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Things To Make and Do During the Big Snow


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So what do you do when you can't leave the
house?  There are lots of things to watch
but there is just so much I can handle.
So an idea starting spinning and
pretty soon I had a top who
grew some brothers
and sisters.

Can I spin them all at once?

Yes, I can!

Oregon Artists at Rocky Creek


Rocky Creek, just south of Depoe Bay, Oregon is one of our favorite places to visit. Yesterday, July 26, 2013, was no exception. We found thirty or more artists, one from as far away as Yellowknife in the Yukon,  busy in a joint painting workshop. We share these visuals with you.

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A Taste for Cheese


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Le't's be careful out there!


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Around 12:30 pm Saturday a motorcyclist came over the bluff on Wallace Road NW here in Salem at the entrance to Westview Estates.  He collided with the driver of the red pickup truck and was taken from the scene by ambulance to Salem Hospital.

Bumper Sticker


Inspecting our Woodpecker's Handiwork


He's cut two holes

The Larger Hole

The Debris
The Debris

Cleaning My Desktop...


It's hard to imagine this much dust collecting in our desktop computer, but that's what has happened. In fact, the one this one replaced strangled on dust before I bought this one back in 2007. So, once again, I have a choice, do it myself or take it somewhere. And of course, I am doing it myself. Currently I am having problems getting the heat sink back in place. We'll see how that goes next week...

By Odd Coincidence...


Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal Son
This year at St Mark in Salem Lenten devotions are based on Henri Nouwein's devotional study, based on the Return of the Prodigal Son.  This, and many other paintings of Rembrandt are in the Hermitage Museum in St Peters burg, Russia.

You would think that it would take a while to find someone who has seen the original, but you would be wrong.  Yesterday we found Betty Taunton, owner of the Spouting Horn Restaurant in Depoe Bay and she has been there.  While Betty is famous for her pies, she is also a world traveller. As an added bonus, she also has Montana roots.  While in her 80's she often puts in a full day's work and longs to be on the road again.

Here's how I did it


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A called me this morning to say that the shower wouldn't shut off.  She fiddled with it hopefully, then called me to say that it was worst.  While I was formulating other plans for the day, this problem was not going to go away.  So call the plumber or fix it myself?  Seriously?  You do know my last name, don't you?

Luckily I just installed a new usb wireless internet adapter on this computer yesterday (thanks, Nate).So I called up this YouTube video and it is almost exactly the steps I took to complete the project!

And I finished it with only one trip to the Hardware store.  A first for me!

Wood Pecker


Jim, the Builder


Concrete Post Support For some time now, A has stressed the need for a hand rail along our front steps.  I decided to tackle the project.  It fought me all the way.  Setting the posts on the steps required drilling into concrete.  Bits I bought for this purpose did not perform as advertised so I had to make another trip across town to Lowe's.  Also recomended, a hammer drill. Result: two trips to Harbor Freight.Lowe's sold me 1 1/4 Phillips head screws to attach to the concrete   Driving a Phillips head screw that long into anything but butter is probably not going to work.  They did refund my investment, but they are way across town from us.  I stopped at Ace in West Salem and bought shorter hex head screws instead.A Man can never have too many clampsImportant to get things levelPocket Hole Drill prepares screw entry pointsI hoped I would not have to do thisFiguring the AngleOnce Again, Fighting MeRaining on My Parade Finished![...]

Songs that Cross Borders - Radiolab


I found this episode of RadioLab compelling since it speaks to the power of music in the human soul.  As I write this I am also listening to The National Lutheran Choir's Christmas album Love Looked Down, which evokes a spiritual mood.  So far this morning, I have listened to Perry Como's Christ is Born, one of the best Christmas songs, (also sung by Karen Carpenter) and a lot of Harry Belefonte.   If ever I have a stroke, play such music for me.

Songs that Cross Borders - Radiolab

A Week of Walks -- Day Four


West Salem,  McDI turn toward Walking BridgeBridge ApproachIn sightLooking NorthTurn AroundFishing Beneath BridgeBack in West SalemWaiting Car and CoffeeWe are blessed with a pedestrian bridge from West to downtown Salem.  Over and back measures a mile so we know exactly how far we have traveled.  It's convenient and free to park at McDonald's or Taco Bell.   And one gets to see the Willamette River as well.  Today's weather was cool and dry, so it was a great day for the walk[...]

A Mile a Day -- Day Two


First ChristianFirst MethodistDay Care Field TripFirst PresbyterianSt JosephSt Mark Bell Tower     This week, I am going to walk a mile a day and post  from a different location each day.  Today  was church walk day.  In taking the pictures I was impressed by the number of churches with the word "First" in the title.     We and the Roman Catholics chose "Saint" instead.  I guess that's our way of saying we're really first!     As I finished my walk St Mark's chimes went off.  It was 3:56!   Why at that hour?  I'm guessing its a hold over from Daylight savings time when we were only four minutes off.If we can't be first, we can be unique.[...]

I'd Walk a Mile for a ... Good Health!


Earth Ball, Riverfront ParkSternwheelerFlood Swollen RiverA Carefree RideTreatsAfternoon in the ParkPeople Galore!Pride of the CityDuring WW2, there was a commercial which said "I'd Walk a Mile for a Camel!"  Well, I never did smokeCamels, and haven't smoked anything for twenty years.  But I do try to walk a mile a day.  Salem' Riverfront Park is a great place to do this, especially on a rain free-day full of fall colors and lots of people.[...]

I know, nothing like East coast damage, but sill...


Love our treesConcrete slideCloser ViewRain hasn't gotten theseWestview Estates started by putting curb and paving all the area streets without regard for building lots.  They didn[t know at the time where the curb cuts should go.  So when a house was added, the builder cut the curb and put in the driveway.  This left surplus blocks of curbing from where the drive went to be disposed of.  Builders are basically cheap and took the solution of dumping the blocks of curbing over the bank at the rear of the property.  We have a number of them on our back hillside.  This last week, a block of this curb broke loose and landed on the area I have cleared and treated with barkdust.  Since this chunk probably weighs half a ton I don't think I will be moving it very far.I know, nothing like Eastern seaboard damage, but still...[...]

Riverfront Park


Spent a Fascinating Day


Along with 200 + others I attended a Conference on Homelessness which had me seated next
to the Mayor of Keizer, Oregon, Lore Christopher, and Polk County Commissioner, Jennifer Wheeler,
plus three other powerful shakers and movers.  I was told I looked like Robin Williams' Dad.

Who Discovered America?


Yesterday I choose to walk down by the earth ball in Riverfront Park.  I had on my earphones
as I was listening to1421 by Gavin Menzies.  He believes the Chinese were everywhere and discoverd
America long before any one from the West.  However, reputable scholars don't agree with him.  Did I waste my time?

I fired the pumpkin cannon today



Agate Beach


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