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Preview: Industrial Workers of the World - Textile and Clothing Workers Industrial Union 410

Industrial Workers of the World - Textile and Clothing Workers Industrial Union 410

This page displays *all* news items from Textile and Clothing Workers Industrial Union 410. For an overview of the IU 440's history and contact information, please visit our homepage.


Pittsburgh Push for the immediate release of Kalpona Akter

Sun, 15 Aug 2010 16:53:15 +0000

(image) Sign the National Labor Committee’s petition demanding that apparel licensers step and facilitate an agreement that results in Bangladeshi workers be paid 41 cents an hour - link.

Sign the SweatFree Communities petition demanding the immediate release of Kalpona Akter - link.

YES! We need you to talk about sweatshop on Roberto Clemente Bridge on Saturday August 21! See you there at 5 PM.

YES! We need help following up on every aspect of the letter to Pittsburgh City Council posted below:

Kenneth Miller
Pittsburgh Anti Sweatshop Community Alliance
c/o Thomas Merton Center
5129 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224


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Ethan Orlinski of MLB receives testimony from Pittsburgh City Council about sweatshop abuses at American Needle in Bangladesh

Sun, 23 May 2010 21:51:21 +0000

(image) PICTURE BANGLADEHS MAY DAY - The National Garment Workers Federation of Bangladesh led protest in Bangladesh on May Day. They demanded greater compensation for workers who have died in a fire at a factory sewing apparel for H and M. They march again on May 30!

PICTURE 4.27 City Council Pittsburgh - Darlene Harris, President of Pittsburgh City Council, hosted a post agenda hearing on August 27.

With help of Audrey Glickman, County officials, City officials and representatives of the Sports and Exhibition Authority heard the testimony of Kalpona Amber of the Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity and Zehra Bano of the General Secretary of the Home-Based Women Workers Federation of Pakistan.

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Activism: Local sweatshop protesters take the fight statewide

Mon, 18 Aug 2008 05:09:55 +0000


(image) Earlier this month, Gov. Ed Rendell endorsed an interstate effort to better enforce anti-sweatshop policies. Pennsylvania is the first state to pledge its support for a proposed anti-sweatshop consortium, made up of states, counties and municipalities from across the country.

"Rendell has taken the leadership of states nationally," says Kenneth Miller, who has long been active in local anti-sweatshop campaigns. "He requires the disclosure of factory locations. He requires wage disclosure. And he's taking the leadership in consolidating that information with different jurisdictions."

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Stonemountain Workers Score 3-year Contract, Raises, Healthcare!

Sat, 09 Aug 2008 16:23:04 +0000


The workers and management at Stonemountain & Daughter, a Berkley California based Fabric Store, have signed a new contract. Tentative agreement on the contract was reached in the final bargaining session on the night of June 26th, the shop vote was unanimous in favor of the contract, and the contract was officially ratified on July 22nd.

The gains for all the workers in the shop are huge: a raise in the starting wage from $9.25 per hour to $10.60 per hour, employer funded health care for employees working over 24 hours per week, a 35% raise in paid time off, new holidays, and even an easy chair in the break room. In a win for the campaign to retain the eight hour day, all overtime is now guaranteed to be voluntary, meaning that anyone who chooses to work only eight hours cannot be disciplined for refusing overtime.

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Pirate’s Sweatshop Monitor Detained in Bangladesh on January 24 and Race Discrimination at Major League Baseball’s NEW ERA

Fri, 08 Feb 2008 01:05:03 +0000

(image) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 1, 2008

Pittsburgh Anti Sweatshop Community Alliance
Contact Kenneth Miller 412-241-1339

The Workers Rights Consortium investigator in Bangladesh has been illegally detained, effectively disappeared. A description of events, confirmed by the US Embassy in Bangladesh:

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Hall of Shame - A South African activist has a lesson for U.S. sports.

Mon, 14 Jan 2008 19:37:20 +0000

Written on Martin Luther King Day 2008 for my friends attending the 10th Annual Summit Against Racism

Greetings from Durban South Africa to all participants in the 10th Annual Summit Against Racism on January 26 at the East Liberty Presbyterian Church. I made my home in Pittsburgh for many years. I came to Pittsburgh after organizing interracial athletic leagues is Apartheid South Africa and then challenging the International Olympic Committee to ban Apartheid South Africa from the Olympic Games.

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Anti Sweatshop Revelers Challenge MLB’s Assertions About Factories Sewing Officially Licensed Pirates & All Star Logo Apparel

Tue, 20 Jun 2006 18:11:00 +0000

(image) For Immediate Release

June 18, 2006

Contacts: Celeste Taylor, Board of SweatFree Communities - 412.241-1339
Mongezi Nkomo, Director of Azania Heritage International - 412-361-4025
Tom Kertes, United Workers Association of Maryland - 410-522-1053

In an unsolicited letter to the Pittsburgh Anti Sweatshop Community Alliance dated April 24, 2006 Major League Baseball Vice President Ethan G. Orlinski said the following, “All of Major League Baseball Properties licensees are contractually obligated to comply with all applicable labor laws.  To the extent that they are apprised of any infractions, they are expected to rectify them immediately.  We are unaware of any such infractions.”

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Why "Buy American" Won't Work

Wed, 12 Apr 2006 05:39:00 +0000

Thoughts from Kertes at the SweatFree Conference

(image) The UWA is a human rights organization. We seek to secure the human rights of all, including the right to freedom from poverty. Human rights, as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other human rights vision statements, are by their nature, "universal." This is important. Things universal can transcend traditional barriers, such as barriers between races, between language groups and between national and religious divisions. But human rights are not the UWA's only organizing framework. The UWA is also, at our core, an organization led by the poor themselves. While all are welcome to work with the UWA, priority is placed on developing leaders from the ranks of the poor. And this requires class identity.

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Open Letter to Dominic J Costa, Chief of Police, Pittsburgh, PA

Thu, 30 Mar 2006 21:06:00 +0000

(image) Chief Costa,

The Pittsburgh Anti Sweatshop Community Alliance is planning a large demonstration to take place on Roberto Clemente Bridge and around PNC Park before, during and after the July 11 Major League All Star Game.  We are planning on approximately 5,000 Pittsburghers and several bus loads of workers from Camden Yards, amongst other places to join us, demanding that the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club publicly request that MLB lock its apparel licensing agreements into the factories where the apparel is being sewn now, what we call the “2006 ALL STAR MULIT FIBER FREEZE.”  It is very possible that the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club will agree to this before the All Star Game, in which case our demonstration will become celebration – this is the Civil Rights Bridge from PNC Park to the floor of the global sweatshop.

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