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They Will Be Displaced, Unrewarded and Left In An Archive ...

Thu, 21 Jun 2007 16:02:51 +0000

What will happen to all your sons, daughters, husbands and wives who took the ultimate stand against enemy fires. The decisions made for them might have been unjust and, liberally motivated by arrogance, stained with ignorance tolorated with a varitey of socalites of the WhiteHouse. Don't misunderstand I know that people want to hold on to a grain of sand idea that damage control will happen eventually.
I think not! What should be accomplished at this point of the distruction and corrupted foundation of our armed military services. Our flag is stained with a now known image of inocent blood shed of those who didn't deserve it! Yes I'm mad and no I won't take anything back for the simple fact that everyone knows the truth, do you? The very importance of war has gone out the door because of misrepresentation of facts that were puffed up like clouds only to cause rain in the end.

I support and pray for all of our troops! Remember God is in control.

Ladyj is concerned.


Thu, 25 May 2006 00:40:06 +0000

As I read the opening pages of Lolita, a woman who seems to be speaking Russian, catches my attention. She doesn't have a luminous face nor does she appear mysterious. What appeals to me are her pearls, the perfectly round white pearls around her neck.

She and an old Russian man are busy talking to each other. The man has a hunch and appears older, though is most likely not her father.

I continue reading Lolita and just as I get close to escaping reality and entering the world of Humbert Humbert, my mind sidetracks and I look up to see the two of them talking. They are discussing Russia's politics or perhaps they're having a more casual conversation, like one about literature and art. Maybe they're just talking pearls.

"Who gave you those pearls?" the man is asking.
"Oh it was so long ago, but I believe they were my sister's."

Whether they're really talking about the pearls is an unimportant factor, incidental, even irrelevant to the matter. The subject of interest is simply the white pearls that have a definite shape, unlike the fictitious books that can always be interpreted differently.

The things that never fail to bring us back to reality are facts, figures, solids, things we can touch, feel, smell. Even pearls around a woman's neck have the power to destroy a fictional masterpiece.