of Bakery Equipments


Someone has very rightly said – Fresh baked cookies generate simple pleasure. In the world of health consciousness baked food has taken center stage. And consequently the demand for bakery equipment has also seen a rise. The demand has risen not only for commercial uses but also for personal use. Baking is a sensitive task which involves the use of high-tech equipments and different hygienic and scientific principles. Those who are well aware of the bakery requirements will know that bread slicers and deck ovens are vital parts of any bakery set up. Let us take a look at some basic information about bread slicers and deck ovens which are vital components of any bakery equipment. Bread slicers are basically automated machines to slice loaves of bread into equal pieces without deforming the original loaf and that too in a short span of time with precision and accuracy. It is a perfectly designed machine for high scale bakeries, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, and military units. One of the unique features is that all surfaces which are in contact with the bread are made of food stuff friendly materials. Since a bakery would deal with large amounts of bread that would need to be sliced in various shapes and sizes with high precision, the slicers are considered as an irreplaceable part of the bakery equipment. Commercial baking requires correspondingly larger tools than the casual baker would use. Also in a restaurant or a big bakery, large volumes of product would need to be baked in one go. In such cases, deck ovens would become an inevitable part of the bakery equipment because of their feature of having more than one baking chamber which would serve the purpose of baking more items in one attempt. The three most popular types available in the market today are: cyclothermic, steam tube and thermal oil ovens.[...]

Grab commercial kitchen equipments that are within your means!


Most people agree that the food and hospitality industry will remain in business and will remain evergreen even in these times of economic downturn. This is one of the major reasons why a large number of enterprising individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs have started to consider the option of starting a commercial kitchen or a restaurant. …..this is especially applicable to a country like Australia and more specifically Sydney. But when it comes to this type of business venture, it is advisable to gather some essential information about restaurant equipments and more importantly which commercial kitchen equipments you should purchase and how should one go about choosing them. It is no longer a hidden fact that, selecting right commercial kitchen equipments for any hospitality focused business can become an overwhelming and arduous task. But with some simple tips and guidelines, the task becomes a bit easier. The first step is making sure of your need of either gas or electric equipments. Next would be to determine the capability and set up of the building. …..many business owners make the mistake of assuming wrong and end up buying restaurant equipments that won’t work in their building. This can be a very costly mistake as commercial kitchen equipments are not cheap investments. Another important factor to take into account is the material that the equipment is made up of as it can change the taste of the food. Before starting to shop for commercial kitchen equipments such as refrigeration units, ovens, microwaves, etc., it is advisable to check out all of the requirements of city inspectors - health and sanitation, building and fire. Once the required specifications are clear it makes sense to purchase the right set of commercial kitchen equipments Sydney. …it is advisable to buy only the equipments that meet safety standards. The safety of your staff and customers along with your own is of utmost importance and faulty equipment, especially in a kitchen poses a serious threat to it.[...]

Importance of Cash Registers


Selecting an appropriate cash register is important if we talk about the hotel industry, as the number of transactions is extremely high and good customer care service is also very important. EPOS (Electronic point of sale) systems are the most popular type of cash registers utilized in the upscale hotels till now. There are lots of benefits associated with the EPOS units.

If you have ever been in the entrance hall of a busy hotel, you must have noticed that receptionists have to do a lot of work manually, but the efficiency can be increased significantly if an appropriate restaurant cash register is selected. Retail cash registers, like EPOS systems are technology advanced and that’s why hotels capitalize on this type of hardware. Incorporating touch screen and other great features make the management considerably easier than before.

Retail cash registers are extremely helpful in a hotel environment, as they are highly efficient while keeping track of all the transactions and other details - for instance, the proportion of clients who use credit cards and those who pay with cash. Booking and payment can be processed promptly by using the right kind of restaurant cash registers. A cash register increases the efficiency of work by keeping the details in an organized form and thus helps in making the management easier.

Producing the hassle free stay for customers is the main aim for all hotels. It can be facilitated by using cash registers. A suitable restaurant cash register is capable of performing many important functions from inspecting stock levels to reducing waiting time of customers.

Many hotels throughout the globe are looking to update their retail cash registers because of various advantageous features that they provide. So, if you own a hotel or a restaurant, then you should go for a suitable retail cash register.

Buy Online Commercial Cooking Equipment at Affordable Rate


Revamping the home or making a new one, kitchen is the first thing that needs to be completed. It requires the best cooking equipment that could make cooking easy and fast since it is the job that is conduction multiple times of the day. It is a place where the family bonds and takes out time for each other. Not only in home but in restaurants and other places that have a kitchen as a integral part of the system require commercial cooking equipments. Before you decide the purpose make sure to consider other aspects as well. There are plenty of brands available in the market of cooking equipment Sydney. Having a long list of features it can be very difficult to choose the best cooking equipment for your home of commercial space. The other aspect that confuses is the price of the cooking equipment. It is important to define the budget before hand as it is easy to stray and spend much more than what the pocket allows. Taking the case of commercial cooking equipment, it is used to cook at large scale. This commercial cooking equipment comes under the heavy duty segment. You can buy them from a wide variety of retail shops that are easily accessible and dependable or through the online mode. As contrary to what is believed, the online retail market for commercial cooking equipment and home cooking equipment is quite large. They also offer variety of schemes and offers for the person who like extra discounts. By buying cooking equipment online you can save up to 20% on the price. Every kind of cooking equipment is available online and a thorough knowledge is very important to make sure it is sturdy. Especially, the commercial cooking equipment which takes a lot of load and is required to produce huge quantities of food. As a buyer it is important to conduct good research on the various cooking equipment that the market offers. There are various online forums that provide detailed comparison of the cooking equipment. This will help in finding the best deals and features of the product. [...]

Advantages of Buying Branded ICS Bench Freezers


If you have a business involving food, then it is really important to make investment in the best equipments in order to keep the food fresh. Purchasing commercial ICS freezers is one of the best ways that you can follow to keep your food fresh for a long time. If you are running a restaurant from many years, then you must have experienced one of the main problems of keeping your food fresh and for this, you need to follow the ways so that it does not get spoiled soon. If food gets spoiled, then it is just similar to throw money in the garbage. To prevent this, you should buy the best refrigerators and ICS branded freezers, which you can afford. If you are searching for commercial walk in ICS bench freezers, then it is good to buy the largest size freezer, which can be fitted into your kitchen or restaurant, but you can go for smaller size freezers too if you have not enough space for putting an ICS freezer. There are lots of advantages to buy these larger ICS branded freezers. Some of them are: ICS freezers allow you to store food and keep it fresh until it is cooked. Other advantage of these larger ICS branded freezers is that you can purchase food in large quantity at lower rates and can save a lot of your funds in the long run. Moreover, it allows you to store food items for a long period of time without being worried about the issues of spoiling. Other benefit is that these ICS bench freezers do not consume lots of electricity. Since you can store a large quantity of food for a long period of time, so you can purchase larger quantities when the rates are low. That’s how; you can make more cash from your business.[...]

Designer Kitchen Counter Stools for a Better Style and Mechanism


Kitchen counter stools are used for coming up to a particular height. Earlier kitchen stools came in standard size but now you can find them in different sizes. Generally, the standard size was 30 inches, people were comfortable with this height but now they can choose to gain more height according to need and comfort. 34 inches, 40 and 44 inches are other sizes that are available according to height of individuals. The kitchen counter stools should be such that it is comfortable for the person to sit and have food comfortably and not exactly facing the kitchen rail. Sometimes the kitchen stools can make people feel like children with their faces poking in their plates. Make sure that the kitchen stool gives a perfect height and space between the kitchen rail and stool. There are so many designs and patterns available in kitchen stools. Some kitchen counter stools are adjustable according to the height required. Whether a child or a tall person, the height can be easily altered. They can be easily adjusted vertical according to the kitchen rail. A few come with foot rest that makes them more comfortable. There are many designer showrooms for kitchen counter stools in Sydney where there are latest designs and patterns. Some patterns are really interesting with great shapes to match your interiors. Look for designer kitchen counter stools in Sydney for a better style and mechanism. [...]

Buying FED Kitchen Equipment for Restaurant


If you are planning to buy FED kitchen equipment for a restaurant, then you need to consider the kind of restaurant you are planning and the volume of your sales. For example, if you want to open a small snack bar, serving mostly sandwiches, you wouldn’t need a lot of commercial kitchen equipment. Branded v/s non branded Make sure you buy only branded kitchen equipment, because branded items can be trusted more. Take care that any surface of the equipment that comes in contact with the food is made of stainless steel. This is because stainless steel is not just more sanitary, but also because it is easier to maintain and clean. Dishwasher friendly Buy the commercial kitchen equipment that can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This way, the equipment wouldn’t need a lot of maintenance and could be cleaned easily. With easy cleaning, you can rest assured that there are no food-borne bacteria on the equipment. You can save money by buying cheap kitchen equipment, but this is not a good idea because the equipment will soon break down, and then you would have to buy it again- resulting in double the money spending! This is why all good restaurant owners prefer buying branded kitchen equipment. F.E.D If you buy FED kitchen equipment, it may cost you extra now, but it will be a bargain deal in the long run. FED equipment is faster, and thus is saves a lot of working time. If you want to buy FED, and still save money, you can try looking for it online, since online dealers sometimes offer great deals. Go green There are many FED products that save water, and thus save the environment. If you are a nature lover, then you can get these products to conserve water. When you buy any kitchen equipment, make sure that all its pieces are delivered to you, and they are in right condition.[...]

Buy Kebab Machines and Cook Delectable Kebabs!


Kebabs are one of the most loved non vegetarian snacks. It originated in Persia and was later adopted by countries in the Middle East and Turkey. These snacks have been popular for a very long time and are liked by people all over the world. May be this is the explanation why more and more people are interested in buying Kebab machines. Many restaurants use these machines and make delightful and scrumptious kebabs. You can do the same at your home as well! All you need to do is to buy Kebab machines and just start making the kebabs. You can even look for different recipes on the internet and experiment once you have the machine. These machines are available in different varieties. Just go to your nearest store and you will find kebab machines in different sizes. You can choose one according to your needs and tastes. These machines are generally made up of stainless steel and can be run using LPG or electricity. Some of the machines also use fire and are meant for outdoor purposes. You can use them for an outdoor party and serve your guests hot and delectable kebabs. These machines do not require much effort as far as cleanliness in concerned. Just clean them time to time with a wet cloth or as per the instructions given in the guidebook. Almost all the machines come with at least one year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance cost in at least the first year. One thing that you should know is that these machines are available in different sizes, so make sure that you know where exactly you are going to keep the machine. If you don’t find a good deal in a store near you, you can look companies on the internet. There are many companies that will deliver these machines at your doorstep and install it wherever you want. These machines come with a booklet so you don’t have to worry about anything. Once you buy it and get it installed get ready to have delicious kebabs! [...]

Chest Freezers-Essential Storage Equipment for Kitchen


Do you believe in bringing foodstuff in bulk or cooking in huge quantities at once? Well, then you surely require a storage equipment for that. To preserve the foodstuff for a longer period of time, you might need to bring in big chest freezers. The freezers are available in various models; however you need to decide the one depending on the space in your home. Since huge quantity of food items cannot fit into a regular fridge or a freezer, it is essential to bring home the chest freezer. While buying these chest freezers, you need to pay attention to some of the features like quick freeze, adjustable temperature and adjustable feet. If you have a smaller family, then these types of freezers are apt as they won’t occupy much space. You can also grab one of those chest freezers, which has an energy efficient rating. Some of these compact freezers can be purchased at an economical price and they will also have a good storage space. If you buy some of the good quality chest freezers, then you will also find a number of shelves inside it which will give you more room for storing cooked or uncooked food items. Before finalizing on the freezer, you must go and shop around for sometime to have an idea about the varieties and the market rate. If required, ask someone in your family and friends about the best freezer in the market and then take a final call on it. [...]

Catering Equipment Appreciate The Efforts Of Making Food


Catering requires a huge amount of patience along with the efforts. Catering also involves using the right kind of catering equipment so that the people who eat the food not only appreciate the efforts of making it but also the fact that the best equipments were used to make it. Catering equipments consist of the equipments used to prepare the food as well as the cutlery and the glasses in which wine and other drinks are served. Storage facilities are also a kind of catering equipment due to the fact that the caterer needs to have utensils in order to store the foodstuffs prepared for a longer duration. Catering is a profession that thrives only if the caterer pays attention to all the aspects like great food and proper cleanliness. This is why a caterer has to depend on the best catering equipment suppliers. He also needs to ensure that the catering equipments are in proper condition before they are used to serve food. A chipped glass or an unclean plate can be a major turn off for a client and cause a dent in the caterer’s reputation. Hence the caterer has to spend considerable time to decide on the ideal catering equipment supplier. It is always a safer bet to go for names that have some repute in the market. However, before making the final decision a background check of the catering equipment supplier, in terms of testimonials from previous clients, is a must.[...]

Restaurant Furniture Is character of Restaurant Decoration with Style And Comfort


The decor of a restaurant gives it its character. The more tastefully a restaurant is done up, the more sophisticate customers it can hope to attract towards itself. As such, every restaurant owner takes a lot of care in choosing restaurant furniture that can not only make its guests comfortable but also provide a relaxing environment while making a style statement. Furniture of any restaurant should be in sync with the overall theme and the specialty of the place. Restaurant furniture also needs to be very durable so as to stand up to the constant commercial use. Care must be taken to select restaurant furniture that is impressive not only design but also in the quality of the material used and workmanship. You should try to identify restaurant furniture that is not too hard on your budget while not compromising the style and comfort. Restaurant furniture Sydney includes designs ranging from the cutting-edge contemporary to traditional and can suit any kind of restaurant. Restaurant furniture is available in various styles and materials. Wooden restaurant furniture is the most popular type of restaurant furniture that you can find because of being rust free. Also, wooden restaurant furniture has a fairly good life under long and repeated commercial usage conditions. Ideal for conferences and banquets at hotels and restaurants, the use of high quality wood makes restaurant furniture durable and superior. Many online retailers and even direct manufacturers offer a comprehensive array of restaurant furniture to suit the purpose of all kinds of customers, from a small cafe to a large buffet.[...]

Chest Freezers


Bacteria exist everywhere in nature including all the food items we eat. In favourable conditions like humid environment and a warmer temperature, bacteria grow much faster and can spoil any type of food. Refrigeration slows bacterial growth and helps us in storing our food items safely for a longer period of time. Proper storage of food items for a longer period of time while ensuring that they don’t get spoiled and can retain their nutrients is an important issue for every household. Chest freezers are a common sight in homes today. Chest freezers are designed to address this problem of long-term storage of frozen foods. Buying food items in bulk is a good way of saving money and storage of excess food need not be a worry with the advent of chest freezers. Chest freezers are independent and free-standing kitchen appliances exclusively for storage of frozen foods. Chest freezers come with a significant amount of space for frozen food storage. Instead of buying a refrigerator that has a larger freezer compartment, we recommend considering chest freezers as a viable alternative because of their superior freezing abilities of chest freezers that can keep food items from stagnating for days, weeks and even months! You can also have both a chest freezer and a refrigerator in your kitchen and store bulkier food items in the chest freezer. This will ensure that there is always free space available in your refrigerator’s freezer section. If you want to buy a chest freezer for your home, make sure that you are able to get the best price without sacrificing performance. Before ordering a chest freezer, do compare prices online.[...]

Cooking Equipment


Human being has come a long distance since the days of early men. This is evident from a number of things including kitchen cooking equipments. From clay pots and wooden sticks to fine cooking accessories made from steel, with time a lot has changed and for good. Everybody loves to eat. With new recipes of delectable dishes entering the households every new day, the markets can be seen flooded with ever new cooking equipments. Different materials used for making cooking accessories to new styles and variants, there is no end to the variety available in the market. From simple frying pan and Woks to ovens and toasters, different gastronomic specialties require different types of cooking equipment. And then there are Tandoor ovens, microwaves and pressure cookers that are widely used in homes for cooking purposes. Whether you want to fry, sauté, deep fry or steam, for every style of cooking there is different cooking equipment. While a western kitchen relies on microwaves in a huge way, a Chinese kitchen relies on woks and a kitchen in Argentina utilizes grills heavily for cooking purposes. With the advancement in technology, ovens can be chosen depending upon their type. From coal-fired ovens and wood-fired ovens to gas fired ovens and even electric ovens, you can take your pick after deciding on the availability of the resource. For somebody who loves to cook, cooking equipments are like best of friends. Depending upon the style and the decor of the kitchen you can choose a bunch of kitchen equipments.[...]

Choosing Correct Pizza Ovens


We all love pizza! The mouth watering taste and the sensuous aroma of cheese makes every mouth craves for a bite, but have we ever wondered why the taste is so good? Making pizza requires a great deal of specialization not just on the part of the chef but also the choice of equipments plays a very major and important role.

Of all the equipments required to make a mouth watering pizza, pizza ovens are the most essential. After all, this is the place where the cheese blends with the dough and makes a quality pizza.

Whether you have your own restaurant that offers pizza or make pizza at home, pizza ovens are a must for everybody. The most important aspect of pizza ovens is the maintenance of temperature and time. Both these factors are in charge of making a fine pizza.

There are various kinds of pizza ovens available in various sizes depending upon the number of pizzas that can be cooked at a time. Numerous companies from all corners of the world offer these equipments at competitive prices. As a word of precaution, always make sure the quality of pizza oven you may buy should be good as it requires a decent investment and should be handled with care. Little research about the product will make your job easier.

Commercial Catering Equipment

Is it Worth Investing in Ambient Food Display if you are in Food and Drink Industry?


Whether you are already running your food business or you are about to start new business, you should always have some attractive food display in your shop. With this equipment, you can show your food products to customers. There is always higher possibility of increment in sales if you display your products in ambient food display equipment as customers can see products and choose on their own. You don’t need to show any products to your customers. Ambient food display equipment also gives more freedom, time and comfort to your customers so that your customers feel delighted with their shopping experience. Below are all necessary details about ambient food display, like features, price and best brands to buy. Best Brands Available are: F.E.D and ICS Pacific (1) F.E.D Features: • 1200mmW (Available in 1500mmW, 1800mmW sizes too) • Three display levels • Attractive stainless steel base with decorative trim Dimensions: 1200W 760D 1200H mm Rent-Try-Buy® for $5.69 a day Product Code : GG120FD Product Price : $ 2,730.00 (2) ICS Pacific: Features • Elegant stainless steel • Brilliant internal illumination to all shelves • Adjustable shelves • Fitted with wheels (2 Lockable) • Suitable for cakes, sandwiches, focaccias, pies & pastries Dimensions: Depth: 730mm, Height: 1200mm [...]

Discuss about Commercial Convection Oven


A commercial convection oven works by forcing hot air through fans and circulating that air around the food - hence convection. This method of heat distribution is effective at cooking food quickly and evenly. You can find them in both gas and electric heat powered varieties. The continuous disperse of the heated air is done by an internal fan, usually built in the rear of the oven.Some Advantages A convection oven is quite different to the standard oven and is recognized for its competency and fast preparation time.The very important things are it need lower temperatures for cooking a food and Preheat very fast.This prevents warm air from collecting at the top end of a convection oven, thus cooking food quickly.It creates a distinct visual impact in the home kitchen and is available in a wide range of shades and increase the kitchen efficiency.By using an oven with a convection feature, it is possible to enjoy evenly cooked food.Make sure about commercial convection ovens size, you are buying is the right size to fit in your commercial kitchen and the right size for the kind of cooking you will be doing. Make sure you have a plan of what size the kitchen is going to be and what commercial kitchen equipment will go where before you buy the oven you need.Recent PostPerfect Hot Food Display BarCook testy Pizza in Wood Fired Pizza OvensOutdoor Pizza Oven, Food Display BarsCommercial cooking equipment in Australian RestaurantFood Display Bar cases, Cake Display Bar, Wood Pizza OvensCommercial Pizza Ovens, Pizza EquipmentsDoner Kebab Machine at Petra Showroom[...]

Perfect Hot Food Display Bar


The food industry relies on merchandise equipment manufacturers to provide them with hot food display units. They need these customized furniture pieces to display their menu items and to keep them either hot or cold.Restaurants, eateries, all-you-can-eat buffets, hospitals, schools, large corporations, and other food-serving places need quality hot food display bars to show off their soups, gravies, and main course dishes. If the chicken noodle soup, pizza, fried chicken, beans, and mashed potatoes are cold, customers complain, or worse, leave and do not return. No retailer or institution wants that to happen.Superior hot food display cases are pieces of equipment engineered specifically to meet the ever-changing requests of today's food retailers. This means that the manufacturers have to be able to provide meal solutions for hot or cold prepared food or a combination of both.Hot food display units are an investment, so before ordering make sure that:You plan your design and create a focal point;You know how many food items you want to display. If your bar is too big, you will have empty chafing dishes, which does not leave a good impression, and if your counter is too small, you will not be able to offer the variety of foods you had planned.The key display items and products should be at the right height. Some establishments serve to ethnic groups that are short, while others are visited more by taller people.Keep the displays simple and appealing. Overcrowding your case may look messy.Use proper lighting, which is even more important for windows and display cabinetsEnsure that you have ample space for your hot food display bar, and that it is in a location where it is visible from all angles. Use ample signage so all your hungry customers will easily find their way to your culinary delights!Get information related to food display bars from Petra Equipment-Restaurant and Catering Equipments Supplies in Sydney, Australia.Read MoreRecent PostCook testy Pizza in Wood Fired Pizza OvensOutdoor Pizza Oven, Food Display BarsCommercial cooking equipment in Australian RestaurantFood Display Bar cases, Cake Display Bar, Wood Pizza OvensCommercial Pizza Ovens, Pizza EquipmentsDoner Kebab Machine at Petra Showroom[...]

Cook testy Pizza in Wood Fired Pizza Ovens


Pizza is one of the wonder foods of the 21st century. With its emphasis on quality ingredients and artisanal methods of production, it strongly connects with modern ideas about how food should be prepared and enjoyed. And of course, it doesn't hurt that a good pizza can be absolutely delicious!About Wood Fired Pizza OvensWood fired ovens are the latest trend in outdoor home entertainment and for good reason; these wonderful attractive ovens can cook anything and adds an entirely new experience to cooking out of doors. People all over the country who enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors are adding outdoor ovens to their patios and back yards. Enjoying everything from cozy family dinners to large parties all centered on this latest trend in wood cooking.How to cook in wood fired pizza ovensWhen cooking a pizza in a wood fired oven it is important to fire theoven properly. This is done by building a fire inside the dome of the oven. For best results, use smallish pieces of wood - certainly no thicker than your wrist. The objective is to heat the dome as quickly as possible, so build a big fire. Every pizza ovens will take a different amount of time to get properly hot but a good tip is to look at the inside of the dome. At first it will be black with soot, but this will start to turn white and then burn off completely. At this point, the inside of the oven is at pizza cooking temperatures. You may need to keep a roaring fire going for a while longer to really get the heat spread throughout the oven. With practice, you will find what works best with your own oven.Once the oven is hot enough, you can remove a lot of the smaller coals from the oven. Have a metal bins or similar ready to dump your hot coals, and be careful - it will heat up! Retain a good pile of coals, and push it to the side of the oven. Put one or two small pieces of wood on this pile, and keep feeding it as needed to maintain an active flame. This will keep the dome charged with heat, and make sure your pizzas cook properly.Recent PostOutdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza OvensCommercial cooking equipment in Australian RestaurantFood Display Bar cases, Cake Display BarCommercial Pizza Ovens, Pizza EquipmentsPizza Ovens To Enjoy Your Outdoor GatheringDoner Kebab Machine at Petra Showroom[...]

Outdoor Pizza Oven


For the many people that like pizza it is a must have to experience the joys of an outdoor pizza oven. Just in case you are not sure what one of these ovens is it the traditional wood fired oven that is usually made from ceramic and is more commonly used to bake pizza in Italy.These wood-fired ovens add an extra little something to the pizza and this makes its very unique. This style of oven is very good, as it does not require any preheating which means that it uses less energy.The outdoor pizza ovens allows pizza lovers to enjoy the convenience of having good pizza to eat anytime they want. It would be true to say that some owners of these ovens are hooked when it comes to baking the pizza and enjoying the delightful traditional pizza. There are a lot of people that regularly invite friends and family around to join in the fun and experience.Despite these ovens being so popular there are still a large number of people that are not getting the most from their outdoor pizza oven. It is very true to say that these ovens will enable you to get the most out of your pizza eating and baking experience.These ovens are best used to make freshly made pizza however they can also be used to cook frozen pizza. These ovens are primarily designed from cooking pizza however they can be used to make other things as well such as bread.The traditional style of wood fired oven heats to a very high temperature therefore when using one it is important to be very careful. It is also very important to follow the instructions when operating the oven in order to comply with health and safety regulations.The traditional style of wood fired oven is expensive however there are cheaper versions available therefore this joy can be experienced by everyone regardless of the size of budget that they have.Read MoreRecent PostCommercial cooking equipment in Australian RestaurantFood Display Bar cases, Cake Display BarCommercial Pizza Ovens, Pizza EquipmentsDoner Kebab Machine at Petra ShowroomNSF-Certified Equipment for Food ServicesDoner Kebab Machine, Food Display Bar, Pizza OvensButcher Equipments and Meat Slicers Sydney[...]

Commercial cooking equipment in Australian Restaurant


Commercial equipment for cooking includes cooking equipment such as heaters, deep fryers and ovens. These products are supplied continuously and the demand for the cooking equipment are ever increasing as these are numerous places where commercial cooking is needed as in large homes and restaurants and the capacity of the product that is bought depends on the size of the place and the number of people in it.

Commercial cooking equipment is intended for large scale cooking that is why long term usage capability is of great importance. The load of the commercial cooking equipment is far different from the normal household wares. Commercial cooking equipment must be of very high quality that can with stand large quantity of food to be cooked.

The commercial catering equipment used for the purpose of frying is amongst the most vulnerable appliances. Online stores are becoming very popular now days because of its convenience and dependability. Petra Equipment supplies a wide range of commercial cooking appliances, Refrigerated equipment, Food Preparation Equipment and Stainless Steel Fabrication. It is the company's policy to build quality into products to provide customers with superior quality service.

Food Display Bar cases


The display trend is ruling the food industry marketing with the involvement of technical lighting in food outlets and food departments in supermarkets. Both hot and cold food items are showing a positive trend in sales turnover when they are displayed in specially lighted cases, which are also good for health purpose. The new approach in this commercial lighting industry is helping in the expansion of the market and lighting professionals are giving their best to improve the display quality day by day to make the food to remain potentially safer for health with merchandising lighting technique. Several food items are preserved properly with the specific commercial lighting with enhanced appearance value without any distortion. This is particularly beneficial to display the home meal items that are refrigerated and displayed for customers without any chance of ruining. Ordinary lighting can spoil the integrity of salad bars on display but with the balanced lighting technique, the shelf life of salad bar is increased to remain safe for intake. Several food items including chocolates, ice creams, hot foods and many others are susceptible to harmful radiation and are damaged. The highly efficient balanced lighting from Promolux offers enhanced life to sensitive food items, extends shelf life, attracts customers and creates profits for you. You can use Display Case Lighting for food display bar. This will improvement the overall look of the whole shop. Read MoreRecent PostCommercial Pizza Ovens, Pizza EquipmentsDoner Kebab Machine at Petra ShowroomNSF-Certified Equipment for Food ServicesCommercial Meat Slicer -Chefs and Cook Choice Doner Kebab Machine, Food Display Bar, Pizza OvensButcher Equipments and Meat Slicers Sydney[...]