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Taco Bell Blog

Real Life. Real Tacos. Taco Bell Blog. The Taco Bell Blog Wants You! Do you work for taco bell? want to add your comments about your store? email me to join the team

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Thank You?!?!?!?!?!?


Okay, i feel that if i don't say something now, i might have to wait to say it later. It's the phrase "thank you." That's it. "Thank you." but when said billions of times, it becomes annoying, yes? I bring chalupas to the front. "Thank you." I fry a box of taco shells. "Thank you." I get the okay to clock out, i walk away. "Thank you." It's my job! I do it because i'm paid to! You don't have to thank me!!! Damn...

Thank you for checking in. Godammit.

I feel so lonely...


Oh boy! You hear that, my potential proficient posters? Cash in the pocket! For all my troubles i come away with $3.19! This site is really not about the money, its about the life of a man trapped in a taco bell worker's body. Sure, its nice that its not completely for one month i scraped in the equivalent of about half an hour of work at TB. Speaking of which, how are things going at the ole tacoing hole?

In the last week we've added 4 new employees. FOUR! Two germans and two americans. And guess what? They really have no idea what they're doing. Who'd have thought? With time, hopefully they'll learn. Those rookies. I've already settled into my position of authority, delegating how to make salad bowls and what goes on a 7-layer (beans, rice, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, sour creme and guacamole, bitches. I said bitches.) Overall, we have half of our workers with less than 2 months experience at taco bell, and the other half with over 3 years experience...HOW ABOUT THAT?

By the way, join if you work at taco bell and can compile words into sentences. It make good fun!

That's it for now, remember: be gentle with your hard shell tacos.

Welcome Back Super Taco Bell Employee Sloth


Welcome back. I thought I lost ya there. Not sure when we talked about the monetary topic, but I am starting it at the beginning of December. Your total for the month of December is $3.18. I will wait til the end of this month to have a payment total. Than will pay at the end of next month. I only wait that long, because of the structured setup with Google. I'll attach along with the money order, a printed csv report for the months of january and December. I'll probably keep the payments set at once every 2 months, until the site generates more revenue. Now wheres those fellow taco bell employees who hate their jobs and want to let the world know?

I'm back...what do you mean finally?


Sorry that i haven't posted a month...I HAVE AN EXCUSE! I WORK AT TACO BELL!!
To give you an idea of the current situation, after my first week of work, i was already working 43 hours a week, due to vacationing workers and quitting managers. Having worked at TB for one month now, i consider myself an MF'er: a master fryer. I can make them hard shell tacos like Kobe makes jump shots: kapow! Thats 8 more tacos, bitches! I clocked myself at around 130 tph, that's tacos per hour. Per hour, i say. While staring into my fry station, I realized that i make 130 tacos, which along with meat and lettuce and cheese will net $1.07. Now, I make $9.15/ hour, and minus expenses for meat and veggies, those 130 tacos probably bring in around $100. What am I getting at? Nothing, just saying is all...Also, one thing I learned was that if somebody's order is $6.07, and they give you $20, the change isn't $14.10. PAYDAY TOMORROW!! HUZZAH!!

On a side note, we need more of the enlightened border jumpers. I was gone for a month, and nothing all...WE MUST SPREAD THE GOSPEL! JOIN TBB!

The Irony


There are always those moments on the job that make you step back and say, "Huh. How about that," and then continue scraping the petrified cheese off the quesadilla machine. Recently, our humble "restaurant" was visited by some local german soldiers. I finished up the order and called out the number, and, to my bemusement, they looked around at the other customers, then grunted and showed me their receipt, which matched the order. The irony? Three german soldiers at an american store that sells mexican food. The germans don't speak english, the english (americans, that is. Still with me?) dont speak spanish (mexican, hang in there...), and the mexican food then completes the circle by being eaten by the germans. That's the circle of taco life in full swing...

Working on leaving the living...irrelevent


I have now amassed 27 hours of quality taco bell work since last thurs! Now I will surely have enough to buy that kazoo amp I've been salivating over...

"Give It Wings"


Yes! Finally, I'm wrapping them there tacos and calling the numbers. I am the most powerful man alive! There are many things to keep in mind: what goes on a crunchwrap? Well, that's a secret; if I told you, I'd have to kill your curiosity. Also, when folding taco shaped foods (like tacos and chalupas), make you sure you give that bitch wings. My seldom posting colleagues know what I'm talking about, right guys? Another employee bit the dust, and our taco team has now become a rag tag bunch of vagabonds...a.k.a. a smaller staff. I heard from a co-worker that since the started (3 months ago) there have been "at least 10 people to join and then quit." I think I'm in there for the long haul, especially if my rock band doesnt get a gig and record deal soon (only kidding, folks. It's a ska band (only kidding, folks)).

Taco Bell.....And After Three Rounds...


I worked a total of 13.5 hours over the weekend at Taco Bell, and 13.35 hours of that was spent doing dishes and making chalupas/chips/salad bowl things. HOWEVER I was entrusted with about 5 minutes of register time when business got slow; then out of NOWHERE a line formed and after trying to work that daggum rejster, the manager said "you're done kid," and I handed her the ball and walked off the mound, and sulked back into the dugout. Tomorrow: 1600-2230, the longest one yet. Let's hope slothy cleans them dirty dishy and make em shiny!

Ah yes, the first day...


Today was my introduction to the taco bell work force. However, the introduction didn't encompass very much: I was doing dishes and making nachos and chalupas, which is what the trainees always start out with, from what I hear. However, since I worked the friday night 1800-2230 shift, I was BLESSED to learn about the pre-closing end eventually closing procedure: get that grease off things, finish the dishes and squeegee that floor. It's much more complicated than that, and you have to memorize what needs to be done, but today i mostly did what i was told...BIATCH! All in all the shift was very easy if you don't mind sticking your hands into boiling water or a nice murky pan of spicy chicken dish, although the time will soon come that i'm sliding tacos down the line... Hopefully that just makes time seem to go by faster. I go to bed tonight certain that i'll dream about dancing chalupas and bean dip, but that's the price you pay to work at taco bell.

intro/ taco bell muzak


hey cool blog, 23 y/o male and taco bell fanatic from the chicago area. Anyway i used to work at a taco bell back in my high school days and i just wanted to let you know (which you may or may not already know) that"Hitline" - the Muzak station that is played in all taco bell locations is now available on channel #923 on dish network. i just thought this was so cool as i always loved the piped-in satellite music that is played at taco bell....

The Taco Bell Blog Hits #1



Congrats to my new Taco Bell Bloggers. We have hit the #1 spot for the term taco bell on, outranking pic provided. Well I don't know what to msn tommorow GOOGLE!!! Keep up the good work my fellow Taco Bellers. And just so everyone knows if you work for a taco bell and would like to join out blog as a member and posts your experiences feel free to drop me a line. Emails at the bottom of the page.

Taco Bell On Thanksgiving


Well from all us Taco Bell Bloggers Happy Turkey Day, and especially to those having to slop those tacos today. Keep it up. Run For The border baby!!

Feliz Thanksgiving!


Feliz Thanksgiving!

-Sus amigos en Taco Bell Blog

(thanks Babel Fish translation!...unless that is really crappy spanish...I'm german, remember?)

Taco Bell Blog Signs My Sloth Died


Taco Bell Blog, located at the site you are looking at now, recently acquired 17 year old Phil, known as My Sloth Died to himself, who lives in Germany, yes, Germany. He will soon be working at Taco Bell, if he passes through the fall training camp (which will be documented EXCLUSIVELY on this site, stay tuned). The 5'10" rookie has no fast food experience, but he has one thing other food service employees lack: hustle.

Why did he decide to join the Taco Bell Team? "I grew up in front of the t.v., and found a hero in the talking chihuahua. I ran to my parents, and exclaimed 'one day, I'm going to work at taco bell!' My parents merely dismissed this as usual extravagent ideas that children often form, but here I am. I wish I could see everyone's stunned faces when they realize I'm the one dishing up those sweet soft tacos."

"Also, the $8.50 an hour is a nice bonus," My Sloth Died added.

Taco John for Taco Bell


Just to let you all know, I will be lending a hand to update you all about my adventures at work/Taco Bell.

First I'll give you a little detail about me, My name is John, I work for the Taco Bell in Katy Texas (it is right outside of Houston). My shifts is to close thus I'm labeled a 'Closer' and it is a very pesky thing to do, thats why us closers get paid more then cashiers (hah). I'm 19 years old and of course a guy (Has there ever been a female named John before? I'll have to search that somtime). Any questions just feel free to ask/comment, it is time to get this blog going again.

Over the next few days I will let you all know my usual routine on how we close, the low-down on our soon to release new item(and my terrible score on making it), a brief review of my co-workers, and of course a few insane and crazy stories that I promise are true. Till then later!!


Taco Bell Blog Is Looking For You!


I have decided to try and get this blog going agian. I have an idea that I would bring on more people to post on this website. So here is the deal. If you are a employee of a Taco Bell, Corporate or franchised and want to rant a bit about your job? Email me and I will grant you status here to make posts. I think this could really take off. The only thing I ask is that you really do work for Taco Bell and in your posts you put the term Taco Bell in your post at least 3 times. Well email me if you guys are interestd.

The Dates Of The Taco Bell Posts


The dates of the posts are above the ads above the post. Well I hope that answered your question about my taco bell blog.

The Great Taco Bell Robbery


Well although this isnt a recent event at Taco Bell,I thought I would tell you the story anyway. Well I was working the typical close like usual. This was back when psychotic Taco Bell shift manager Natalie was still working for Taco Bell. Well all was quiet the lobby and drive thru-s were closed, no lights on in lobby or outside. Well I see Natalie go into the office to count the days deposit. Than I hear the buzzer going off letting me know someone came into the restraunt. Well I was in the dish area and thought it was a off duty Taco Bell Employee comin in to say hi and maybe a quick Pepsi. By the time I get to the front i look and see this guy walking out the door now,not with cash or a register drawer, no he went for the big bucks, yes the Mop sign. But he placed it on the side of the building and came back in Taco Bell. I than seen it was a little punk. I was like wtf you doin punk. Get the fuck out of hear before i beat your f*cking ass b*tch. The kid left the store in a very fast fashion and all was well. Another super close by Super Employee James at Taco Bell

How does Taco Bell Prepare The Beef?


Well I had an email from someone curious about how Taco Bell prepares their beef. Well the beef comes bagged weighing 5lbs. a bag. We drop the beef in the "rethermolizer". Which is water heated to 190 degrees. It cooks in the bag like that for 30 minutes, or until t reaches a minimum serving temperature of 160 degrees.
We than pan up the beef and it sits in the "bevelace" until it is needed on the line. Well I hope that helps you as far as how Taco Bell prepares their beef.

Taco Bell Super Freak Missing



Well I have sent a invitation to the Taco Bell Superfreak a few days ago and he has not replied to me. Has the Taco Bell Superfreak disapeared or is he on a Taco Bell adventure? Stay tuned.

Taco Bell Shift Manager Danyelle


Well last night I called Taco Bell, to talk to the Taco Bell shift manager Christine, and Danyelle answered the phone. Well I asked for Christine, and she said she isn't there. I'm like hmmm ok........When I, then asked for her husband, which is Taco Bell's newest employee Odell. She tells me he isn't there either. I'm like what a bit**. That's ok, because I still am the pimp of Taco Bell, I have the owners phone number on speed dial baby.

New Idea for The Taco Bell Blog


Are you a employee of taco bell and would like to contribute to this blog. Put your two sense in as well. And what the hell, you a customer that wants to be heard. Well email me and Request a post. Preferably give me a time that is good for you to post as I will only give you access to the blog for 15 minutes. If you need longer please add it in your request email. My email is . Well I hope some Taco Bell peeps join on in. This could get fun.

Taco Bells Crunch Wrap Supreme


Well on Monday the 13th of June our store started the Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme.

Well Taco Time Is Lame


Blah I can only find so much to talk about when it come to Taco Bell. The Taco Bell Club chulupa started. Yay, just one more thing to remember how to make. Pain in my ass chalupas. Bing Bing made a new blog. It's not Taco Bell, but it sure is more entertaining. Check out Jack Cafferty blog. sure has a moron on tv. But Taco Bell still will get a post every few days. Bye for now.

Friday Night Hell At Taco Bell


Today at Taco Bell was just awful. My gosh! Every redneck hillbilly in Pollock Pines must have wanted Taco Bell tonight. We had waits that were unreal. So listen up rednecks. Quit coming all at the same time dammit! You hicks come and order 30 or 40 items in drive-thru and the poor sap behind you has to wait 15 minutes for the 2 tacos he ordered. You people made me hate my job today. If you are ordering alot of stuff come INSIDE!!! We are timed in drive thru and we have only 69 seconds. Think of others you hicks. Well as you can tell was a crappy night at Taco Bell.