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Preview: 6th Floor Blog

6th Floor Blog

Six friends living together in New York City and the antics and adventures that are their lives.

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6th Floor Blog's Academy Awards


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Sara, Frank, and Scott. Subject: 6th Floor Blog Oscars Again, please update your links to The blog will be updated there shortly. Likely this is the last post via blogger. Presenting 6th Floor Blog's Oscar nominees for must-see movies! The Dark Knight It seems like this movie only got recognition because Heath Ledger died after doing an excellent job portraying the Joker, but it was really an excellent movie. I'd even venture to say the best Batman movie ever. I agree. It was a great movie; suspense, action, excitement. It borrowed from the comics obviously, but it was an original story, and a compelling one. Quantum of Solace Spectacular or not, you have to go see a Bond movie. Action, explosion, gadgets, cars. It's hard to make a bad Bond movie, and that means it's always worth seeing. The only thing to debate is if you liked the Bond Girl, or if the movie didn't have enough over the top explosions. Wanted This is certainly not a serious movie, and as such would never ever be considered a 'great' movie, but I sure enjoyed watching it. Sometimes complete ridiculousness, like curving bullets, is fun. All the silly stuff they do such as Angelina Jolie (and that's almost enough of a reason to see a movie in it of herself) scooping up the cowering 'hero' with her car., is just zany. Sometimes it's more fun to just say 'screw physics'. That was my entire college philosophy! Cloverfield We may be biased about this one, being in New York, but I felt this was a rather compelling movie, despite all the crazy cult hype. The problem was people looking for a monster movie or comparing it to Godzilla. It wasn't about the monster, it was about the journey of the characters through the city while the monster attacked. The reason they didn't just run for the border was a little bit of a stretch, but after you accept that, it was interesting. I enjoyed the different way it was filmed, as if from the camera the guy carried around the whole movie. Now that was a little contrived. Who would keep carrying the damn thing around at that point? It must've been an awesome camera, but still, good movie. Iron Man I liked Iron Man. I know some didn't, but it was a good comic book movie, and he had some excellent cars. It was half Iron Man, half Tony Stark. I think it was rather well done for an origin story movie. I'd like to see more. He'll be in the Avengers movie right? When's that come out? 2011. Damn. [...]

Frank's Hot


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Tabitha, Frank, and Scott. Subject: Frank's Hot Reminder: Shortly I'll be updating via wordpress at So update your links. Currently it'll redirect to here, so no worries. Frank walks into Starbucks to meet Ann, Tabitha and Scott. “When you called me and told me to come hang out at Starbucks, you should've told me it was warm out. I'm dying in this winter coat!” Frank exclaims, flinging his coat on a chair and sitting down. “You have heard of checking the weather right? They publish this sort of information.” “Or you could've turned around and gone back upstairs once you realized it was warm today.” “I didn't think to check, I figured it was February. And cold. And once I was outside, no way I was headed all the way back upstairs.” “True, you're late as it is.” “Hey! Frank made it! Howyadoingbuddy?” Scott says, walking over from behind the counter. “I'm hot.” “That's what she said!” Tabitha punches Scott in the arm. “Ow! You been working out or something?” “Just the practice I get from punching you. You seem to be saying an extraordinary amount of punch-worthy things lately.” “Your normal Cappuccino Frank?” “Nah, I gotta have something cold. How about one of those new Tazo-lattes?” “Sure.” “Of course, a blender drink.” Scott mutters under his breath, walking away. “You guys want to watch the Oscars on Sunday?” “Sure. I'm hoping Milk does well, I liked that movie.” “I haven't really seen any of those movies. I was talking about this with Sara, I don't think these are ever really the 'best' movies of the year. They only consider a small subset of movies,always the 'artsy' ones.” “I almost never have seen many of the nominees, I watch movies for entertainment.” “I think most people do. I'd rather read a book for a great story, there is only so much you can do in a two hour movie.” “I'm going to make myself a list of the real best movies of the year. “ “Oooh..I'll help you with that.” Scott says, dropping off Frank's drink. “You're working.” “Tonight then. I'm sure Sara wants to help anyway.” [...]

6th Floor Blog Goes to the Movies: Taking Woodstock


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank. Subject: 6th Floor Blog Goes to the Movies: Taking Woodstock -----------Please update any links and such to Sometime this week I'll be switching everything to there and updating the blog at that url and via wordpress. This is also the perfect time to contact us about exchanging links or site suggestions or whatever.-----------Sara and Frank stroll into the 6th floor Wednesday night and Ann looks up from her book. “Where have you guys been?” “I got these two free tickets to see a pre-release screening of a movie. Sounded cool, so I took Frank.” “Aww, a date. How cute.” “He was just the only one around when I got home today to go with me.” “The benefits of not having a 'real' job!” “What was the movie?” “Taking Woodstock, directed by Ang Lee.” “It was surprisingly good. Based on the autobiography of Elliot Tiber.” “His parents owned a failing motel upstate, and he helped get the Woodstock people to come play there.” “There was plenty of raving nudity and drug use too. The whole movie was like a 'free love' rave.” “Seems to be how I'd think of Woodstock.” “I was surprised how much I liked it actually. Woodstock wasn't really my scene. And he never even made it to the stage!” “That amused me too. And how the Turnpike was backed up for miles that they had to close it. You know they're having a Woodstock 2009 right?” “It can't be the same. You can't recapture that peaceful mania.” “There would be too much security, too much worry, too many restrictions.” “The police would be there in force, arresting thousands of people. No way people would be skinny dipping, doing drugs, and having sex all over the place these days.” “No way. Like I said, no way you can recapture that. It's pure nostalgia.” [...]

Hot Chocolate Festival


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha Subject: Hot Chocolate Festival “It's that time of month again.” “Pills are in the medicine cabinet.” “No no..not that time of month. This time of month!” Sara holds up her City Bakery cup. “Hot chocolate festival! Which one is that?!” “Arabian Nights hot chocolate.” “Sounds intriguing.” “I think it's..” “No no, let me guess. I'd say it'd have to be some sort of middle eastern spice. Maybe some cardamom? Saffron? Tumeric?” “Very possibly. Something citrusy. Orange peel maybe. Or I guess it could be saffron. What do I know?” “I want to go for Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate.” “Hershey kiss at the bottom of the cup?” “Maybe. Can I have a sip Sara?” “Oops..sorry. All done.” [...]

6th Floor Super Bowl


Welcome to the . Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Super Bowl Sunday Quick note before I get on with the post. I've connected with a domain, so now the official link of the blog is Likely switching to wordpress, but working on getting the starts of an acceptable theme setup, so as of now, that link redirects. But it won't. I've commissioned Sara to start tweaking some stuff, for instance, the width of the site. It was stupid and small prior, and I always felt like things were getting squished. I should've done this a while ago. I also need to fix the header graphic now, as it looks tiny. “Vegas was a blast, but I'm glad I got the red-eye and am here for Super Bowl Sunday! Woo, go Steelers!” “I think I'm going with the underdog story in the Cardinals.” “I'm just hoping it ends. Some cool commercials, like last year, couldn't hurt.” “Good football, good snacks.. That's all I need.” “I've already resolved myself that football is over, and there is no way the game will be as good as last year.” “Baseball season! Baseball! Pitchers and catchers report in like two weeks!” “Rather giddy aren't you? You'd think you'd have learned by now, yet every spring you get your hopes up, and every October you're a miserable wreck of a person for two weeks.” “Bah! This year IS the year. You just wait and see.” ---------Football Game---------- “I dunno Scott. That game was pretty exciting.” “Last year was better.” “Two Super Bowls for Ben Roethlisberger now. Are we going to get Eli-Ben comparisons again about how the Giants should’ve taken him?” “No, I think Eli’s fine. I’m sure some idiots will bring that up on WFAN, but Eli won last year, he didn’t have a great post season this year, but I don’t think anyone’s worried.” “So, how lame was the 3D glasses thing? “Hated it. The commercials weren’t bad, the the idea that they actually sent out millions of glasses around the country?” “Would’ve been lamer if Tabitha hadn’t spotted the glasses and picked them up for us.” “That’s true. Kudos Tab. Maybe I’ll even watch Chuck tonight to make the most use of them.” “There were some funny commercials..but in general I think this year failed. Maybe the economy caused the ad agencies to let some of their people go?” “You’d think they’d be smart enough to keep the funny guys though.” “You know what the big-wigs thing is funny, and what’s actually funny are usually completely different things.” “It’s the old adage: Most people end up doing the job that’s one level above what they’re good at.” “That can't be true. It implies that most people are doing things they're not good at.” “Explains the state of our country though.” “Hard to argue that.” [...]

Snow Storm


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Snow Storm “I think the snow is out to get me.” Scott announces as he shows up at Catalina’s to meet everyone for dinner. Scott drapes his snow-laden jacket over the back of the chair and sits. “Every direction I turned, the snow was coming right at me!” “Yeah. It’s a little rough out there today.” “I’m glad we decided on Catalina’s and not somewhere else. I’m freezing just from walking this short distance from the 6th Floor.” “It’s not as cold as it could be, but it’s hard to see more than 10 feet in front of you.” “I almost feel bad for the tourists. All the street signs are plastered with snow; it’s hard to know where you’re going.” “Getting lost in New York and seeing new and exciting things is a rite of passage.” “Rite of passage? I don’t know if I’d agree with that assessment.” “Well, at least they’ll be able to run home confirming that New York in the winter is a weather disaster and a frigid uninhabitable nightmare.” “That’s blown out of proportion. It’s not like New York is Maine. Sure we get some nasty, ice-cold days, but I think tourists lump us in with Upstate New York and ‘New England Winters’ too much.” “I prefer this to some of those sticky, 100 degree summer days.” “The city smells better in the winter.” “Hard to argue that one. Ignoring the occasional syrup smell anyway.”[...]

Take the Red Pill


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy and Scott. Subject: 6th Floor Blog Takes the Red Pill “I feel like re-watching the Matrix Trilogy. It’s been a while. You guys in?” “Nah.” “Wasn’t a huge fan of the endings, but I’ll start at least.” “I’m always in for the Matrix. Give me that red pill.” “Blue pill is probably a safer bet.” “Come on! That’s no fun.” “He’s right. If Neo took the blue pill.. We’d have no movie!” “Have you ever stopped to think…Maybe you already took the blue pill?” “What?” “If you take the blue pill, everything goes back to normal. You don't get unlocked from the Matrix. You forget it even existed. So if you took'd forget even taking it.” “I'd like to think I wouldn't have taken the blue pill if given the chance, so that means I haven't already taken it.” “Taking the blue pill doesn't solve anything though. In the Matrix, Neo is searching for answers. Taking the blue pill doesn't provide him that. It may make him forget the questions, but inevitably he'll just think up those questions again.” “Can you take the blue pill more than once?” “I guess so. After a while, Morpheus would probably get tired of him showing up though. Might just whack him.” “Morpheus: You again? Here, let me write you a prescription.” “Okay, I'm hitting play. Get over here.” [...]

6th Floor Super Bowl Snacks


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Tabitha, Billy and Scott. Subject: 6th Floor's Snack Post “I want to talk about something to you that's very important to me.” Billy says solemnly, looking at Scott and Tabitha sitting on the couch across from him. “What kind of snacks are we having on Saturday? And what type of food for dinner?” Scott snickers. “Ann and I are going shopping tomorrow. We'll get a bunch of chips and frozen appetizers and the like.” “Get some of those little, wrapped hot dog things.” “Pigs in a blanket?” “Yes! Those!” “I saw this delicious recipe for Guinness brownies. We should make those!” “Beer brownies?” Tabitha makes a face. “That's on you.” “Well, first we'll need some Guinness.” “That's a given.” “One for the brownies, one to drink while you make the brownies?” “Yeah! I like the way you think Tabitha.” “I'm just hoping for good commercials anyway. Like last year.” “No changing the topic. Should we order food on Sunday?” “You know food always takes a decade to get here on Super Bowl Sunday.” “We could order early.” “Order at the start of the second inning..” “Quarter.” “Whatever. And then it should be ready for half time right? Who's performing this year?” “Springsteen.” “Springsteen? Geeze, they're sure playing it safe these days.” “Springsteen's good though..” “He is..but it's still safe. Just don't think that's the right reason to pick a band.” “Any other snack requests?” “No, I trust your judgment.” “You do?” “No. But I trust you'll shop early and I'll be able to bitch about your choices early enough to get more stuff.” Tabitha rolls her eyes. [...]

Frank's Escape


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy and Scott. Subject: Frank's Escape “I'm so tired of the cold!” Tabitha shouts from the couch, curled up in a ball in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate. “Relax Tab, it's not that cold out.” “I hear it's well below freezing in Buffalo today.” “Contrary to belief, knowing that's it's colder elsewhere doesn't make it warmer here.” “That's very deep. Maybe you just need another blanket.” “If you give her more blankets, she may drown!” “At least Frank's warm.” “Frank's warm? Wait..where is he?” “Vegas.” “VEGAS?! And no one told me? You know how I hate being left in the dark.” “Sorry, he made us promise not to tell you right away.” “I shouldn't be surprised. Can I call him and berate him? He's probably still asleep given west coast time.” “Go for it, he'll probably get a kick out of you being annoyed.” “Sometimes I think he goes on these trips as much to get a rise out of you as for any other reason.” “Ugh, so when is he coming back?” “Dunno. Later?” “You never ask the important questions.” “I'm sure he'll be back for the Super Bowl.” “Well Tabitha, you don't look cold anymore.” “This really gets the blood boiling huh?” “If Frank keeps pulling stunts like this we may be able to save on heating.”[...]

6th Floor Chatter


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, and Scott. Subject: 6th Floor Chatter “I saw the most ridiculous thing today.” “Scott's new haircut?” “My new haircut is dashing. Don't be acting jealous now.” “This woman was pushing a stroller and talking on her cellphone. No big deal, no, but then she got to the stairs, and now she's talking on the phone while trying to bounce the stroller up the stairs.” “Some people just have no common sense.” “Did you go over and help her?” “Some guy did, as she got up the first 2-3 steps.” “I saw something that pissed me off too.” “Your face?” “Lame. No, I was in a lobby downtown on my laptop and drinking coffee, and they had those automated doors. This suit must've been waiting for a ride or something because he kept peering outside, and every time he did this he'd walk by the magic eye, opening the door. This flushed out all the heat and attacked everyone sitting nearby with a gust of cold air. Infuriating.” “Magic eye? You mean motion sensor right?” “Magic eye sounds cooler.” “Like those squinty image in an image things?” “Sure.” [...]

Inaugural Inauguration Post


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Inauguration “So the inauguration's tomorrow. Should be interesting.” “Probably not.” “You don’t think so Sara? It’s a historic day.” “Historic doesn’t mean interesting. Maybe I’m just jaded, but I don’t find political speeches very exciting. Blah Blah..we’re moving forward..Change…we can..yes.” “Aww, is someone a grumpy pants today?” Scott says, playfully punching Sara in the shoulder. “So are we watching the inauguration?” “I was planning on watching.” “Working. Can't.” This Afternoon.. “Drinking game? There must be one right?” “Of course! Do we really want to drink?” “Silly question.” “It's still morning.” “Does that matter?” “Not really.” “I haven't gone to bed yet. So it's technically my night.” “I hate your schedule.” “Okay! Let's do this! Primer shots!” Frank grabs a bottle of tequila. Ann groans. “This isn't going to end well.” “I'll get our beers.” Billy says, as it nears noon. “Drink to the future!” Scott proclaims, as Obama comes up to take his oath. Later.. “Did you end up watching Sara?” “Yeah, I did. After they sent around an email banning people from streaming it because too many people were streaming video hogging resources, they put it up on the big LCDs we have hanging to monitor servers.” “Turned out to be a pretty powerful speech.” “Sure, I mean, he's had months to work on it.” “There were a bazillion people there! How could they even hear or see?” “I don't know, they showed people in the crowd taking pictures and videos. I couldn't help thinking that all they'd get was a small grainy image. Are they really ever going to watch that again?” “Nah, they'll upload it to their computer and it'd sit there. Occasionally people will see it and ask what it is. They'll have to explain it's the inauguration.” “I think the American flags will give it away.” “True, that's a good point. Still not New York Times worthy images though.” “And the pictures you take are?” “I'd like to think with a good camera and some opportunity, I could take pictures just as well as anyone else.” “Keep dreaming dude.” [...]

Frank's Date


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Frank's Date It's 12:30 on Friday night/Saturday morning when the apartment door opens and Frank comes in quietly, probably expecting most of his roommates to be asleep. Such is not the case. “Frankie! How'd it go? You do her?” “Crude Scott. Did you like her? It's late, you must've had a good time. You going to date her again?” “Where'd you take her to eat?” “What's her name? Where'd you meet her? What's she like? Blonde?” “Can't a guy unwind from his date without the third degree? I'm surprised Sara's not here grilling me as well.” “She was going to, but...” Ann gestures to the couch where Sara is fast asleep. “Ahh. How'd you find out I had a date anyway? I didn't tell anyone.” “You turned down drinking.” “And then I noticed you'd shaved and left your razor out. You never shave Friday evening.” “I smelled your cologne when I came home. I didn't think you'd put that on to go play poker or pick up takeout.” “What is this? CSI: 6th Floor?” “You going to answer our questions, or leave us hanging here?” “If you're all so deductive, maybe you should already be able to figure it out!” “Come on!” Ann whines. “Gossip!” “Is it gossip if it's about myself?” “Irrelevant. Answer the questions.” “Her name's Rose. This is actually our second date, I must've slipped by you on the first.” Frank sticks out his tongue. “We went to an Italian place in the Village, I had a four cheese lasagna, she had Chicken Francese. No, she's a Brunette.” “That's all you get, I'm going to do some work now.” Frank pushes through the rest of them grouped around them and heads to his room. “Seemed a little annoyed.” “Guess he didn't get any.” “He didn't bring home any leftovers...” Billy pouts. [...]

TiVo Logjam: 24


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: 24 “24 Premier tonight. Two hours worth!” “And two hours worth tomorrow. That's 1/6th the season already. Isn't that crazy?” “I just caught up! Well almost..I need to watch that movie, Redemption.” “Go watch it now. Then we can watch the episodes tonight.” “But I..” “Go!” Frank picks up the remote and turns on the tv and goes to the TiVo menu. “Here, You've got three hours. More than enough time. Tabitha will bring your dinner into the living room.” “I will?” “Me too, while you're at it. I meant to watch it last Sunday, but I forgot.” Scott says, joining Sara on the couch. “Oh, fine. Not like I don't have better things to do.” “Do you?” “Truthfully..No. Sad life isn't it?” “And while you're in there Tab, could you..” “Bring you a beer? Sure, why not.” Tabitha mutters 'very healthy' under her breath and gets a beer “I'm surprised we have any left at the rate you guys drink them.” [...]

What Time Is It?


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Billy and Scott. Subject:  What Time Is It?   “I see you got your watched fixed Scott.”  Ann says, indicating the watch on Scott’s wrist.   “Hmm?  No, not yet.”  Scott replies, as they’re walking down the street.   “Why are you still wearing it if it’s broken?”   “It’s not broken, the battery is just dead.”   “Does it tell time correctly?  No, so it’s broken.”   “It’s correct twice a day.”   “Twice a day, that’s all you need out of a watch right?”   “I’m just wearing it to remind myself to get the battery replaced.  Otherwise I’d have sat on my desk for weeks.”   “When did the battery die?” Billy asks, as they wait for a light to cross the street.   “Just before Christmas.”   “So weeks.”   “Frank and Sara would probably tell you not to bother, just use your cellphone.”   “And I’d say it’s a lot easier to just glance at my risk then fumble for my phone and hit a button to illuminate the screen.” Scott demonstrates, as they turn down the block to the apartment.   “I agree.  However, I have always wanted a pocket watch.”   “I’d break it.”   “Well, have someone get married.  Pocket watches seem like pretty standard ‘best man’ gifts.”   “I’ll keep that in mind.”[...]

Take it Like a Man


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Training Wheels As if you would expect us to be anywhere else...We're at a bar a little downtown from us. Ashley is still here, it's a little after New Years. We're having a little 'going away drink fest' for her. Surprised? “Another Tom Collins Ann? You're really on the gin tonight.” “Tasty stuff. But I'm worried you haven't had enough. Would you like this? I could get another.” “No no, I'm fine. I still have half my Bacardi and cola here.” “Fiiine.” Ann slurs. “Tequila Shots? Ann? Tequila? Tabitha. Tequila!” Frank takes a tally, and has the server bring over six shots, only Tabitha abstaining. Ashley: “Woah, you're going to use the training wheels? Kinda girly don't you think?” Ashley says to Scott, as he reaches for the salt and lemon. “Girly? I thought that's how you were supposed to do them?” “Bah. Do it like a real man Scott.” “Fine.” Scott puts the lemon down. “There is an exception though.” “Body ssshots! Right?” “Yeah. As long as you're licking the salt directly off a hot girl.” “Hmm...” Scott looks at Ashley and starts reaching for the lemon and salt. Ashley: “Don't even think about it.” Sara smacks Scott. “Cheers everyone!” Billy says, raising his shot glass, sans lemon. Everyone: “Cheers!” “Delicious! I love tequila.” Billy proclaims, putting his glass down. “So why do they call the lemon and salt training wheels anyway?” “Beats me. Google it.” “No way I can type straight on my phone tonight. Later.” [...]

Weight Loss


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, and Scott. Subject: Weight Loss The following happened in cyberspace. Tabitha: So starting today I'm going to be serious about losing weight. Sara: Don't we drink too much for that? ;) Tabitha: I'll just abstain. Or nurse a Bacardi and diet coke. Ann: I could stand to lose a few pounds too. I suspect I'm too lazy to stick to a diet. Scott: No one needs to lose weight, you're all hot. Bar tonight? Tabitha: I'm serious Scott. Scott: So am I! Sara: You know Scott, you could afford to lose a couple of pounds too! Ann: 6th Floor Diet Thon? Scott signs off. Sara: lol Ann: Maybe I'll try to stick with you for a while Tabitha..couldn't hurt. Sara: As long as we're on a health kick, maybe I should try to curb the coffee habit? Tabitha: Woah! That'd be a big deal. It would be healthier though. Sara: Or I could just start drinking it black calories that way. ;) Ann: I feel like you would have more success that way than trying to cut it out. Tabitha: Maybe just cut back. Sara: Only have one cup in the morning? Bah. :P Tabitha: Could drink tea. Sara: I could drink tea...and coffee! Tabitha: You're hopeless. Ann: You know, we could probably just do simple things. Cut out soda, skip dessert once a week. As long as we skipped a night of drinking here and there too. Tabitha: The guys wouldn't like that. :-( Ann: Like Sara said, they could probably afford to lose a pound here and there. Sara: They rarely do the shopping anyway. All we have to do is buy healthier foods. They'd probably eat it and never notice. Ann: I doubt that'd work. They'd just eat more. And they do still manage to buy beer, or ice cream, or other sweets. Tabitha: It's worth a shot. I'm going to be buying healthier stuff for me anyway. I was headed to the store on my way home. Update the Google shopping list if you want something specific. Tabitha: I have to go now ;-) ttyl. Tabitha signs off. *Google shopping list refers to a shared Google document we all have access to that we can add the groceries we need to. My idea. It's brilliant I know. [...]

Entertaining Ashley


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Sara’s Sister We’re all hanging around in the living area with Sara’s sister Ashley who’s here visiting until after New Years. “So Ashley, what are you going to do while you’re here?” Ashley: “Oh, well, whatever Sara wants to do, you know? I’m really just here to visit her. And get up to Zabars.” “Ahh, yes, the yearly pilgrimage to Zabars.” “Zabars. So cliché, I suppose you want to go to Times Square and take a picture with the naked cowboy as well?” Ashley: “No no, that's touristy stuff! I do want to try to go to that cool restaurant you guys took me to last time I was here though.” “You mean Catalina's? I don't know if I'd call it cool.” “I certainly don't think it's cool. You should check out that Italian place downtown that we went to last month.” “That place was delish! Those Raviolis...mmmmmmm” Billy rubs his stomach contently. Ashley stares oddly at Billy for a second. “I'm really not into Italian.” Frank gasps. “Just stick to the tried and true plan. Never fails.” “Drinking?” “Drinking!!” Billy grins and high fives Scott. “Drinking!” Ashley: “Is that all you guys do?” Tabitha giggles. Ashley: “How about we just walk around, take in the sights?” “It's kind of cold..” “Aww, don't be a wuss Tabitha. Just walk faster and it's not too bad.” “We can just make frequent hot chocolate stops.” Ashley: “Sounds good to me.” [...]



Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: All We Got For Christmas Featuring everyone's favorite Christmas gifts! Frank: Bioshock “Excellent game. I'm really enjoying the storyline, and the game play is pretty smooth.” Sara: Sam Adams Chocolate Bock “Probably my favorite beer. One of the few that actually has chocolate instead of just the chocolate flavor from the grains. Limited edition unfortunately.” Billy: Wine Fridge “Probably similar to Sara, but I really like the wine fridge, and now I don't have to worry about one of you remove the wine I wanted to drink from the refrigerator for space.” Ann: 8GB Flash Drive “Perfect for transporting stories I've half written elsewhere, or being able to access my notes on any computer.” Scott: Giants playoff tickets “What needs to be said? Giants. Playoffs. I'll be there.” Tabitha: Picture clock. “I love our new clock. I can't wait to pick out pictures for the hours.” What was your favorite gift? [...]

Busy Week For Everyone


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Leading up to New Years “Busy Busy Busy!” Ann says, flinging bags onto the table. “You’re telling me! George has me working extra hours lately. Sucks!” Scott says, as he puts on his coat. “At least the money’s good right?” “What good’s money if I’m always at work?” Scott grumbles, walking out the door. “Speaking of have to be like the worst blogger ever.” “Come on! The worst? I can't be that bad.” “It's been what, two weeks?” “I know I know...not like I'm the New York Times with people waiting on me every day though.” “New York Times? Bah! All the news in there is hours old. Truth be told, blogs are the news source of the future.” “Especially among people our age. I definitely know more people that flip open their laptops first thing in the morning than people that go get the morning paper. Even if the first group is going to, it's not the same.” “I read the Onion more often then I read a regular newspaper.” “And watch the Daily Show or Colbert Report more than the regular news.” “Okay, okay. I get it, digital age, new media, blah blah blah..It's not like it's a news blog. It's just fun entertainment. It's been almost two years and I don't even think I've nailed down a firm identity. Except that I blog about beer too much.” “That's because we drink beer too much.” “Come on now, too much beer? Never.” “At least we're not all becoming beer snobs like Sara.” “I read one book about beer and start appreciating it a little more and I'm a snob?” “Aww, there isn't anything wrong with being a little snobbish, look at all those stuck up wine sommeliers.” “It's not bad to appreciate quality, but I think those sommeliers, and the people that swear by them, take it a little too far. It's nice to actually enjoy a bottle of wine, or dinner, without it being 'perfect'.” “The ones that write reviews like 'The bread was a tad too crispy, and the meat slightly below the appropriate temperature.' are useless to me. That's why I'm always skeptical about 'professional' critics. They're eating the food for a different reason than the average person, so why should I care what they think?” “Kind of on the 'too much of a good thing' slant?” “I never want to get to the point where I can't enjoy a McDonalds hamburger occasionally. I don't want to only eat fancy froo-froo food.” “Or become one of those people that claims they can only get good food in France, and say they're bilingual even though they'd be lost in Paris outside of a restaurant?” “I don't know if they'd be lost. As long as they navigated based on the restaurants. Besides, I doubt they're going anywhere else.” “I don't picture those food snobs with their fois gras and $100 bottles of wine trekking up the stairs of the statue of liberty, that's for sure.” “Not that there is anything wrong with that type of food. The French do make some excellent dishes.” “Of course, but so do other places. Even here. I'm as unpatriotic as the next guy, but it always bothers me when people act like America, and specifically New York, doesn't have a derth of quality food and drink.” “That's a very, very valid point. It'll have to be a topic for another time though.” “What, you bored of talking to us?” “No, but I have to go pick up my sister from the train, sh[...]

I solemly Swear..


Welcome to the 6th floor.  Today's contributors are: Ann Subject:  Ann's 2009 Promise   I don't do 'normal' blog posts here often, preferring to stick to the group style.  This feels a little like the Fourth Wall of a Broadway play.  However, with my putrid care of the blog over the last couple of months, I feel to necessary to take a step back and try to work harder at creating something that people actually want to read.  Some bloggers or writers may say that they do it for themselves, but in my opinion every writer wants his story to be read.  Stories are like a writer's babies, and no one wants their baby to become a dusty paperweight in the back corner of some library, or the unread feed in someone’s feed reader.  So I'm going to lay out some rules and goals for 2009.   I like the number 10.  10 posts a month, which seems like the right number since there isn't always a 'story' to blog about around here.   Try out different angles.  I've made a couple of posts which are more of my personal train of thought and observations, and I'd like to do more of that.  I'd also like to explore some of the more personal matters that go on around here.  I rarely blog about personal relationships, or any real negative stuff.  There will be more fights in 2009, more breakups, and hopefully more fun.  Reader input on the style of blog posts they like best are always welcome ,and encouraged.  Do people like it best when it's all six of us? Or are lesser, two-person blog posts exciting too?  I enjoy occasionally doing review type posts, particularly after a movie, or finding a cool new product.  More pictures!  I like pictures.  I probably could have a dozen blog posts just on some random observation we make, and if I photographed it, all the better.   Promote the blog better.  I think comments make blogs better, and an interactive readership is something that would be great.  If I get links out there, and draw more people in, this could happen.   I installed a Twitter feed on the top right of the site.  It's probably silly, and there is no way I'm going to start regularly sending in updates multiple times a day.  I've encouraged people to tweet the random one-liner though.  I may just do away with it entirely.   I intend to start writing a book.  I’ve been floating around ideas for a while, and It’s time to actually put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and start something.  I may post some blurbs here, and I’ll definitely upload much of it and link to it in the sidebar.   I’ve thought about buying a domain, for this as well as other things.  I’m not overly impressed with blogger, but I also don’t need bells and whistles.  The thing I hate most is the width of the actual text area. I wonder if I can get Sara to look at some of the code behind it and tweak it..hmm..[...]

Toast Freedom


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: 75th Anniversary of Repeal Day “So I get out three hours early on Friday. It’s our holiday party instead of a party.” “Err…what was that?” “Instead of a party, they’re just letting us go three hours early.” “You could get started drinking early for Repeal Day.” “Maybe. It’s the 75th anniversary this year right?” “I believe so. It really is a great holiday, you’ve got American History, appeals to everyone!” “Well, everyone except prohibitionists.” “Those people don't exist anymore. Do they? DO THEY?!” “Sure. There are still plenty of dry counties out there. The place where they make Jack Daniels for one. Plenty of people still seem to think alcohol is a bad thing and a sin or something.” “Silly (other) Americans!” “I think I'll hit McSorley's..despite it not being historically friendly towards women.” “Straight from the website, 'Established in 1854 – McSorley's can boast of being New York City's oldest continuously operated saloon.' It survived prohibition, and I think that's deserves a couple of half-pints of dark in it's honor. I'll meet you there after work.” “Sweet!” “I have to agree, this is the best drinking holiday of them all. There's too much green on St. Patrick's Day, and it's too Irish, not American. The night before Thanksgiving is nice, but no one wants to be hungover and have to cook a turkey. New Years Eve is a great day too though.” “I'd say New Years is more of a family holiday, a celebration of new beginnings, new chances, and the Twilight Zone.” “Greatest drinking holiday or not, I'm going to make an effort on Friday.” “Shouldn't be too hard at a great place like that. I want light first, or dark?” “We'll get both and split them.” “Smart.” [...]

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Final Month “I warned you!” Ann intones, walking into the living room. “No! Dive for cover!” Frank leaps behind the couch. “I always feel like a celebrity talking to a tabloid when you 'interview' us like this Ann.” “Well then it's good practice for when you are a celebrity right?” “Oh sure, of course. Any day now.” Tabitha rolls her eyes. “Fine, since you're all in such a bitchy mood ... Let's do what you hate most about December.” “That's easy. The extra crazy lines for even the simplest of purchases.” “Not a huge fan of the cold.” “Christmas cards. I hate the buggers. Really, you wish me a happy holiday? Isn't that nice of you, let me hang onto this generic piece of paper to collect dust for a month!” “The wretched heat in some places. They figure It's always going to be 20 out and blast it, but today, and many days in December are actually kind of nice. I wish they'd have a little more control over being able to set the thermostat day to day.” “I hate seeing another year ticking to a close without me seemingly accomplishing anything. Tick..Tick...” “Frank?” .... “Frank! I see you behind the couch!” “Fine. I hate the tree.” “The Tree? The Rockefeller center Tree? Are you a terrorist? How can you hate the tree?!” “No, I just hate the tree and the whole idolization behind it. Big deal, it's a big freaking tree. And who in their right mind goes ice skating there? It's packed like sardines!” “Wow..maybe he is a terrorist.” “But Frank..what about that wonderful scene in Home Al...” Frank cuts her off. “Don't even get me started on Home Alone 2. I'll never watch something with Macaulay Culkin in it again.” [...]

Leftovers For a Week


Welcome to the 6th floor. Today's contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott. Subject: Could there be anymore food? “I hate to say it, but I'm full.” Ann fakes surprise, “You'd better be, after all that.” “I think he ate for three.” “At least.” “Yet we're still going to have leftovers.” “That's a good thing. Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving.” “I'm good with Turkey for one day, I don't think I could handle it as dinner all weekend. That's on you guys.” “Gladly. Just make sure there is some stuffing and potatoes for me to eat with it.” “We'll take care of removing the leftovers this weekend. It'll be a clean start by Monday.” “I think us girls can take care of the pies.” Tabitha says, with a wink to Ann and Sara. “Dibs on the chocolate crème.” “I'm partial to the mincemeat tarts myself.” “You're not going to share any of the dessert?” Billy pouts. “Maybe a little.” “That cheesecake looks scrumptious.” “We can share some, we've got way too many desserts anyway.” “Should we do one of those round robin “What I'm thankful for” things?” “No.” “Lame.” “Pass.” “Fine, but I'm going back to the monthly 'Tell me about December' post for the blog. Think about it.” “Can we reuse last years?” “No.” “Billy groans.” “Maybe I'll think of a slightly different question this year. Hey..where's Frank?” Everyone looks around and notices Frank has left the table and is asleep on the couch. “We've got our first Tryptophan casualty!” “Who had Frank in the pool?” “That'd be me.” Everyone hands Scott five dollars. [...]