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September 27, 2016


How do VCs decide? ... Digitization disrupts executive education ... Longchamp: Moving a cultural icon upmarket.

Is Company Failure Inevitable?


Companies don’t generally fail because of competition; it’s out-of-touch leadership that kills them. "Lead and Disrupt" coauthor Michael L. Tushman discusses how companies must continue to invest in their core products while innovating in new areas.

Technological Leadership (de)Concentration: Causes in ICTE


This paper by Yasin Ozcan and Shane Greenstein characterizes long-term trends in the Information and Communications Technology equipment industryby analyzing the concentration in patents from 1976 to 2010, and comparing measured changes against popular assumptions about the size and scale of changes in innovation.

How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?


Paul A. Gompers and colleagues survey 885 institutional VCs at 681 firms, asking how they make decisions across eight areas: deal sourcing; investment selection; valuation; deal structure; post-investment value-added; exits; internal VC firm issues; and external VC firm issues.

Shabana Azmi: Leveraging Bollywood Fame into Social Good


Indian screen star Shabana Azmi talks to Rohit Deshpandé about how she leverages movie fame into social activism.

Android and Competition Law: Exploring and Assessing Google's Practices in Mobile


Benjamin Edelman and Damien Geradin argue that Google’s restrictions on device manufacturers wishing to develop commercially-viable Android devices harm competition.

September 20, 2016


Redeveloping a 15th century palace ... Building trust in online marketplaces ... Improving Jewish leadership.

Why Isn't Business Research More Relevant to Business Practitioners?


There’s a pervasive paradox in academia: Research conducted at business schools often offers no obvious value to people who work in the world of business.

Political Dysfunction Makes America Less Competitive


The American economy is “failing the test of competitiveness," according to a new Harvard Business School study written by Michael E. Porter, Jan W. Rivkin, and Mihir A. Desai.