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Preview: Alphaville Herald

The Alphaville Herald

Always Fairly Unbalanced

Published: 2016-09-22T04:18:10Z


Interview with alt-right Pepemancer and Kek/Trump supporter, weev


weev with a recent tat In this  Herald Instant Classic © interview, we talk with Andrew Auernheimer (aka weev) about his white supremacist politics, his work for the Daily Stormer website, the Kek/Trump political agenda, and his involvement in the pepe the frog meme-storming of Hilary Clinton’s campaign. Pepe and Hillary have words For readers [...]

Breaking: The Herald is Back!


After a long hiatus, the deciders at The Alphaville Herald have opted to resume publication of the Internet’s most fairly unbalanced © news source. Netizens will of course rejoice at this news, but some, lost in their 2016 cynicism might ask “why?” The Herald, of course began as the Toto-too of virtual worlds, pulling back [...]

Moth Wing Avatars Swarm In Memory of Osprey Therian


About three dozen avatars gathered today in Bodega sim to honor the memory of long-time Second Life resident Osprey Therian. Ms. Therian's real-life typist Vivian Kendall passed away December 9th after battling a number of health issues.  Her impact on the Second Life community - particularly older players - was significant, and she clearly planned [...]

Refunds For Banned Second Life Players!! SHOCK!!!


Ban hammer rebounds, hits Linden Lab's wallet One ex-player hopes for $60,000 USD refund as class action settlement mandates payments to exiles Over the last several days, players banned from the Second Life virtual world have begun receiving notification of a proposed class action settlement (full text here) which will pay the involuntary exiles for [...]

NSA’s Keith Alexander Loses YouTube War


1.6% approval rating for Alexander's vision of Cybersecurity Why does everyone hate my video? Strategic blunder is probably the best description of the last week's decision to publish Jessica Tozer's 30 minute interview with General Keith Alexander on YouTube. What were they thinking? After the strangely-edited video was placed in the free-fire zone of open public [...]

Bruce Schneier’s Bat Signal Alarms Internet Engineers


Pixeleen Mistral interviews Mark McCahill to calm Herald technical staff I realized something was terribly wrong when The Herald's electronic press fell *out of sync* with the soothing retro-euro-disco thump of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories playing in the editorial offices. Normally the technical staff are careful to avoid harshing the mellow of the writers, [...]

Op/Ed: Barrett Brown Prosecutor Inadvertently Indicts Criminal Justice System


by Biff Baker, Prosecutors Gone Wild! (tm) Desk In a recent article here in the Herald, Urizenus Sklar argued that the US Attorney in the Barrett Brown case was attempting to smear Barrett by listing a whole number of allegedly bad attributes of Barrett and then publishing them in a public court document.   I [...]

Why Thank You Federal Prosecutor, that Was Soooo Thoughtful!


While everyone seems to be down on the federal prosecutor who is trying to ring up Barrett Brown for 105 years for sharing a link to a Pirate Bay data dump, I wish to be a contrarian here. I say, hey, the prosecutor actually has Barrett’s best interests at heart. I know this because she [...]

Philip Rosedale Humiliated By Second Life Voice – SHOCK!!!


Captured on a YouTube video saying he had been flailing about for an hour trying to get his voice working for a live interview in Second Life, company founder Philip Rosedale confessed to having endured a "crazy painful" struggle with the declining virtual world platform. The former game god attempted to make the best of [...]

FBI Summer Reading List!


Barrett Brown Yes, summer is winding down, but it isn't too late to cram in some late late summer reading.  And who better to suggest good solid reading, but the FBI.  Dell Cameron, writing in the Daily Dot, has the goods.  He gives us the 20 online publications concerning Barrett Brown that the prosecution considers [...]