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The latest scholarship from the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Faculty


States Need to Take Action to Prevent Home Foreclosure Scams
"Stealing the American Dream: Can Foreclosure-Rescue Companies Circumvent New Laws Designed to Protect Homeowners From Equity Theft?," by Creola Johnson

Incentives dictate whether Open Source, proprietary, and government agencies share information about software or systems
"A Theory of Disclosure for Security and Competitive Reasons: Open Source, Proprietary Software, and Government Systems," by Peter P. Swire

Supreme Court Should Revisit ADA Interpretation
"The Mythic 43 Million Americans with Disabilities," by Ruth Colker

Theories of Trust Inform Discussion of Confidentiality in Mediation
"The Need for Trust as a Justification for Confidentiality in Mediation: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach," by Ellen E. Deason

Online Mediation Offers Advantages, Drawbacks
"Online Mediation: Where We Have Been, Where We are Now, and Where We Should Be," by Sarah Rudolph Cole

International Philanthropy Restrictions Impede War on Terror
"Soft Power, Strategic Security, and International Philanthropy," by Garry W. Jenkins

Courts Should Adopt 'Reasonable Woman' Standard for Sexual Harassment Liability
"Why Don't "Reasonable Women" Complain About Sexual Harassment?," by L. Camille Hebert

Election Reform Needed
"Remedying Election Wrongs," by Steven F. Huefner

Integration Not Always and Absolutely the Best Policy for All Disabled Americans
"Anti-Subordination Above All: A Disability Perspective," by Ruth Colker