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Civ4 in Windows 8.1

Sun, 31 Aug 2014 16:07:39 GMT

So.. I bought a new laptop yesterday and since I still regularly (mostly) play civ4 I wanted to see if I could get it to work with Windows 8.1..

I couldn't find my install disks after all these years so I found a 'civ4 complete' digital download (3gb) copy on Amazon for $7.50..

Long story short.. It installed and plays amazingly smooth and I suppose it should since the laptop is twice the computer that my old Vista model is.. Still.. Pleasantly surprised there were no operating system issues..


More real fake passport spam

Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:25:49 GMT

Spam removed.

Dusting Off the old Classic

Thu, 09 Aug 2012 19:59:29 GMT

So yeah, I been having a good time suicide ganking, scamming, can flipping, all the lowest most antisocial forms of player vs player in EVE. Its all just fun-n-games

But I had a bit of a hankering to revist the olden days of upright heroic gaming (e.g., bumrushing the nearest AI Civ as the Aztecs and driving them into extinction before 200BC).

So I actually just dug out my old Civ IV and Beyond the Sword disks. Was "this" close to just buying the whole thing on Gamersgate for $25 but finally realized which package was the Civ IV and was happy to get yet still MORE play out of my original investment.

Presently about 50% done with the 1.74 patch then straight on to BTS.

Be some fun I guess ;)

Derelict's Massively Epic Mod

Mon, 05 Dec 2005 23:20:51 GMT

I thought I would start a new thread that would contain any future updates made to this mod, and to make it easier for people to keep on eye on it, or find it more easily for download rather than digging through relevant threads.

Anyhow, some basic changes were made to the rate of religion spread, including an increased cost to missionaries. Further, the science bonus from buildings was decreased in the hopes to better smooth out the tech rate over the duration of the game--it tends to accelerate too much toward the later eras, so it just needed some tweaking to hopefully set it right.

So without further adue, here is v.101 of the mod. Assuming that this adjustment seems to work well, the only other real change (barring input and suggestion from others) may be some tweaks to how diplomacy works over the longer time scale.

Survey about Civilization IV

Thu, 24 Jun 2010 11:31:03 GMT

Dear Civ-Players and fans!

for my Bachelor’s thesis in ”virtual gaming world“ at Cologne University of Applied Sciences (and as a fan from the start) I’m carrying out a study on Civilization IV. I want to find out if the game imparts knowledge about complex systems. Therefore I have created a questionaire.

It takes [u]approx. 15 minutes[/u] to answer all the questions and you can enter a [u]raffle[/u] to win one of two Amazon gift cards!

Here is the link to my survey: [url=][/url]

Thank you in advance to all answering this questionnaire! In case you are interested I can provide you with the results after my thesis will have been marked (approx. September). Have fun!


[u]A note on privacy:[/u]
The data will be saved completely anonymously and will be exclusively used for my Bachelor’s thesis. There is no commercial intention

CNN invited to look at Civ V

Tue, 29 Jun 2010 12:42:59 GMT

'Civilization V' to bring new combat, bolder graphics

Hmm. I'm starting to feel a little Civ V excitement.

CIV V release date given

Mon, 14 Jun 2010 22:17:35 GMT

September 21, 2010 in the US, and Sept 24th internationally.

Persians r us

Wed, 26 Jul 2006 16:37:51 GMT

I overlooked Cyrus's Persians for my first quite a few games. They didn't look particularly impressive, but after a while I went for them in a game just out of historical interest. It was one of my best games so far. I recently gave the Persians another try, and have been equally successful thus far.

They seem to be a civ capable of very fast early growth. They get the scout to pick up goody huts and locate colonization sites with less trouble than the others. Cultured helps you to expand city borders to the full city radius quickly after colonization, which I have found to be golden. It lets you pick up all the bonus resources within a city's radius almost at once, accelerating the growth of a new settlement. Of course you can park the settler next to bonus resources with other civs as well, but that might well mean putting it in a location which is sub-optimal in the long run. Expansive makes you able to grow without paying heed to health, as well as gives quick granaries (that's population growth for you!). And, starting off with agriculture means that you'll research pottery quickly, as well as animal husbandry.

And the immortals. These guys are way better than what they seem to at first glance. Their +50% against archery units is the bane of barbarian archers, as well as allows them to overawe archers defending cities in case early warmongering is what turns you on.

I don't know about you, but I've found my favourite civ at the moment.

Uninhabited islands

Fri, 24 Feb 2006 16:11:19 GMT

This is the first time I've played any of the civ series games. While exploring the surrounding, I came accross some unihabited unclaimed islands. Can I build a city there? There are resources surrounding the area, how do I settle there?

AI "Requests"

Mon, 04 Dec 2006 11:52:59 GMT

Hello folks, I just finished my first Civ4 Warlords game (finally) and also achieved my first Noble level victory in Civ4. I figured what better time to start some Civ4 discussion.

What I am wondering is how others deal with the many AI requests. "Please Cancel all your deals with Tribe X" "Please Convert to Buddhism" "We demand you cancel your deals with Tribe Y". "Adopt our Favored Civic"

Specifically I am interested in requests or demands to cancel trades with certain Civs. I Recall Konrad von Richtmark suggested contrary to inclination that, yes, it is a good idea to heed these requests and ostracize a tribe or two, under the premises that in trying to please all of the civs you end up angering all of them.

I'm just curious how others approach these sticky diplomatic situation.

The mechanics of war weariness

Sun, 30 Jul 2006 09:43:41 GMT

Has anyone done a detailed analysis on war weariness? My current game has got me thinking.

I (Persia) started a war against Arabia, sending my great hordes of grenadiers and cannons towards the holy city of Medina. Something like 30 grenadiers and 10 cannons all in all. Brutal fighting ensued. The Arabs were technologically superior and put up higher resistance than I had expected. Every single of my grenadiers died on the wire!

And what did I get? Around 15 bloody points of war weariness in all of my biggest cities! I had to channel in a great deal of my income to culture spending just to keep them functional, and restore my military enough to resist the payback which was flooding in across my borders.

For something like 30 turns I was on the defensive, losing one of my major cities and frantically smothering their superior cavalry with hordes of grenadiers. Saladin obstinately refused to make peace without getting an additional city from me. Thanks to the losses I had been able to inflict during my failed invasion as well as my superior industrial power, I was able to survive their attacks while steadily rebuilding my military. Only then did I start to notice, why aren't those cities of mine smoking anymore?

And what did I see? Only something like 5 points of war weariness left! Soon I got riflemen, and went back on the offensive. I conquered several Arab cities, toppling them from their great power status. War weariness increased somewhat again, but never back to the levels it had been at during the worst time.


It's well-known that defensive wars don't cause war weariness in Civ, but it further seems like existing war weariness can decrease already during a war if one takes a break in the offensives. Or, might those Arabian troops inside my homeland have been enough to convince the population to stop whining about the war effort?

As for why I got way less war weariness during my second offensive, it might well just be because the volume of troops was less then. However, might it also have to do with casualty rates? I would imagine that people wouldn't really be that upset about their leader waging imperial wars of conquests in itself, but rather of the fact that it makes their beloved return home in coffins. You can ask Cindy Sheehan about that!


Sat, 17 Nov 2007 00:37:14 GMT

Recently on playing Civ4 I'm finding that although I make a good start, about halfway through the game the AI seems to start to outperform me on tech and military.

My suspicion is that I am not building as many cottages per city, compared to the AI. I usually build 2 or 3 per city - is that enough?

Is there any other reason why the AI can command such a big army (i.e. a lot more powerful) on levels where the AI and human are evenly matched?

a question about cottages and its upper forms

Wed, 30 Dec 2009 05:05:17 GMT

This is not urgent however I'd like to know what cottages and its upper forms do. Other than generating extra coins (and food/production depending on the square build on.

I decided to put this here instead of in the help form as the help forum is a urgent sector

Help with the patches

Sat, 18 Apr 2009 17:19:50 GMT

I'm trying to download Patch_174 when I go into the Online play screen. But it never downloads. I have no idea why, and it annoys the heck outta me. Can someone help?

EDIT: Also, when i try to download the patch from file planet, it says "The setup has detected that version 1.09.000 of Sid Meier's Civilization 4 is already installed

This setup is not compatible with this version

You will have to uninstall the previous version before installing this version"

RESEARCH STUDY: Can your CIV 4 skills give you an edge at work?

Thu, 26 Mar 2009 23:51:42 GMT

Have you ever wonder whether the time spent on playing Civilization IV will give you an extra edge in the workplace?

My name is Thomas Bok and I am a huge fan of Civ 4. That is why I am conducting a research study [b]"Personality of Civilization Players"[/b] for my Honours thesis at York University (Toronto, Canada). If you have any comments or questions about the research feel free to contact me at:


If you would like a summary of the research findings write "results wanted" on the subject line.

The survey takes only 10 minutes and your response is greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to the survey:


Civilization IV on the Piano – “Baba Yetu”

Fri, 12 Sep 2008 14:15:22 GMT

Hey guys. Check out this video of me playing the song from the opening menu in Civilization IV, Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu”:

Let me know what you all think! Your feedback is appreciated!

If you like it, share it with others!

question about Warlords expantion

Mon, 11 Aug 2008 16:36:10 GMT

Hi, first time poster.

I am reinstaling Civ IV, do I have to install BTS too in order to have its civs, techs, wonders, mods, etc, or all of those are in Warlords? not talking about versions or patches.



Sat, 26 Jul 2008 04:53:35 GMT

Hey i was thinking about this game with my friend that studies history the other day and we both saw reasons on both sides about this subject

Do you ever think we would see Hitler in any Civ game/expansion

I personally vote yes, because even tho he is a bad leader as far as what he did and how he did it but i would personally love to play him in a civ game/ expansion

Give me your feedback.

Taking over a civ

Sat, 26 Jul 2008 04:39:45 GMT

so i ran into this problem yesterday and i didnt know how to get around it. I am fairly new to the game so i might just be a noob or this might be a noob question but anyways.

I was the leading civ and i was at war with 2 other civs - they were to the upper left and upper right of my civ on one big continent, and i took them over or well i took them out and burned thier cities but i was wondering why It didnt say i conquered them, and i then found out that both of them had little island civs for fishing and stuff like that, well i nuked both of their civs and they had nowhere to go no nothing left and i was not sure on how i could get to the island or take them over, there is another question i had also

in that situation is there boats that i can put troops on to go like unload them on that little island/ is there any boat or plane that can attack a civ on an island to like take that civ over instead of just weakening their defenses??

sorry for such a long post/?

Where is the manual?

Wed, 23 Jul 2008 15:42:48 GMT

So, last week I bought Civ IV Gold Edition. It comes with a condensed manual and the cover of the condensed manual says the full manual is on disk 3.

4 disk set. 1-3 + "Inside development". Disk 3 just has a cab file, and when I click on it, my Vista box doesn't show the files inside. The special disk 4 just has videos.

So, where the heck is my manual and how to I get to it?

Getting back on the game

Mon, 31 Dec 2007 23:26:01 GMT


I played Civ IV for some time, when I got Warlords. Now that I have Beyond, I decided to reinstall the game. The problem is... I'm getting my butt kicked.... Literally....

I played some games on the first 3 levels, to get my skills up to date... but on noble... I'm loosing... Loosing big....

I don't have a favorite leader, civilization or win condition... but i tend to get creative leaders.... most of the time that is.....

From the first levels no problem, manage to win easily having more techs then the AI and more soldiers... always built a considerable army and conquered city by city.

But on noble... well... the AI beats me on military and technological runs....

Any tips?

Warlord: where do all the AI troops come from?

Fri, 07 Mar 2008 23:28:15 GMT

Newbie here. I've only played a couple of games on the warlord level. Often, someone declares war on me very early in the game and I am bombarded with dozens of troops. Where do they all come from? Good god, they are like roaches coming out of the woodwork. It's usually Montezuma.

founding religions

Thu, 06 Mar 2008 23:24:38 GMT

I am brand new to this game, although I have logged over 4 billion civ 3 hours. My question is can you be the founder of more than one religion and still get the sane benefits?

Vive l'Empereur!

Sat, 17 Nov 2007 19:22:13 GMT


Yeah, that's right, I finally did it! I won on Emperorrrrrrrrr!!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t:

Maybe not using my usual settings of 18-civ huge pangaea aggressive AI, but a more modest standard pangaea of 7 civs without additional AI aggressivity. But hey, it's Emperor!


Mon, 28 May 2007 15:25:43 GMT

The Slavery Civic, which is typically the first new civic available, with the Bronze Working, is one that I've not really used.

I am curious what others think of this Civic, how folks have used it, under what circumstances it would be most beneficial to use.

Part of it is I cannot get passed willingly reducing population size of a city for quicker production, although, I could imagine that in a fast growing city, perhaps one with a granary, it would be a great edge, or under times of duress, such as during war when facing a superior opponent, it might be necessary, maybe at the lower levels I play at, Noble and now Prince, it just isn't necessary given the relative balance between the human and the AI.

What say ye?


Fri, 12 Jan 2007 22:42:45 GMT

Tokugawa is a major pain in the neck. He NEVER allows open borders!
This only happened after I got Warlords. Now he has his panties in a bunch everytime.

Avocado: Lets make a deal Tok, ol' buddy ol' pal! Open borders!

Tokugawa: No. I don't like you enough.

Avocado: Ummm. OK, I'll give you gold, wheat and Ivory! Let me pass!

Tokugawa: No way.

Avocado: Ok, heres some gems..its a gift! I'll come back later when you are feeling better.

~~~~20 Turns Later~~~

Avocado: Hey Tok! How are you doing? Are your citizens enjoying all of those lovely gems I gave you?

Tokugawa: Yes.

Avocado: Whats a little open borders between friends? C'mon, Whadda ya say?

Tokugawa: No. I just don't like you enough.

Avocado: Oh, I get.. holding out for the big stuff huh? Very shrwed of you Tok ol' boy. I have to admit, you drive a hard bargain! I will give you Horseback Riding and ummm Meditation. ~cough~ you haven't researched that YET? Haven't you been listening to your advisors? Mine nag all day every day. Ok, you put these to good use and I'll see you after I have completed my axeman.

Tokugawa: Ok.

~~~More time passes~~~

Avocado: Ok Tokugawa! How are things? Are you liking Buddhism? Pretty cool huh?

Tokugawa: Oh yes, we are very happy! Cha-Ching!

Avocado: Allright, I thought you would feel a little better, now then..just let my scout get past you, theres a whole world out there!

Tokugawa: No.



Silver Star

Sun, 31 Dec 2006 02:04:48 GMT

Anyone knows what this signifies? Seems to appear later in the game.

How to improve relations?!

Fri, 28 Sep 2007 04:22:49 GMT

Hi all,

In the last GOTM I build the UN and tried to win by a diplomatic victory. Although I had a positive relation towards all other civs I still could not get enough votes to win.

I tried the following:

-giving away techies. This worked out ok but I also noticed the extra relation boost doesn't last very long.

-giving in on demands: this costed me a few very costly turns. For example one civ wanted me to switch to another religion. I thought about it for a while and I decided to do it. I did get one extra relation point but I had to switch back costing me at least 2 turns of production and science output.

-switching civics: I tried to switch to the favorite civics of my opponents. It was not enough to switch their vote(s) from abstain to me.

-open borders: I could get an open border relation to all civs except one. I gave the civ that didn't want to grant an open border some free techies until I received a positive relation but still he did not want to have open borders. What's up with that?

Do you guys have some additional tricks to increase relations?

A subtle AI cheat

Sat, 02 Jun 2007 19:53:19 GMT

Tones and I discovered a couple "cheats" the AI has over humans in one of our Vanilla PBEM's. Okay, we're in the classical/medeval period and I attack China and take several cities. I am upon the second to last city when one of the archers upgrades to a Longbow. The city, being on a hill with walls and me being close to being able to build (or upgrade to) maces, doesn't seem worth the cost so I call a cease fire. I tell this to Tones who then tells me he just made a trade which cleaned out China's coffers. He also notices that Mali are also upgrading archers to Longbows yet with hardly enough cash in the bank to do one, let alone several. Okay so we start to get a little suspicious and pay attention to things a bit more and share information. Then the real fun begins. We notice that each turn, Mali and Egypt add 10 gold to their treasuries yet they have like 1 or 3 GPT. You could theoretically guess that they made some kind of trade if it was a one time deal but this was consistantly every turn. Then it dawned on me that in single games, I did notice that some of the low end AI with very little gold would always have sums of 10, 20, 30, 40... It appears that the AI gets special cheats occasionally. It's so subtle that you probably wouldn't notice it in a game but it just so happened that we caught this as it's easier to check every turn in a PBEM. Only some of the weak AI seem to get the gold bonus as China was at the bottom and didn't appear to get this but he did appear to get the free upgrades. Anyone else notice this?

Hooked again

Tue, 14 Aug 2007 07:28:19 GMT

It's been almost 3 years. Three years of having a good night sleep, three years of having a social life and three years of peace. Since this weekend I am back in the AA (addicted again) club; I bought Civ4 this saturday in the local CD shop.

Luckily I was able to not install the game until sunday.:D I was a bit afraid the game would not run on my 6 years old computer system. I was wrong, the installation went quite smooth and before I knew it I was looking at planet earth from above.

The manual is way too big to start. All civ junkies can play without one so the manual was not opened until later in the game. Of course the tech tree and resource table are quite useful when playing civ. The tech tree did change significantly and also other features surprised me.

Mecca was started 4000BC near some sheep and wines. Thank god, some things never change. Sheep, sheep I did not see any sheep in civ1-3? Of course we start out with a scout; pardon me? I can only build a warrior, doh. After another warrior we build a worker. Mecca stops growing and it's taking a creepy long time before it's finished. OK, let's do make some wine. Moving my cursor over the wines it shows I don't have the appropriate tech to make some wine. We have to wait getting drunk for another few thousand years. So we move to the shape. A pasture? Nope, we can't make those either. The first 6 turns of my worker were pretty much wasted.

In the mean while my scouting warrior beats up some lions and finds some goody huts.Money, money a techie and a scout were the results. Where's my lucky settler?

OK, we need to check the tech tree. I have been reading on these boards that religions are very important for a decent civilization like mine so we found hinduism by beelining to that techie. Yes, I want my people to covert to hinduism.:w00t:

So now what do we do with this religion. Let's start reincarnation.:P In the mean while my warriors discovered we were alone on an island. OK, let's go invent a sail so we can get away from here. In the meanwhile a pasture is build and my sheep are roasting on my barbecue, it's a party! Time for my first settler.

Who annoys you the most?

Wed, 08 Aug 2007 12:08:12 GMT

You've probably had more than one of these, but I can't be arsed today with finding it and dusting it off.

In my latest WL game, Brennus literally drove me up a wall. No matter what I did, the bloody jerk kept pace with me in tech, and I was running some serious science specialists. :mad: This was on Warlord difficulty to boot. From now on, I see this idiot, he's toast if I have to do with a warrior rush.

Likewise for Shaka. The way he throws his arms and rants when he doesn't get his way reminds of me a spoiled brat who needs to be taken over your knee and administered some loving reminders of how to behave. The same with Monty.

Alexander is much the same way with that backhand of his. I swear, I wanna chop his arm off when he does that.

I rarely have problems with Toku, surprisingly. He's usually polite. I wonder if the AI has learned from past experiences with me to behave when playing Toku.

Wouldn't that be a frightening thing? An AI that learns from your style of play and uses it against you. :crying:

K, enough ranting. :P


Wed, 08 Aug 2007 12:09:42 GMT

Does anyone bother to use forts? In my last Warlords game, I built a nice little fortress ring around my central 4 cities as a defense cordon. Does anyone else bother with this, or just use mobile units, or some combination of the two as I do?


Wed, 26 Sep 2007 15:03:44 GMT

I don't recall having had a really good discussion on civics in this forum, so let's have one shall we? Do you tend to use the same civics over and over again out of habit (or ideological preference?), or do you adapt to the situation?

A constant in my games is to ALWAYS have at least either Vassalage or Theocracy, but seldom both. The XP bonus from either is the difference between starting with one or two promotions, for a city with barracks. Ok, not always, if I manage to get the Pentagon I'll do with neither Vassalage nor Feudalism, but that's still pretty late in the game so most of the time I should have either turned on. Vassalage also gives free units, but costs high upkeep, which usually evens out quite well. Theocracy prevents foreign religion spread, but I have usually not had a problem with it.

So the choice between Vassalage and Theocracy will have to depend on what other civics I might want from the Legal or Religious civics. Vassalage is the only useful Legal civic for quite some time, so I tend to go Organized Religion + Vassalage until I get Free Speech. Which I might adopt if my gold production is largely based on cities, but not otherwise. I like the +25% building production bonus Organized Religion grants.

From the governmental civics, I like Representation. Universal suffrage is obviously supporting Free Speech well, but at the time you get the choice between them, you have probably researched biology and your cities should be as well-fed as Hermann Göring, well capable of supporting specialists to maximize the benefit of the +3 beakers per specialist. But again, it depends on how much towns I have. Much towns pretty much stipulates Universal Suffrage and Free Speech, from which Theocracy follows (see above).

If I manage to get Representation early on via the Pyramids, Mercantilism becomes an obvious combo and I almost always go for it as soon as I can. Otherwise I'll just stick with Free Markets as a safe choice.

Has anyone btw tried State Property + Caste System in BtS? With both +1 food and production from workshops as well as an overall +10% production bonus, you could get outrageous industrial output.

Victory conditions

Sun, 12 Aug 2007 20:22:44 GMT

Does anyone know if there is a bonus to scoring a specific victory condition over another?

Such as, does a conquest victory score the same as a space race victory, etc? I would think wiping everyone else out is tougher than a diplomatic victory, for example, but don't know if thats taken into accout with score.

All other things equal of course, like year, land, etc. Just something I've had on my mind and haven't seen any articles on it.

Does anyone know, other than guessing like me? :P


Fri, 20 Jul 2007 13:19:32 GMT

I just checked this pretty light-weight application out, and I must say I was impressed. It probably runs smoother than windows live or aim, given the fact that it's made to run during a game. Pretty slick, pretty slick.

Anyone else use it?

Resourceful scout (4000BC)

Sat, 11 Aug 2007 00:53:52 GMT

"Never mind how I got here, if I see a good spot just swim on over and start our civ already!" :P

Hello, I've a Couple of Questions

Fri, 03 Aug 2007 12:46:24 GMT

Dear All:

Good afternoon from Canada!!! I hope this finds you and yours well. AS for me, I could complain...yadda, yadda, yadda.

In last night's game, I met up with a certain Mr. Churchill. I'm as the Yanks, and my leader is George Washington. I read in the fine print at the top of my screen that Winston's England has been hit by a devastating thunderstorm and naturally I want to help. My questions in this regard are these: 1) How do I get goods to Winnie? 2) How do I connect Winnie to my trade work?

Second topic is the Worldbuilder. Could one of you kind folks tell me how this thing works? I saw a great world yesterday that had all the livestock I could handle, fish leaping out the water at the shores, houses, mines and industries galore, but no people.

Question: How do I get people and set this like an ordinary Civ game? Please excuse me for being dim.

Thirdly, I have a small question as to downloading mods, especially ones with passwords. I saw Rhye's gorgeous one for CivIV, and I can't download it due to the fact he's put a password on it. How does one get said password or get around this little problem?

Live long and prosper, take care and thank you kindly!!

Sincerely yours always,


Nuclear Fun

Sat, 14 Jul 2007 16:17:17 GMT

I didnt really know where to put this but, I thought here was best anyway, i thought it was great, I hope you enjoy.


Edit: You need to watch to watch past the black and white part to see what it has to do with Civ4.

How to play

Fri, 27 Jul 2007 14:04:11 GMT

Hell too everyone!

I am new to this game so I have some questions.

How do you advance? I mean I know you have study something before you go to the next level but for one of my problem is I want build a farm and I have achieved what it requires but it won't let me build one.

Do you normally see your people move around? I did at first now I don't.

riders and warriors

Thu, 05 Jul 2007 02:39:58 GMT

the paintings from the Palace collections shows Ming Dynasty's army.:cool: