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Thu, 15 May 2008 20:27:00 +0000






Looking for my inner 'Rock Star'

Fri, 09 May 2008 22:36:34 +0000

Hi there,

My friend Rhonda and I have started a blog called  Basically, we ended up working together, actually sharing an office, at a dreadful property management job.  In our misery, we discovered that we had many similarities and goals for the future.  As we shared our day to day struggles and dreams we found we had many parallels.

We started our blog as a continuance of our friendship.  See, I was fired the day before Thanksgiving and she quit a few months after the first of the next year.  To stay connected we found a common bond in starting a site to continue to share our life.  You will find things that have happened to us, our thoughts, and our opinions. 

Why do we call it the Rock Star Chicks?  Well brainstorming ideas one day, we came up with the idea that every woman has an internal rock star.  She may not be able to always show it but sometimes friends need to help bring her out.  And, if you put Rhonda with Kristina = Rock, and we're Stars so it just fit!

We would love any feedback you can provide.

Kristina Christensen


Organizing the Home

Thu, 01 May 2008 17:58:41 +0000

What is your biggest organizational challenge? As a Professional Organizer I always want to know what is most important to my clients and others. I would also love to help offer advice if you have any specific questions!



A girl's best friend...

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 20:10:05 +0000

They say a man’s best friend is a dog. So what is a girl’s best friend? Well a gay guy of course!

Gay guys offer girls the best of both worlds. You get to have a man in your life who can serve as your date to that boring work party you have been dreading. He will come over and make sure you look good. He will not embarrass you and he will end up making the party fun. Plus you do not have to worry, he will not be trying to get to second base by the evenings end.

Sure a gay guy can be fun but he also offers you a great friendship. You have a friend who knows what it is like to date men and may have more insight to share with you. He most likely will be a good listening and will have some similar likes as you, besides liking men.

Plus you also get some of the perks from the male gender role. Males tend to be more aggressive so he will push you to live your life and take risks. But, you will not have to worry because he will be there to catch you in case you fall. Hopefully with boxes of Girl Scout cookies, a pint of ice cream and a copy of Grease 2 in hand.

I have been very lucky to be a girl’s best friend because they offer me a lot in return for my friendship. Someone who listens to me, supports me, and makes me laugh! Besides, I need dates to those boring office parties too. Who else am I going to feed drinks to and dare to make out with the IT guy? (image)

Midlife Bloggers

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 02:38:50 +0000

I'm a newbie but thought it'd be great to have a forum for and on midlife bloggers. We been having a lively discussion over in "introductions" but it seems like we should have a place to call our own. So I hope this is the right way to do this. Could we also get listed in the drop-down menu above for forums. Right now there really isn't a catagory that applies to those of us in midlife. Thanks.

Midlife Muse


Mon, 24 Mar 2008 00:20:54 +0000


I opened the car door. I felt the seconds hang in the air. My father died a few months ago. Today I visit the house where he and my mother lived, preparing for its sale tomorrow morning. I came to attend to business matters but more importantly I came to visit ghosts.

Without recalling moments I could feel my father everywhere. Imaginary
glimpses of him came to me from every angle. He was mowing the lawn, picking up something from the bushes, throwing wood down the chute for the woodstove; an endless slideshow of memories. I hesitated. Should I look for something he might have dropped? A chance at grasping a piece of time I didn’t know existed. My muscles relaxed in resignation. He was not here anymore. No matter what I might find it would not bring him back.

I slowly walked to the backyard. My actions were deliberate, yet avoiding what I knew I came to do. I straightened the bird bath, looked in the shed and under the deck, picked up a birdhouse that had fallen down and settled it in the nook of a tree. Flowers were beginning their assent to life, to be beautiful. The rose bushes have buds on them, my mothers’ favorite.

There are many trees in the yard, quite a few clustered among a rock garden. One simple oak tree has a long faded ribbon tied around its center.

My father tied this ribbon around this small tree in hopes that I would
return. I left my family over 3 years ago to live in the United States.
Word came to them less than a year ago that I would return. In anticipation of that, this tree was adorned to celebrate my return. I knew my father missed me. I remember that silly song when I was 11 years old “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree” … the first song I actually liked and sang to when no one was near.

I gracefully untied the loose knot that claimed this ribbon to its place of
love and tucked it in my purse. I wasn’t sure if I was going to take it
down today but it has no reason in the lives of the people that will live
here. It has no memory or source of love for them.

It does for me.

Postive Attitude at Any Age

Sat, 22 Mar 2008 13:08:36 +0000

We tell our children to be positive, our co-workers, employees, family members, but it is important for us as women, as we age to be positive about ourselves as well.
So many women I talked to a couple years ago, who were my age, were so negative about turning 50. I was rather surprised, I thought it was great. 50 is such a cool number rather than something like 48, 49. 50 is a milstone and I was glad to be meeting it.
It was a time for me to celebrate all that I had accomplished and would accomplish in my life. Why be negative and depressed.
That is when I best friend and I started our business bikinisandbifocals, it was our way to say to women everywhere, hey we may be dealing with aging, but there is no reason to live life to its fulles, look great, feel great and have fun.
Heck, the kids are grown, husbands have mellowed and most of the major financial obligations in my life were almost gone.
I made a great deal of financial sacrifices in my younger years to enjoy these years. And I intend to.
I may not be able to wear a bikini, but I intend to look better than ever, I have more time to devote to me and I may now wear bifocals, but I now have time to devote to my health. I look and feel better than ever.
I want baby boomer women to have a positive attitude about life and aging.
That old geezer stuff has got to go, or they can sell it for the male parties, but we need to demand things that are for us, positive and upbeat.
LIfe is what you make it, and a positive attitude will make your day, life, health so much better.
Have a great day.

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday?

Wed, 05 Mar 2008 20:41:56 +0000

Instead of dreading turning 40, I'm looking at it simply as something I've never done before. With that in mind, I started a little Never B4 project and am looking for people to join in the fun. EVERY WEEK I'm challenging myself do one at least one thing I've never done before. Some will be big things, others small thing but they'll all be new. It's been fun so far so I thought I'd see if others want to join in and/or suggest ideas for Never B4 challenges.

Visit my blog to see what I've been up to so far and if you're interested in sharing some Never B4 endeavors of your own, I'd love to hear them.

I blog about the drama in my life.

Sat, 01 Mar 2008 15:50:44 +0000

Hello fellow bloggers!
I'm new to the blogher network. I just started my own blog and I write mostly about my random observations on the drama in my life. My blog topics range from celebrity drama and current events, to fashion, beauty and image issues. I may often blog about my pets, (a Jack Russell Terrier and a gray cat), my family and friends and any other topic that appeals to me and women like me.
I hope to make you laugh, make you pause and think and just generally lift your spirits each day.

You can check out my blog at I look forward to meeting all of you and joining your community.


Radical Joy

Thu, 28 Feb 2008 01:19:12 +0000

Last night, my husband picked up our 6-month old son Sammy. He tilted him vertically while pushing him up into the air. This is the evening ritual they share. The whole time he pushes him, he makes swooshing noises that sound like a high-pressure hydraulic machine is lifting. Then just as Sammy reaches the highest point, he teeters atop my husband’s arms and lets out an earsplitting squeal of glee. His dimpled, little hands open and tremble in the air, exposing his unabashed excitement. That’s my husband’s cue to lower him in slow motion with the same sound effect used to go up and start all over. I always watch this ritual of fun in stunned amazement not believing that this animated, delightful little human came from us. Since he first started to discover laughter, I hate to admit that his uninhibited joy has slowly been unlocking something shadowy deep in me. It occurred to me that his exuberance was making me aware of my serious lack of it. Of course, I feel joy when I look at my son and my life is certainly not void of true moments of happiness. But somewhere along the road to adulthood I lost the feeling that I was allowed to feel joy every moment of every day. When I speak of joy, I don’t mean the high point of a bipolar episode. Nor do I mean, the contrived joy some adults have gotten so good at emulating. What I am taking about is that primal, pure, and crystalline moment when the human soul yells out: Yes! Yes!! This is exactly what I’ve been asking for and you haven’t been listening! It is the kind of simple, undiluted joy that catches you by surprise. A moment in time, in our crazy, overbooked lives, when we are tuned in to good vibrations. At the risk of sounding cliché, it’s usually when we are being true to ourselves and following our bliss. Our bodies need joy as nourishment. When we don’t receive a regular diet of true, uninhibited joy, our bodies and hearts can’t heal. The key to our healing lies in remembering that it is ok to feel good and that feeling good is the essence of our true nature. When we are receiving and sending out good vibrations, we are in the flow. At what point do most adults become banal, jaded or worn out? Let’s be honest with ourselves. Even the most unconventional among us knows that cynicism is rewarded in our society. Self-consciousness & social anxiety plagues even the most confident among us. Joy is not something to be saved for special occasions it is something that should be savored everyday. Striving to be joyful is a fulltime job for most adults. Buddhists believe that the “habit of fear” needs to be unlearned. How do we reconstruct ourselves to be like children again? How do we rediscover ourselves as fearless, clean slates living in the present with bright futures? We as mothers owe it to ourselves and our children to nurture the quality of joy in our kids and ourselves. Too often we like to wear the badge of skeptical, sophisticated urbanite. It’s no wonder so many young kids these days act like little adults. Their over-scheduled and overworked lives force them to be competitive and cynical by default. Their natural spontaneity and creativity are extinguished and replaced with fear or exhaustion. One way mothers can help kids honor their innate joy is to begin to raise their own vibration by seeking out people, places, and situations that vibrate at a higher frequency. Whether that means going to a spa or just calling a friend who makes us laugh. Avoiding toxic situations, seeking out those good vibrations and basking in them is a practice that returns us, time and again, to the joyful flow of the universe. My baby’s untainted happiness reminds me everyday that children are here to teach us that it is our birthright to be joyful. We in return should set an example of spontaneity and positive[...]

What are the Best Cities for Women?

Tue, 26 Feb 2008 19:12:12 +0000

The 25 Top-Ranked Cities for Women

Some US cities are perfect for the intelligent, driven women of today. It’s easy to identify the qualities of a top-notch city: lots of economic opportunity, strong education and health care system, safe streets, and a sense of community and culture. But which city is the right one for you?

WomenCo has combed through hordes of city lists, best-of rankings, and personal opinions to come up with a list of 25 US cities which are worth getting excited about. We think our list is a little better than most of the other lists we’ve come across on the internet – which is why we’re excited to share it with you.

Cities 16 - 25

Cities 6 - 15

Cities 1 - 5

What services do working women need most?

Sat, 16 Feb 2008 01:09:34 +0000

I'm curious. What household and / or personal services do working women (mothers, single women, all of us women) need to make our lives a bit less time and resource constrained?

I'd love feedback from the Blogher community. As I build to be a one stop shop for women to find, match and hire trusted and affordable help, I think of you all the time. Let me know how I can help.

Half-Past Kissin' Time and Time to Kiss Again!

Fri, 01 Feb 2008 03:21:49 +0000

That's just one of my mom's favorite things to say when you ask her what time it is. Her sense of humor inspires me, and the nine kids she raised give me material to write about; them, and my middle school classroom of students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. I hope you'll stop by, if only to say hello to this Midwestern mom, wife, teacher, and lover of life.

Can you ever return home?

Fri, 25 Jan 2008 05:33:23 +0000

Have you ever left home for an extended period of time?

Such as moving to a different state for a job opportunity or left for college. In my case it was to follow my husband because he was in the military. One day my husband retired and we moved closer to home than we have been in about five years. My hometown is Phoenix, Arizona and I live about 350 miles away. I was excited because I finally get to go home and visit my brothers and father. It was within a one day driving distance instead of a 2 or 3 day drive.

I had visions of family happiness and being able to get back into the rythym of family life and laughing at inside family jokes. Unfortunately, that isn't how it worked out. I had never factored in the fact that my family would change. I had always remembered them a certain way and when I came back I assumed they would still be that way...Boy was I wrong!!! They were so different from when I remembered them. At the time I actually thought that I was the same person. It turns out I had grown up so much that my younger brothers seemed so immature and my father whom I always considered to be a strong man was weak. I had changed and so did everyone else when I was gone.

The lesson I learned was that you can never go home again.

Has any one else felt like this?


Mon, 14 Jan 2008 02:38:10 +0000

I had a wonderful birthday celebration last week; I was invited to join a group of "30 somethings" who were celebrating the birthday of my son's band mate, a date she and I shared. It was held in a beautiful wine bar in New york, in a room with brick walls, a long table and a bejeweled, candle-lit chandelier. I was surrounded by young female (and male) artists, writers, actresses and musicians. The quantity of wine, delicious Italian dishes, the interesting company helped take the edge off an intimidating number.

Before the end of the year I vowed I would learn how to put pictures in and publish my blog by myself, or drop it completely. I don't personally know anyone my age who does this, but I like to keep up with the young people I know who google and surf, communicate and read blogs on line. I did this, and was pleased with myself.

So today, when my husband and I got out of the movies, I was taken about by a remark a male friend made. We had just finished seeing Juno, and were talking about how we all enjoyed it. The men exchanged some quips about how much they liked Jennifer Garner. I turned to my husband and joked that I was surprised that he said that, as I didn't think she was his type. I joked that she's pretty and perky and sweet, exactly the opposite of me. Our friend laughed and said "and she's not over 60". His wife, who is one year younger than I am told him it was a terrible thing to say and she thought Jason Bateman (38), Jennifer's husband in the movie was really cute. Ironically, in the film he was making overtures to the pregnant 16 year old, whose age appropriate tastes in music and films were similar.

Now understand that this friend is no George Clooney (nor Robert Redford or even Dustin Hoffman in my estimation) but feels justified in commenting on women's looks which are substandard. I for one am not overweight, am healthy, and not unattractive. A number of years ago I had makeup applied at a salon by a young European women who said I had kind eyes. This really stuck with me for a long time, as well as the comment that I was the most forgiving person one friend ever knew. And laughter is usually the best antidote to what ails me. Needless to say, until I cover all the mirrors in my house, it will take awhile to forget that I'm not thirty anymore. I happened to come upon this article today, and think that this guy is refreshing but uncommon:

Scheherazade's daughter, my new blog

Wed, 19 Dec 2007 15:57:31 +0000

Hi everyone!!
Check out my new blog: Scheherazade's Daughter, an exploration of what it means to be an Arab woman living in the West today.

I write fiction and poetry in it, as well as more polemical pieces. I tried to make it interactive, so it appeals to all the senses. It's very sensual, and a bit nihilistic. Anyway, check it out at:

Holiday Blog Greetings!

Fri, 14 Dec 2007 20:50:12 +0000

We're sending a holiday video greeting from our blog to all of our blog communities. Please check out "The 12 Days of Christmas" video from The Midlife Gals at

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

KK and SalGal

PS-while you're there, check out our other hysterical videos and tell us what you think

How do you cope with doing things you don't like?

Mon, 12 Nov 2007 08:14:01 +0000

Creating a bubble of enjoyment

Think of something that you really, really don’t like doing. But not just anything: something that is, despite it’s horribleness, an unfortunate necessity and therefore sometimes just has to be done.

It might be that you hate giving that presentation to your colleagues at your office. It might be that you dread having that first date with that person whom you’re not sure you like or not yet. It might be that you loathe meeting up with your family in the coming Holiday season. Or it might be that you detest archiving those piles of papers that have covered your coffee table.


My own personal horrific necessity is: cleaning the house.

Sadly enough it appears to ...

Read the rest of the column and tell me what you think! How do you handle doing things you really don't like?

My Positive Huntington's Disease Page

Fri, 12 Oct 2007 20:54:45 +0000

I am 24, am experiencing Huntington’s disease symptoms. My family is one of the few in the world who have early onset. I was a Nurse before I got sick. I made a positive, comprehensive website. It has a blog, care giving tips, ways to fight brain fog, myths, my story, my families’ story, and ways to have a positive testing experience. I also put on there the poems I got published in the horizon.


Fri, 05 Oct 2007 10:43:46 +0000

all the thing you say.... i want to have persianblog in blogher!it's ok? no?