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Updated: 2016-12-03T19:00:44Z


Where Could More Regulation Help Small Businesses? Online Lending.


The regulatory system overseeing the financial technology industry is a tangle of multiple agencies and inconsistent rules. Karen Mills and Brayden McCarthy propose a six-point plan to regulate online lending.

How Do Leaders Manage the Tension Between Pride and Arrogance?


As recent headlines suggest, managing the tension between pride and arrogance is one of the most difficult, sensitive issues facing top executives. James Heskett asks what leaders can do to check pride in an organization from becoming arrogance.

The Stock Market and Bank Risk-Taking


A focus on short-term stock prices induces publicly traded banks to increase risk relative to privately-held banks, according to this paper by Antonio Falato and David Scharfstein.

Fiscal Risk and the Portfolio of Government Programs


Samuel G. Hanson, David S. Scharfstein, and Adi Sunderam develop a new model for government cost-benefit analysis, showing that distortionary taxation impacts the optimal scale and pricing of government programs.

Challenging the Belief that Liability Laws Kill Medical Device Innovation


Many policymakers believe lliability laws need reforming so that medical device makers are free to innovate without threat of costly lawsuits. But new research by Hong Luo and Alberto Galasso suggests innovation is not thwarted--just rechanneled.

Explaining the Persistence of Gender Inequality: The Work-Family Narrative as a Social Defense against the 24/7 Work Culture


This study by Irene Padavic, Robin J. Ely, and Erin M. Reid argues that women’s advancement is slowed because of social defenses at the organizational level, along with wider cultural beliefs that are resistant to change.

November 22, 2016


Résumé whitening ... Breakfast at the Paramount ... AnswerDash looks for answers.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Ownership, and Innovation: Evidence from China


Josh Lerner and colleagues study how intellectual property right (IPR) protection affects innovation in China in the years around the privatizations of state-owned enterprises.

It Matters That Your CEO Doesn't Know Much About Sales


The C-suite is jammed increasingly with functional specialists, but sales appears to be getting short-changed, says Frank Cespedes. What’s needed are more links between the top executives and the customer-facing side of the business.