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Knit Exploits

The knitted exploits of Amy... Boring to most.

Updated: 2014-10-03T00:46:40.773-04:00




Originally uploaded by ahough404
It's been really pretty snowy here. Even the cats are interested in it!

Now if only I could get the gumption to do practical work...

My view


My view
Originally uploaded by ahough404
Why couldn't the snow hold off until at least December? Yuck.

Lookit me!


...being all ironic with my Married to the Sea "voting" shirt. If you can't tell, it has two women doing farm work on it, and they're saying "This rules" and "No kidding, I hate voting."


My prediction


This is my election day prediction. It would give my candidate a cool 311-227 win. Ideally, my pessimism surronding North Carolina, Missouri, and Florida will be wrong... but I'm trying to be realistic here.


Don't be fooled...


Originally uploaded by ahough404
I was totally the best fucking Katamari prince last halloween. Pepper did it too, but... uh, I've got nothin.



Originally uploaded by ahough404
A friend's dog was cold. Therefore, some stash yarn became a drops dog coat (pattern at Thankfully it fit the little guy perfectly!

Another Working Family For...


Originally uploaded by ahough404
Orangecat even likes Obama!



So I'm pretty shitty at updating these days. This is mostly bcause I've been working on relatively big projects, and don't have that much to share.

Ah, Facebook. I was chatting to Meg one evening after she mentioned in her status that she had purchased Jacquard acid dyes, and we agreed that we needed to have a yarn-dyeing party at her abode! (Her chronicle of the yarn-dyeing expedition is here.) We started with Kool-aid on some old yarn, and came up with this:



The colors here are washed out because of the crazy-bright sunlight. But I promise you, these two colors were dubbed "nuclear waste" because of their AWESOME brightness. Certainly makes you not want to drink kool-aid anymore.

There will be finished projects soon eough. My halloween costume will be partially knitted, and I am waiting on the model for one thing that's been finished... So in the meantime, here is Orangecat by the fire and one of my blueberry muffins.



Picking the cat hair off my new sweater...


This is the Drops Jacket from Garnstudio, out of their Garnstudio Eskimo yarn. I got it at an amazing price at Threadbear a while back, and it is warm, cozy... just completely awesome.

Cat spin!


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Cat spin!
Originally uploaded by ahough404
I worked out how to work the movie function of my digital camera. I'm not sure where we got the idea that OrangeCat needed to spin around in the chair... If only I could add "You Spin Me Right Round" playing in the background...

Despite some weird camera-focusing...


Originally uploaded by ahough404
That's more like it. Sweater? Done. And pink. And washed and blocked and dried and heck yes!

It's Wisteria from Twist Collective. I used some Lamb's Pride superwash worsted that I pulled out of a sweater circa 2004 that was definitely ill-advised. Ah, recycling. Always good! The pattern was very well-done, clear, and fun. There were challenging bits and easy bits throughout. Oh, and it is top-down with no seams. Good stuff!

I've clearly lapsed on my 365 photo project. Did anyone expect anything else out of me? Yeah, I know.

In other news, I'm back into the swing of the semester, with family law, professional responsibility, constitutional law 2, advanced legal research, and an internship. What started out looking like an easy semester quickly spiraled into lots of commitments. Add in a bowling league, and... well... free time? What free time?



Originally uploaded by ahough404
Dry faster, damn it!

365.30: Hidden!


365.30: Hidden!
Originally uploaded by ahough404
I promise no more cat pictures for a while. But how could I resist this?

365.29: Laundry Day


365.28: Finicky fuck


365.27: Microwaves suck


The microwave saga. Oh, where to start? The old one died, and we figured we'd replace it with a cheap one. The first one we bought didn't work, go figure, so that was two microwaves in as many days... Third time was the charm, but not until after we fought with maintenance insisting that there was something wrong with the outlet causing the microwaves to fry.

No, it just turns out we have horrible luck with microwaves. It's probably not in my best interest to be flipping the bird at the new one. Hush.

365.26: Fill 'er up.


I want to go back, and I want a stiff drink. *sigh*

365.25: Magic Mirror #1


I finished a sock today. I love me some Dream in Color Smooshy.

365.24: Angry Kitten!


I'm pretty excited that I captured this... intense... photo of Blackcat. He really gets into his playing sometimes.

365.23: Getting There!


My tomatoes are growing. Soon enough they'll be edible! You can't see it, but this tomato plant is as tall as me now, pot included. It's a mutant.

365.22: Lots of Words


Steve's co-workers are starting a scavenger hunt, and the first photo was "Steve ordering a drink with five or more words in it!" Proof here that we were waiting for my venti nonfat no whip peppermint mocha. That's a six word drink. Fifty points for Steve.

365.21: Best friends


Actually, Blackcat is the one who favors Steve. It's hard to tell who Orangecat prefers.

365.20: RIP Misty


365.20: RIP Misty
Originally uploaded by ahough404
This mutt passed away while we were in Vegas... yes, I'm cheating a little on my 365 photos, but don't go telling anyone, OK?

365.19: A good evening


365 isn't dead!


I was just away in Vegas... so, incidentally, 365.13-18 are all available here, in the photostream set.