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1BC vs CivBrasil PBEM Turn Counter

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 13:21:45 GMT

We've received the screenshot of our starting location, and will get the game going within 24 hours. Let's use this thread to alert each other that the .sav has been sent.

CivBrasilians, please send your .savs to [b][/b]
Let us know if you guys have a similar central email address.

Anything else? :)

The Future of 1BC Team Gaming

Thu, 08 May 2008 15:34:31 GMT

It's been a blast, and the blasts were particularly fun. Especially the really big ones. But all good things come to an end, and The End is very much here.

Scipio raised the suggestion of a "Pacifist challenge" with different rules for different teams - essentially randomly forcing some teams to play according to a doctrine of (relative) Pacifism; being unable to start wars, but having access to a number of special victories the others don't have.

The idea could work, but I'm not particularly fond of having lots cast for (essentially) what team I will be on.

Awhile ago, I got another idea: How about a three-way team game, with the three teams being (in forms of government) [b]Democracy[/b], [b]Dictatorship[/b] and [b]Anarchy[/b].

The democratic and dictatorial team would work like Alpha and Omega did this far. The anarchist team would have no internal rules at all - anyone can play and return the turns! Of course, suitable arrangements would have to be made to prevent several players from submitting the same turn, but I don't think ensuring that would be very hard or incovenient.

The first 1BC team game wasn't intolerably slow at all. Since the anarchist turns would effectively have several players to play the turns, they'd be sent on significantly faster than for the other teams, so I don't think adding such a team would slow down things as much as adding a team would usually do.

What do you think :D

CivBrazil vs 1BC Trash Talk

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 12:24:49 GMT

Have at it!

2 rules:

1) No hitting below the belt.
2) Place all belts around ankles.

Thank you ... and have a nice day.

Question thread

Sat, 10 May 2008 13:57:44 GMT

Since I'm sure others than me have very specific questions concerning what the other team was up to, here's a thread for it. I'll start.

Q: What was your primary purpose with the Apostolic Palace? I see from the threads in your forum that you used it to mobilize your neighbours against us. But, did it occur to you that you could have used it for a diplomatic victory? We were definitely aware of the possibility, which is why we switched to theocracy to prevent Judaism from spreading to Omega accidentally.

POLL: Whado we wanna do?

Wed, 21 May 2008 15:30:52 GMT

Since no one else seems to be taking the innitiative, I will. Let's get what we want to do sorted out so we can stop hearing about how slow we're taking from the Brazillians and Scipio. What do we want to do.

Please no Brazillians voting. ;)

Team 1BC Signup Thread

Mon, 26 May 2008 00:56:18 GMT

If you wish to join Team1BC in it's effort to destroy the Brazilian menace, then you should post here.

Many of you have already been added to the correct member group. If you cannot see the Private area in the forum under this one from the home page, then post here for access.


POLL - Next game: 2 or 3 teams?

Wed, 14 May 2008 03:31:11 GMT

We've had some debate on it. Now lets vote!

Please feel free to discuss down below.

Alphan self-critiques

Thu, 08 May 2008 17:45:30 GMT

I wanted to start this one before the Alpha private area was closed, but will have to settle for starting it with Omegans viewing and inputting with their dirty, filthy opinions. :D

If I can ask, would you Omegan scum give us a day before posting your opinions?

My intent is to have some constructive ideas rather than bashing ourselves or anything like that. So... what did we drop the ball on and what could we have done better?

Café Omega

Thu, 08 May 2008 19:31:59 GMT

While the Alphans are scratching their heads and pondering why they lost, how about doing some reflection of our own while we wait to be invited into their defeat analysis thread?

I've read through the last two pages of the Alphan forum, and got the general idea of the earlier pages. It seems like they attacked Japan really early (immortals!), even a bit earlier than we struck our first blow against Korea. When we made first contact, seeing that Alpha had conquered neither of its neighbours while we had annexed Korea and were ready to invade Portugal made me believe they had focused on internal development to the detriment of sanguinary expansionism. It appears to not have been the case. So, since they (as we already realized) focused on hammers to the detriment of commerce, why were we so much more successful than them in conquering our first AI civ?

Funny things...

Fri, 09 May 2008 06:20:50 GMT

Friday, September 21, 2007 11:04 PM Bismarcko' Magnifico Last Seen:Today @ 8:58 AMPosts: 953Visits: 4,301Looks like the tie has worked itself out. Then again, we still have one remaining member to vote who I assume is palpster. Anybody remember what the deadline is for submitting our civ choice? Saturday, September 22, 2007 5:47 PM sweetP Last Seen:Tuesday, May 06, 2008 11:47 PMPosts: 4,764Visits: 8,205Goose said by the weekend, I think... *checks calendar* Oh dear, that seems to be today...[...]

Omega THIS?

Thu, 08 May 2008 17:10:25 GMT

Since nobody has done so yet, I'll start the first thread on discussing what happened.

It seems like you got [url=]pretty nervous when we landed near Omega THIS![/url], throwing gold at it to upgrade its defences. But as you can see [url=]here[/url], it was mainly an attempt to destroy the farm. We're glad it made you throw away some gold too.

Now, why would we have wanted to destroy it? It was the only Hindu city you had, giving us an espionage discount for operations conducted there. And with the naval blockade, it was as good as useless to you and mainly a drain on your coffers in terms of upkeep.

Alpha et Omega Commons

Mon, 10 Sep 2007 15:43:16 GMT

My pretties, it would seem that the ball has started rolling. Already Omega is trying to forge Alpha's constitution, and Alpha has attempted to blow up Omega's HQ. Great stuff... but we have some things to decide that should not end up in either team's sign up thread. I can think of these:

- turnover rate (hehe)
- game speed
- game settings
- victory conditions

As pointed out by that local madman, three years is a long time. If we settle on a turn a day, possibly excluding weekends, a regular game may even take 4 years. That just sucks. We have to make use of the many tools that BtS supplies to cut down our estimated time of annihilation. A quick game will go quicker; so will: starting in medieval times (or later), having advanced start points, playing on a smaller map. I'm sure there are other ways as well.

With victory conditions I'm thinking of superimposed rules, such as loss of capital = defeat; twice the points of other team = victory.

I think a quick duel that gets decided around Christmas will be more fun than a large map that will have a final confrontation in 2010. Are you with me! "NAY!" Are you against me! "NAY!" Oh crap, here we go again... :P

Why we won?

Thu, 08 May 2008 17:41:44 GMT

Since we're megalomaniacal dictators with Texas-sized egos, we obviously considered the game to have been won quite a while ago. Anyways, to the point, we took the liberty of starting the analysis of why things went like they did well in advance of present day. Our thoughts, even though based on incomplete information, are found in [url=]this thread[/url]. Maybe it serves as a good starting point for discussion, if you can stand the amount of patting one's own back found in the thread ;)

Formerly Private Forums are now open

Thu, 08 May 2008 16:23:34 GMT

Discussions about general topics can be held here...

If you have a specific subject in mind, you may start a new thread, but we don't want bunches of them. Let's try and keep it contained to an extent to help keep the discussion linear instead of jumping back and forth to too many numerous threads.

Alpha vs. Omega Trash Talk Thread

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 18:15:56 GMT

I thought I would create this to try to make things a little more interesting. (Yes ... you guys are kinda boring.) ;) Use at your discretion. Just try not to give anything (useful) away. If it's popular enough and we can, maybe we can pin it. I don't recall what the limit is on pinned threads - if any.

Have fun ... and keep it below the fisticuffs level.

Multi Team PBEM Turn Counter

Sat, 13 Oct 2007 01:09:03 GMT

Greetings all..

As has been pointed out, this might be easier than notifying by pm....

Please post here when you have sent a save to the other team. Naturally, if you are in a power session, you won't need to.


Team Alpha

Sat, 08 Sep 2007 13:08:53 GMT

Seeing as Tones nabbed Omega, that leaves the opposition to be called Team Alpha. So, you lot, if you like voting and stuff, sign here!

We'll need to form a constitution, but I don't think it should be too in-depth. Since we'll be playing other humans, we need to give the president a lot of flexibility. I don't think we should even have a Senate - the entire team would form the voting body on important matters such as war or general direction of the nation.

Or, maybe we could perform in a style where the pres has ALL the authority, and the only democracy involved is in electing him. Though, that would be pretty boring for Sword and I, as we don't have BtS.






Comedy Dave





Black Owl

1BC BTS Team Battle

Sun, 16 Sep 2007 01:55:42 GMT

Ok guys.. the private forums are set up for the current team members.

Here are the Team Members that I have listed. (Teams let me know asap if there are errors)

[b]Team Alpha[/b]





Comedy Dave



[b]Team Omega[/b]



Locus Coeruleus


Bolan Lonpants


The above listed members should be able to see the private forum for their team as a subforum to this one. Let me know if any of you are having issues.

I'll soon be setting up the 1bcciv email addresses for each team. I will post the info for those in the private areas.

Questions for me can be asked here.

BTS Team Game Discussion

Thu, 30 Aug 2007 22:59:36 GMT

Before discussing team names, I think we need to have some teams. There are a couple of ways we can go about this.

Perhaps the most fair way is for those who wish to participate to make their intentions known. Then I could randomly draw names and assign teams in this fashion.

This may not be a popular method, but we aren't limited to it.


Team Omega

Sat, 08 Sep 2007 08:12:58 GMT


Someone's got to start this off so here we go. I am appropriating this team name and declaring a government of Despotism in the forthcoming 1BC Bts Team challenge. If you have democratic tendencies, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Players who join this team will:
1. need to own or have access to Beyond The Sword
2. each take a turn, in rotation, at running the country

That's it, basically. Each player will have complete authority to make whatever moves and decisions he desires when it is his "turn" as Dictator. The length of a term will be settled by team decision before the game commences, as will the order of play.

The aim is to win the game, or at least have more points than the other lot when the finish is declared.

Team Omega Constitution
Each team member shall take a turn as Dictator.
Each Dictator shall play the turns promptly, and to the best of his ability.
Dictators who, in the opinion of the rest of the team, "mess up" will be shot.
Spies, traitors, dissenters and liberals will be shot.
The enemy will be hacked, bludgeoned, shot and, if necessary, vaporizwd.





Locus Coeruleus


Bolan Longpants

Konrad von Richtmark

Word of warning

Wed, 19 Sep 2007 12:57:44 GMT

From the main 1BC page where you can see the last replied topic (to each area) over at the right..... I can see "The Bunker" is often the most recent topic, however I don't see that anywhere in this area. I'm assuming thats a topic in Team Omega's private forum.

Assuming thats true, then a word of warning to make sure you don't post something that you don't want the 'other' group to see. "Attack Omega now!" posts probably should be avoided as well as "Only 10 turns to completing the Pyramids!" or any number of things I can think of would be a bad idea. :P

Just a word of warning. :P

Game Setup

Thu, 20 Sep 2007 05:53:14 GMT

Team Omega would like to agree the game setup parameters with Alpha. We propose that:

*The game commence under the latest 3.13 patch when it becomes available

*Mongoose act as referee and setup manager as long as he is willing to do so

*Each team submits its chosen preferred Civilization to the referee via pm

*Game setup parameters are chosen either entirely by the referee, in secret, before civs are chosen, OR we employ a Preference Points system

Preference Points system: each team is given 100 points to allocate to their preferred game setup in terms of landmass, world size, climate, sea level, era, speed etc. These preferences are pm'd to the referee who will set up the game according to which parameter received the most points from either the Alpha or Omega teams. Any parameter may be allocated from 0 to 100 points. Total allocated points must not exceed 100.

There you go. Lots of luverly voting to do:w00t:

Alpha Omega Civs

Thu, 13 Sep 2007 18:05:43 GMT

Not much else going on at the moment so may as well try and sort out some of the basics. I hate bloody polls but sometimes there's no choice, ho hum.

(Rats, I spelt "random" wrong and I can't correct it. Sorry)

Tearing up the Consitution

Mon, 10 Sep 2007 08:22:15 GMT

I think its time to start deciding on a new constitution. Ive taken the old one and begun appling some changes that have been discussed. Most notably the removal of the Supreme court. Blue - a proposed change, to the constitution.Red - remove from the constsitution.Green - A section which denotes a time, i feel these should be set values or a changed value.[quote]ARTICLE I: THE PEOPLE1. The People of the Community shall be all registered members of the Civilization forums who, by personal choice, wish to belong to it, unless specifically forbidden to do so by an office with powers to that end.1a. No person shall be allowed to become a member of the People with more than one Civilization forums account.2. All registered Members are members of parliament/senate . Any member of parliament/senate shall be allowed to make himself a candidate for any elected position in the Presidency/ Prime Minister.2a. Before elections for positions in the Presidency/Prime minister are held, the People shall be given ample time and opportunity to present their candidacy and campaign.2b. No member of the People shall be allowed to hold more than one elected position at any one time, nor be Deputy or Vice President to more than one elected official at any one time, nor be Deputy or Vice President when already an elected official.3. The People shall have the liberty to organize themselves in such voluntary bodies as they wish, and to speak freely on any topic they desire4. Whenever a majority of the People is required, this shall be established based on votes cast, rather than the full census.4a. Any vote taken of the People shall have an "abstain" option; should a majority be achieved for "abstain", the vote shall be declared void.4b. The People must be given ample time and opportunity to cast their votes when required.5. No member of the People shall be allowed to interfere with the linear progress of the game.6. The People may elect among themselves a person to organize and oversee a plebiscite to disband the Articles of Constitution and any body of legislature derived from it, and to execute its outcome.6a. The People may, by a two-thirds majority vote, disband the Articles of Constitution and any body of legislature derived from it.ARTICLE II: THE PRESIDENCY / PRIME MINISTER1. The President/Prime Minister shall be the highest power within the Community: He shall play the game at his own discretion, within the limitations set forth within these Articles of Constitution.2. The President shall be elected by the Parliament/Senate.3. The President shall hold office for no more than 50 turns.4. The President/Prime Minister must deliver a full and comprehensive report before the Parliament/Senate after every period of ten turns, or when he reaches a point where a decision of the Parliament/Senate is required to continue play, whichever may come first.5. The President/Prime Minister must present a request to the Parliament/Senate, and have it approved by simple majority of the Parliament/Senate, if he wishes to:- Found a new settlement.- Disband an existing settlement.- Adjust Civics.- Engage in treaties with a foreign power.- Engage in acts of war with a foreign power.- Construct a Wonder.- Use up a Great Person.5a. The President/Prime Minister may veto the Parliament/Senate once per term, on any one of the actions described in II_5, unless the Parliament/Senate vote was unanimous.5b. A Veto [...]

Team Names

Wed, 05 Sep 2007 21:03:13 GMT

Here's my attempt to get the ball rolling since nobody has taken the opportunity to spearhead this yet. The objective of this poll is to gain a better understanding of what is desired as far as what names we want to use for each team. Hopefully, this will bring us one step closer towards actually allowing people to choose which team they wish to belong to.

(And yes, I did spell 'preferred' wrong, sue me :) )

Ideas for Goverment Stucture

Thu, 23 Aug 2007 10:31:23 GMT

Mine as you have probably [url=]read[/url] is the Party System. With the Proposed 2 team approach, I think we should develop a system which welcomes old and new members alike to become as involved as they wish. Party = 3 Members (no more no less). 1 member is elected Party leader. To be a party member you MUST have bts.Government = 3 ministers. Prime, Foreign, DomesticEach Member gets a vote. You vote for whomever, except yourself. It would have to be a pm I think or an entirely open ballot. The Party (Party's Combined)* with the most votes win. They Hold Power for a predetermined time till next election.*Coalition.When the votes are counted and one party is the leader but the votes of 2 or more parties are greater when added they may with unanimous decisions chose to form a coalition. The parties now with a majority will enter power. Ministerial Position will need to be ironed out with the PM going to the Leader of the party with the most votes. Prime Minister.Prime Minister will have all the say in the end although he would consult with his ministers. He would play the turns, manage the Finances. He can put forward a referendum for a change of civics. Makes a report to the people after each turn.Minister of Foreign Affairs, Exterior, War.He/she (doubtful) would be responsible for Unit production and offensive and defensive strategies, deciding open border agreements and resource and tech trading. Makes a Report to the Prime Minister every 5 turns or at major occurrencesMinister of State, Domestic Affairs, Interior.This Minister would manage what cities will produce, tasks for workers, city placement, Tech research. Makes a Report to the Prime Minister every 5 turns or at major occurrences.Members who do not have bts will be the general population. They can vote on referendums and general elections. Members who have bts do not have to join a party. PartiesOnce you have three members and a manifesto you can form a party. If you choose you can leave a party at any time. If you party is in power you must state you are leaving the party. A general election will be held immediately and a new government elected. The Opposition Party will govern in the interim. If a member leaves a party, the party can no longer run for government until it has three members. Parties can merge but must keep only three members. Cololition Parties do not merge but cooperate; they are still considered separate parties. No party can be banned or made illegal ever, only dissolved or split.Opposition PartiesThis is the Party/s who has lost the election. If there is more than one opposition Party they may choose to cooperate like a coalition. Otherwise the party with the most votes in the previous election will be lead opposition. They will be a watchdog on what the government activities are. They can call a vote of No Confidence in the Government. For this vote every member of the society votes. If the vote wins the opposition party will accept power till a new election can be held. If it fails no action will be taken.This is generally the idea. It obviously will need some fine tuning but I think this would be an exciting form of government for at least one of the teams.[...]