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How skewed are your blogs?

Wed, 19 Mar 2008 23:16:40 +0000

Find out by adding the Skewz widget to your blog, and letting your readers skew you based on how liberal or conservative your content is!

Find out more at



Running as an Independent or a Party?

Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:25:14 +0000

I ran for Mayor of my City last year. First time in politics, first woman to run for Mayor, first Independent to run for Mayor. Our small town is heavily Democratic, typical of many MW cities hit by lack of jobs etc. I lost the election, came in second (beat the Repbulican) but........

I've had a plethora of individuals approach me to run for council as a Democrat, next step Council at Large, next Mayor...... this is the normal procedure in politics I understand.

I don't agree that you need a party but I'm torn in that statistics show that generally an Independent doesn't stand a chance of winning. My ultimate goal is to help the people. Is there such an animal as an Independent D or R?

Do I have to become a Party to help my city?

Why Young People (and your kids) Like Obama

Thu, 28 Feb 2008 21:48:32 +0000

Obama is creating a mass following of net-generation teen, pre-teen and millennial young people. Many parents ask me: Why do teens and young people love Obama? Here are the reasons I think that Obama strikes a strong chord with our generation.

**Please note, this is not an endorsement of Obama, just an explanation of this trend–I prefer to keep my own political opinions out of this blog, but thought it is an important issue to talk about!

1) Obama is young

We like Obama because he does not feel as far away from our own reality as many of the other candidates. He feels young, he feels fresh and therefore he is relatable to us.

2) Obama lets youth feel important

Talk about a grass roots campaign! Obama asks us, begs us, and gives incentives to youth for speaking out on his behalf because he tells us we matter! Many of my friends are practically begging to campaign for him and he makes us feel great about helping him. He thanks us and reinforces the importance of the young vote—we love feeling important.

3) Obama pushes change, which feels like a challenge, which feels exciting

Obama constantly talks about change, new beginnings and his untainted background. We love be a part of something that is new, exciting and a little counter-revolutionary or daring, so we jump on his band wagon!

4) Obama loves net-generation tools (the internet)

Obama is all over the web, he has YouTube videos, online platforms, chat rooms and a blog. Many other candidates have these as well, but Obama focused his campaign on the online community early and with full force. We love tackling and reading all of his online aspects and feel he is speaking to us in our language.

5) Obama is good looking

Isn’t there some research done that the most attractive candidate always wins? Well, Obama has grasped the votes and hearts of many young women. Obama girl flaunts her crush on Obama and has a following of her own.

In this election especially, the young vote is important and Obama has captured the fascination and support of our generation. I'd love your opinions on this topic!

Stay Informed,

WomenCo's Super Tuesday Election Guide

Tue, 05 Feb 2008 01:57:30 +0000

I wanted to invite everybody to check out the Election Guide I put together for WomenCo. Tried to be as impartial as I could, but that is difficult, sometimes!

What do you think of it?

BlogHer Election 2008 Headline Widget

Thu, 31 Jan 2008 16:41:47 +0000

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All Women Need Hillary

Fri, 11 Jan 2008 06:15:36 +0000

If you are a woman who believes in human rights-not just here but all over the world. Women will have equal rights when the abuse of women is not brused off as "cultural". When half of the House and Senate reflect our population that is half women. While I like Barac Obama I really don't think he is ready to have his finger on "the bomb". If it was four years from now-or eight and I felt there was more substance than glamor I could vote for him-maybe by then he will see women's rights as human rights-he doesn't, I checked his site.

Non other than Bishop Desmond Tutu said the world won't get right until women are running it. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are so close on most issues that there is really not a big list of differences. They are different in this issue and it is one that should matter to women of all colors and ages. It matters to me,

Chris R

WomenCo: Thompson Doesn't See a Woman as President Yet

Sun, 30 Dec 2007 19:57:42 +0000


Fred Thompson doesn’t have a problem with a female heading a government. But he’s not ready for it in this country, at least not yet.

Speaking today to a small group of supporters in the last campaign rush before the Iowa caucuses next week, Thompson railed against those who opposed – and ultimately assassinated – former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

“They’re driven to distraction by the notion that a secular woman would be head of government,’’ the Republican presidential hopeful said of the woman who was slain as she campaigned for her country’s presidency after years in exile.

But in America, Thompson said, repeating remarks earlier in the week, no woman is up to the job just yet.

Read the Original Article Here.
Kylie's Thoughts: Seriously, why should the ability for a woman to occupy an extremely important governmental position pivot around somebody's gut feelings about a specific nation? I would like to see Fred Thompson pressed much, much harder for making statements such as this. Why, exactly, does he believe that one's gender plays any part in one's ability to be decisive, or to be a leader for America?

Seems like blatant sexism, to me.


Mission to Reduce Need on Made in China Toys

Wed, 28 Nov 2007 12:37:16 +0000

I am new, but want to make a big impact. I am diving in deep to understand over turn the addiction to cheap, dangerous toys and play things being dumped on children. The first phase is an online shopping site at to provide a safe and relevant alternative and remove the barrier that there are not choices.

Unfortunately, small marketers don't have the huge ad budgets to plaster over television and we certainly don't have marketing deals with McDonalds or Burger King. So, this is my best option. I plan to provide updates on this subject throughout the year. Thanks and please visit us at

10 Questions - questions for Obama on MTV

Mon, 29 Oct 2007 10:44:33 +0000

The top community-voted question on as of 10 AM EST on Monday, 10/29 will be asked in the MySpace/MTV Obama dialogue, which is taking place at 1:30 EST at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA.

The forum will stream live on , MTV's and MTV Mobile, and will air at 7 p.m. ET that evening on MTV. The audience will also be able to participate by MySpace IM and by rating Obama's responses in real-time on the web. It will also be translated live into Spanish and broadcast on LaVibra.

BlogHer Community Manager

The Real Hillary Girls

Fri, 26 Oct 2007 23:13:19 +0000

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Why Tuesday? Clean Elections...

Tue, 09 Oct 2007 15:32:44 +0000

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The Bush Admisnistration

Wed, 03 Oct 2007 20:16:32 +0000

Some of you may be familiar with the Bush Administrations attempts to remove certain protection acts from our forests so that more logging, mining and oil development can produce corporate profits. It's not a new thing that most politicians are greedy and most of them own stock and/or have financial interest in large oil companies, pharmaceuticals, etc.

When our forefathers put protection acts into place, they really had something going. They were thinking about the future generations. Well, it's no surprise that with the direction our culture is moving that the Bush Administration is self-focused on what kind of life they will live.

Right along the lines of the changing the Constitution, I think that to remove protection acts should be unlawful. What do you think about this?

Thanks in advance for your comments,


Burma or Myanmar?

Thu, 27 Sep 2007 13:30:34 +0000

When Erin posted about "Myanmar" I commented that I had no idea Myanmar WAS Burma. I thought Burma was still Burma - and then I was confused by why President Bush and some news folks were using Burma and NOT Myanmar - so I did some research and figured it out.

Now, USA Today has a great blog post explaining why they use Burma instead of Myanmar. It's interesting stuff, at least I think it is.

BlogHer Community Manager

9/11 - Take A Moment

Tue, 11 Sep 2007 14:53:03 +0000

Please take a moment of your time today to remember those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Two thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six, 2996, people between the ages of 2 and 85 coming from at least 14 different countries (CNN) had their lives taken away by strangers. At least 10 times that number have had their lives forever changed personally because they went to work that day or, watched a loved one go to work or on a trip. All of us have been permanently affected with the awareness that there are those in the world who will murder us, to make a statement.


Clinton's role in Chinese imports & problem with Illegals from Mexico

Wed, 05 Sep 2007 23:12:53 +0000

In the early 90's most American companies were looking to build or buy companies in Mexico. They saw this as a win-win. They could put new factories in Mexico where there were ample workers and pay them lower wages. Getting the goods back into the U.S. would be cheap because the goods could just be trucked back across the borders. Another benefit of having goods manufacturered in Mexico was the fact that Mexican citizens could then afford to buy American goods. Several problems hindered this progress. 1. Getting American workers to move to Mexican towns to set up these businesses - they had to live in compounds where only Americans lived, homes had to be walled-in with broken glass & barbed wire on the top of the fences to keep people from breaking into the homes. Security was the big issue that kept Americans from wanting to live there. 2. Any truck going into Mexico to deliver goods or to start setting up a factory had to pay bribes to every group that stopped them. From the Mexican border, truckers were stopped by military & others - all those people had to bribed to get permission to move forward. 3. To get manufacturing facilities built in Mexico bribes had to be paid to everyone. All these factors left American companies in a dilemna - should they move their manufacturing into Mexico or not?
When Bill Clinton became President the problem was solved. With campaign donations from the Chinese government in tow, Bill & Hillary quickly set up trade missions to China. The rest is history.
Those who want to re-write history would like to put the blame on Bush for all the illegals running rampant in the U.S. and for all the businesses that have sent all their jobs to China (unsafe products as well). But each of you should be informed of what really happened & why.

Immigration Reform- What's Your View Point?

Tue, 21 Aug 2007 21:31:52 +0000

My name is Kathy, and my blog, Finding Balance in San Francisco, can be found at and My latest post (re/ immigration) is as follows: I don't yet have a cohesive thesis on what immigration policy ought to be in the U.S., but I do have an opinion on 2 specific cases that may get me started on coming up with a theory on the whole thing. In this morning's news, there's a story about a single mother in Los Angeles who has been deported back to Mexico- thereby separating her from her 8 year old son, who was born in the U.S. This woman has been traveling around to various churches, seeking to raise awareness of how deportations can separate families- she's a face for the "sanctuary movement." U.S. Immigration is calling her a "criminal illegal alien." To quote from the New York Times: “I think she took a risk in the name of a mission, and I think she is accomplishing that mission,” said the Rev. Alexia Salvatierra, a leader in the New Sanctuary Movement, a coalition of groups arranging church accommodations for illegal immigrants nationwide, eight of whom have made their presence publicly known. “Immigration rights activists are going to be unified and galvanized by this,” Ms. Salvatierra said. “There is a Rosa Parks quality to this.” It feels wrong at a basic level to separate a single mother from her 8 year old son. In addition to being unduly harsh, this is stupid p.r., in my opinion. You can call her a "criminal fugitive" if you want to, but the "crime" was to try to raise awareness of a flawed and unjust system, and to try to be with her son. If I had been born outside the U.S. but my sons had been born here in the U.S., I would do everything in my power to stay with my boys. The boy visited his mother in Mexico this weekend, but will return to the U.S., probably to tour the U.S. to promote migrant rights. My good friend Sunny's husband Torben also recently got deported, back to London a week ago today. Torben and Sunny have tried their best to cross every t and dot every i in the maze of confusing and sometimes contradictory immigration paperwork. They've spent many hours and hundreds if not thousands of dollars filing and notarizing dozens of forms and have met with multiple officials, to say nothing of the fact that they got married on May 4th of this year, right here in San Francisco's City Hall. Yet Torben was unceremoniously denied entry into the U.S. last week, after Sunny and Torben's 10 day vacation to Scotland to visit his parents (who they hadn't seen since their wedding). Sunny started a new job last Monday, so she flew home a day earlier than Torben did. Torben got off his international flight in Dallas, feeling bedragled like most of us do after an international flight... little did he know that within hours he'd be back on a plane heading the other direction. Immigration officials took poor Torben to some sort of interrogation room and raked him over the coals under oath for 4 hours. He wasn't even allowed to call Sunny or anyone else to tell them what was going on. In the course of the 4 hours, the immigration officials told Torben that "all of the paperwork [that Sunny and Torben have filed] is now null and void" without much further explanation. Following that, he was escorted onto a flight back to London. Quite a first day on the job for poor Sunny. Apparently they unknowingly made a mistake by leaving the country while Torben's residency papers were being processed. They did file the document to allow him to travel outside the country, and he also left the country in June, for a 4 day business trip to Paris[...]

Organics and sustainable agriculture

Tue, 21 Aug 2007 16:58:30 +0000

Some open questions to you all -

are you worried about the quality of food available at conventional grocery stores?

how frequently do you purchase organic vegetables and/or pasture raised meat, vegetarian-fed chickens, etc. over conventionally grown/raised foods?

do you find yourself eat less of certain foods, i.e. fish, because of pollutant or contamination fears?

do you check the ingredients list on processed foods and try to avoid items with heavily processed ingredients, preservatives and chemicals, like corn syrup and artificial colorings?

do you choose locally grown/raised food over imported items?

Live Blogging the Democrat GLBT Debate

Fri, 10 Aug 2007 00:58:23 +0000

I had thought I might live blog the Democratic GLBT debate tonight but it was a long work day, so I'm not. I am enjoying Greg Hambrick live blogging it. I love a good Charleston blogger. Makes me proud of my hometown.