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Preview: Comments on Behind the Lines: Podcast - Blair's day of shame

Comments on Behind the Lines: Podcast - Blair's day of shame

Updated: 2009-11-24T20:36:23.086+00:00


So, your criticism is that ANY OTHER PM under poli...


So, your criticism is that ANY OTHER PM under police questioning would have chosen, given that he had that choice, to be interviewed on a quiet day? Really? This is just such rubbish. WHO, in their right mind would choose to have ALL the baying press pack outside No. 10 all day if they could choose a day when half the press were somewhere else? It's common sense and human nature as well as good politics to try to minimise the damage to himself and the party and you and I would have done the same.

It's not as though it'd be kept secret by the fact that it was a busy news day. We all know about it.

I am still receiving google notifications of his questioning and many of the links lead back to the blogs of people like yourself who want to hang the man before he's been tried or even arrested. They also lead back to the Telgraph and other right wing dailies. Good company you are choosing to keep these days.

I am amazed at how much vitriol Blair is attracting from people within the Labour party or people who feel the party somehow belongs to them. Do you ever wonder how Blair got you those last three wins? It was something to do with the floating voter, the usual 20 - 30% who often decide at the last minute.

If you really think you can win the next election without Blair you are more naive than even I thought possible. OK, it doesn't look as though you could win it with him either at the moment with his judgement over Iraq questioned and his name being so relentlessly blackened. But in my book he is guilty of nothing and is only being attacked by those with a different agenda for the party, viz going back to the historic past or disengaging from Iraq.

Yes, he might have been moving the party to the right - but that's why you won! There are no voters going anywhere to the left of Labour.

The more I read on blogs like this the more apparent it is that Blair is 'way ahead of you all in political maturity. You are running full steam ahead just to stay alongside him.

He obviously has not persuaded enough of you that the Old Labour party must modernise. In that he has failed. A pity. I was hoping for a futher ten years without the conservatives.

And as to the business of the Unions' funding and the £50,000 limit - are you saying that Blair expected or knew about or somehow instigated this recommendation and then sought to use it to further his own ends?

Well, if so, good for him. You do not NEED to BREAK the union ties, but you DO need to make the party much less dependent on unions for funding. If you do not address this issue soon you will rue the day when you didn't listen to the man who is a politician to his fingertips.

You're lucky he still cares! I wouldn't! As someone who is "too good for the room", Blair will be well rid of Old Labour, although it's evident it will break his heart more than it'll break any of yours.

Just now and again you should give politicians the credit of wanting to do something because they believe in it and not because of their own selfish ambitions.

Anyway, enough! I still believe in Blair and yet I have never voted for Labour. Wish I had now, but without Blair, no chance. And the more of this nonsense I read the more I admire him.