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Emperor or bust!

Sun, 22 Jan 2012 05:55:51 GMT

Well, it may be coming up to 5 years old, but I have finally devoted my gaming time to Civ4:BTS.

I have a much faster computer now, so the game is a lot more playable.

Anyway, my best success a few years ago was at Prince level. I never found time to get any further.

Since starting playing again, I'm about to smash noble level, and will then move up to Prince, where it all gets much harder.

My goal is to master Emperor level, just as I have done for Civs 1, 2, and 3.

That goal may be many many months away, but this thread will track my progress :)

Legends of Revolution

Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:31:21 GMT

This is a vast mod released in its final form only about a month ago, and I have been trying it out ever since.

This sort of thing, released for free download, almost puts the original designers and BTS developers to shame. The amount of work put in here by the BUG team is astonishing and in my opinion this amounts to the pinnacle of what Civ4 can become before you have to redesign the whole thing and call it Civ 5.

There are many more nations, and each one has their own personalised units - OK so they get more generic in the modern era but that's true to life. The glaring holes in unit progression over time have been fixed; alerts are numerous and actually useful; diplomacy information has been expanded; the number of selectable options is vast so you can tailor the gameplay and the look to your exact specifications; there are legends, there are revolutions, and spies earn experience!

The biggest change from regular BTS is the revolution side of things. It changes your strategy. Big empires are difficult to manage, and sending that second settler miles away from the Capital to grab that vital resource... well that's difficult too. Most excellently though, the AI has just as much trouble. If an Empire is way ahead of you in size and points - don't despair. They will be plagued by brakeaway countries and the map will fracture and end up far more like Europe (with its Switzerlands and Lichtensteins) than in the past. You can use this to your advantage by playing nations off against each other, and there is detailed "at a glance" information available to allow you to do this.

Legendary units: you can build these at vast cost but I am not convinced they make much of a difference. They are added colour and nice to own, but even the 300 Spartans can't stand against 4 or 5 axemen. However, they are upgradeable at minimal cost, and they earn XP's so what's not to like apart from the initial cost?

Other units: way too many to detail, but they all have their place. You even get Assault Mechs at the end.

Super spies: I love this feature; if you don't you can turn it off. They saved me a game once when I realised an opponent was about to grab a cultural victory in 5 turns. I sent in a load of highly-promoted spies to cause revolution every turn, heh heh, whilst my rocket headed for the stars.

Religious victory: not entirely sure if this is new, but you can win by spreading your religion to 80% of the world. To counter this, you can build Inquisitors.

Tech tree: very familiar, but with added techs. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's improved. Divine Right is much more worth having; paths to some techs have been changed; there are more logical interlocks (eg you can't build a Battleship until you have Industrialism and artillery and turret design and oil and iron and all the seafaring techs - I mean, makes sense to me) Never fear though, there is always some lesser vessel available to fill the gap. In my current game I ignored one path altogether and went for early submarines - boy do they make mincemeat out of Ironclad cruisers and Dreadnoughts!

Buildings and Wonders: there are some original unique buildings and Wonders additions, though too many to detail.

Dynamic borders: victory in the battlefield (even just pillaging) can affect borders - they call it Influence Driven War for some reason. An epic battle won with a warlord leading can push back the enemy borders, hurrah!

Extreme climate improvents: at last you can irrigate those deserts and improve arctic terrain when you have the technology.

This is not an exhaustive list of changes. So, worth downloading? Certainly. It might even sqeeze a few more weeks interest out of a game that is feeling its age.

OK men, into those Hueys and turn up Ride of the Valkyries!

Missiles in naval units

Sat, 10 Nov 2007 12:55:45 GMT

For some reason, I can't load any missiles into my subs or missile cruisers. Any idea why?


Mon, 23 Apr 2012 01:58:30 GMT

I reloaded c[b]IV[/b] but never got around to playing ... So ... today I fired er up. After a quick warm up at emperor I started a game on immortal ... that was short and sweet ... So ... here we go.

Immortal ... Unrestricted leaders ... Sitting Bull of India leads the Apache Nation.

Pangaea, Huge, temperate, low sea, ancient, marathon, random shores, cylindrical, standard resources, raging barbs, no tech trading or brokering, all victory's in play, 18 civs at start.

If I get a viable game I'll post some of the stuff ... we shall see.

Emperor Game walk-thru

Thu, 02 Feb 2012 12:19:49 GMT

Inspired by Dave's Emperor or Bust thread and thoughts that perhaps a walkthrough might help, here we go. I imagine a couple of you are completely UN-interested, so please ignore this thread completely as there may be several postings here. :D

I played an Emperor game the last 2-3 days. A little rusty and I made a few mistakes, but won (barely). I took screenshots left and right and saved a save every 20 turns.

I mostly stuck to these strategies I posted recently here: [url][/url]

I may post 20 turns at a time on average. Please feel free to comment, taunt, peanut gallery, etc.

Giving this another shot

Thu, 21 Jul 2011 20:38:03 GMT

I have 11 85th level toons in WoW, with another just reached 80. Unless I'm playing with my friend, I don't feel like playing it for now...

I've now played Fallout 3 and New Vegas through once each and have a second game going in both...bleh

Civ V is...okay but just doesn't grip me.

I guess I'll give Civ IV another go...wish me luck. Maybe because it's been so long and I'll be starting over without preconceptions, I'll be able to learn how to play this game well.

One More Turn . . . One More Time?

Mon, 15 Aug 2011 08:00:25 GMT

So, it has been long enough . . . well over a year, since I had Civ on my computer or played any. Leo's Thog thread got me to actually install it!

Over the weekend I installed Civ4, Warlords, and BTS (had to hunt out my Disk 1 for BTS, but found it down in the basement :D).

Everything worked fine, and it did its uber-slow auto-update thing once or twice. I also downloaded a couple of the more souped up mapscripts (Perfect World 2 was an old fav), and played a few centuries just to make sure it all seemed to be working.

I DLed and installed "Realism Invictus" but couldn't get it to run at all, which I attributed to my OS being a 32-bit OS (although I have a 64-bit dual core processor).

I was pretty sure it had updated to the latest patch, but then when I installed the Rise of Mankind A New Dawn mod and couldn't get it to run. I noticed some other guy commented that not being fully patched was a problem. I DLed the 3.19 patch from CivFanatics and executed it.

Problem was then, not even vanilla BTS, Warlords or Civ4 would run. I consitently got this "Python Initialization error message."

I suspect that what happened was that the game was already patched, and by executing that 3.19 patch .exe from CivFanatics I caused it to gunk itself up?

Any thought?

Now reinstalling the whole kit and kabooble . . .

Your favorite Civ IV leader

Tue, 23 Aug 2011 08:56:26 GMT

Sorry if this has already been done, I looked for it and didn't find it.

I've found mine!! (look, TWO exclamation points, I don't know if I've ever used two on this site...)

Pacal of the Maya! !!! even. Financial and expansive. Good lord, I'm having an awesome game with him.

Here's Civ Fanatics' writeup on him:

I got extremely lucky on a settler pop again from a hut and had only three AI's by custom map choice, but dang am I having a great time. I've made 95% of the Wonders on Noble.

Thog of the Wolf-People

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 19:08:05 GMT

[b]Hungry Like the Wolf[/b]

Thog not remember puppy times. Wolfmother teach Thog and Tig how to hunt, how to live. We do. We find furless wolves like us when Wolfmother die. Slew the alpha. Took place.

We hunt, Tig my alpha, make others fear us. Furless ones come up with good thinkings. Thog not like that Tig not listen. Thog challenge Tig, cast him from pack.

Furless ones want to make big smelly cave out of weeds. Thog see how this go.

We stop on hilltop by Bigwater. We dig holes and make caves out of weeds, give pack with clubs order to scout. Pack names place “Roam,” because we stop moving. They think it funny, Thog not get it.

Thog not care. Hills make it cool, good for hunt. Trees around, Bigwater down hill. Funny grass pack likes eating grows in flatlands near Bigwater.

Why is Darius black??

Tue, 16 Sep 2008 00:58:04 GMT

Well in Civ 3 I noticed Cleopatra was depicted pretty much as an Egyptian, a pretty (stress on PRETTY! :D ) southern one at that since her pigmentation was pretty dark. This obviously conflicts with historical reality since she was descended from the Ptolemaic Greeks after Alexander the Great. So she was as European or Mediterranean probably like Greeks are today, NOT like Egyptians.

I was happy that they corrected this obvious flaw by changing her name to Hatshepsut, who was certainly very Egyptian. Of course in reality Hatshepsut dressed and acted like a man to fool her people, since female rulers were unheard of at the time, but let's not get started on that.

But now I bought this expansion and now I find one of the add-ons, Darius I, is black??? I realize Firaxis has to appeal to as wide of the American demographic as possible, but please. Since when did Persians have a Negroid component to their ethnic makeup?? I'm guessing all this is derived from the movie 300. Maybe some Firaxis developer was really crazy about the movie and thought a black Persian would be so much cooler. Or perhaps Firaxis is privy to archaeological evidence not yet made public to the rest of the world. Cyrus, watch out for Civilization 5, historical revisionists may have you in their crosshairs...

As a disclaimer, I realize the game is still pretty heavily European, but if additional representation is desired from other ethnicities and cultures, they should have a more solid historical foundation. As far as it not affecting the game's playability, some people less grounded in history may take what they see in the game as prima facie proof of the past. To avoid collectively dumbing down our own civilizations, we should attempt to present as accurate a version of it as possible.

Trade with AI

Sat, 28 Jun 2008 07:21:33 GMT


I am trying to crack the game at Prince level and feel trade with the AI is an area I am letting myself down in. Sometimes I am so low on cash I trade off commodities for 1-5 gpt - is this counter productive ie is the AI benefitting more than me?

So please let me know what you will trade and for how much ie is a straight commodity for commodity somehting you would do or do you have to get the better of the deal? Is there anything you would never trade ie iron, horses etc.

Please add any info you think may be useful on the area of trading with the AI.



Fri, 11 Jun 2010 20:45:59 GMT

I know, it's been a couple years since the game came out and I've been silent up until now, but seriously, am I the only one who finds the road clusters in cIV to look horrid when blending with the surrounding terrain?

Civ 5 Wishlist

Tue, 21 Jul 2009 19:33:10 GMT

I thought we already had a thread like this, but I did a search and didn't find anything. Did I just miss it?

In any event, are they making Civ 5? Who owns the title now? Firaxis or someone else?

I'll start:

1) more realistic scaling of time and space (a pre-bronze age camp and a metropolis should not both fill up "one square" on the map) for this we need bigger maps, and more options in terms of micro-managing.

2) more realistic military and combat: units that have specific quantities of men, horses, etc. in them, upkeep costs that reflect if units are maintained at full strength during nonwar times or as skeleton forces, and whether gear is kept in prime shape or not, units that retreat most of the time, and do not evaporate almost all the

3) logistics (owning two oils should be better than owning one, running tanks and ships around should require resources be consumed

4) more realistic agricultural resources (ability to transplate various crops or animals from place to place.

. . . I have lots of other ideas and each of the four above could get a lot more detailed . . . maybe eventually will collate some ideas from other threads and CivFanatics here . . . but that should get is going.

I want to hear what you guys want in Civ5!

I have exceptionally high expectations for Civ 5. They now have NO excuse not to build the best game ever.

Another benefit to having the Apostolic Palace

Fri, 15 Aug 2008 17:12:25 GMT

I haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere on the boards, so I thought I'd mention it here. If you're going for a cultural victory (or indeed any non-military victory), and finding that you're neglecting your military to do so, having the Apostolic Palace (and most of its votes) can be very useful. In my current game, I was attacked twice by Genghis, but I barely lost a unit or an improvement since I was always able to select the "stop war against me" option, and win the vote, at the next Apostolic Palace vote. I'm not sure if this worked only because Genghis was also a voting member (one of his cities had my religion, even though his country as a whole had a different religion), or if I could have stopped the war even if he wasn't a voting member. But in any case, I appreciated the opportunity it gave me to beef up the defenses in my cities on Genghis's border, at my leisure, in preparation for any future attack.

Y does the AI build so many caravels

Tue, 24 Mar 2009 13:48:21 GMT


Help with downloading Patch

Thu, 12 Mar 2009 18:48:40 GMT

I have tried several times to download the patches from the advanced tab within the game. I am doing it on a T! connection but it just sits forever and won't even let you back into the game. Any help or comments?

AI faster expansion?

Mon, 16 Mar 2009 07:56:02 GMT

ISTM that the AI in BTS is able to expand much faster at the beginning of the game than the player - from the trade screens I can see how many cities they have and often they have six-eight whilst I'm still being crucified financially for just having three or four?


Thu, 05 Feb 2009 18:45:42 GMT

That's how much I saw it for today at Target. Is it worth it to pick it up and play a little game of "Will. It. Run?"....?

Civ 5! Sneak Preview!

Mon, 02 Feb 2009 19:04:06 GMT

Okay, so I admit that that thread title was just to lure you all into this thread. I haven't heard anything about no Civ 5 in any plans at all.

Which means! It is a dang good time to start blabbering incessantly about what it is we want in Civ5.

I personally have a very long list in my head . . . now that I see what Firaxis is capable of (and what they SHOULD be capable of, given the mods that have come out) . . . but I bet a lot of you guys have ideas too. So, in the interst of promoting a discussion, in this first post, I'll just focus on one theme: SCALE.

I have grown VERY tired of the lack of SCALE in the Civ games. By "scale" I mean both time and space.

Yes, I know, it is only a game, but it is tremendously annoying that it takes 1000 years to build a library. There has GOT to be a better way than to represent buildings in terms of "how many hammers it will take."

Related to this: the idea that a neolithic, early bronze-age (meaning "Warrior") gang of thugs can "cover" the same amount of landscape as a modern mech infantry "unit" (which raises another question, is that a Platoon, a Company, a Battalion, a Brigades, a Division, a Corps or WHAT!?!?). Hexes would be even better than tiles, but okay, so tiles are probably easier to program and that is fine, but . . . given the fancy shmancy graphics and zoomability we now have with Civ4, why can we not have maps that are actually SCALED!?

Imagine the smallest square tile area that the weakest-earliest units could take control of (2miles X 2miles?) and give us maps that will allow us to zoom down all the way to that scale (at least in a tactical map or something of that nature).

Have three scales of map:

(1) global scale maps, the first level that is generated when a random map is designed, and which would be represented about like the current maps, each tile represents lets say 25miles X 25miles. You can have one city per tile, and effectively infinite stacking of units. When you first generate a random map and you see your settler there, this is what you got, a map with maybe 100 x 100 tiles with each tile corresponding to 25 miles . . . granted a planet that is only 2500 miles in diameter is not very realistic, but maybe they could even come up with a sufficiently efficient app (and with the chips of the next few years?) that could give us a 1000 by 400 tile map . . . that would effectively allow for a true Earth size planet with about the actual distance between actual major cities that Earth exhibits (the closest major metro areas of which I'm aware are Baltimore-Washington ~25 miles apart and those ones in western Germany also in that ball park). To distinguish the map components in the smaller scale maps, the "tiles" at this scale would be called "SECTIONS."

Decent Noble BTS Map

Fri, 12 Dec 2008 10:21:59 GMT

The main problem in this game is that the random map script is only 'fair' and fun about half the time. All too often, you start off in a position that make victory either a foregone conclusion or a very slim possibility. This problem to me seems to be compounded at the higher difficulties.

So in my ongoing efforts to relearn Civ4 BTS, I've been generating a few Noble Standard Size, Epic speed random-script maps with everyone in Old World and Pangaea, Fractal and Archipel turned off as options. Finally got one that strikes a nice balance: not super easy, not impossible.

I know some of you are too good for such easy difficulties but you can just piss off if that it the case! :P

This one is Napoleon. About the only weird setting is that razing cities is turned off and Barbs on raging. I might had already founded Paris in the 4000 BC save . . . if so sorry.

The Quest Thread

Mon, 18 Feb 2008 19:50:24 GMT

I thought I would post a thread for any interesting quests that pop up during the game. If you come across one, take a screen shot and let us know what the bonus is if you complete the quest. If your quest ends up being a failure, post it here and perhaps someone will know what the bonus is from one of their previous games...


I was test playing the upcoming March GOTM when this quest pops up:


Sounds interesting, especially on a large map... Unfortunately, about 40 turns later, I was advised that I had failed the quest, so the peak must have been right next to a rival..

Has anyone completed this one, and if so, what's the bonus you get for completing it?

Easter Eggs

Mon, 13 Oct 2008 15:03:32 GMT

Is anyone even playing Civ4 anymore? The lack of posts in this forum, would leave me to believe not?

Well I am!!!

In my recent single player epic game, as Celts, I noticed when you click on and open up a city-screen, one voice says "Is this it?" and a second voice responds "It is, sir." They sound British.

I wonder if anyone has ever noticed this before, or any other kind of "easter eggs" in the programming.


ADDIT: Could a Mod please move this to the BtS forum, thx.

Stalin vs. Hitler

Fri, 02 May 2008 09:03:30 GMT

Ok, so this is more political then anything but why is uncle Joe, aka Joseph Stalin in the game and Adolf Hitler is not. I would like to hear everyones opinion on this. It is no secret that Stalin killed far more people then Hitler, if we are compairing the two on a sheer death count. It seems to me they both have high historical and military importance, and yet only one of them is portraied in the game. Why is that?

Stalin = 20 Million deaths
Hitler = 7 Million deaths

by most counts, but feel free to throw in your own arguments and debate

btw city adviser

Wed, 12 Sep 2007 01:35:37 GMT

ON the city adviser screen next to the production list (top right corner) there is a black icon resembling an hour glass or a chess piece. I have reread the game manual several times but can't find what this stands for. Can someone clarify?:unsure:

'Glance' tab in Diplomacy Advisor

Thu, 04 Sep 2008 20:34:37 GMT

I noticed with one of the last two patches for civ (not sure which) they got rid of the Glance tab in the diplomacy advisor window. I thought that was an excellent addition when it first was introduced because you could very easily see all the other civ's opinions on the others and it was invaluable for a lot of diplomatic decisions and made the current diplomatic situation very easily visible. I miss it!

You could see if you declared war on this guy who it was going to annoy, and get an idea of who was chummy and I used to check it out every few turns. But I saw on the patch changes list 'got rid of ''ugly'' glance tab in diplomacy window', but I thought it was a really great addition.

Anyone else miss it or know why it went? It seems such a pain now to have to click all the other leaders' portraits to see what's going on when before you had it all in a simple numerical table. Or perhaps if someone has done a mod to put it back in? Thanks.

OMG my first Prince victory

Tue, 20 May 2008 15:11:34 GMT

Hi all.

This is just a jubilation post on my first prince level success. :hehe:

A diplomatic victory in 1950.
With the Holy Roman empire (Rathaus is overpowered) standard world size, big and small, tropical climate, all default options.

12k normalized score. it equals a noble cultural victory I had previously.

Anyway, besides the random post, I wished to thank all the folks on this forum and all the community it gathers.
Simply because I would still be stucked on warlord without this forum.

I learned few tricks during that game, and I think i'll manage to do even better next game.

My next goal is submitting a GOTM ! :w00t:
and also to reach like 80% Prince victory rate.
it is 1 victory for 1 loss actually.

Anyway, thanks to all the high level players around here for sharing all the precious advices I red here.

see you soon for my first monarch victory !


Units still missing from Civ4

Mon, 14 Apr 2008 09:32:14 GMT

BTS did an admirable job in adding more units to the game, units that were not only historically relevant but also added something to the game which was not there before. The cuirassier being a good example, making the step from plate-armoured knights to modern cavalry with rifled carbines less steep.

Does Civ4 still lack units? I'm not talking about introducing every kind of unit that existed anywhere, but ones which actually change the game rather than being clones of / easily represented by the existing ones.

A particular unit I would like to see would be an early medieval knight - not the guys in full plate armour we are used to, but more of the Norman model in full mail hauberk and with an unarmoured horse. After all, the ascent of heavy shock cavalry as the dominant force on the battlefield was a major military paradigm shift which marked the transition from the Ancient Age to the Early Middle Age.

So, how about

[b]Early Knight[/b]
Strength 8, movement 2, mounted
Tech requirements: Feudalism, Metal Casting
Resource requirements: Iron, Horses

Concerning the time at which it becomes available, I think it would be just about as powerful as is historically appropriate without becoming the universal unit. Mind you, the elephant which becomes available earlier to those who get it isn't unbalanced either. Spearmen would still be on par with them, everyone at the same tech level would get longbowmen to defend cities from them.
Additionally, the crossbowman could, in addition to its current abilities, get a +50% against early knights. After all, the crossbow was pretty much the bane of mail-armoured knights, partly prompting the development of plate armour.

Another unit I think would be relevant would be the Dreadnought, to fill the gap between the ironclad and the WW2-era ships in the game (destroyer, battleship). The destroyer shouldn't even become available until the battleship, as the former was solely intended to support the latter in picket and anti-submarine duties.

So, what I think would be appropriate would be to move both the destroyer and the battleship onto the place in the tech tree where the battleship is at present, and replace the current position of the destroyer with:

Strength 20, movement 6, ship
Tech requirements: Combustion
Resource requirements: Iron, (Oil or Coal)

About Specialist Economy

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 01:41:33 GMT

I noticed there are no topic about SE in this forum.
(unless I didn't find it)

It is true that such topics are very numerous on civ fanatics forums,
but :

1) I wanted to ask my questions on my favorite forum to my favorite civers. :D

2) I want to know if any of you is a SE specialist, or at least if any of you do run SE sometimes.

3) And finally I thought that a SE topic on this board won't harm anyone.

So, here is my main question about SE :
It does not mean that this topic is only about answering that question.
If you feel like sharing your SE experience, please feel free to post within this thread.

[quote][b]Is early representation (i.e. with pyramids) really superior to early expansion/military for a SE ?[/b][/quote]

Did any of you ran a SE without the pyramids ?
What are your conclusions ?

The problem mostly is that building pyramids slows the expansion.
and even if specialists get +3 beakers from representation, it might not be better than more cities supporting more specialists.
Especially if the neighbours are close and will cap your peacefull expansion early.

Is the asnwer to that question linked to the level ?
Is it situationnal ?

I might try a game to get this out soon.
But I'm nowhere near to masterize 100% SE, so my try might also be not very relevant.

Thanks for any answers.


Discussion on Prince games.

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 01:08:43 GMT

Hi all.

My last game was quite unlucky (got sucked between Shaka & Montezuma with raging barbs ON...), and I posted the story to tell people the story.

And Scipio actually suggested that I could join the starting save so some players could play it along.
I liked the idea.

Such a shared games could provide advices and tips to many, if the discussion actually happens.

My point is not to create another GOTM (lol) but to get some advices on my current playing level by submitting my games.

The GOTM is always a great opportunity to learn from other's story. But it doesn't always match with my current level.

So here this topic, just in order to get some commentary on my games time to time.
If ever someone has some interrest in following those.

Thanks for reading.


Copy and Paste Game by Wos

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 23:09:11 GMT

As i said here is half game, images and coments:On the very beggining, the second hut gave me misty, but i prefered not going to any religion, since i wanted to settle my first cities before anyone. So i lead the research to BW.. My scout found a good place for a first city (imo flood plains are a very good terrain for golding):[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]Hell, theres only one source of cooper, and its more probably that alex will get it :w00t: i cant let him get that ***ing phalanxes..[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]The second hut tech :hehe:[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]My first worker :rolleyes:[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]It help to stagnate the AIs growing, itll only build up military for a time...I've the oracle, chopping some forest.I choose CoL for a simple reason.. Ill expand, and the courthouses will be a hand..[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]Ps.:I avoided creating the second city until the building of oracle to get the religion on the St. Pets.Showing how i lokced alex out.. a little late once he had got Thebes already[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]Creating the Masjid al Haram, to help with maintenance:[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]The only source of iron, and my dear marble *__* that i wont to help me on my game strategy.[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]Something i wont be proud to do.. trying TGW several turns after it was first possible, but my strategy is really to lost it to get some gold.. cause as you can see im building up my military to face alex asap, and units are draging down my economy atm.[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]As it should be... nothing amazing but i could take a breath :)[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]But not that bad. alex built TGW, so its mine too :DMy F6 atm:[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]not bad.. and as wondered alex went straight to construction.. gay boy..Now i started my primary strategy: As philo, ill try to get mausoleum and use all the [...]

Road To War Scenario

Wed, 21 May 2008 14:32:12 GMT

Has any folks here tried this one? Fired it up for the first time last night, playing Europe 1936 as Il Duce.

Ok, talk about goofy. There was some discussion about Hitler vs. Stalin. Ok, if you have a scenario that is specficially pertaining to WW2 and you have Il Duce, and you have Josef Stalin, I'm sorry, but you have to have Hitler in there. He was the biggest antagonist of WW2. That is taking PC just a bit too far.

Anyways, back to what I wanted to discuss, I played out the first year, just basically building up factories, industrial capability and military for eventual wars in North Africa and the Balkans.

I am curious do people have much gaming experience with this scenario? Any thoughts on the mechanics of game play? Is it worth investing time into? Any bizaare occurances experienced while playing this one?

Another try on Prince difficulty.

Thu, 29 May 2008 01:28:59 GMT

Ok, after my first win, and the May GOTM, I decided to give another try on Prince... with raging barbarians ON.

And I got stucked on a continent with Montezuma AND Shaka AND raging barbarians. ROFL.

I led a 90% military production, and I managed to totaly invade very early the poor khmer empire. Using the stealing worker technique to cripple them.
It worked like a charm even at normal game speed.

Now I'm around AD 1000. And this game is the most insane warmongering game I ever made. ha ha ha.
Just a war after another, building and whipping units not to get eaten.

To get things even harder, my position is right between those frenzy AI...

Shaka to the South and Montezuma to the North.

I can see the nuclear war coming from here.
If ever I manage to get there. Cause of course, my research is completely crippled. As those *** attack me one after another.

Quite unlucky game. It's a real fun to play it though.

I'll keep you informed. :w00t:

In my next games I might actually BE montezuma or Shaka ! :hehe:

see you online.

Question about the Protective trait.

Wed, 28 May 2008 05:12:04 GMT

I have a little rendering question for you guys.

I recently red on CivFanatics a topic about the protective trait.
And here is a quote from a guy overthere :

[quote]The most fun use of protective is the mass-gold-whip-trick that does not even require currency to make it work.[/quote]

So here is my question :
What is that trick he is talking about. Because he does not explains it as far as I red the discussion.
I don't feel like posting there yet.
And I guess some of you here knows that trick. :P

I guess it is about whipping walls and castles... but I still don't get it.

Thanks for any answer.

"History in the Making"

Thu, 22 May 2008 14:12:22 GMT

Inspired by Muks “Gaming the Game” thread, I’ve decided to start my own “History in the Making Promotional” thread. This is really [url=]such an awesome mod[/url], all you guys should switch to it J

Some guy named "Anthropoid" has even started up a [url=]"HiTM Map Exchange Network Thread"[/url] over there at CivFanatics! Would be cool if we could get something like that going over here at 1BC eh?

Now I’m not nearly the Civ guru that Muk is. I used to win on Emperor in C3C a bit, and I have won on Prince in BTS a couple times. But Noble is where my comfort zone is, actually a little too comfortable. I want this to be a good promotional of all that is cool about HiTM, so I won’t set myself up for failure.

So I’m going to fire up a random “PerfectWorld” Huge, Temperate, Noble Difficulty, Raging Barbs with Advanced Start. I will then squander my Advanced Start points. This will keep the rest of the game at Noble level difficulty, but give the AI a bit of a lead-off advantage which should make it a bit more interesting overall since I’m pretty competent at Noble Level with this mod.



Mon, 19 May 2008 11:15:56 GMT

I'm a bit confused about something. In a recent game, I was on a huge continent with 2 others civs. I had practically reduced them to 2 or 3 cities due to culture flipping. One of them became a vassal to me (Mayans). After a while, most of my cities on the mayan borders wanted to join their empire even though they were 100% egyptian. Why would they do this?

History in the Making Mod

Thu, 07 Feb 2008 17:50:11 GMT

So I'm just now DLing the [url=]History In the Making Mod[/url] which looks to be one of the clearly best yet, given that it incorporates many of the other smaller mods, has 575 new units, lots of new leaders, better graphics textures, improved map scripts, more logical and balanced Tech Tree, AND even includes Bhruic's patch (which means that, it will likely still be supported when Patchaxis finally gets their final patch out, and will be integratable with that final corporate version of the core game). The only other possible workover that could make it even better is if it were integrated with the [url=]"World Of Civilization" "modular mods" project[/url].

Looking forward to playing this one, and I'm 54% DLed! ;)

Problem Launching Custom SP Games in BTS

Mon, 19 May 2008 07:44:55 GMT

Yesterday, I completely uninstalled Civ4, Warlords, and BTS, and then sequentially re-installed and re-patched Civ4, Warlords, and BTS. All three apps are running, but I'm getting a strange problem in BTS.

When I open up the Single Player Window, then click Custom Game, it will not launch a custom SP Game. I get an error screen saying "You must provide a game name." It seems to think that I need to provide a game name like in an MP game.

The problem does not occur in Civ4 Vanilla or Warlords, only in BTS vanilla. It seems to occur in all the BTS content.

I suspect that this is a bit of bad code somewhere in the latest patch?

whats up witht this new frontier thing?

Sat, 16 Feb 2008 21:49:57 GMT

i don't have BTS, and the only thing that looks interesting is the new frontier thing. Is it cool, can anyone tell me about it.

2K "Does Not Support Mods" (!?)

Fri, 16 May 2008 09:05:16 GMT

I've been having problems that I suspect were a result of DLing mods into my Civ4 BTS directories. For example, not being able to load GOTMs from here. RTW starts being garbled, and now most recently HOF CivFanatics GOTMs not loading!So (in complete contradiction to what I said earlier today in the Team Gaming thread :)) I finally got sick of it and have completely uninstalled and am going to completely reinstall Civ4, Warlords, and BTS, then patch up Civ4 and BTS to latest patch.For whatever reason, the Microsoft uninstaller Wizard does not work properly with Civ4. Just had a conversation with 2K support, and their sending me an email with a link to directions to manually uninstall all vestiges of Civ4, Warlords and BTS, so that I can do a clean reinstall. Will post that when I get it.But my main question/comment for this thread: does it seem incongruous to anyone else that Civ4 was touted as being "the most moddable Civ yet!" in its buildup months, but now that we have it, 2K will say (anytime you mention you have a mod on your rig and may have a problem related to it) "we actually don't support mods, because in some cases they were not meant to be on there" !?I enjoy BTS, and there are many, many possibilities as far as modding, etc. But I'm really not inclined to buy another 2K product, nor for that matter even another Civ product. I seem to spend about as much time dealing with crashes, bugs, and glitches as I spend enjoying the game :([quote]Response (Steven)16/05/2008 12.57 PMUninstall Civ 4.Open My Computer then open the Local Disk (C:)Open the program files folder. Click on the tools menu then choose folder optionsClick on the view tab and tick the box labelled "show hidden files and folders". Press OKOpen the installshield installation information folderSearch for a folder named {CFBCE791-2D53-4FCE-B3BF-D6E01F4112E8}Right click on the folder and choose rename. Press the End key on the keyboard and type the word OLD. Press the enter keyInsert the Civilization IV install CD and open My Computer. Right click on the CD drive and choose explore,Locate the setup.exe file and double click.This will replace and overwrite any missing components that were preventing the game from being uninstalled normallyTo uninstall the game, go to Control Panel>> Add/Remove programs and highlight the game in the list. Choose change/remove and follow the onscreen prompts WarlordsOpen My Computer then open the Local Disk (C:)Open the program files folder. Click on the tools menu then choose folder optionsClick on the view tab and tick the box labelled "show hidden files and folders". Press OKOpen the installshield installation information folderSearch for a folder named {3E4B349F-10B5-4586-9D99-489A90A8B228}Right click on the folder and choose rename. Press the End key on the keyboard and type the word OLD. Press the enter keyBeyond the Sword.Open My Computer then open the Local Disk (C:)Open the program files folder. Click on the tools menu then choose folder optionsClick on the view tab and tick the box labelle[...]

WTF !? The hidden side of the indians !!!

Wed, 28 Nov 2007 02:42:45 GMT

in my last game...

the indian civilization, led by the peacefull Asoka ...

[b][u]SNEAK ATTACKED ME AND CHAIN NUKED ME[/u][/b] to prevent my space race victory !!!

after that 3 of my cities were captured by the warmonger asoka, the native americans (my other cautious neighbour...) jumped into the war and flooded my beloved plains with modern tanks and mobile artilery...

after 8 or 9 turns, everysingle german cities where captured by either india or native america and my beautiful space race victory was nothing more than ashes. . .

and hold on, that was on [b][u]NOBLE difficulty[/u][/b]

what the ---- is this ---- about ?

That was quite unexpected, i'm actually still laughing a lot by writting this topic.

Epic... isn't it ?