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Preview: journalism jobs, london

journalism jobs, london

Looking for an entry-level/early-career journalism job in London?

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Quick note...


Just a quick (and rather amused) note to say Press Gazette has started up its own blog not unlike this one used to be, check it out here.

Journalism Jobs - January 29


On the Guardian, Architecture Today needs a publishing assistant. Automotive Engineers needs an assistant editor.A spanish restaurant review site needs an entry-level food writer, as advertised on Gumtree. And, lesbian mag G3 needs an assistant editor.The Careers Group has an advert from Profile Mag (new men's startup?) looking for freelance features writers. Pira are looking for an assistant editor, and Strategy Eye needs reporters.Over on, Revolution is looking for a digital/features editor (25-28k). THe British Gliding Association magazine need an editor, who could work from home, and Adfero needs home-based news writers (7/hour). E-Health website needs a deputy editor, while an Islington-based publisher Intelligent Media needs an assistant editor (17-21k). Channel 4's website needs a online reporter.On Source that Job, the institute for directors needs a sub.Haymarket have a few listings up. Third Sector need an editorial assistant, features editor and a reporter. Marketing Direct needs a senior reporter/web editor. The medical section also needs a subeditor.Jobs4Journalists have apparently redesigned. Not much on the real journo jobs tho there's lots of desktop publishing stuff. There's one for a freelance medical writer.Archant have a vacancy for a subeditor in Newham -- deadline is Feb 1.TimeOut needs freelance copy editors and a cheif subeditor.And on GorkanaPR, a finance mag needs editors/reporters, the Independent is offering an internship on its fashion desk, a cruise magazine needs freelance journos, Office Products International needs an editor.[...]

Journalism Jobs - January 25


On the Guardian, Absolute Publishing needs a junior designer. Nature needs a journal editor. Something called Harris Hill is looking for a part-time assistant editor. BBC needs an adult skills editor... which just sounds dirty.

A children's charity needs a website officer. Global Radio, home to Heart, need a web assistant.

And this is a good one for trainee subs: Associated New Media are advertising their one-year, paid subbing scheme, which lets you work on the Mail (ugh) as well as the Standard and what not.

The Guardian also has a billion ads from recruiters, but blind ads are boring, so I haven't bothered. That doesn't mean you shouldn't...

Over on, Bang Media are looking for an entertainment reporter. Consumer Choices needs a junior editor (20k). Bayswater Media are looking for an editorial assistant.

On Gumtree, SpoonFed are looking for specialist entertainment freelance writers.

HtFP has one from Caters, looking for a features writer.

On the Careers Group, Euromoney are offering their business traineeship. And if you're an ethnic minority, the FT has a summer internship for you.

And, on GorkanaPR, Sugar Magazine is offering a fashion internship, ZD Net needs a news editor, Glamour needs a subeditor, and Public Finance needs a news reporter.

Journalism Jobs - January 21


...who ever sticks to their new year's resolutions anyway?

Right. On the Guardian, the Family Planning Association needs an editor/writer. The Royal College of Nursing is looking for subeditors. Something called EDA Publications needs an editorial assistant, while something called Love It! needs a deputy features editor. Business Hotline Publications need a junior business writer.

The lovely people on PC PRO need a subeditor. PFJ have a billion up, including one for an online subeditor. Haymarket's Third Sector is looking for a reporter and a features/supps editor. Their medical division needs a subeditor, and Practical Motorhome needs a road test editor -- now that sounds fun...

Over on, Adfero needs an online writer (17k). Pageant Media needs a subeditor.

Way over on Gumtree, food mag Tandoori needs an intern and a medical publisher needs an editorial assistant.

HtFP have an ad for a duty editor for Teletext.

And over on GorkanaPR, the wicked-awesome folks at Record Collector need an intern, Dow Jones needs an oil reporter, Revolution needs a digital/features editor and MSN needs a weekend homepage editor. Cnet's new launch SmartPlanet needs a staff writer, while Psychologies needs a beauty intern. Wallpaper are offering a paid internship, starting tomorrow, so get on it.

On SourceThatJob, Incisive's Mortgage Solutions needs an editor. Tech site The Register needs a reporter. Plaza Publishing's charity finance mag needs a reporter. And MyChild is offering internships.

Journalism Jobs - January 2


Welcome to the new year... my resolution is to keep posting. Your resolution should be to get a job, slacker.On the Guardian, recruiter PFJ are looking for a freelance subeditor for a finance title (14-17/hr). They also need an online music editor, for a retail website, and a content editor for a consumer health site.Over on, Bath-based Future are looking for an online editor, reviews editor and staff writer for their Windows Vista magazine. Recruiters PFJ are looking for a reporter (21-23k) with a year of experience. Incisive's Legal Week also needs a reporter.Still on that site, Emap's Health Services Journal needs a news reporter and a deputy news editor. New-to-London SNL Financial needs senior financial reporters.If by some weird coincidence you speak Dutch (in which case""), a music and games company is looking for a native Dutch speaker for an editorial assistant role -- that one via Gumtree. A startup Gay and Lesbian mag for London is looking for an editor. And the Not For Tourist guides are expanding to London and looking for writers.Over on GorkanaPR -- and remember, I can't link directly to these, so you might need to click around -- New Woman needs an acting deputy editor (opposed to one who does not take actions?), New Energy Finance needs a sub/writer and News of the World's Sunday mag needs a features writer. Online, MSN's green channel needs an editor. And Diva mag needs a picture editor/editorial assistant.Hold the Front Page has a billion, including these in London. Avenues Property needs a freelance news reporter, for two days a week. A Hounslow paper needs a chief reporter. The Ealing Gazette needs a senior reporter. And the Richmond and Twickenham Times series need senior and junior reporters.And on the Careers Group, Informa have advertised their Media Academy. Deadline for apps is February.[...]

Back next week!


So I thought I better post on here, as some of you seem to be worried I'm dead. (I'm not.) The past two-ish months I've been too busy/sick/drunk/Christmased to have time to update this, or even to respond to the very kind comments/emails/facebookings I've had in response to my lack of posts. (Sorry, that was rather rude of me, but things have been really ridiculous.)

Either way, I'll be back at it in the new year, which is like, next week. Crazy, eh?

So Happy New Year, and I'll find y'all jobs next week, m'kay?

- Nicole

Journalism Jobs -- November 12


On the Guardian, Pensions & Investments needs a reporter. HF's Sugar is looking for a features assistant -- which they're pushing as a good first job in journalism. Future's T3 needs a multimedia reporter -- you'll need to know all the audio/video shit.

On, someone is looking for web editors. Adfero is looking for work-from-home finance correspondents... for £7/hour. Who the hell pays hourly in journalism?

Over the weekend on GorkanaPR, a public-private partnership bulletin is looking for freelance news writers, and the Square Mile needs freelance subeditors. Haymarket's PR Week and Autosport both need deputy editors. And Bloomberg needs a stack of writers.

Blogging site HecklerSpray has advertised on Gumtree for entertainment bloggers.

Newsquest's News Shopper is looking for a trainee reporter. Centaur's In-Store needs a reporter. IPC's Horse and Hound is looking for a news writer, while Marie Claire needs a production assistant/sub editor.

Journalism Jobs - November 9


On the Guardian, Informa need a production editor for their legal department. The Fairtrade Foundation needs a writer/editor. New Trade Publishing in Islington are looking for a news editor. EDA publications are looking for an editorial assistant.On HoldtheFrontPage, a London newspaper group needs a sports has an advert from Laws Business Research, who are looking for a trainee reporter. B2B Blandonmore Media needs a senior editor. IPC's Cage and Aviary Birds needs a news editor -- it's the "world’s only weekly newspaper for bird keepers". Disability Now need an editorial assistant (19k).On GorkanaPR, Harpers Bazaar is offering work experience, 24-Dash needs a subeditor and a housing reporter, Canadian gambling firm Bodog is looking for writers and bloggers, and Haymarket's Planning needs senior reporters. The FT's Investment Adviser needs freelancer news and features writers, property publishers 3foxinternational need a features writer and IPC's Motor Caravan needs an assistant editor. New Scientist needs a news editor, and Centaur's Air and Business Travel News is looking for a senior reporter.Schmooze and Booze has announced their next event is Nov 26 -- email Helen to get on the list!Haymarket are looking for tons of digital editors across a few publications -- have they just discovered the internets? Future's Total Film is looking for a production assistant. Jobs4Journalists has finally relauched -- looks spiffy, but there're a lot of PR and Sales jobs... guys, that's not journalism. Still, worth a look as there're a few good ones on there.Archant's Docklands newspaper needs a subeditor.Right. Now I'm doing some fundraising for an amazing charity called the Afghan School Project. Basically, we're looking to raise £1,600 to get some more computers into a women's business school in Kandahar -- you can imagine the challenges they face from the conservative culture and the violence... not an easy place to learn.So if you're one of my legion of fans, who are always (ha, ha) emailing or commenting to say"but how can we thank you?!" -- well, here's how. Click on the widget below to send a donation -- doesn't matter how small -- to the project. If every reader of this site sends £5, we'll easily hit our goal... it's all done over PayPal, but you don't need to have an account with them, just a credit card or bank card.It'd also be great to spread the word by displaying the widget on your own blogs/sites (click Copy), or sending the plea around to people you know. Thanks![...]

Journalism Jobs - November 5


Okay, so this has been more of a weekly roundup of late, but I'll try harder this week... I was busy, alright?

Anyway, on the Guardian, Chambers and Partners need a writer/researcher. Which? needs a home editor. Law Business Research needs a trainee news reporter. Some sort of engineering/architecture publisher is looking for an editorial assistant, as is something called SameDan. And medical publication the Lancet has an opening for an assistant editor.

And if you're feeling a bit Bridget Jones, Sit-Up are looking for a presenter. TNT needs a sports editor. A new launch called Art World is looking for staff, including freelance subs and writers.

As usual, the recruiters are out in force, but I can't (as usual) be bothered to write them all down. And the Observer's sports desk is looking for an editorial assistant.

Over on, something called Hire Standard needs a freelance editor. Adfero is still looking for various staff. Centaur need a business travel reporter. A startup is looking for "local" sports reporters. And, on that site, Bloomberg have advertised a stack of jobs, including for a rugby writer.

On Gumtree, a ski resort magazine needs freelance editors. A teen website needs a writer. And a lifestyle/property mag in Balham needs an editor.

On HoldtheFrontPage, Archant needs subeditors. On GorkanaPR, a childcare mag needs freelancers, and there's a whole whack-load of business jobs. Like tons.

And rumour has it Grazia is looking for some interns ASAP... so get on it. Starting now to December, minimum two week placements, one month preferable.

Journalism Jobs - October 29


On the Guardian today, Dive's Geographical magazine needs a staff writer with two years' of experience. Quatro Publishing is offering internships and needs an assistant editor. HF's Sugar needs a features editor.

Channel 4 is looking for an editor. Mobile Magazine needs a news editor. Haymarket's Marketing needs an editor and senior subeditor.

And the Guardian itself needs a chief subeditor for The Guide.

Over on HoldtheFrontPage, Press Gang News needs entry level and senior reporters. On The Careers Group, a production company is offering internships.

On Gumtree, an art/writing magazine is looking for volunteer writers.

And on GorkanaPR, Bloomberg has advertised for staff in London, Europe and the Rest of the World. NatMag's Real People needs a sub and some web-based tv show needs an intern.

Journalism Jobs - October 23


On the Guardian, teh BBC is looking for an interactive music braodcast journalist and an interactive senior broadcast journalist. Nature needs some staff, including an associate editor and a journals editor. Westminster Abbey needs an editorial assistant.

Publishers John Brown need an editorial assistant for children's publications and an editor. The Economist needs a subeditor. As noted previously, Dennis' IT PRO needs a staff writer and a tech/reviews editor.

Centaur need a reporter for Marketing Week. Which? are looking for an assistant editor for their special publications.

And lots of jobs from recruiters on the Guardian today, too...

Over on, Haymarket's Third Sector needs a senior subeditor. Emap's Nursing Times needs a subeditor, too. Health Service Journal needs a reporter. And that site has a ton up from recruiters, too...

On GorkanaPR, Sugar needs a beauty editor, Star magazine needs an assistant features editor, gay mag AXM needs interns, the Bookseller needs a reporter (just think of all the free books you'd get....), and Haymarket is looking for a pile of digital editors, but go here for that. A few I missed while being lazy: Press Gazette is looking for interns, as is the Daily Mail. You shouldn't have to ask which one will teach you real journalism...

Journalism Jobs - October 19


On the Guardian, Nature is looking for an editorial's editor. Webster's Tipped referral site needs a web editor. BBC Music 6 needs a broadcast assistant and assistant producers.

And here's a good one: The Big Issue is hiring a staff writer. So is Men's Fitness, still. There're also a billion agency jobs on the guardian -- if you're not signed up for a few, you should.

On Gumtree, an online teen magazine is looking for volunteer writers and photographers.

Over on Gorkana, the Marketer needs an assistant editor, Mobile Today needs a news editor, City AM needs a features writer, and sports publishers Grand Parade need an online writer. Red needs a features intern.

Source that Job has one from a publisher in Hoxton, for a chief sub/production editor. And the UK mobile report needs a reporter.

Emap's Mother and Baby needs an editorial assistant and their construction titles need a subeditor.

Time Out still needs a travel editor for its guides and a classical and opera music editor for the magazine.

Archant need a part-time editorial assistant for their Bethnal Green offices.

And Dennis' IT PRO is looking for a staff writer and a reviews/technology editor:

Reviews and Technology Editor
This key role within our team of section editors involves writing, editing and commissioning IT PRO’s product coverage (reviews, group tests, tutorials), as well as producing technology and product-focused news and features. You should have at least one years’ experience working on a technology publication (print or online) or a freelance background in writing about technology. Previous product reviewing and online experience would be an advantage.

Staff Writer
You are currently an editorial assistant, staff writer or junior reporter on a business, financial or technology publication looking to progress your editorial career. Outstanding candidates and recent graduates without direct experience will also be considered. All roles are full-time, based in the heart of London’s West End and offer excellent remuneration and benefit packages.

To apply, please email your CV, salary expectations and a 500-word document explaining what you could contribute to IT PRO, email: itjobs[at]dennis[dot]co[dot]uk (State the position in the subject box)

Closing date: 8th November 2007

That's it! It's been kind of a slow week...

Journalism Jobs -- Weekend Update!


Yeah, I was out of the country (again) last week. But here's a few to play catch-up...

Over on the Guardian, Heat needs a deputy news editor. Dennis' Mens Fitness still needs a staff writer. The Royal Institute of British Architects needs an editorial assistant. MSN needs online channel editors. Some magazine called The Oldie needs a subeditor, as does Ikea Family Live! and TNT. Flight mag firm Ink needs an editor. have an advert from for a music editor. Something called Exporta is looking for journalists. SPG needs a subeditor. Construction News needs a features reporter. Which? are looking for a proofreader. And Columbus Travel Guides in Swanley need an editorial assistant (15-17k).

Over on Gorkana, Haymarket's Third Sector needs a sub, GP newspaper needs a senior reporter, PrintWeek needs a chief sub, and the network needs editors for a new auto launch. Real People needs a features editor.

The Careers Group has an advert from a freelance journalist who is looking for a writing assistant.

And on Gumtree, website Sugar needs a fashion editor, beauty editor and celebrity editor. The SA times needs a subeditor. And Shanghai London magazine needs freelancers and is looking for an intern.

Journalism Jobs - October 5


So the day before yesterday, when I said tomorrow, I meant today, mkay?On the Guardian, there's a ton of recruiter jobs, as well as one from World News Media for a production assistant.On, Jane's Police Review needs a reporter. Some new website launch needs an editor. Careers site Vault needs a staff writer. And TravelZoo need an associate producer.And this one's in Brighton, but needs an office assistant.On Gorkana over the past couple days, OK! and Brand Strategy both need features writers. Marketing Week needs a reporter.Gumtree has a ton up. A business publisher needs a copy (sub?) editor, the South African Times needs Afrikaans writers, and a Southwark-based educational publisher needs a sub for three days a week, for £125/day. The Sherlock Holmes Museum's Baker Street Times is still looking for an editor, a trade publication needs a reporter, MessyMedia needs writers, and SpoonFed needs an electronic music expert.HoldtheFrontPage has an ad for a financial reporter.And here's one for all you students: The Careers Group has an ad up for the Reuters Graduate Programme. That site also has adverts for a middle east researcher/editorial assistant and an editorial assistant.ViewLondon need club reviewers. On Craigslist, a New York real estate mag needs a london freelancer. A news and current affairs website startup needs writers -- you can guess how much that pays, and you'll have to, as they don't say.And Dhruti emailed this to me:Insight News Television has set a date for Single Camera DocumentaryFilm-making CourseDate: Sat 20th – Sun 21st Oct 2007Time: 10am-6pm.Location: Clapham CommonFee: £250 for students, £300 for individuals, and £500 for corporate (VAT included)Our objective is to provide participants with the basic knowledge necessary to shoot a documentary single-handedly on a Sony Z1 HDV camera – the industry standard.The Tutors: The course is run by Insight NewsTelevision's Managing Editor and BAFTA award winning Director Ron McCullagh with additional lectures by internationally acclaimed journalist and Rory Peck awardwinner Sorious Samura.If you wish to book a place on the course you can do so either by visiting good -- thanks for that.[...]

Journalism Jobs - October 3


On the Guardian, Future has advertised a few for their Bath offices, including one as a reviews editor for their biking mag. Time Out needs an online travel editor. Art Newspaper needs a deputy editor. Informa's healthcare division needs reporters.

Medical publishers Remedicia needs an editorial assistant. The FT needs freelance subs. Jane's needs a chief subeditor for defence and transport.

And the Guardian itself is looking for a sports subeditor and a senior sports writer for their website.

On, TV production mag Televisual needs a reporter and TrafficLink needs broadcasters. What's on When are looking for a commissioning travel editor -- if you get this, you're morally bound and obligated to hire me to write travel for you. Just warning.

Standard and Poor's are offering a six-month paid internship. Adfero is again looking for correspondents (16k). ITN needs freelance journalists for their website. Credit Today needs a sub/reporter and Thomoson Financial needs subs.

And over on GorkanaPR, Bloomberg needs staff, W mag is offering an internship, the Sunday Mirror's celeb section is offering an internship, Legalese needs an editorial assistant and Euroweek needs a freelance sub.

More tomorrow!

Journalism Jobs - September 26


On the Guardian, The Grocer needs a features editor.

On, IPC's Amateur Photographer Magazine needs a writer/photographer. Standard and Poor's are offering a six-month paid internship. Jane's needs a chief subeditor. Jobsite the Vault needs an associate editor (25k).

A diary service has advertised on teh Careers Group for a researcher (6/hour). And Infrastructure Journal needs a research assistant.

Lots on Gumtree. A publisher needs an editorial assistant, a sports website needs an intern, and online men's magazines also need an editorial assistant.

On GorkanaPR, the BBC is looking for a casual broadcast assistant, hotel mag Dial needs a part time section editor, and the Sunday Times needs a business assistant.

Dennis needs a part time freelance web editor for Know Your Mobile. There's a pile on Haymarket -- can't remember which ones I've posted so far.

Journalism Jobs - September 24


On the Guardian, environmental publishers Think are looking for subeditors and a production assistant, as well as freelancers. NatMag's Reveal needs a senior writer.

Campden publishers need a layout subeditor, while Redactive needs an assistant editor and subeditors (26k). CMP's Publican needs a news editor. Sage needs an online assistant.

ITN needs video journalists for a new sports channel.

On, they've got the Redactive ones from above, as well as one from Formula Won for a subeditor.

Sourcethatjob has a few, including one for a copywriter for a green lifestyle site and another for a deputy editor.

Over the past few days on GorkanaPR, Closer needs a chief subeditor, Scrip pharama news needs a Europe writer and a science writer, and Broadcast needs a reporter. The Abu Dhabi media company is also looking for staff, if you want to trade the rain for sand.

On Gumtree, New Zealand News needs a staff writer and a woman's magazine needs an editorial assistant. On HoldtheFrontPage, Barcroft are looking for trainee features writers.

The Careers Group has adverts for a trainee financial writer and an associate music journalist for idiomag.

And according to Press Gazette, Al Jazeera is on a hiring spree for english-speaking staff, in London, Washington, and Doha.

Journalism Jobs - September 20


On the Guardian, the New Scientist is looking for an online editor.Over on the newly-pink-and-grey, CMP's the Publican is looking for a news editor. The FT needs a financial reporter. Black Hair and Beauty magazine needs a subeditor. Emap's Infrastructure Journal website needs a regional reporter and a deputy editor. And Haymarket's Campaign is looking for a media reporter.On Gumtree, a publication needs a part-time lifestyle journalist. HoldtheFrontPage has ads for a reporter from a recruiter and a sports reporter for the Southwark newspaper.The Careers Group has adverts for a trainee investment writer (17k), a production assistant at an academic publisher (16.5k), and an internship in a newsroom for an EU-focused publication (35/day).A few new ones on GorkanaPR, including a few from sunny Dubai, as well a couple in shit-weather London from Thomson Financial, which needs subeditors and a small caps reporter.Emap's First needs a chief subeditor and a deputy production editor.Time Out needs a whackload, including a deputy tv editor and tv journalist, a publisher, an online editor and travel guides editor.Craigslist has an advert for freelance subeditors for a sports publication.And this was posted in the comments, but thought I'd throw it up here, too (and not in a vomity-way):We are looking for budding journalists who are trying to get their big break and are willing to show their search and hard graft on TV."Apparently this is for a youth show and they want people aged between 18-23 who have a bit of work experience behind them but no definite training. They want people who haven't really got any contacts in the industry but really feel it is for them.They need to be available for filming from October and will be given a mentor to help them.This is all I know, but if anyone thinks they fit the bill, then call 020 7534 0694 and ask for either Katie or Paul.Thanks for that Phaeton.[...]

Journalism Jobs - September 17


And... I'm back.

On the Guardian jobsite, Al-Jazeera is hiring a whack-load of staff, including journalists and assistant producers, for their offices in London/Doha/Washington. ITN's new sports channel needs editorial and production staff.

Jordan's needs a law reporter. Whatever GE Fabbri is, it needs editorial assistants. The Prison service needs a writer. Still not happy with the redesign...

And speaking of redesigns, has done one too... pink and grey? Which doesn't fit on my screen? Sure, whatever. MyVillage is still looking for contributors -- good for students looking to build up their portfolio and get free shit. Nursing Times needs a parttime subeditor. Emap's Heating and Ventilating News needs a reporter (23k)... whoo. A legal publisher needs a sub/layout editor. Weight Watchers magazine needs a subeditor, as does Haymarket's Children and Young People Now.

Over on GorkanaPR, a hospital site needs freelance writers, the Business needs a reporter, a ski mag needs a production journalist for four days a week, and FT Business needs a chief subeditor.

On Gumtree, some consumer rights website needs an intern.

I also (a very long time ago, apologies for the delays) got an email from Catwalk Queen, who need an intern -- email isabelle[at]shinymedia[dot]com including "CQ Work Experience".

Okay, so this would have been longer, but blogger ate it. I really need to get my own hosting, but poverty is keeping me here. Maybe I'll ask Santa for a hosting package for Christmas... Or Thanksgiving, that's closer.



The regularly scheduled service will return on Monday. Promise. And it'll be shinier than ever...

Journalism Jobs - August 30


Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been on vacation. Wait -- I'm not going to apologise for that...

Anyway, I'm not going to repost everything from the last week, as surely you know enough to check Guardian/ when I disappear, but here are the most recent ones and a few of the more interesting ones from the past week.

On Gumtree, a telecoms publication needs a content editor. On HoldtheFrontPage, Barcroft are looking for photogs and videographers. And if you're willing to move to Leeds, Ross Parry are looking for trainee "real life" features writers.

The Careers Group has an advert from a publiser looking for a graduate editor, and the Motely Fool is looking for a graduate news writer.

Over on GorkanaPR, a shopping social network called OSOYOU needs staff, Weight Watchers needs a subeditor, a hotel magazine needs a freelance technology writer, the Independent needs a personal finance reporter, Daily Mail needs a finance reporter and Registered Rep needs a writer/reporter. Pink News needs an intern.

And on the Guardian -- I'm still not sure about their redesign, it's kind of hard to read... I like pictures, alright? -- TNT magazine needs a subeditor, an aviation group needs a production assistant, and estate agents Foxtons need an editorial assistant and features writer. And Pearson Education needs an editorial assistant.

There's about a dozen and a half on Haymarket. Don't make me write them all out, just click here.

And on the JournoBiz fourms, a mobile phone site needs bloggers.

That's it for today -- more of me playing catchup tomorrow!

Journalism Jobs - August 21


The Guardian has redesigned its job search pages. Not sure what I think of it yet. Anyway, RedBee need a production assistant. Something called Publicis is looking for freelance subeditors and designers.

Over on, the FT's The Banker is looking for writers and editors.

GorkanaPR has a few: IPC's IBI needs a journalist, Vogue needs a deputy chief subeditor, New Energy Finance needs a reporter, and Channel 4's Food site needs an editor and writer/subeditor. The ASDA magazine needs a chief subeditor, Money Management needs a staff writer/senior staff writer, and Women's Own is looking for a senior writer, lifestyle editor and deputy lifestyle editor.

On Journobiz (registration required) somebody is looking for a reporter for his friend on the Londoner for two days next month, at £160/day. Or he's harvesting emails.

Time Out are looking for a staff music writer.

And the Press Gazette has a few thoughts on what makes a good journalist and how to pick a training program.

Journalism Jobs - August 20


On the Guardian, a healthcare publication needs an editor (a step up from subbing, they say). A B2B publisher needs an editorial assistant (14k). NatMags needs a fitness editor. Computer Reseller News is looking for an editor.

And the Guardian itself needs an editorial assistant for its professional division.

Over on, MyVillage website has again advertised for contributors -- be a good one for students and anyone else looking to fluff out their portfolio.

On Gorkana, Thomson Financial needs a derivatives reporter, as does some fund publication.

Emap's Health Service Journal needs a reporter.

On Craigslist, someone's looking for sports writers.

Journalism Jobs - August 17


On Facebook, some dude is looking for music writing interns for two days a week. There's no mag name or email address, so you'll have to facebook him. But based on creeping his profile page (the things I reduce myself to, all for you!) it's this site:

Over on, Incisive's Computing is looking for a senior reporter. Dow Jones needs a pair of financial journalists. Forward planning group the Year Ahead need a research intern (17k). And Emap's First is looking for a celebrity editor -- I think that means you edit the celebrity pages, as opposed to editing celebrities, or indeed, being an editor who is also a celeb.

The Guardian as an advert from recruiters Reilly for an assistant editor (22k) while TMN are looking for a reporter and PFJ need a subeditor.

Academic publisher Sage needs an editorial assistant/assistant editor -- well, which is it? A small book publisher needs a production assistant.

TNT needs a chief subeditor. And Nature is looking for an assistant editor. BBC's Radio 2 is looking for a pair of broadcast assistants.

Over on GorkanaPR, Sky (The Magazine, apparently) needs a subeditor and News Magazines needs freelance designers. Hotel Management International is looking for freelance writers, as does the LEAF review, a design/architecture publication. Psychologies needs a chief subeditor. Entertainment publisher C21 Media needs a sub/reporter. The Financial Times needs production editors and subeditors. And Orange needs online content editors for their money and travel sections for £130/day.

Journalism Jobs - August 15


On the Guardian, Alchemy are looking for an editorial assistant (14-18k). Something called the Lafferty Group has several editorial jobs for their financial publications, including a reporter (24-27k), subeditor (30-33k) and researcher (29-32k). Which? Food and Nutrition needs a senior researcher/writer (25-32k). Euroweek is looking for a pair of trainee markets reporters.Fuji Television is looking for recent graduates for news producer roles. The British Medical Association's news magazine needs a deputy chief subeditor (32k).The Observer needs news and business subeditors, and the Guardian itself has readvertised that G2 junior commissioning editor role -- if you haven't applied, hurry up. It says the deadline was Monday, but the ad went up today... No idea if the site is busted or if someone's stupid.On, mobile content provider Que Pasa is looking for a content editor and some website needs a homepage editor -- but will you really just edit the homepage? what about the rest of the pages?Sorry. Moving along. Adfero are now also looking for researchers (17k). And Pira have advertised again.Oodles of new ones up on Gorkana: Food mag Olive needs a subeditor, a pair of hotel mags need a freelance features editor and a freelance subeditor, and Archant's French Property News needs a freelance sub. B2B publishers Ark need an editorial assistant.Over on Gumtree, a golf website needs an entry-level journalist. And lifestyle site 3sacrowd is looking for contributors -- they may or may not pay, I'd expect the latter, then -- as well as interns.Haymarket is looking for a legislation writer for ends.And this was on Gorkana's mailout, if you're really bored:Ricochet - Looking for journalists for a new Channel 4 documentaryFollowing the RSA drugs report which came up with a scale of harm listing alcohol as more harmful than cannabis and ecstasy in that order. Hannah Lamb Assistant Producer for Ricochet is looking for journalists in their 20's or early 30's who are happy to admit to the occasional or more regular use of one of these substances and allow us to follow the effects that it has on their body over the period of a month. They would take the journalists to Holland where there would be no legal repercussions and where they have a great university who will be monitoring the effects. Hannah wants journalists who would be interested in this type of experiential journalism and would like to have a further chat about the projectHannah can be reached at hannah[DOT]lamb[at]ricochet[dot]co[dot]uk.A friend of mine has written a piece for the Independent about getting work experience -- particularily journalism experience -- overseas. Check it out, some pretty good advice there. And hell, it worked for him, obviously.[...]