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delicious ramblings about spilled milk and cookie crumblings in a little red tiled town on the beach

Updated: 2018-03-07T02:06:27.821-08:00




I have been very busy working on social media for the award winning Edible Santa Barbara magazine and have not found the time to update my personal blog here...

I may come back to it now and then...but please do visit Edible Santa Barbara's social pages for food and local issues.


Thank you for all your years of support.

It's not Christmas


without Elvis.

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Support your local community


#ShopLocal #EatLocal

Happy Halloween!


Find some great goulish Halloween recipe ideas at Bay Area Bites....

Assemblymember Das Williams


The hardest working elected official guy around. Seriously. 

Don't let the stories of miscreant politicians sway your opinion of those who chose public service to actually make a change in their communities and in the lives of their constituents. 

As Colbert would say, Das represents the "Fighting 37th" Assembly District in California, which includes my little red-tiled town of Santa Barbara, as well as Goleta, Carpinteria, Solvang, Ojai and Ventura. It's a big territory, and Das and his staff are determined to listen to and represent us all.

Whether it be attending SBCC science students project presentations, visiting local farms, presenting disaster preparedness events, writing legislation acknowledging the importance of bees to our food system, working to get more students into and through college without selling out their financial futures, saving people from toppled carriages or picking up trash along the local beaches for coastal clean up day, Das seems to be everywhere.

I want what vitamins he's taking.

On this day of nationally acknowledging the climate, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what an inspiration my local ecologically "with it" Assemblymember has been to me. 

Thanks, Das.

The Bill Johnson Legacy


The Bill Johnson LegacyRead during Friends of Dartmouth Golf Dinner - September 6, 2014Ted / Jack, thanks ... For those of you I have not yet met, I’m Dave Aznavorian ... I’m a Dartmouth ’92 ... And I had the proud honor of wearing the Green for 4 years during my Dartmouth career...Keep in mind this was back when people still carried 1-irons, and the seventh hole at Hanover was actually a Par 4 that ran along Lyme Road to Etna where the Hanover Shuttle sometimes came into play off the tee for anyone who sprayed it a little right.It’s funny - some days, it feels like it was all yesterday ... and then somedays ... well, it feels like an eternity ago ... Teddy Dardani reached out to me a few days back, and asked if I would speak a little about someone who many of us here knew ... and knew well... and who I know is VERY MUCH here tonight with us in spirit ... and that’s Bill Johnson ... For those who may not know, Bill was only the third man to coach the Dartmouth Men’s golf team over the course of an entire century ... He coached for 34 seasons prior to his retirement in 2001.Last November, many of us assembled here tonight gathered ... in a room much like this one ... to honor him upon his passing ... At the time,we honored not only his career at Dartmouth, but his life ... his contributions to many of us individually – both as players and as people ... and we witnessed the many lives he had touched ... including that of his sister, Ruth, who has kindly joined us here tonight, along with her husband, Fred ...We spoke then to his legacy ... which was a REMARKABLE one ... and one that I’d like to share with you a little more tonight ... particularly those of you who may never have had the opportunity to have met or have known him ...Over the course of 34 years at Dartmouth, Bill Johnson didn’t coach very many future PGA TOUR stars ... and the reality is, he didn’t really expect to ... Bill was challenged by Dartmouth’s short playing seasons ... by its high academic requirements ... and by an annual crop of walk-ons ... So Bill KNEW he needed to build a golf program that would both tap the pride ... and also challenge the potential ... of players not destined for professional golf ... While Bill’s seasons in Hanover did yield a remarkable slew of All-American players and Ivy titles ... along with a host of coaching honors including recognition in the Golf Coaches Hall of Fame ... one of his most enduring legacies is not formally recorded anywhere ... There’s nothing in the basement at Hanover Country Club ... There’s nothing anywhere online at the Ivy League web site ... or over at the Sports Information Desk ... Instead, one of his most enduring unspoken legacies lives in his players – people like us who looked to Bill – or Cha as he was affectionately known – for advice .... or for encouragement ... or maybe to share a laugh ... We all looked ...ultimately ... to Bill to better understand what it truly meant to “wear the Green” ... ironic, for a guy who never attended Dartmouth, went to Michigan, and who’s family was of Finnish descent ...During Bill’s prime, you’d look around the clubhouse at Hanover Country Club, and you’d see his touches everywhere ...By the water fountain, he hung a sign that read “worn spikes cause slices” ... Near the fireplace he hung a caption that read “he who hoots with the owls at night cannot soar with the eagles at dawn” ... is Toby Thomas here by the way? Toby.... A dogleg is just 2 straight shots in different directions...When you spoke with Bill, you got much more than any sign could ever package ... “A good score is the mere accumulation of shot values” ... he’d say ... directing you to the mental aspects of the game, and the importance of improvement through process versus focusing on outcomes ...There’s no such thing as a tucked pin ... You just hit to the inside, and putt to the outside ... B[...]

June 29, 1925. Santa Barbara. 6:44 a.m.



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Martha Stewart visits the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market


and picks up some items and the current issue of Edible Santa Barbara. It's a good thing.


The Santa Barbara Wine Festival™ is coming


get set for a sumptuous day of sipping and savoring wine, food and scenery.

It truly is THE BEST wine festival in town. 

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Pascale Beale has a delicious new cookbook


and she's throwing a publication party on May 22!

Edible Institute 2014



Couldn't make it to NYC? Well, have no fear....the Edible Institute 2014 will be livestreamed.

Listen to some of the leaders in the food world share their thoughts and fears of the current (and future) state of food and food production.

VOTE for Edible Santa Barbara


in the Edible Feast Cover Contest so Fairview Gardens can win $500! 
It's easy, peasy to do! Just share this link via Facebook, Twiter or Pinterest.
Only a few days left...


CRAVE the dinners at Museum of Contemporary Art



Crave dinners at Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB). An innovative and dynamic form of aesthetic hospitality, Crave: Art, Food, & Social Experience comprises a series of artist-orchestrated, themed events in collaboration with local chefs known for their distinctive culinary styles. They are culinary events unlike anything else that Santa Barbara has to offer. The first installment, Crave: Deflowered & Devoured/Stigma & Style, is organized by artist Diana Puntar and is taking place at MCASB on April 19 at 7 pm. 

Puntar will be working with local chef Edie Robertson (fellow Santa Barbara High Don); they're finalizing the exotic, five-course menu this weekend. There will be a focus on aphrodisiacs (such as basil, oysters, figs, and honey), and there will be a performance titled "Honey" by Julie Tolentino and Stosh Fila to accompany the dinner that evening. There should be some interesting light and sound elements in Puntar's installation as well. 

MCASB members can buy tickets for $240, and general admission is $260. Visit their website - Museum of Contemporary Arts Santa Barbara

Green Drinks Santa Barbara


Tomorrow. April 1, 2014.

Great food. Good peeps. No joke.


Happy National Meatball Day!



Mangia! Mangia!

Do you eat ethically?


It's not just about the food, ya know.

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Happy Presidents Day


Quite a day to celebrate one of our Presidents who was quite the "foodie"...Thomas Jefferson.

The table is set with an elegant fusion of Southern comfort food and fine French cuisine. The beef and lamb are grass-fed; the artisan smoked hams are from locally raised pigs. The produce is locally grown and, of course, organic. All this local bounty is enhanced by fine imports: Italian Parmesan, French wine, and extra virgin olive oil. No, you’re not sitting down to eat with Michael Pollan; you’re at the table of Thomas Jefferson, statesman and gourmand extraordinaire. 
 Despite his service as legislator, the governor of Virginia, minister to France, secretary of state, and president of the United States, Jefferson likely believed his famous statement: “The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.” In honor of the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, we explore the author’s lesser-known contribution to American culture: his influence on the country’s culinary tradition. - Salon

Gladden and Sons


a great little local organic store out in Goleta.

Check out their website....sign up for their email newsletters...then visit their store to grab one of their weekly specials.


Open Up That Golden Gate!


San Francisco here I come! 

Watchout @KarlTheFog...I'm heading up your way to attend the Fancy Food Trade Show to see the latest, greatest and tastiest foodstuffs on the market...or hoping to be on the market. 

Looking forward to your cold, clammy enveloping embrace....and that Serrano Ham from Spain.


Snout to Tail Restaurant Coming to Santa Barbara?


Stay tuned to find out!


Santa Ynez Valley Restaurant Week


January 19 - 25


Happy Birthday Elvis!


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Not your mama's hospital tapioca pudding....


Restaurant News is reporting that hospitals are upping their foodservice with improved dining experiences.
“The trend in restaurants is that folks are trying to cater menus to healthier, fresher options, and given that we’re in health care, it was important for us,” said Gina Weldy, vice president of real estate for Northwestern Memorial. “In the work environment we’re in now, people eat three meals a day near the office. These concepts give us the ability to offer that.” 

Those objectives for the hospital align nicely with a fast-casual restaurant’s operating conditions, Matros said. 

“I like that it’s a 24-hour environment,” he said. “While we’re not 24-hour, there are people [at the hospital] all the time, during [our] breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack [dayparts]. For the people working the midnight shift, their breakfast might be at 7 o’clock. It’s not just doctors and nurses, either. There are lots of support staff, biotech sales reps and pharmaceutical sales reps.” - NRN
We here in Santa Barbara know that Cottage Hospital has some terrific food served up at a seriously good price and, in addition, are trying to source local.  (If you have a back issue of Edible Santa Barbara from Spring of 2011, look for the article on Cottage's Farmers Market. 

No Water. No Food.


You can't make it any simpler than that in this agricultural area we call home. 
"Barbarians" need to take a good look around and see how we can conserve on our water usage.
Last year was one of the driest years on record in Santa Barbara County, with below-average rainfall and shrinking reservoir levels. Water agencies already are drawing comparisons to the 1987-1991-era drought, and say voluntary and mandatory conservation orders may be coming soon. 

The county is four months into its third dry water year, which started Sept. 1, with only 22 percent of the normal rainfall. Only one location — the U.S. Forest Service station on Figueroa Mountain — has had more than two inches of rain in that time, according to the county’s Public Works Department. 

Every reservoir is drying up, too, officials say. Lake Cachuma, which provides water to five water districts, was at 40.3-percent capacity as of Jan. 1 and many jurisdictions have started using more state water to supplement supplies. - Noozhawk

photo from, and more information at, Mission & State