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"Duchess B. Breinstein's Dare To Hope"

Sun, 10 Sep 2006 17:51:32 +0000

For myself, the way to achieve --'06 Do-ocracy is to to take it to online forums and topple the moderator regime and reorganize the internet community. For others, it's to work out a solution and build the confidentiality of the opposition,those who trust you will listen to you harder and one day come around... For it cannot be one cure or the other. If we bloghers are going to uproot our free-market ideology and replace it with a feminism vision of progress, we need to use whatever tactic suits the situation at hand. We need to be radical at times,cautious at others, fierce at times,gentle at others. A foundation alone won't build a house,we bloghers need all the utensils in the forum box.


Racist medicine

Tue, 15 Aug 2006 01:44:43 +0000

I just returned this afternoon from my new doctor's office after she gave me a single reason for my high blood pressure; salt. Oh, what a cop out. And who do you think is always accused of eating too much salt on their food? Black folks that's who. I know I have kinky blonde hair but I have blue eyes and white skin but I get this all of the time. And this diagnosis is not even correct not even for black people. The medical reason for high blood pressure is not only too much salt in one's diet but for women over 55 the risk automatically rises, putting on pounds and no exercise regimen is another, the lead increase for those that have bones that are beginning to demineralize like us in menopause and stress. But my East Indian Doctor mention any of those , no she didn't only the one associated with race. ANd there is only one race and that is the human race with all its wonderful diversions. I am so sick of hearing about genes identify us and DNA etc. etc. we are all 99.9 percent exactly the same under a microscope why don't we give up the sham of the men who have the balls to give a NAME to another human being and be the STRONG LEADING WOMEN WE ARE!

Woolfcamp afterglow!

Tue, 25 Jul 2006 02:59:29 +0000

Okay! We're having the 2nd WoolfCamp at my house in RWC. It's not super beautiful like Grace's house, but it's homey, comfortable, and there's a lot of books, & wireless.

This coming Sunday, the day after BlogHer. For months now all time has been measured by "When BlogHer Is". We figured we'd get some out of town people & we could sort of debrief or continue the giant bloggity multiple orgasm that is BlogHer, because... why stop?

Basically it's a bunch of us having an all day blogging Thing, unconference style, strongly womancentric/feminist but not women only. The focus is on blogging as creativity. Massively touchy-feely. More intense than a meetup - we will brainstorm ideas for discussions to have and then make a schedule for the day and split into different groups. Lots of down time, probably a bunch of kids underfoot, food & wine, toenail-painting, disco dancing in between the discussions, demos, or workshops.

Come on over to the wiki and sign up if you want to come - not necessary to be part of any clique or part of BlogHer - half the people won't know each other - queer/trans friendly - kid-friendly - newbie-friendly - etc. Do not fear the wiki - the wiki is your friend. Or... if you do fear the wiki, email me at:

lizzard --- at ---
or email grace - gracedb - - - at - - -

I am running for a write in Coroner for San MAteo County just wanted to share

Tue, 30 May 2006 04:19:07 +0000

This is my statement of purpose

Message from STACIE Nevares, Write-In
A Constituent for Coroner

My name is Stacie Nevares and I am running for the position of San Mateo County Coroner. As a native of San Mateo County, I have striven to locate a platform that would best utilize my strengths, experience, and diligence to best serve the community at large. The position of San Mateo County Coroner would be such a platform, as I have earned a legal studies degree from UC Berkeley and have been employed with the County Coroner's Office for the past two and a half years. The focus of my campaign will encompass prioritizing the care of the deceased while assisting the living by fortifying investigative research to determine appropriate cause of death in a timely manner, instituting numerous death and dying support groups to assist families dealing with bereavement, and increasing the number of public speakers in the community to assist school-aged children in identifying negligent behaviors that may result in death.

Losing a loved one is a painful experience that requires sensitivity and empathy on the part of all persons involved. In order to bring closure to each case swiftly, overseeing the investigators thorough examination in determining an impartial cause of death or possible criminal involvement, as well as a meticulous inspection at the scene of the death to gather relevant data will be a priority. Sharing our various findings with the California Occupational Health and Safety Association and numerous review committees will ultimately aid in reducing the peril of unforeseen or aberrant death additionally aiding to decrease work related hazards. I plan to implement my previous experiences with loss to provide respect and dignity to all cases falling under our jurisdiction.

When a death occurs in one's family, each living individual experiences various stages of loss. In order to deal with grief in a healthy manner, I plan on instituting and enhancing the number of bereavement groups and increase available literature and access to such groups for social support in our community.

Finally, I plan on increasing the number of public speakers in the community to assist school-aged children in identifying negligent behaviors that may result in death. By instilling primary preventive measures in the community, school-aged children will be less apt to involve themselves in destructive activities by being conscious of such conduct.

I will strive to serve the community with diligence and respect. I am committed to excellence in all my work capabilities and to the work performance of my staff. Please accept my deepest condolences to the families of lost loved ones. I will regard your loved ones with paramount esteem.


Stacie Nevares