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Updated: 2017-08-19T09:23:13Z


Op-Ed: Courageous Leader Triggers a Moral Revolt of CEOs Against Trump


Today’s CEOs are public figures, with responsibility to uphold their company’s mission and values, says Bill George. When these values are violated, even by someone as powerful as the president of the United States, they are obliged to take a clear stand.

Emerging Markets and the Future of Business History


This paper by Geoffrey Jones and colleagues argues that there are important commonalities about the business history of countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America despite differences between countries and within regions of each country.

Researchers Use Google Street View to See the Future of Cities


Scott Duke Kominers, Nikhil Naik, and colleagues use Google Street View to show how cities are changing and help them improve over time.

First Look at New Research and Ideas, August 15, 2017


You’ll come around ... Is a deeply religious business culture ready for an acquisition? ... How historians should look at emerging markets

Rethinking Measurement of Pay Disparity and Its Relation to Firm Performance


Among this paper’s contributions is evidence that different types of pay disparity matter in different ways to firm employees, and that disparity created by pay that is unrelated to the economics of the firm negatively impacts employee satisfaction, with consequences for firm performance. The paper also gives investors and proxy advisors a roadmap to interpret pay ratios and pay disparity. This roadmap may help regulators and firms to, respectively, mandate and prepare more informative disclosures.

Productivity Tips You Probably Haven't Considered Before


Want to be more productive at work? These recent studies from Harvard Business School researchers offer tips on everything from organizing work flow to paying attention to the weather.

The Role of Taxes in the Disconnect Between Corporate Performance and Economic Growth


This paper by Urooj Khan, Suresh Nallareddy, and Ethan Rouen offers evidence of potential issues with the current United States system of taxation on foreign corporate profits. A reduction in the US tax rate and the move to a territorial tax system from a worldwide system could better align economic growth with growth in corporate profits by encouraging firms to invest domestically and repatriate foreign earnings.

First Look at Research and Ideas, August 8, 2017


Can Waze navigate its own growth challenges? ... Hospital management practices can help (and hurt) maternal outcomes ... Seeking prestige, Japanese companies perform better on the Nikkei 400 stock index.

'Be Yourself (Within Reason)' and Other Job Search Survival Tips


In some professions, successful job hunting depends as much on a healthy body and cleared mind as it does on a well-performed interview, says Ethan Rouen.