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Updated: 2018-04-23T00:20:26Z


Immigrant Entrepreneurship in America: Evidence from the Survey of Business Owners 2007 & 2012


How do businesses created by immigrants differ from those of natives? This study using the 2007 and 2012 Survey of Business Owners records finds that while immigrant-owned businesses have a modestly different industry composition than native-owned businesses, there are ten-fold differences across states in terms of the share of businesses owned by immigrants.

Executive Education in the Digital Vortex: The Disruption of the Supply Landscape


The competitive landscape of executive education is feeling a tectonic shift even as demand grows for managerial skills. This study maps and analyzes the major providers of executive education programs, including business schools, consultancies, and corporate universities, to better understand and explain the industry’s present and future dynamics.

First Look at New Research and Ideas, April 18, 2018


In America, immigrants do get the job done ... Conservative financiers more likely to leave their jobs over political ideology ... Warning! Why these label warnings don't work.

Digital Innovation with High Costs of Entry: Evidence from Software-Driven Medical Devices


Although technology shifts often allow new entrants to edge into a market, established firms seem to be maintaining leadership in the medical devices industry, where software integration is increasingly important. Research by Cirrus Foroughi and Ariel Dora Stern.

Can Consumers Be Saved From Their Misguided Decisions?


Even with a world of information at our fingertips, consumers routinely make bad decisions on everything from investments to health coverage. Can science help? Research by Joshua Schwartzstein and Benjamin Handel.

Op-Ed: The Trouble with Tariffs


The world's economies are interconnected by globalization, which makes threats of tariff wars doubly dangerous, says Willy Shih.

Sexual Harassment: What Employers Should Do Now


Organizations are realizing they are not doing enough to stop the inappropriate behavior that can lead to an awkward office environment, lawsuits, and reputation damage.

First Look at New Research, April 10, 2018


Religious shoppers spend less ... Innovating with corn flakes ... What online and offline stores can learn from each other.

The Dark Side of Performance Bonuses


To motivate workers, employers often turn to incentives such as money or recognition. What's become clear is that these programs can also result in unintended consequences—like a financial crisis.