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Etaoin Shrdlu

A place to talk about the changing news media landscape.

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The NRA is not stupid ...


These thoughts were passed along to me from a friend's spouse. If he posts them himself I'll link. Till then, I thought it important to share this insight now, early in the debate:"The NRA is not stupid. They are trying to re-frame the gun debate and tangle everyone up in an issue that is ridiculous. "Instead of focusing on "How can we prevent assault weapons from falling into the hands of

Alaska becoming a swing state? Not so fast, Mr. Silver


I took mild issue with Nate Silver on Twitter yesterday about his article "Alaska: Future Swing State?" I said it was "proof that Silver is better with numbers than analysis."   Ted Cuzillo (@datadoodle) asked what I’d have said if I was his editor and promised him more than 140 characters in reply. Here goes:   First, I’m a longtime Nate Silver fan. We were practicing data-driven

Manifestations of Nate Silver's analytical journalism in the 1980s


With all the Nate Silver inspired debates about analytical journalism going on, I can't resist referring to the work Richard Mauer, Larry Makinson and others did at the Anchorage Daily News in the 1980s-1990s. Using a Macintosh 512 and Fourth Dimension database software, we computerized all state campaign donation records long before the State of Alaska had done so. We kept databases of sources.

Today we face another crisis too valuable to waste


A veteran political observer I know is fond of quoting the aphorism, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” It means, among other things, that sometimes only crisis can break through governing gridlock and make things happen. In today’s climate that feels truer than ever. I argued after 9-11 that President Bush in that rare moment of global solidarity with the U.S. had a chance to reshape the

Whatever happened to facts?


For several years now I've been giving a talk at journalism conferences and classrooms I called "Whatever happened to facts?" I took as my starting point a brilliant headline from The Onion, which said, "One in five Americans now believes Obama is a cactus." Clay Shirky, in characteristically sweeping and insightful style, today weighs in on roughly the same subject with a different (though not

The "postmodern sublime"


This is taken from a blog post I did in July 2008 at Etaoin Shrdlu:   Utopian or distopian? At the moment, things feel precisely like the condition social theorist Fredric Jameson described as “the postmodern sublime” – the simultaneous apprehension of dread and ecstasy. Will CareerBuilder’s trustworthiness and value-added features be able to compete with the fraud-and-freebies world of

Kitchen window, Eagle River, Alaska


♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

View from breakfast nook


at our friends' house, Anchorage. ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

Skiing into Anchorage


Final approach to #Anchorage took us over a lone skier on the Costal Trail. Still beautiful; plenty of snow. ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

This just seems wrong


Second LP dump in the alley. ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

da bomb (Sacramento, 16th St)


♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

Our namesake: a red-winged blackbird at Redwing Ranch


Photo by our pal John Griffing ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

Market scene, Intnl Museum of Folk Art, Santa Fe


♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

On the road to Albuquerque


Roger that. ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow



other worldly. Next: Mojave. ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

On the campus at Occidental College


... for the media reform sessions Saturday I spotted this mysterious packaging alongside a dumpster. One shudders to imagine... ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

I burned a lot of olive branches...


... but they didn't go without a fight. ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

Olive branches burn hot & smoky


These were freshly pruned branches but they went up quickly and sent up greasy black smoke. ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

Betty's excellent day.


♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

I thought this was perfect when I finished it.


♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

Saab didn't design this beauty ...


But an individual enthusiast did. What a treat. Posted via email from edge & flow

Prayer flags in the garden


Let it rain. ♨ Posted via email from edge & flow

@davewiner Re your comment about idealists, here's a self-portrait from a few years ago :)


Posted via email from edge & flow

Sunday morning


♨ Posted via email from edge & flow