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Updated: 2017-04-26T21:34:54Z


Is the SEC Captured? Evidence from Comment-Letter Reviews


Evidence from analysis of comment-letter reviews suggests a nuanced relation between politically connected firms and oversight by the Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC capture, if it exists, may be less blatant or pronounced than previously thought. The research is by Jonas Heese, Mozaffar Khan, and Karthik Ramanna.

Assessing the Quality of Quality Assessment: The Role of Scheduling


This study by Maria Ibanez and Michael W. Toffel finds that inspectors are less stringent later in their workday and after visiting workplaces with fewer problems. Managers and regulators can improve inspection accuracy by mitigating these biases and their consequences.

First Look at New Research, April 25


Who is cutting the television cord? ... Does a higher minimum wage force restaurants out of business? ... The effects of political connections on regulatory behavior.

Courage: The Defining Characteristic of Great Leaders


Courageous leaders inspire employees, energize customers, and position their companies on the front lines of societal change. Bill George explains why there aren't more of them.

First Look at New Ideas, April 18


A traditional offline business learns from big data ... Interest rate conundrums ... De Beers looks beyond diamonds in the rough.

This Turkish Debt Collector Is Customer-friendly


A Turkish-based company pioneers a kinder, gentler method of collecting debt that Professor Dennis Campbell sees as an international model.

The Most Pressing Issues for Platform Providers in the Sharing Economy


Platform providers, OpenBay, and Agora discussed “chicken-and-egg” and other challenges they face at a recent Digital Initiative event at Harvard Business School.

Why Productivity Suffers When Employees Are Allowed to Schedule Their Own Tasks


Deviating from an organization’s prescribed task schedule tends to erode productivity, even among the most experienced workers, according to new research from María R. Ibáñez, Jonathan R. Clark, Robert S. Huckman, and Bradley R. Staats.

First Look at New Research, April 11


The rise and fall of Rajat Gupta ... The business case for biomarkers ... Who should lead the world’s largest airline?