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Pro Photo Business Blog

A Business Oriented Blog for Professional Photographers

Updated: 2014-10-07T01:20:39.442-04:00


A photo tour of a working nuclear power plant


I moved my photo tour of a working nuclear power plant to my new personal blog here.

We also make art . . .


Even though we are listed as a Boston Corporate Portrait Photographer in the search engine, we occasionally create "fine art." Our homage to Piet Mondrian was accepted in a show at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln MA. Here is our photo:Stanley Rowin Photography|Boston area corporate photography.

How many lights does it take to shoot a box?


In our last post we showed a product photo from our portfolio and now we describe how we lit this rather plain product to make it pop.Click on the photo to enlarge it some. We used 5 lights to light the "Product" in the center of the photo. Light "E" is a white light in a bank lighting the front of the box. Light "C" with a yellow gel, puts a yellow glow on the box at the top right of the photo

It's all about Marketing


To be polite, the business of taking portraits and head shots of corporate executives has been getting very competitive recently. My web site portfolio of professional portraits of corporate executives in Boston and New England, has worked well for decades, but 2 years ago I knew I would need to supplement that portfolio with more work directed to a different market. So I re-opened my photo

Rebooting the blog with a wall of chewing gum


We're rebooting the WikiProPhoto blog to focus more on photography, the art of photography and the art of creation of images. There will be less emphasis on the politics of professional photography and more frequent posts featuring our photos. We'll have "how-to-photos," but more importantly, humorous photos from our virtual shoe-box.For instance, Jan, Barb and I were biking through Unseen

Inside the Polaroid Archives - Pt 3


Hello!We've moved this post to our "Boston Photographers Blog."You can use this link to get to this post:!

Inside the Polaroid Instant 40" x 80" Camera


Hello!We've moved this post to our "Boston Photographers Blog."You can use this link to get to this post:!

Inside the Polaroid Archives - Pt 1


We've moved this post to our "Boston Photographers Blog." Please use this link to go to this post:!

Portraits of War


Let's take a break in the business of photography and look at the art of photography. Check out the NY Times article on Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' work on injured soldiers

The Bizzaro World of Orphan Works


You pass a post office. Someone double-parks their car, leaves the car empty with the motor running and strolls over to the post office to drop a letter in the mail box. Do you assume that the car is now yours and drive off with it?You are a publisher. You find a neat photo of a dog that you would like to use but can’t find the photographer because there is no data attached to the photo (

What the Duck? Priceless!


From a pro-photographer centric comic strip. Check out Priceless!

And, while I have your attention . . .


How about this piece of trivia?Huynh Cong Ut, the Pullitzer Prize winning photographer responsible for taking the iconic shot of the naked girl running toward the camera, crying, while fleeing a South Vietnamese napalm attack in 1972, also made the front page of the online NY Times last month with the iconic shot of Paris Hilton crying in the back seat of the car, on her way to jail (now as Nick

NY State bill on photos of famous people fails to pass


A law that would have caused photographers severe hardship on the licensing of images of famous people in New York State failed to pass. The bill would have prohibited the use in ads the name, portrait, voice, signature or picture of any deceased person who died within seventy years of January 1, 2008, without having first obtained the written permission of such person`s estate.You can read more

Photography Banned in SilverSpring, MD and DC


A growing and disturbing trend of harassing photographers taking photos from public spaces continues. Here are two recent additions:Photographers Versus Security Guards in Washington, DCPhotography Banned in Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland

Our photo of the week


After reading all the stories about poisoned pet foods ingredients, and now poisoned toothpaste, coming from China and coincidently, last Wednesday we showed an atomic bomb on a box from a Chinese soy-milk machine, we fondly remembered a recent trip to China.I was a guest lecturer to the Chinese Photographers Association, teaching them the business side of professional photography in the US. We

"Made to Match our Clients Tastes!"


From the "What Were They Thinking?" file:So I'm shopping in the Asian specialty store in Boston's Chinatown and I see this box sitting on the shelf with the small electric appliances. It's a box holding a soy milk machine. I guess you put soybeans in and you get milk out. You can't read the text on the bottom in blue, mixed in the red cloud, but it says:"Made to Match our Clients Tastes!"And

"Rethink everything you know about photography"


This is an excerpt from an article I wrote suggesting that photographers start to look into new ways of doing business.Published in the Winter 2004 ASMP Bulletin© 2004 Stanley RowinPhoto Ecology 101"Rethink everything you know about photography," declares the headline in Hewlett-Packard's 24-page advertisement launched in October. Here's a computer manufacturer trying to wrest control of those "

Is Digital Photography Really Better for the Photographer?


This is an excerpt from article I wrote at the "dawn" of the digital revolution.Published in the October 2002 ASMP Bulletin© 2002 Stanley Rowin. . . this issue of the Bulletin deals with many of the business issues surrounding digital technology. While there has been much written in the trade press extolling the virtues of the new digital workflow, little has been written about the impact on the

Photo Darwinism: Things your mother never told you


Published in the January/February 2003 ASMP Bulletin© 2003 Stanley RowinAs a trade association ASMP is here to inform, educate and represent you. Some of these tasks are easier to do than the others. We try to advocate for you by taking on the Goliaths, but limited resources restrict our ability. We do a good job at informing you through our website, this Bulletin, local chapter meetings and our

"Five contributions to decline of stock"


On November 12, 2006 I posted a rather provocative reply to a post to the StockPhoto Listserv. Here is my reply in the thread "Five contributions to decline of stock:"'A couple of months ago I gave a talk to the ASMP DC Chapter on the state of the industry. Most of the points in this article I touched on, but the people who asked me to speak gave me the task of not having it just be a "downer.

Legal Disclamer


While we might mention fees or prices, unless otherwise specified, we are discussing industry averages. We do not recommend people follow any prices, resources or even investment advice that might be discussed here. Use your own judgment. Consult a professional tax adviser, attorney or money manager.

So what is this Pro Photo Wiki thing anyway?


The WIKI acronym for us translates to: What I Know Is. This WIKI is about the business side of the professional, independent, freelance photography business. We will discuss marketing and promotion and, excuse the expression, sales, for photographers who shoot for publications in the 21st Century.The “I” in WIKI is Stanley Rowin. I have been a freelance photographer since 1980. I was

We are warming up for a February 2007 rollout


Watch this space!