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Preview: Jason Samuel as Judge Poser

Jason Samuel as Judge Poser

A blog from a recent law school graduate just trying to make it.

Published: 2007-05-16T02:51:16-04:00


I'm back. . .


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted last. In that time, too much to retell happened. The shorter version: school began, work did too, both finished, and I graduated. I plan to move back to New York from Michigan...

The Significance of Catholic Legal Theory


The $ quote from Bob Vischer's post: We do not start from the premise that we exist, we start from the premise that we are created. That's a key distinction, and though its implications often will correlate with existing positions...

Last Day of Work


Today is my last day of work! That is until, of course, school begins again, which starts the 28th of this month.

Blawg Review #69


It’s been sometime since I’ve actively blawged (or bloged, whichever you prefer). My hectic 2L year and busy summer account for that. Whoever said that the second year of law school is easier lied. Whereas most other Blawg Reviews have...

Blawg Review #69: Preview


Yes, you've come to the right place! Welcome to my blog, Unlearned Hand. This upcoming Monday, August 7, 2006, I will be hosting the next Blawg Review, Issue #69, a roundup of interesting blawg posts of the week. I've recently...

A Repeat of MacIntyre


I'd like to repost a quotation from Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue for your consumption. What triggered my interest in this passage--though, I don't require much a trigger to re-read MacIntyre--is that I have a friend who is currently writing manuals...

Summer 2006


It's already summer 2006. By now, I'm sure, I've lost whatever readership I accumulated. Contributing to my blog, now, only serves as a cathartic exercise. This was, after all, a motivating reason for me to blog when I started initially....

A Taxonomy of Legal Blogs


Even though I'm not listed, you may enjoy this taxonomy.

So sorry...


In the past few weeks I’ve had to acclimate to my new class schedule, battle a forceful cold, and persevere through a new workout regimen. In the coming weeks I hope to blog more, hopefully making up for the time...

Some things I've learned on my recent travels


First, Happy New Year everyone. As you may have noticed, I haven't been keeping up with posting for reasons which are explainable. I've been traveling a bit in the last week and have not had access to the Internet. First,...

Spring 2006


Next semester, I am taking: Criminal Procedure State and Local Government Constitutional Law Securities Regulations Research, Writing, and Advocacy

Sola Scriptura


Bill, The Maverick Philosopher, has posted something on the Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura. The post reminded me of when I had a deep interest in Catholic apologetics. My Protestant friends marshal this doctrine as if it's the end-all when...

Directed Research


I've already registered for next semester, but I will be adding one hour of directed research. My plan is to complete one-credit hour for the next three semesters I am here, which will hopefully amount to something publishable. Though I...

Criticism of the Left, (from the left?)


From PrawfsBlog; nicely said. Why the Left Ought to Support (An Aspect of) Bush's Foreign Policy I know some readers of this blog tend to be from the Left. Let me get my worry off my chest. One of the...

Cardinal Arinze Interview (excerpts)


Zenit has just run an interview of Francis Cardinal Arinze, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, published in Inside the Vatican magazine. You should read it in its entirety, but here are some excerpts I...

Who is the A3G?


If you haven't already crossed the recent revelation of who the Article III Groupie of Underneath Their Robes is, read about it here: Ann Althouse The New Yorker How Appealing The Volokh Conspiracy and A3G, himself. Law A3G Underneath Their...

Imago Dei


I've discovered a new blog, which I will now follow regularly, that I thought I'd share with you. Here's a post having to do with the concept of potentiality, the author fills in both active and passive potentiality.

Advice to the Chief Justice: To You, I'm Known as Nino


Be sure to check out Lind Greenhouse's recent article. (HT Artice III Groupie)

Catholics on the SCOTUS


From Joseph Bottum's latest post on the First Things blog, On the Square: The Washington Post has taken up the question of Catholics on the Supreme Court. Mostly a set of quotations from various commentators, the story at least asks...


Bob Vischer, of Mirror of Justice, brings our attention to a WaPo (ala Althouse) article: Today's Washington Post has an article on the coming Catholic Supreme Court, containing a complaint from the Feminist Majority Foundation that non-Catholics and non-believers are...