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What Smells So Good?

Bringing Good Taste to Healthier Food! Cooking and baking, all with a healthier twist. Written by Montessori teacher, holistic nutritionist and die hard foodie Sarah Reid.

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Two Bite Spice Drops


Gently spiced, these soft cookies are butterless and perfect for a morning cuppa.

Spice cookies are the thing at the holidays. Unlike chocolate chippers, which are pretty season-neutral, there is really no better time to indulge in the sweet-spicy goodness of gingerbread or cardamom-laced cookies than the period between November 1 and December 31. Spice cookies are awesome this time of year because their flavour is generally not conducive to overindulging... at least not the cookies I like, which are more about the spice than the saccharine. Besides, spices like cinnamon are supposed to help with blood sugar regulation, so there's no reason you should be craving a second...third...fourth...

That said, it is the holidays and thus the season of overindulgence in everything, so with these cookies I employed cookie strategy #2: smaller cookie size. This way, you can have your two cookies and eat them too, without the guilt of polishing off a batch of shortbreads (wait, am I the only one who does that?). These cookies are also devoid of one of the season's greatest ingredients - butter. Instead, canola oil keeps them soft and moist while keeping it's flavour neutral, allowing the maple, cinnamon and allspice to shine through. The only adornment they need to take it from an "after school special" to "dessert platter worthy" is a dusting of sparkly sanding sugar - I actually used raw sugar for a more "natural" look, but for Christmas parties red and green might be nice too.
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Rainbow Biscotti Bites #SundaySupper


Rainbow Biscotti Bites are kissed with hazelnut flavour, loaded with sprinkles and dunked in white chocolate for a festive finish. I love making biscotti for the holidays because it is a combination of three things I look for in a cookie: its easy, it's variable, and it can be made well ahead of time without losing quality. Usually I go for the long, slim fingers of twice baked cookie, but when I found these rainbow cubes of crunchy biscotti dunked in luscious white chocolate on the Food Network site (courtesy of Izy Hossack) I knew they would be a hit in the Christmas gift baskets.The original recipe calls for Amaretto and almond extract. I am personally not a fan of almond flavour (although I do like raw almonds on their own), but the notion of adding nuttiness to the cookies in some way appealed. I had a bottle of Frangelico and some hazelnut extract standing by, as well as naturally nutty tasting spelt flour, and the combination worked admirably! The only thing I will say about these cookies is that they do bake up quite hard and crunchy due to just egg whites in the dough, so they are best dunked - say into a cup of cocoa.This week the #SundaySupper team is organizing a cookie exchange! Since I've been up to my eyeballs in holiday bakes these past few weeks, I couldn't wait to participate! See all the other treats below:Traditional and Tasty Cookies to ShareCandied Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal Cookies by Soulfully MadeCherry Chocolate Pistachio Cookies by Cindy’s Recipes and WritingsChewy Pumpkin Sugar Cookies by Pies and PlotsCoconut-Key Lime Thumbprint Cookies by Gourmet EverydayCranberry Pistachio Shortbread Cookies by Jersey Girl CooksFlourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Our Good LifeGerman Ginger Cookies (Ingwerplätchen) by Caroline’s CookingHot Cocoa Cookies by That Skinny Chick Can BakeItalian Rainbow Cookies by April GolightlyOrange Cardamom Cookies by Sunday Supper MovementPeppermint Pinwheel Cookies by Food Lust People LovePumpkin Molasses Cookies by Fantastical Sharing of RecipesSpiced Persimmon Cookies with Figs by The Wimpy VegetarianToffee Cookies by Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks Fun and Festive Cookie AlternativesBest Ever No Bake Eggnog Truffles by Bites of WellnessCappuccino Crinkles by A Little Fish in the KitchenChocolate Coated Krispy Peanut Butter Balls by Positively StaceyCranberry Date Bars by Palatable PastimeHealthy Magic Cookie Bars by Simple and SavoryPeppermint Pizzelle by Eat, Drink & Be TracyRainbow Biscotti Cubes by What Smells So Good?The Sunday Supper Movement is committed to bringing our readers delicious recipes that encourage them to gather and eat together around the family table. Search for your favorite ingredients on our Sunday Supper website. Also check out the Sunday Supper Pinterest boards for plenty more ideas and inspiration.Continued after the jump!Find all the goodies on the full site:[...]

"A Bit Better For You" Oatmeal Cookies


These oatmeal cookies are "a bit better for you" - low fat and full of fruity flavour from homemade fruit butter!

While the break rooms in offices everywhere are teeming with sugary goodies this time of year (ours sure is), sometimes it's nice to just have a bit of a break from it all. I'm not talking giving up treats cold-turkey, mind you - it is the season of sugar and spice after all, but why not opt for a sweet, chewy, moreish cookie that doesn't weigh you down even while you're enjoying the indulgence?

I'll be the first to admit, these cookies are not lookers. Think of them as the hobbits of the cookie world - a little lumpy, brown and rustic. I promise you though, if you can get past the rather imperfect appearance and have a bite, you'll be rewarded with all the best parts of Christmas baking in a mouthful. Cinnamon and nutmeg are the punchy spices in the batter, while hints of sweetness from the fruit butter and raisins as well as butterscotchy Muscovado sugar and crunchy pumpkin seeds prevent things from getting too hot. Egg free mayonnaise replaces the eggs to keep things vegan, and everything is bound together with oats and half-whole grain flour. It sounds a little strange - and I agree, the description doesn't do the cookie justice. But since the original recipe came from esteemed baker Daphna Rabinovitch, I'm not going to question. I'd rather taste, anyways.

One thing I will emphasize about this, and any other oatmeal-containing cookie you may happen to make: resting the batter, even for an hour at room temperature, will make a better, more even textured cookie. It softens the oats just enough so they don't turn into glasslike shards with the heat of the oven, and the cookie stays together better because the starches and proteins in oats have a chance to mingle and bind. Many bakers will say chilling overnight is best, but I've learned through years of teaching Home Ec that 60 minutes works pretty darn well when you have a high-hydration batter like this.

Don't worry though - I haven't bailed on the Christmas cookie train completely. Stay tuned - I'm going to try and post as many of the recipes I baked this year as I can before Christmas!

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Ruby - Rhubarb Marmalade


(Almost) Ovenly's Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies are a vegan classic turned up to 11. Chips and chunks of chocolate bring the goods, while kosher salt in the dough and on top push the sweet-savoury limit.

I will never forget the one time our school decided to offer grapefruit halves for morning snack to our grades 4-8. The number one is significant here - they were such a flop that you probably couldn't pay the two or three students who ate one (with a bucket of sugar on top) to take a second. While I applaud (and advocate strongly for) produce-based snacks for the kids in lieu of the refined crackers / chips / cookies they crave, I truly wonder who looked at grapefruits at the store and thought "oh yeah, the kids will love these". I don't even like them. Not to mention, the healthy benefits of the citrus are essentially negated by dumping three or four tablespoons of sucrose on top.

That said, this marmalade is not one of my low-sugar spreads, but for those who love the flavour of a sprinkle of sugar on broiled grapefruit in the morning, a smear of this on toast is the perfect addition to breakfast. This marmalade is unique amongst the ones I've seen and tried, since it is not only cardamom-scented but contains rhubarb. I found the recipe on Laundry, etc., and since my mom loves grapefruit (even without sugar!) I knew I had to make a batch for her to put on her homemade bread each morning.

Even with constant babysitting and stirring, my batch wound up slightly overcooked, tasting not unlike the aforementioned broiled fruit. Luckily, my mom dove right in without hesitation and declared it not only edible, but enjoyable - a fine balance between bitter, sour, sweet and fragrant. If I change anything when I make this again, I will add vanilla or use vanilla sugar for an extra hint of fragrance.

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Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake (Guest Post)


What's better than a cake? Well, gluten-free cake is a good answer! Please enjoy this guest post by Rose of Gimme Tasty.

Over the decades, many of us are trying to expand our repertoires when it comes to no-gluten recipes. At first, we started with our main dishes. Later on, we tried experimenting on our desserts and pastries.

Fortunately, there is nothing that should weird you about a gluten-free cake. In fact, I highly recommend you should make one by yourself. It's taste is similar or better than its conventional counterparts. Moreover, the health benefits that it gives to your body is something that you can't trade off.

If you are interested in this diet, then start learning some basic recipes first. For that, a gluten-free vanilla cake is a good route. This luscious cake has a mesmerizing texture and oozing flavor that will delight your mouth! Here is how to do it.

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