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The official blog of the Constitutional Law Section of the Oregon State Bar.

Published: 2012-07-26T11:53:21-07:00



Judicial Department Job Posting Job Opportunity – Oregon Judicial Department Assistant Legal Counsel position, Salem, Oregon, $69,756 - $113,568 annually, EOE. Apply by midnight, August 2. For the complete job announcement and to apply visit: and select “Paid Positions.”


The new Constitutional Law Section newsletter is available here: It has an update of Judge Landau's always helpful Constitutional Interpretation - Guide For the Perplexed, Alycia Sykora's annual survey of constitutional cases, and many more informational articles and notices....


Women In History Mystery: The Legal History Blog reports that the Virginia Historical Society is offering a $1,000 reward to the person who best convinces them of the identity of this earl 19th century woman. "The problem we pose for...


If you haven't looked at the summary of constitutional decisions prepared by Alycia Sykora in the newsletters posted below (as well as the articles), you are missing a great research tool.


Alycia Sykora asked that the Section newsletter be posted so that it can be searched with Google and other search tools. The Spring 2011 issue of the Oregon Constitutional Law Section's newsletter can be accessed online here:!newsletters/ConLaw_2011Mar.pdf


California Federal District Court Decision Re: Same Sex Marriage If the Ninth Circuit upholds this decision, Oregon constitution Article XV section 5a ("Section 5a. Policy regarding marriage. It is the policy of Oregon, and its political subdivisions, that only a...

Oregon Constitutional Law Newsletter


The Spring 2010 Oregon Constitutional Law Newsletter can be accesed online here:!newsletters/841/2010/ConLaw_2010Apr.pdf

OWLS 20th Anniversary and Fall CLE


On September 25, 2009, Oregon Women Lawyers (OWLS) celebrates its 20th anniversary. At 3 p.m., women’s rights advocate Sarah Weddington will deliver the keynote address, to include a discussion of her experiences arguing at age 26. From 4:15-5:30, OWLS' first...

Congress Considering Consumer Exemption from Arbitration


LegalTheory Blog posts an interesting article about proposed federal legislation that would exempt consumer complaints from mandatory arbitration. The article discusses the social reasons for the exemption: that business has removed itself from contact with the judicial branch. It argues...

New Analysis of Contemporaneous Newspaper Articles (1868-69) About Incorporation of the Bill of Rights Through the 14th Amendment


For those inclined to look at original intent of the people who adopted constitutional amendments, the evidence in the popular press of 1868-69 was not very supportive of incorporation of the Bill of Rights through section 1 of the 14th...