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This is How Good Reviews Can Help Your Business.

Mon, 06 Mar 2017 23:36:14 +0000


As we know, reviews are those comments or feedback people leave when they have an experience from a purchase, a visit, a meal, etc. Some good examples can happen at a restaurant or a hotel, when you received a notification letting you know that you can leave a feedback about the service or attention you received about the experience you had.

It is common that you have heard about websites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, that are based on customer experiences, reviews, services info and promotion.

The reality is that we don't really know the importance of a review, or how could a good or bad review affects a business or a product's reputation. When we are looking for a new restaurant, hotel, product, tool or place to visit, we tend to search for information about it or maybe we ask our friends if they have any idea of what we are about to experience; and that's exactly how and where "the reviews world" starts. 

Besides the popular sites of reviews and opinion we mentioned above, there are other useful websites like that offer honest reviews of real products and services to improve its reputation, credibility and sales. 

Reviews act like micro marketing campaigns.

When customers leave the "crowd behavior" of your business increases and it let other potential clients know all the benefits they found during their experience (purchasing a product, visiting a store, requesting a service, etc.) 

It helps with "trust building".

As we know, “trust” isn’t just about trusting the brand or business; it’s about trusting the information gathered by them, about what they say and what they offer. 

Customers also need some extra information from other clients who have used their services (or bought their products).  That's it, consumers can get a further sense of the business reliability by reviewing  it and letting other know their experiences. 

It is an SEO strategy as well. 

Online business are always looking for more SEO strategies to improve their traffic and  increase their sales. A business website 'sSEO algorithms consider the weight of positive reviews as an important impact to their visibility and rankings, it adds more exposure to all those small and large businesses online (which appear commonly online and result easier to be found by potential consumers). 

Then, reviews are a good alternative for those companies that want to expand their brands easily and without spending much money on marketing strategies or campaigns.

Avoid This Fundamental Content Marketing Mistake

Mon, 06 Mar 2017 22:01:41 +0000

I'm pretty serious about my cycling (I'm a roadie, btw.)I ride my bike on the trainer for 90 minutes at a time, 5-6 days a week. When I ride outside, it's often 3,000'+ of climbing a pop.With that, comes a whole lotta muscles that resulted in less-than-skinny-jeans-friendly big legs.I haven't been too happy about that.So I went ask the Google to see if I can train while avoiding big thighs.Turns out, there ARE people writing about big legs and cycling.Initially, I was delighted. I thought there IS a solve and I could get my girly figure back without hanging up Sparkly (that’s my bike.)Then I read one article, another, then another...I was DISAPPOINTED.(1) They say pretty much the same thing. In fact, probably the same points re-written 5 different ways in 8 articles.(2) They all tell me to AVOID CLIMBING. One of them demo’ed with a cruiser bike. That’s a non-starter… clearly, the author(s) are not serious cyclists, nor do they understand the sport.Here’s the thing —People who pedal a cruiser probably aren’t serious enough cyclists to get big leg problem because they don’t train hard enough to build those damn muscles.Those who build the muscles? Aren’t riding a cruiser, nor would they give up climbing or sprinting (the two big leg culprits.)Think deeper, and I wonder who this content is relevant to.(If you want more on that, webinar #2 in this series covers persona and customer journey in a way you can use.)So, I’m back to square one. Staring down at thighs the size of Watopia. If you’ve any suggestions, leave a comment and let me know.And that, leads us to what frustrates me about half-ass content marketing:Content creators who write about a topic for the sake of SEO but don’t give a crap about it. They produce/regurgitate mediocre content anyone can find anywhere.They’re not contributing unique solutions, nor adding value to the conversation.This mistake is hurting them because they’re…Not positioning themselves with in-depth knowledge of the topic. Not gaining trust from their readers. Not generating returning traffic.This is often the result of the biggest mistake some make when blogging for their businesses:Getting stuck in the mechanical execution.They’re creating mediocre content that sounds so canned because they don’t put in the time to identify the topic and the people they give a crap about.They haven’t identified the message that’d motivate them to dig deep, establish a unique perspective and produce outstanding content.You need to be motivated by getting your message shared with your audience… you need 120% conviction in the meaning it’d create and values it’d deliver to them.I talk more about this, and 6 other mistakes + 7 smart blogging strategies in installment #3 of the Content Marketing in Plain English free webinar series.Join me, it’s good stuff.(p.s. I drafted this post in 15 minutes on Trello, between sticking food into the oven and sitting down for dinner. The secret? Clarity. Webinar #2 in this free webinar series will show you how to nail it.) About LingLing Wong :: Intuitive Brainiac | Creativity Mentor | Copywriting Alchemist. Author of Copywriting Alchemy: Secrets to Turning a Powerful Personal Brand Into Content that Sells.Through her unique blend of marketing coaching, content experience design and copywriting process, she helps the maverick-preneurs uncover, articulate & transform their WHY into content that connects, resonates and converts — by way of an intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and 15 years experience in the online marketing industry.Ling is Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing certified. Through her writing engagements with various SaaS and marketing companies with the goals of driving organic traffic, building readership and increasing conversion, she’s well-versed in topics including online marketing, content marketing, eCommerce[...]

Search Engine Optimization Study

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 00:52:11 +0000

When performing a search engine optimization study, it is vital to understand what SEO is. SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. It is a marketing discipline that focuses on growing a websites visibility on the search engines. Technical and creative elements are required when employing this practice. SEO is designed to improve search engine rankings, drive traffic, and increase search engine visibility.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are used to power the online experience. Users type in the information that they are seeking into their desired search engine. The search engine will populate results based off keywords that the user has incorporated into their search. Keywordplacement is important when it comesto SEO.Keywords are Words that tell users what your website is about. Keywords should fit into the niche that your site represents. For example, if your niche is fitness, you should incorporate words that have something to do with the subject. Terms such as sweat, exercise, and weights are just a few keywords that could be used to describe this niche.

Search engine rankings are based off the amount of traffic that a site generates. Sites that are listed at the top of search engines will generate more traffic than those listed on the bottom. Internet users are likely to click on websites listed on the first page of search results, instead of those listed further down.


Drive Traffic

SEO focuses on bringing the right types of users to your website. Keep in mind that the only way a website can be successful is with the proper readership. A new website will not generate as much traffic as a seasoned site. SEO makes it possible to drive traffic to newly Created sites.

Once traffic is driven to the site, the website owner needs to do their part to ensure that users have a positive experience. This is where content comes in. The content must captivate your audience. It should answer their search related questions. Content should never be written for search engines only, it should be coherent and easy for any user to understand.

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Every day, there are thousands of people creating websites and blogs on the internet. These people hope that they will receive readership and people will want to visit their site on top of their competitors. If search engines are not aware that their site exists, they cannot drive traffic to it. The only way that search engines will acknowledge a website is if it incorporates proper SEO tactics.

SEO is not just about including a few keywords into your content in hopes of driving traffic. SEO also focuses on link building. Incoming and outgoing links will increase your chances of search engines acknowledging your Websites existence. Outgoing links should always link to authoritative websites that have a high page rank.

Browsing online you will notice there are a lot of search engine optimization study services that promise results. It is possible to enhance your websites SEO by yourself. Outside companies can also provide this service for a nominal fee. SEO is not a new marketing technique. It does take time and patience to learn all the tactics it involves. 

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 08:43:55 +0000


The most challenging aspect of any business endeavor is reaching potential customers. This could become more difficult if you are trying to market a new product or service. Many entrepreneurs with amazing products and services have failed in their businesses due to their inability to effectively pitch their brands. While it is understandable that budding business owners might not have the financial resources to hire professionals who will run marketing campaigns for their products, they still have access to a handful of marketing strategies that only cost a little bit of time.

The goal is to start small and make steady, sure-footed growth in your business. Here are some marketing strategies that could help place your business on the right footing:

Create an online presence: The internet has made the world a global village, creating an online presence through which you can add value by providing information related to your line of business could instigate the interest of your audience in your brand. You don’t have to hire a web designer to do this. There are free website templates available on and Leverage the free tools that are available on the web and kick-start an online campaign to raise awareness of your brand.

Social Media: Social media has become a huge part of online presence. With a social media account, you can reach your audience almost immediately and get to interact closely with them. With the advancement and popularity of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, marketing your products and services is now easier than ever before. Simply create a page for your business and invite your friends and family members to like or follow the page, encourage them to also invite others as well. Within a short time, this chain reaction will result in awareness about your business on social media. You gain the confidence and trust of your followers through consistent informative posts related to your business. You could also make short videos about your business and share them on these platforms. Social media is an effective tool to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Networking: For an entrepreneur, good networking skills are priceless. Don’t worry if you are not good at networking, you can get better with time. Get out there and meet people of value and exchange contact information. Be sure to have a business card containing this contact information to give out to people you meet. Following up with these new contacts on social media is a good way to show your contact that you are seriously looking to start a business relationship with them. Networking might not produce instant results, but with time and further efforts, its effects could be amazing.

Give out freebies: Okay, am I asking you to start giving out your products for free or rendering pro bono services? Definitely not. Instead, offer little discount vouchers to repeat customers, or give out gift vouchers on special holidays. Give back to your social media followers by creating a challenge where the winner gets a prize. Offer free trials or samples on social media to earn the trust of your prospective customers. Ensure your freebies do not have adverse effects on your overall margins. Proper planning and moderation are essential.

Social media marketing plays an important role in the success of a business. When you are building your company, consistently doing the strategies mentioned will boost your business to the next level and get you on your way to prosperity.

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5 Benefits of Database Marketing that Marketers Need to Know

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:35:26 +0000

Data is everywhere, and with its increased importance, undoubtedly it is an essential part of any business. To make most of this ever-growing stream of information, companies are maintaining a database which incorporates relevant customer data which is timely collected, verified and stored. This data is then made available to marketers and other company staffs for their use in database marketing.Database marketing is not just about turning data into knowledge. Rather it is more about using that data and knowledge within a database to shape your business strategy. These data is critical in segmenting markets or defining targeted audiences who can be communicated in a personalized manner. Though the investment in database marketing has increased over the years, still businesses lack in maintaining its quality. In most of the cases, companies fail to utilize their database wisely and hence end up with strategic failures.With technological advances, storing customer data in electronic formats has made the job much easier and faster.  At a single click, marketers get access to the comprehensive history of client behavior, allowing them to create more personalized campaigns that can generate leads and revenue. Coming to the money factor, when leveraged in the right way, database marketing can enhance money earning capacity of marketers.Here are five ways through which database marketing can keep the success graph of your business moving in the upward direction:1. Improved Customer UnderstandingFor both, established enterprises and startup, acquiring new customers and retaining the existing one is instrumental in expansion and survival of business. To personalize a campaign, understanding customer behavior, right from their needs, product searches to buying pattern is a must. With database marketing, marketers get an opportunity to use this information to improve communication with the customer, increase loyalty, establish a good rapport, boost sales and retention.For some businesses, maintaining a database of their own may be challenging and time-consuming. So, what marketers can do is look out for a trustable source that can equip them with the most accurate and updated information available in the market. But, choosing the right database provider is not easy as numerous vendors are claiming to be superior in the field.Well, don’t worry! We will make your journey to find the best easier by listing the top five companies in Database Marketing who are experienced in delivering excellence at every step:Dun & BradstreetExperianInfoClutchAventionData.comBlue Mail MediaThomson DataInfoUSA 2. Reduced ExpensesAs database marketing allows businesses to segment their data according to various demographics, hence marketers can plan campaigns only for their targeted audience and need not waste money in sending messages to all even if they are valuable customers for their business or not. Knowing about what customers like, where they are located, etc., can help in crafting messages and deals that suit their business objective.  By targeting their marketing efforts in a cost-effective way, marketers can not only improve efficiency but also increase their profit margins. The money thus saved due to the reduction in expenses can be used in some other productive part of the organization.3. Revenue GrowthThe key feature of database marketing is that it allows companies to identify and explore new market opportunities. Using a well-organized customer information database, marketers can target new prospects, improve conversions and thus as a whole contribute towards creating more sales.4. Scope for Better Marketing CommunicationWith accurate data in use, marketers can reach the right inbox with their personalized messages. Each customer has different requirements as compared to the other. Hence, individually addressing their issues with valuable solutions is necessary and for doing so, the level of communication has [...]

Pause the Hustle :: An Experiment

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 21:53:52 +0000

“Hustling” has become the “thing” to do… we’re led to believe that if we aren’t hustling we aren’t doing enough to be successful.Constant hustling, however, can push us too fast and give us tunnel vision so we aren’t able to see the bigger picture.It can also keep us stuck in a bubble and lose sight of the larger context.A few weeks ago, I took a break from "hustling" for my main business and did a little experiment (without losing income while having quite a bit of good geek fun.)I started working with a couple of clients from industries that are rather "new" to me on my Content Experience Design + Transformative Storytelling service. (i.e. not my typical clients who are coaches, consultants, solopreneurs and service professionals.)One is a sales automation software company. The other is a handbag designer (with a social entrepreneurship twist.)Plus, I wrote long-form content on topics ranging from SaaS to car insurance to spa business to heating system to B2B eCommerce.Why? (Besides it was really fun to learn all these topics at hyper speed.)I want to find out if I let “Copywriting Alchemy,” offered under the Business Soulwork umbrella, off the hook from producing the lion share of my income, what would I do as a means of expressing myself through that channel?If I don’t worry so much about “getting people to work with me”… what would be my priority when I create content? (I still have the CTA to work with me, because working with my private clients is the most fun.)If I take a break from all the noise and “should’s” about “hustling”… what course of action would I choose?Here’s what I learned by putting the “entrepreneurial hustle” on pause:(1) This Shit WorksI applied my unique approach – what I call “Content Experience Design + Transformative Storytelling” – to projects outside of my usual clientele/ comfort zone. It’s time to test if I’m living in a bubble.It works for SaaS company and it works for retailer of physical goods.I didn’t tell these clients I was doing the whole intuition and empathy thing, or what “Energetics of Copywriting” is about… but my approach, which is grounded in these ideas, works like gangbuster.In fact, the handbag designer was beaming with motivation that they got a positive response from “Billion Dollar Buyer” the next day! (#midastouch)(2) I Just Wanna Geek OutI launched the Content Marketing in Plain English free webinar series… with nothing to launch and no intention to do any pitch fest.I don’t need to craft a presentation to frame a call-to-action. I don’t have to tweak my content to lead up to a sales pitch.I could talk about whatever the heck I want, and whatever the heck that’d be most valuable to my audience.Rather simple, yet liberating to shake off what I’ve been told in the name of selling stuff and just do ME.The process of putting these webinars together is a reflection of what makes me tick… which brings us to…(3) One Step Closer to “What I Want to Be Known For”I sell “copywriting” and “content strategy” as a service. That’s perfectly fine.Yet if I want to be KNOWN FOR something… if I want to create a body of work… if I want to establish thought leadership by pioneering a unique approach… I need something more.I need to find an angle that excites me, so I can keep honing in on it and refining the approach. Otherwise, the next 5, 10 or 20 years are going to be the opposite of fun and purposeful.The thing you “want to be known for” is more than the title of your service or what your clients say they want. It’s a path to fulfillment by way of expressing your deeper values and convictions through the lens of your business.The process of crafting content for this Content Marketing webinar series (without being skewed by the need to sell something) gave me the space to reflect on and articulate ho[...]

Bulk SMS Marketing

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 14:52:06 +0000

Are you one of those marketers or businesses that think you are actively engaged in bulk SMS Marketing simply because you'regarding blasting out bulk SMS filled considering "irresistible offers?" Bad news: That is no notice and you'as regards just wasting your time and maintenance. Good news: You can slant things harshly, but first, you habit this knowledge...

What is publicity by the habit?

According to the state legend Philip Kotler and his co-author Kevin Keller in the stamp album powerful autograph album, Marketing Management, "Marketing is roughly identifying and meeting human and social needs. One of the shortest fine definitions of publicity is "meeting needs usefully.


And I particular behind the definition of publicity by Richard Schefren, "Marketing is bringing the shout from the rooftops to sore spot your product or calm."

So, are you in want of fact perform bulk SMS protection?

Taking into consideration the above publicity definitions, would you declare you are in fact deed bulk SMS backing? I intention, if you rent a phone number list or even construct the list yourself, along with send out promotional offers to them, would you publicize you'vis--vis upholding? Would that bring your have enough money to longing your product or sustain?

Not likely. It takes following more that. That is what people call "sms blasting." In fact, bombard people as soon as too many offers and they'll arrive to loathe you on the other hand of nonappearance you and your product.

That said, following is one said to be charity SMS avow, truly?

When SMS publicity truly takes place

First, endure that marketing is a process and it does endure era to materialize. To reach bulk SMS marketing in the authentic wisdom of it, you have to construct your own phone number list from scratch or get your hands on a list whose demographics you know, I want list that has people that are really in compulsion of what you sell.

When you have that in place, identify the human and social needs of these people as Kotler and his friend have said, as well as meet these needs by consistently providing resources that solve their problems and/or benefit them get treaty of their goals... even if at the same era demonstrating your satisfactoriness and mood.

As period grows, your list will acquire to know you and identify previously you. Then selling to them becomes easy. That's marketing. And agree to's not forget the fine primordial of practice of segmenting your list thus that you can communicate to them in a targeted and personal mannerism.

How many likes receive popular photos on Facebook

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 03:26:12 +0000

There are compound than a quarter of a trillion fan photos regarding Facebook. That is about 35 photos for every single one person concerning the planet. A whopping 350 million photos are uploaded per daylight, and competing as soon as your pics for Likes. So how obtain you compete for the 4.5 billion Likes posted to Facebook each hours of daylight  which is concerning the same number of content items posted (posts, remarks, photos, videos, and status updates)? If Facebook were governed by a socialist regime, you would comply to 1 Like for each item, including photos. But you are not a socialist and you are aggravating to market your impinge on regarding provides the best quality of Facebook photo likesThe first step is to ensure your Facebook page is optimized for making connections.Making buddies is how you generate traffic and acquire the best quality of Facebook photo likes. Viral Facebook Traffic  is an online Facebook publicity course that ensures each and every one aspect of your Facebook presence is full of zip for you. Follow the tips and actions for quality happening your pages, lid image, profile, special pages, happenings, and special offers. Start by identifying your publish and developing your Facebook verification strategy. Test your site and combine analytics to monitor how smoothly you are loan. Once you are deed your every share of best to make relatives, you can focus concerning these tips for how to acquire more Likes for Facebook photo albums. Share, and Share Morefacebook statuses that will make a obtain of likes1.  Share your photos  Let your contacts know behind you have appendage a photo and part it upon your wall. Remember to use Facebook Like and Share buttons wherever there is an opportunity to click.2.  Share your photo albums  Facebooks adjunct feature allows fused users to upload photos to one record. You can invite 50 connections to each pension 200 photos.3.  Place your photos upon an right of entrance photo sharing site  Million Pictures has 4.1 million Likes. Post images upon the themes of the week. At least halt by to see some amazing photography! Be selective taking into consideration choosing photo share pages. Photos upon some of these sites believe less than a handful of Likes but you will be offered lots of promotions to sell you Likes.Use APPS, Tags, and Toolshow to get sticking to of more likes upon your facebook photos4.  Use Apps to Improve Photo Marketing  Use iPhone and Android apps following Facebook photo feeds and instant sharing to aerate selfies and toting in the works photos. These apps can collect the number of spectators and the velocity at which your photo is circulated. Most of them have special effects (photo filters, photo editing), enhanced camera features and tallying neat features to grow value to your photo sharing.5.  Tag your photos and supple everyone in your photos of their merger in your photo page  When you tag a photo of a person, they are alerted. If someone is untagging themselves from your photos, be gracious and ask entry bordering epoch. If you continue to tag them, your camera quiet pal may block you.6.  Build a Free Toolbox  There are many, many tools to assert taking place you add together and part your photos anew social media, blogs and websites, including photo uploaders, editors and grabbers; tools to design and manage your timeline; and militant ways to portion your photos.[...]

Database Marketing

Sun, 26 Feb 2017 04:31:18 +0000

Database publicity is a branch of online publicity whereby the database of potential customers is either downloaded from the sites of assistance providers or bought from various dealers who sell such data to companies who endeavor to melody their sales by contacting their customers personally.

Database is maintained by companies such as telecom companies which usually retain them in order to calculation occurring the facilities they offer to their customers. Many BPO(s) admit these archives from these companies and attempt to persuade them to admit them into confidence to implement their products. Local BPO(s) admit these records from their main offices and take in front offices get your hands on them from the main offices.

Databases maintained by offices usually consist of the publicize, domicile, dealings details and office addresses of their customers. In dogfight of telecom industries the call details and records is plus maintained. The companies often sell these chronicles for keep.

Ever imagined how you profit a call from an unidentified number? The caller tells you your proclaim, your number and your regulate monthly expenditure. Do you ever astonishment how they profit every single one one of the suggestion? Well this is finished through database publicity, which is a branch of online publicity. The BPO(s) shell out lots of maintenance to acquire these details.

The data maintained by companies is estranged into two categories namely the consumer data and the late addition shape data. In consumer data the telephone numbers, addresses and demographics of the customers are maintained. This data can be easily taken from the company easily without having to shell out much child maintenance or paper formalities.

The issue data consists of the associations details and account details of the customers. This data in database sponsorship is out of inherit of adequate buyers. People have to shell out large amount of child support to pull off these details. Business details in accomplishment of this backing are obtained online through approximately-heritage surveys, lecture to sales efforts and some special publications.

Database obtained is often safe. Therefore this type of publicity has to be carried out once tact. The data has to be analyzed and distinctly decided therefore that suggestion of special clients is not disclosed to subsidiary buyers. This data is often controlled and decided using techniques such as neural networks and methodical regression.

Database publicity should be safe. The precise period issue to your liking judgment determines the extent of database publicity and often depends concerning the parameters such as the amount of issue online and the degree of sophistication of the software mammal used for online publicity via database marketing.

Companies gone Dell, Apple and Google apart from exaggeration telecom companies are the major users of database marketing. Although the efficiency of database marketing depends upon the era lagged along surrounded by the epoch of acquiring the data and the era usage of the data.

Hence for in leisure interest sponsorship of one's change online or for online marketing, database marketing is a fine method of acquiring data of potential customers.

Welcome Trigger, The Hot, New Social Media Fundraising Tool

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 20:03:57 +0000


The Trend of Social Media Fundraising

With various trends in social media fundraising, trigger as a new fundraising tool will enable it users to fundraise more boldly, quickly and publicly, while certainly raising money. By engaging users to campaign and donate, Trigger will make fundraising more social. Fundraising and social media are the perfect marriage, when trying to reach specific targets for a campaign. Fundraising through social media is becoming an increasingly popular way for fundraising and donating. Trigger’s hot new fundraising tool, will engage users on their site, while raising awareness on the specific cause, the engaged user will become familiar with. With the need for fundraising, there are four social media trends for nonprofit fundraising, any person be should add to their blend of social media and fundraising. With today’s trends their high chances for the best positive outcomes when fundraising.

The Popularity in Social Media Fundraising

When using social media to fundraise, it is an opportunity to be as creative as possible, especially to get the point across about the campaign. Certainly, while using Trigger people have the platform tools, so that they can be as creative as necessary, to get the point across and keep the attention of potential donors. This has a lot to do with the way people are rethinking the uses for social media and these days you don’t to just sit there and give minute logs about what you’re doing on a daily basis. Social media is effective for getting, the word out about what’s going on in the latest news and trends. So, why not use it for fundraising causes to get the campaign heard and successfully completed.

The upsides to using Trigger, is that Trigger offers reactionary giving, which helps organizations to raise funds during the many changing news cycles, that will occur daily. Trigger gives its users the capability to enable the engagement of users, so that they will be encouraged to donate through social media, in direct response to twitter and news articles. Although, a new and fastly growing social media tool, Trigger is currently working with Twitter and they will soon be moving over to Facebook, for more social media fundraising experiences. Trigger understands the importance of being proactive and reactive with social media, when it comes to fundraising. Their tools can help a person to act, once they have established their campaign goals.

Why Social Media Fundraising, Proves A Success

Trigger has easy fundraising tools that can be used online and these tools will take away from the burden of physically finding donors and soliciting gifts, when it can be done quickly and efficiently online. In starting a campaign, a person should have a strategy when social media fundraising and Trigger offers Twitter, as one of the best social media platforms, in which a person can get their campaign acknowledged. People can succeed with social media fundraising all while doing it for free.

Trigger and its tools for fundraising will not take any of the raise money that a nonprofit campaigner raises, while allowing engaging them in contact through texting, social media, FaceTime and much more.

How Digital Marketing Helps a Business

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 12:53:03 +0000

Now-a-days digital marketing agency or digital marketing services has become quite common in the modern world. Most of the businessmen may have already heard about the term named digital marketing, but only a handful of you know what exactly it is and how it can helps a business? Well let’s see.

Digital marketing is a broader aspect in a simple term. To simply put it, it is a marketing policy where digital technologies (internet, mobile, display advertising) are being used. Simple as it may sound I can assure you that it is not that simple but quite profitable.

So how digital marketing can surpasses general marketing to help a business? Well to understand that we need to understand the basic concept of marketing. There are a lot of ways of marketing, but all of them leads to one singular conclusion and that is product sell. This is the basic goal of marketing.

Now, how digital marketing can help? You need to sell a product to a person. Why should that person buy the product and from you as well? They need to feel that product is necessary for them and only you can sell the desired product they want. In general marketing you have to put lots and lots of workers to bring customer at your shop. But with digital marketing you need not to do that kind of hassle.

At first you will make a convincing add and then spread it to social media (facebook, google+, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc) and other internet websites. Most of the customers are going online day by day to buy their products. Then again there are a lots of people who doesn’t want to buy a product but these digital marketing services are so lucrative that they just couldn’t hold them up.

Through digital marketing services you can easily shows your product to all over the world with lower than the 10% total cost of general marketing. The more they know about your product the more they will be ready to buy it. And it spreads like lightning. You can reach to 1 million people with your product within days. Can you think of that in general marketing? One digital marketing campaign can get you 1000 customers whereas you may get 100 customers in general marketing and it will cost you more money and labor.

Another point is that nobody wants to hear from a salesman. They want to be the king of their own will. Digital marketing services are like a window to them. If they like it they will surely buy it because no other ego is working on his or her mind for not buying the product.

There are several types of digital marketing services. Some very common ones are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, campaign marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media optimization, display advertising, e-mail direct marketing and so on. Through proper uses of these digital marketing services you can help your business bloom in no time or you can take helps from a digital marketing agency.

How Celebrities Buy Their Twitter Followers

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 21:59:18 +0000

It's not just a social forum to follow celebrities anymore. Once a site known for parody accounts and anonymity, Twitter has developed into a site filled with political disputes, celebrity announcements and millions of people sharing anything that is on their mind. Quoted by almost every media outlet, Twitter has introduced the concept of tweets, followers and hashtags to the World. Global exposure may not appeal to the average fan, but to that fan's favorite music artist, it means free advertising.The idea of Twitter popularity is simply based on the number of followers the account holder can accumulate. If more is better than acquiring millions of followers, which can be depicted with the coveted capital letter"M," must be a sign of approval. The internet advice on increasing the number of followers ranges from improving the content of tweets to unfollowing people who do not respond. For a new account holder trying to take advantage of the publicity, building a legitimate following can require time that is just not available; therefore, many celebrities may opt to buy followers on Twitter. Sites such as guarantee legitimate followers who have been identified in specific groups and more likely to follow. The average response time can range from six to forty-eight hours after payment has been received for their services. With packages ranging from $9.99 to $24.99, offers up to ten thousand followers and a full refund within twenty-eight days if not 100% fully satisfied. Best way to get tons of Twitter followers fast offers a directory of social media users which can be obtained with a free membership by simply signing into a Twitter account from their homepage.Stating that the practice of selling followers is "strictly prohibited," they supply a link to the Twitter Rules page to verify that claim. Unfortunately, the site does not address how the directory is Created or if logging onto Twitter from their page automatically adds your account to the directory. Following the previous two suggestions can build a quick number of followers on Twitter but does it benefit the purpose of having a Twitter account? While having a large number of followers may be a realistic goal, building a list of true followers may be a better choice if you are using the site as a marketing tool. The next few steps can assist in finding those true followers. 1. Create a Twitter name that is easy to remember and find.2. Design a bio that is interesting and pertinent.3. Find people whose interests are similar to yours which may also include your services and products.4. Follow them!5. Interact with them by responding to their comments publicly so others can read, like and re tweet your tweets. 6. Share important information such as new releases and important dates.7. Tweet often but show respect to followers' time and ability to participate.8. Re tweet followers who share photos, comments, and praise. Advertising is expensive. Positive advertising is priceless.9. Follow the guidelines on to pursue the badge of a verified account with Twitter. While the recognizable blue check does not signify an endorsement by Twitter, it does mean that your account has been deemed authentic. By following these steps, a Twitter account could quickly grow with legitimate followers and continue to grow with likes, re tweets, and a verified badge. Mixed with the addition of followers through a third party site that sells followers or offers a directory of names, your account could appear very popular within a few days after its beginning.[...]

5 Effective Strategies to Supercharge Your Sales

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 The success of any business depends on the number of sales it has. It is important to for a company to pay particular attention to marketing strategies because they will help in increasing sales. It is important to explore and try every opportunity for enhancing sales.Here are some useful tips that will help in improving sales and enhancing revenues.Investing in Online Marketing:Online marketing is a versatile and vast platform that can help a lot with sales. It is important to have a good online presence if you want to make an impact on the market. Starting online marketing can be a little overwhelmed as it is too vast, but once you get the hand of online marketing, you will be able to see a huge improvement in the sales. It helps in engaging clients as well.  When you are starting online marketing, you should become familiar with terms such as keywords, SEO, etc. You can also try email marketing because the more email subscribers you have the higher your sales will get. Taking Advantage of Social Media:Social media is an excellent and efficient way of enhancing the visibility of the business. They are a perfect place for finding new clients and also making them loyal. Social media is an excellent marketing option because it is cost-effective. It helps in keeping in touch with customers. You can know what customers want by looking at their feedback on the platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. There are always some tricks that will help in making the best use of the social media. One of the useful tricks is using hashtags to get noticed by potential customers.Give Priority To Retention Instead of Acquisition:While creating the marketing strategy, you should move your focus from attaining clients to retaining the existing ones. It is important to keep an open communication line with the current customers so that you can always receive their feedback. The feedback allows you to make profitable changes to the business and improve sales.Keeping Track of Customer Value:If you want to improve the sales of your business, then it is essential that you keep track of the client value and measure and monitor it. You do not need to focus just on individual sales because you can use your database top measure sales by them. The customer lifetime value allows you to assign a single score to them. The score is based on frequency and monetary value of the things they have purchased.  You should look at the consumer's value and focus your retention efforts accordingly. Loyal customers are the most valuable asset of any business.Ensuring Excellent Customer Service:If you want people to visit your store and purchase products, then it is essential that they enjoy their time while shopping. Good customer experience depends a lot of customer service so make it your priority to offer the best services. Consumers often switch to other stores or brands because of a bad shopping experience. If they are satisfied, they will prefer to purchase your products over others.[...]

4 Content Marketing "Balancing Acts" So You Can Have It All

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If you want to use your content to reach a bigger audience, generate leads and convert clients, and you don’t want to sound like a formulaic slimy internet marketer… listen up.To start, don’t fight the “rules.”You’ve gotta learn them before you break them.I don’t mean the superficial how-tos: the “trained monkey” level, the mindless implementation that churns out regurgitated copy that makes people appear slimy.I’m referring to the underlying reasons behind those “tactics” that inform your decisions.The principles that guide these rules are sound. The perceived restriction comes from the “codification” of these rules, the dilution as a result of intellectual laziness, and the perception that if you don’t paint-by-number you’re screwed (thanks to a whole lot of regurgitated sales copy.)Content marketing is often a balancing act of discernment.Discern what’s needed at the specific stage of your business, what’s in alignment with your message, and what’s meaningful for you and your audience.Challenge the many rules that make it sound like we have to sacrifice how we truly want to communicate, just so we can check some arbitrary metrics off the list.What’s the point of having your cake if you can’t eat it too?Here are 4 “80/20 rules” to help you balance priorities that seem to oppose each other at first glance, and find that deeper layer at which either-or becomes both-and:1. 80 Human / 20 SEOThe ultimate goal of publishing content is to get it consumed by the right audience so they’ll take the next step with you.It’s no longer enough to use some SEO trick to get people to click through if your content is not valuable and relevant for the target audience. In fact, they’ll leave your site quickly and the low dwell time will tank your ranking.First and foremost, write for human beings, not Google. Remember, the goal of content marketing is to build trust and relationship with your audience so they’ll eventually convert.Yet… if you want to get people to read your stuff, you DO need to pay attention to SEO so you put yourself in front of the right audience.That means understanding what drives SEO is important. Good news is, as search engines get smarter, content that is relevant, valuable and user-friendly (aka, designed for human beings) ranks higher.Relevant and valuable content, crafted with an understanding of how search engines work, will give you the best of both worlds.2. 80 Conversational / 20 AuthoritativeYour tone and voice are the secret sauce to making you relatable to your audience.You want your content to build trust and relationship with your readers, so being conversational makes sense.However, part of the trust factor also comes from positioning yourself as an authority.That means you need to be friendly and authoritative at the same time.It’s not as contradictory or tricky as it sounds.Credibility doesn’t come from puffing up and using big words.Authority stems from a subtle and natural confidence in your tone when you can articulate what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. You can inspire credibility without puffing up to sound authoritative.Your authority comes from a deep level of trust, not from using stiff language or jargons.You can also “borrow” authority from trusted sources in your area of expertise. This can help anchor your approach in what your audience already knows, as a starting point to take them through your narrative.You can step down from the pedestal and still be considered credible. You can build a trusting relationship with your audience by being conversational in your content.Everyone is talking about buildi[...]

Deluxe Cook Super Mandolin Slicer *Professional Blades

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I have owned several mandoline's in the past ten years...I actually even owned the Pampered Chefs Mandoline. I hated the Pampered Chefs version and sold it on Craigslist! This V Blade slicer is AMAZING! I have used my Mom's mandoline and thought hers was great... then I got this one.
This slicer made cutting potatoes so SO easy! I quickly made home fries, sliced onions and MORE! The best I have tried and now own! IT IS EXTREMELY SHARP! SHARPER THEN ANY I HAVE TRIED! Which is why it made my slicing job so easy.
I bet you will fall in love with this too...

‘MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR MANDOLINE - FREE RECIPE eBOOK! You will love to cut thin, even slices and strips of veggies and potatoes for this selection of awesome Lite Bites, Meals and Treats for your new slicer for vegetables. Super quick for slicing and shredding onion, radish and red cabbage for healthy salads & stir-fries. The ideal kitchen tool for gluten free, weight loss, paleo and low carb diets.
SUPER SIMPLE TO USE AND A BREEZE TO CLEAN. Light and sturdy potato chip slicer with no fiddly knobs, nooks or crannies to scrub clean. Just rinse under the faucet or throw in the dishwasher (it won’t take up all the space like bulky slicers for fruits and vegetables)! Perfect cabbage shredder or lettuce slicer and the best Japanese style mandolin for sweet potato fries or french fries.
MAKE HEALTHY EASY WITH THE #1 V-CUT CUTTER FOR A HEALTHY FAMILY. Use the 6x6mm or 3x3mm julienne slicer for celery, cucumber & carrot sticks or the 3.5mm or 1.5mm potato slicer for homemade chips and zucchini slices.This hand held cucumber slicer does a quicker job on a taco salad than even electric mandolines and adjustable slicers and choppers twice the price. Make fast work of slicing orange, lemon and lime for fruit water or for canning and preserving food.
SAFE & SOLID BUILD. MADE FROM STRONG FOOD-SAFE ABS PLASTIC. Not flimsy but small enough for easy storage. A hand guard that really works! Soft grip handle & silicone feet for safe use so won't slip & slide on the counter. The super sharp stainless steel v blade is fixed so won't fall out and a neat little holder for the 4 replacement blades.
THE DELUXE COOK PROMISE GIVES YOU PEACE OF MIND. We are so sure our mandoline food slicer will help improve your cooking life we GUARANTEE it for life! If at any time you feel we have not met your expectations we will happily refund your hard-earned money and that's a promise! So why wait? Click the 'Add To Cart' button above and buy yours today!
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Tastmate Grinder/Mill ***Stainless Steel Manual Grinder gets the job done in style

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The hourglass shape helps this unit fit perfectly into your hands! I feel this is great for smaller hands because it is so comfortable in your hands.  The grinder is easy to use, my only criticism of this unit is the pointy  decoration in the center of the grinder.  I have since hit my hand on that point several times.   My son complained of this during the video... but it did not happen to me at that time.  Its not miserable, but it does hurt when you hit that point.
I hope they come out with a replacement handle for this unit down the road, because I do love the design.
This coffee grinders has the most perfect slim body, your hand will be more comfortable, you won't can not hold the body of coffee maker grinder again, the unique design is suitable for different sizes of hand.
The Tastmate coffee bean grinder is made of 304 stainless steel, which is meet the ASTM standards in the United States. And there is adjustable design inside, you can rest assured of use and get the grinding effect you want.Pure hand cast! Give you a better grinding time!
Without electricity, more environmentally friendly!The advantages of the coffee makers grinders not only a portable size, but also the slow grinding speed,it is not easy to heat, you must know that the heat will lose the original taste of the coffee!And we offer a professional cleaning brush for this coffee burr grinder. Don't need to be upset with cleaning anymore
Do you always worry about the poor efficiency of manual coffee grinders? Choose Tastmate,You will never regret! After a number of tests, a girl takes only 3.5 minutes to grind 10g coffee beans with our portable manual coffee mill! We trust that you will more rapid than her!
Enjoy the fun of turning the joystick! Put your worries behind and relax your mind,Grind a cup of coffee for yourself!


An Exciting New Way To Give, Trigger Is Here

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By now you’ve probably heard a little bit about Trigger. Even if you’re aware of what it is, you might still have some questions about the costs, safety and whether or not it is secure. Here’s all this information and more about this exciting new way to give.

The Fees

There are some fees that are associated with Trigger, however they are very low. Users will be charged a flat rate each month of $1.59. There are no additional fees based on the amount of money you donate. So, whether you donate $5 or $5,000, you only have to pay the $1.59 monthly fee. This fee is used to keep the server up and running.

The Amount Organizations Actually Get

Donations are processed using PayPal. They keep $.30 plus 2.9%. It’s important to note that all of the money kept goes to PayPal as Trigger does not get any portion of the donation ever.

Who Uses Trigger and The Platforms It Can Be Used On

Currently Twitter is the only platform that Trigger can be used on. However, developers are currently working towards a Facebook integration. In the future, there will also be a Spanish site. Organizations that you can donate to are any non-profit organization including those that are tax exempt.

The Necessary Commitment

One of the nice things about Trigger is that there is no long-term commitment. You can donate just one time if you choose. However, if you would like to give on a regular basis, you can do that too. All you have to do is go to the set up monthly, auto donations tab on to set this up.

How Organizations Sign Up to Partner with Trigger

The process for an organization signing up to partner with Trigger is easy. All they have to do is go to the ‘organization’ tab on Trigger’s website and enter all of the relevant information. The process only takes a couple of minutes and within a few short hours that organization can actually start receiving donations from users who make a donation to them.

Information Will Be Secure

Many people don’t like signing up for services because they want to risk their information getting shared. This will never happen to individuals that sign up on Trigger. All of their information is kept private and never given to third parties. It’s not uncommon for individuals to not want to make online donations no matter how passionate they are about a cause because they are afraid that their credit card information isn’t secure. However, this is not the case for those that use Trigger.

Multiple layers of security are used in the database app and on the website. Every precaution is taken to keep the information of users safe. The same goes for PayPal. They use multiple layers of security as well to keep each transaction as secure as possible. There really isn’t a safer way for users to donate to their favorite non-profit organizations online.

Why influencers in China are so powerfull ?

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As an international marketer in China, how would you react to the trend that Chinas video blogging industry is transformed by a 29-year-old-fashioned girl? And that the luxury retailing industry is rouse thing influenced by a 23-year-out of date Chinese student studying in the NYC? If you are looking for a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) to authorize your brand, its no easy job. Navigating through the KOL landscape in China, to begin behind, would probably make you profit cool feet.1. The Who and Where? KOL is a broad term. Of course it includes dexterously-known celebrities who engagement millions of RMB for a ten-second public broadcast. However, gone the wealthy of social media in this country, we are witnessing bloggers who are crafting small, yet loyal and dedicated communities. This type of KOL is called micro-influencer in particular. These influencers are mostly nurtured from Weibo, and gradually migrating to Wechat for the sake of exclusivity and personal communication behind buddies. While the expected tall-profile celebrities are fresh to be seen by the layer public, micro-influencers are focused almost their own place of captivation: art, fashion, comedy, cultureTheir partners are much more engaged than those of the celebrities, and this is innocent for marketers. If your strive for audience is straightforwardly defined, collaborating subsequent to a micro-influencer would be your prime consideration (they plus encounter much less!).2. The representatives? You will be shocked by the variety of topics that influencers are curating vis--vis. Jianguo Ma, a blogger of his own computer graphics bustling behind a pet dog, has garnered 26 million buddies on the subject of the order of Weibo. Pet food and pet care brands are plus acquit yourself product placement in his blog posts. Papi Jiang, a lighthearted graduate from the Central Academy of Drama, started video blogging in 2015. After 1 year, Papi Jiang became a household proclaim in China, following concerning 20 million buddies in savings account to Weibo. Her blog posts insert roughly a variety of topics: culture, attachment, fashion, newsPapi Jiang is along with endorsing cosmetic brands at the beginning of her videos. Lastly, Gossipmaker is option heated video blog account revealing secrets and gossips in the play in biz. With greater than 4 million relatives regarding speaking Weibo, mostly millennials, the blog is endorsing international brands such as KFC, YSL, and Giorgio Armani. With the be rich of micro-influencers, advertising/branding has subsequent to as soon as again having a celebrity complimenting upon a product. Brand names are now naturally incorporated in the speech of a video shorten, or even as a punchline revealed at the combination less of a p.s. (as soft advertising in Chinese).3. What are the things to watch out for? Do not sufficiently trust the number of relatives back your research upon the KOL. These numbers could be faked taking place. Account owners can somehow buy buddies (even lithe followers) online, and its by no means expensive1 RMB for 100 followers upon average.Make the right option. Influencers became skillfully-known for vary reasons: fine taste in fashion, having the gut to speak closely authority, sentient thing fine-looking, monster humorous or even mammal a shameless weirdo. So in the in the back making a decision, brands should be crystal-certain roughly how they sorrowful feeling to be perceived by their audience.For more information  ecommercechinaagencyBlend your brand into the content created by the influencer, not the auxiliary relationships this area. Its no[...]

New Marketing Strategies to the new Chinese Consumers

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To see how major brands are approaching the emerging Chinese consumer, Forbes Insights, in association with the World Federation of Advertisers, surveyed more than 300 China-based senior executives at large consumer focused businesses ($250M plus in annual revenues) responsible for creating, managing, or executing their companies’ marketing strategies in China. The key findings include:• Consumer awareness in China is king. About a third of Chinese (35%) and non-Chinese (32%) companies today are focused on brand awareness as a key marketing goal for the coming year. Among non-Chinese companies, 36% are focused on creating positive brand perception.• Marketers will shift from awareness to growth. Three years from now, their top priorities will shift from brand awareness to increasing sales/revenue from China, and expanding into new regions/areas in China.• Global brands must align with local Chinese culture and tastes. The vast majority of non-Chinese marketers (63%) indicated they believe they need to change their brand attributes for Chinese consumers.• Many Chinese brands also are looking to extend their presence beyond their borders. Over a quarter (27%) of Chinese respondents indicated they intend to expand their brands globally. • Second-tier cities present the greatest opportunity. Overall, eight of ten respondents agreed that growth is most likely beyond the first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. • As marketers focus on brand development among Chinese consumers, television advertising will play a large part—79% of respondents have it as part of their marketing programs for 2011. But looking ahead, new platforms may emerge as marketers will be formulating integrated communications strategies.• Digital and mobile marketing are a critical part of the mix for reaching Chinese consumers. About 90% of survey respondents said they are extremely or very important, especially when it comes to communicating with younger consumers.• To succeed in China, marketers may need to overcome some unique barriers. These include a lack of reliable market research, a lack of operational transparency in the Chinese marketing communications industry, and a need to find qualified marketing talent and leadership.• Ethical standards for marketing communications need to be put in place in order to protect the reputation of Marketing Agency  with consumers and government in China over the longer term.Time for China to Go ShoppingFew markets are as tantalizing to global brand marketers as the new consumer-driven China. The “new” market of 1.3 billion people—coupled with the meteoric rise of both the size and spending power of its middle class— holds enormous potential for manufacturers of consumer goods and services. But, clearly, the dynamics of China are unlike anything marketers have ever seen before, and it presents challenges as serious as its market is large.Why is China taking off now? Essentially, the government has given the people the right to go shopping. In 2011, China begins its 12th five-year plan, shifting its economic focus from export-led sectors to increasing domestic consumer demand. The plan, passed by the government in mid-March, 2011, is designed to develop the country into a major consumer marketplace. It plans to increase consumer product imports, promote urbanization, and optimize the consumer market for consumption.That the Chinese consumer is driving global growth is well known. The statistics are arresting: ten million new Chinese consumers enter the market each year. In 2010, Chi[...]

True and Tried Tips to Increase Your Instagram Following

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For those who are looking to increase their Instagram following, here are a few strategies that will prove helpful.Firstly, it is important to know your audience and what sort of content they will find most appealing. Knowing your audience will help you identify what they like, create a connection for them and create a loyal following.  Others, who share their same interest, will take notice and follow you, as well.Give a lot of thought to who you would like to attract and what content they will find appealing. If you don't have engaging content you will not grow your numbers.Secondly, it is vital to understand that as with most social platforms, Instagram is visual in its attraction.  In order to get more followers for Instagram, you will need appealing visual content.  Knowing your target audience, understanding their interests and creating engaging visual content will ensure your numbers continue to grow.Keep in mind that photos that do not have that professional or polished look tend to underperform photos that look more personal and are somewhat amateur in appearance.  Photos that are overly polished tend to make Instagram followers feel as if they are being sold something. Your potential followers are more likely looking for a way to engage and connect with you and other followers. Often it is productive to give your followers the feeling that they are viewing what is going on "behind the scenes". Photos and content that makes them feel a more informal connection is often most appealing to your viewers.Other visual tips for your photos would be to note the lighting and texture. What sort of "feeling" are you trying to create?  Studies show that photos that are lighter in appearance tend to attract more interest.  Finding a happy medium with texture can be important, too. A photo that is too cluttered may be unattractive to followers.There are also several “tricks of the trade” when it comes to getting more followers on Instagram. Some are easy and quick and others add a bit of spice and fun to your venture.You can offer a special contest. One of the easiest and ways to do this is to post an image promoting the contest and then ask people to like it in order to enter.  Set the contest at least 2 weeks away so that it gets plenty of exposure. Encourage your followers to share it, too! Make certain the image you select is eye-catching and will appeal to your target audience.Another quick way to get more followers is to like hundreds of random pictures from people in your target audience. Instagram heavy weights have used this strategy and found that for every 100 likes he did of arbitrary pictures, he received roughly 6 more followers.You can also post your photos at 2:00 am or 5:00 pm. Studies have shown that these are the most effective times to post.Often, you can ask questions in the captions of your photos. This is a great way to increase engagement and help your followers find connection with you.[...]