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...That Black Girl

just calling it as i see it.

Updated: 2018-01-29T05:03:58.385-08:00




so, i've been in two recent conversations that kind of bugged me. there were two scenarios where white people around me felt the need to relate their experiences with their parents' racism. why would i want to hear some nasty comment your parents said about black people? and the whole reason the story is ever being told by the white person is to get some kind of brownie points  with me or



wow, it's been a while. i find myself being in really bloggable situations and i think to myself, "omg, i MUST blog about this". but i'm at work or whatever and get distracted and forget. so here it is several months since my last post and something has bothered me so much that i haven't forgotten. first i kind of want to vent. i've been so bummed. silly me, for the last several years thinking



i was sitting here trying to figure out which feels more natural- me speaking in my normal, everyday "white" sounding voice, or my "black" voice which comes out naturally when i'm tired or relaxed-if i want it to.  i was thinking about this because lately i've had to work with one of those white girls who obviously has a lot of black friends.  she's one of those whose voice has a little bit of a



so i had an off site meeting for work recently, where i noticed other black employees. but there was  one particular black woman, around my age probably, who opened her mouth to talk loudly about her "hair" ( it was an obvious weave. funny how white people can't ever tell the difference) with a group of white girls.  i'm not sure why this black woman felt the need to explain to a group of about



i have an acquaintance/friend who is mixed with white and black. she's always been one of those really afrocentric people. i mean, she definitely is more in tuned with her black side than the white side. and that's fine. and her hair- oh, it's the typical wavy, beautiful mixed hair. it's not nappy, or kinky like black BLACK people's hair. but yet, she's always on facebook constantly posting stuff



i  recently had to attend a fundraiser, where i was expected to donate money.  before i got there, i was already a little hesitant and uneasy about the fundraiser. i wasn't sure if it was supporting the right type of people, or if it would make the right statement, blah blah blah. i just wasn't 100 percent confident, but i was expected to be there. when i got there, there weren't many people at



so, i have 2 daughters under the age of 9. even though we live in a somewhat "safe" neighborhood, i do not allow them to walk to the local stores or parks alone. call me paranoid, or whatever, but i don't trust people. and i don't care how special people think their little neighborhood is, there are sick, demented people EVERYWHERE. so, one of my daughters was invited over to a friends house to

res ipsa loquitur


(sigh) leave it to white people to decide that if they can't be a part of black people's money-making, just arbitrarily deciding to a)make them criminals, b) unfairly try to regulate it so that they force themselves to get some of the profit, c) take over the craft so that they can learn how to do it better and profit more and then eventually keep black people from doing it at all. if you have



i have come to the realization, according to MY experience that most white people are fine until they meet a black person who is confident and smart. from many of my experiences, not all of them but many, white people feel most comfortable when a black person around them fits their stereotype.  as long as i don't appear as smart or intelligent as they are, they're fine. but it seems like there



i have been away too long! but i've had this burning issue i've been wanting to blog about for the last month and i've finally found some time to sit and blog about, about a month ago i met up with three of my bestest girlfriends. they're the type of friends that i don't see often, but we have the type of friendship that even if we go a year without getting together, it's like i had just

yo yo yo


so, i have two girls and one boy. i think i'm more concerned about my son growing up the wrong way than i am my two daughters. anyway, my son asked if he could have a certain friend from school come over to play recently. he's a really nice kid, so i didn't mind. he's white. no problem with that.but the boy who is about 12 or 13 started doing some rap number in the car on the drive home. he was



so, it happened again. a white girl at work told me convincingly that i wasn't really "black". this is a fairly good friend/co-worker, so naturally i wasn't quick to be offended. that's the thing. white people who say things like this to their black friends never mean to be offensive. they just don't know any better. seriously. they usually mean it in the most naively, positive way.before i



i think it's weird that i get so much traffic on this blog. when i started this blog 5 yrs ago, i just wanted a forum where i could think out loud and vent things that i couldn't just say to people, or was ashamed/scared/embarrassed to say.when i began to get comments, i thought "how did people find my blog?" so, i put one of those trackers on the site. i checked every now and then, but i was



i went with some friends tonight to see "The Help". it felt awkward (for ME) when the lights came on after the movie seeing all the white people. i wonder if it felt awkward for them? eh...probably not, since most white people never feel any shame or guilt when they're confronted with how their ancestors treated black's not that i wanted any of the white people to feel shame, but

fitting room clerk


Dear fitting room clerk at Marshalls:i know you thought i was being rude today. and maybe i was. but when you had to check and recheck and then check again that i had the same number of items coming out as going in, that was annoying. i felt like 1)you secretly thought i stole something and 2)you did it only because i am black.i didn't like that. i showed you that i had the five items to match



did anyone see beyonce's interview about a week ago with pierce morgan? or does anyone ever listen to (idiot) sherri shepherd on the view(because she talks the same way)? why can't these black women speak proper english? did they just give up and say 'who cares?' after they made a million bucks?beyonce was talking to pierce morgan about some award she had won recently...yadda yadda. i wasn't



i think that most white people are scared/intimidated by black people. if they're not the type of white person who has spent any time around black folks or has black friends, i have found that these white people are either scared of, or treat black people like they're invisible.i started to thinking about this when i was thinking about my neighbor. i don't try to be the center of attention, but

how you doin'?


i was in whole foods today. usually the only types of people i see there are the rich/granola/got-tons-of-money-to-burn-on-granola type people. well, except for me, the i-don't-have-a-ton-of-money-but-there-are-just-some-good-things-you-can't-get-anywhere-else-so-i-will-go-buy-that-and-then-leave type shopper. anyway, today, there was this black guy, mid-twenties or so, looking ghetto fabulous



so, i was on my way through the 'hood to my tutoring job at portland community college. driving down killingsworth, at about 16th avenue when traffic stopped for some reason and i found myself sitting in front of some "entrepreneurs". there was a little setup on the sidewalk next to a building with about 4 black guys selling pre-made easter gift baskets. from my view, they didn't look that



This Ebony issue makes me cringe:don't get me wrong. i don't have any beef with the obamas. what i have a beef with is the the cover of ebony that says, "celebrate black love".what exactly does that mean? just what exactly is 'black love'? is it different than white love? if my husband is white, or asian, or hispanic, can i NOT celebrate that love? i don't get it. and ebony needs to get with the



i got this little job a the local community college, PCC. specifically the one over in the 'hood, at cascade campus. i've been there for a solid week and a half now, working with different students. it's fun.but one of the days last week as i was walking to my car through the crowded lot, i heard footsteps behind me. it was some really big black guy. i'll admit, i got kind of scared. and before



How ironic that I'm discussing this after my last post. But whatever. So I took my kids swimming at a local aquatic park. When we got there, it just so happened that there weren't anymore seats left for parents to watch. My initial (absolutely first) thought that popped into my head to ask the staff were these words: "ya'll ain't got no more chairs up in here?" ( I think it was just my mood



can i just start by saying: "hisself" is NOT a word black people?! i hear so-called educated black people use this all the time and i just's HIMself!!!!*sigh*. now that i finally got that off of my chest, i must blog about the experience today that reminded me to do that public service announcement. i was out shopping and this young-ish black woman-probably mid-thirties was at the



so, i was out with some white friends last night. we decided to go to happyhour over in the alberta district. i don't mind hanging with the white friends, i mean, i'm so used to it, you know. but i have to say that something that was said got under my of the girls started talking about a snoop dog song, i don't remember exactly what she was saying about it, but we were all laughing and

hang out


where do the black people in portland hang out? i've posted before about a similar subject, but really. all the cool places i go, it's just white people. white people, white people, white people. but there ARE BLACK PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN PORTLAND.and, to be fair, i do see black people here and there. i really do. but i'm talking about the events in NE portland, you know, in the part of town where