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Updated: 2017-02-20T09:31:21Z


Having No Life is the New Aspirational Lifestyle


It used to be that high status was conveyed on people enjoying a leisurely, luxurious lifestyle. Today, having no spare time is the real status symbol, explains Anat Keinan. What are the lessons for marketers?

Where Should We Build a Mall? The Formation of Market Structure and Its Effect on Sales


This research by Doug J. Chung, Kyoungwon Seo, and Reo Song bprovides a rigorous, yet practical, framework to understand and evaluate why retail stores join a shopping mall and how their decisions affect mall revenue.

What Africa Can Teach the United States About Funding Infrastructure Projects


explains why the solution to America’s infrastructure woes may lie in finance models that have proven successful in several nations in Africa.

A Strategy For Steady Leadership in an Unsteady World


Management is tough enough in normal times. But what are leaders to do when their companies are buffeted by global uncertainty? Bill George explains charting a course True North.

First Look at New Research: February 14


After a business is sold, it becomes a hit ... The best location for a shopping mall ... Patent trolls cost jobs.

Capturing Value from IP in a Global Environment


Challenges to capturing value from know-how and reputation through the use of different IP tools is an increasingly important matter of strategy for global enterprises. They will need to combine different institutional, market, and non-market mechanisms, but the precise combination of tools will depend on local and regional institutional and market conditions, according to Juan Alcácer and colleagues.

Paid Search Ads Pay Off for Lesser-Known Restaurants


Researchers Michael Luca and Weijia Dai wanted to know if paid search ads pay off for small businesses such as restaurants. The answer: Yes, but not for long.

Diversity in Innovation


This study by Paul A. Gompers and Sophie Q. Wang discusses a systematic and persistent lack of female, Hispanic, and African American labor market participation in the innovation sector, through both entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists that fund them.

The Persistent Effect of Initial Success: Evidence from Venture Capital


To understand better what channels might account for persistence in the fund-level performance of private equity firms, Ramana Nanda, Sampsa Samila, and Olav Sorenson examine the individual investments underlying fund-level returns.