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For great entertainment

Thu, 21 Feb 2008 17:11:22 +0000

I highly recommend the Big Mama blog. She has a great whit about her.

Send an eHug or ePrayer to a Sick or Loved One

Thu, 23 Aug 2007 19:57:51 +0000

You can now send an eHug or ePrayer to a friend, sick or loved one at

Nutrigenesis Lean-N-Clean Holistic Health Approach

Wed, 15 Aug 2007 16:36:44 +0000

The company’s feature intestinal cleanser was developed in 1997 under the trademark name of Lean-N-Clean®. A complementary holistic approach, Nutrigenesis Approach®, was also developed, and has now become the registered trademark for the company’s line of products. The word, “Nutrigenesis,” was created to convey the meaning of “the origin or beginning of nutrition.”

Maternal obesity and Birth Defects Linked

Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:50:08 +0000

A study, published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, found that infant born to obese mothers are one-third more likely to suffer significant birth defects.

Find the Baby Onesies that you are looking for!

Tue, 14 Aug 2007 00:07:14 +0000

Baby onesies are gaining some major popularity. Not only are the a great one piece for infants and babies, they can be easily slipped on and off or paired with a pair of pants. If you are looking for those funny baby onesies or some that are different from the ordinary, check out!

Amazing Baby Bedding

Sat, 11 Aug 2007 03:47:49 +0000 carries some of the most beautiful baby bedding carried by some amazing designers. If you are looking for the more high end baby crib sets and baby furniture this place is amazing!

Colorectal Polyps in Women and High-Choline Diet Linked

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 18:28:44 +0000

According to research results published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute for August 15th, diets high in choline may increase a woman’s risk of distal colorectal adenoma, according to findings from the Nurses’ Health Study.

Gestational Diabetes

Wed, 08 Aug 2007 16:28:01 +0000

Gestational diabetes affects about 4% of all pregnant women. It usually begins in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy (between the 24th and 28th weeks). Most often, gestational diabetes goes away after the baby is born.

Found a great Deal on Children's clothes for upcoming School year!

Mon, 06 Aug 2007 22:15:31 +0000

If you love designer children's clothes for your kids here there is a great sale going on right now at You can save on your kids wardrobe for this Fall!

Changes in the Inner Ear Linked to SIDS

Mon, 06 Aug 2007 17:08:01 +0000

New theory published in the July issue of Early Human Development, links changes in the inner ear to Sudden Infant Syndrome (SIDS).

Smoking During Pregnancy Raises Baby’s Blood Pressure

Thu, 02 Aug 2007 22:01:57 +0000

A new research conducted by pediatric researchers in The Netherlands, and reported in the journal Circulation, a publication of the American Heart Association, demonstrates how smoking during pregnancy can lead to high blood pressure in babies, which doctors detected up to 60 days after delivery.

Lipodissolve Stirring Controversy

Wed, 01 Aug 2007 11:46:19 +0000

The rise of lipodissolve is causing controversy because of the rapid spread of the procedure that uses medicines not now FDA approved. Sometimes called medical lipolysis, lipodissolve is described as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction that involves a series of tiny shots meant to melt fat deposits in various parts of the body.

thinkproducts and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness

Tue, 24 Jul 2007 11:54:21 +0000

thinkproducts, the nation’s second largest independent natural nutrition bar company, now has three lines: thinkOrganic, thinkGreen, and thinkThin (plus thinkThin Pink, a recently debuted limited edition thinkThin bar that benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure).

New Menopause Product Puts the Brake on Hot Flashes

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 08:33:19 +0000

During menopause, many women experience hot flashes, night sweats and sleeplessness and what they really want is relief from these symptoms and to feel good again. Read about the new product at:

Women and Fear

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 00:21:46 +0000

I did a lot of media for Women in the Line of Fire and I was struck by the number of women who thought they had a vested interest in being weak and fearful. (One woman told me that I should know there are differences between men and women, especially menstruation, and that to want women to be strong and have stamina was to want them to be men. I finally lost it and told her that since the historic human norm was for women to do hard work on less food than men doing similar, work, often while pregnant or nursing, maybe it was time we women gave the masculine-strength-and-stamina thing a try.)

Then I started pondering why women think that being weak and fearful is in their best interests, since it is objectively true that anyone who wants you weak and fearful is your enemy.

This is the resulting essay.

Before you are 40, death comes from outside: wars and accidents.

After you are 40, death comes from inside: cancer and heart attacks and other disease.

If you’re a man, it’s been this way for all of time.

If you’re a woman, it has been this way only in the developed world since about 1940, when in the United States, maternal mortality—a woman’s chance of dying in childbirth—first dropped below one in a hundred. In modern Afghanistan, one in six women dies in childbirth, a figure that does not include deaths due to delayed complications: this is probably close to the historic human norm.

Since time out of mind, for women death has come to us first from inside: the onset of puberty, especially menarche, marked us for death. To be explicit, by men, whether we loved them or not, but most especially if we did and they returned that love. All other causes of death, including war and the aftermath of war, were secondary.

To understand this is to understand the weird dichotomy men have traditionally felt towards women: a mix of genuine protectiveness towards the fragile and precious, and genuine contempt for the less-than-human.

How else, as a group, could men maintain their sanity, when the natural drive towards sex for procreation often resulted in their partners’ deaths?

But these tragic facts did not only corrupt relations between men and women, they also corrupted the relationship of women to our own bodies and to the world we live in.

When the man you love is the man most likely to kill you—not because he is abusive, but because he has given you the child you wanted from him—men sui generis become fearsome and dangerous.

When you bear the physical demands of pregnancy, as well as the pain and danger of childbirth, you perceive your body as weaker than and inferior to the male body. Far weaker than it in fact actually is, because the female body has had to cope with all the hardships of evolution and the environment that men also bear, as well as the demands of reproduction that men do not share.

And when you think of yourself as weak by nature, you are far too likely to think of yourself as passive, if not helpless: to shape your world, to control outcomes, even to defend yourself.

So you fear.

Fashion Trends ~ Fall Fashion Colors: Chili Pepper ~ Deep, Spicy Red For Fall 2007

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 00:17:10 +0000 Image

Spicy Red Chili Pepper is Pantone's color of the year for 2007. Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color. Spicy Red Chili Pepper, according to Pantone, is appealingly eye-catching, sophisticated and enticing. I'm loving this color's depth and richness-an elegant and sophisticated shade.

Read more about using Chili Pepper ~ Deep, Spicy Red For Fall 2007.

Bronwen Davies
Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy


Sun, 22 Jul 2007 02:40:06 +0000

'Jane Roe' now regrets her role in the case Roe v. Wade. She has asked that the Supreme Court overturn it's landmark decision that legalized abortion 32 years ago, Roe V Wade.

My questions are:

1) Do you regret your decision to have had an abortion?

2) If abortion were illegal, would you have tried to find some to conduct the abortion, licensed or not?

Sounds Like Trouble?

Sat, 21 Jul 2007 03:36:08 +0000

Argh, are you hearing those noises coming out from under your hood again? If it's not one thing, it's another right? Just because it sounds like the only explanation for the crazy noises must be a raccoon, consider these suggestions and listen just a little bit harder next time. Of course, we still recommend you take your vehicle in to a certified technician. Squeaks, squeals, rattles, rumbles, and other sounds provide valuable clues about problems and maintenance needs. Here are some common noises and what they mean: Squeal - A shrill, sharp noise: • Loose or worn power steering, fan or air conditioning belt. If this happens every morning it isn’t the neighbor’s cat, but is usually a loose or worn accessory drive belt will cause this kind of noise. With regular maintenance and vehicle inspections this noise can usually be avoided. Click - A slight sharp noise, related to either engine speed or vehicle speed: • Loose wheel cover. • Loose or bent fan blade. • Stuck valve lifter or low engine oil. With regular maintenance and vehicle inspections this noise can usually be avoided. Screech - A high-pitched, piercing metallic sound; usually occurs while the vehicle is in motion: • Caused by brake wear indicators to let you know it's time for maintenance. There are sensors on most all vehicles front and rear disc brake pads and when the brake pad wears down to a certain point this sensor makes contact with the brake rotor and creates a squeal when the vehicle is moving. This squeal will usually get either louder or go away when the brake pedal is pressed, if left unattended this could cause damage to other brake system components. If you are hearing a grinding noise and the squealing noise is gone, further damage to your brake drums may be starting. Take your vehicle in for a brake inspection. Whomping or thumping - Noise coming from the rear of the car: Unless you have one of those huge custom sound systems installed in your trunk... • Tire, suspension or alignment When at highway speeds (45 to 70 mph) there is a fast paced whopping or thumping noise from the rear of the car. This could be caused by the rear tires cupping or chopping due to a lack of proper tire rotation or weak shock and or struts. If you run your hand across the tread area of the tires and find them bumpy like a wash board or cheese grater they will require replacement and your vehicles suspension and alignment should be checked. Ping - A high-pitched metallic tapping sound, related to engine speed: • Usually caused by using gas with a lower octane rating than recommended. Check your owner's manual for the proper octane rating. If the problem persists, engine ignition timing could be at fault. This is commonly called spark knock and is caused by high temperatures in the combustion chambers of your engine and the fuel igniting before the spark plug fires. If a higher grade of gasoline does not correct this it might be time for a fuel injection service or tune up on your engine. Finding a good auto repair facility is always a concern, especially when the unexpected happens. One important thing to remember is to look for ASE Certification. ASE-certified automotive technicians and other service professionals can be identified in several ways. The most obvious is to look for the ASE sign on the facility. Once inside, most establishments proudly display the ASE certificates earned by their technicians in their office or waiting room. Finally, the technicians may be wearing an ASE patch on the shoulder of their uniform. All ASE-cer[...] offers the best in Personalized Baby Gifts!

Fri, 20 Jul 2007 02:53:30 +0000

It doesn't get any easier to send a great personalized baby gifts! They offer everything that you need to welcome the new baby from unique baby gifts, baby shower favors and ideas! Each gift is sent invoice free and they offer FREE gift-wrap on most items!

Healthy Heart Guide

Thu, 19 Jul 2007 22:40:23 +0000

Read the simple changes that could save your life with a useful healthy heart guide.