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New look 24framespersecond now live online!
Yes indeed, 24fps is changing. The old site has served us well, but it was high time for an upgrade. The all new and improved 24frames is now finished and online.

New trailer and release date for Malaysia's first martial arts pic KINTA
A new trailer has appeared and a release date finally (the flick was originally set for release in Nov 2007 but hit production problems) announced for whats being hailed as "Malaysia's first ever martial arts movie" Kinta. It looks like director CL Hor has the problems solved now, because the film is looking truely kick ass and is due out on Dec 4th.

Martyrs director boards Hellraiser remake
Finally some news the on troubled remake of Clive barkers horror classic Hellraiser, that's actually caught our attention. The project has been through several directors and multiple script rewrites and seemed forever doomed (some might say rightly) to the hell of "horror remakes that are a really really bad idea." But now that may all have changed.

QUEEN OF LANGKASUKA tops Thai box office
No real surprise this. Nonzee Nimibutr's fantasy action epic QUEEN OF LANGKASUKA topped the box office charts in Thailand this weekend.

Live action NINJA SCROLL movie finds a writer
Alex Tse has been named to write the script for Warners Bros live action remake of the 1993 classic Japanese Anime NINJA SCROLL. Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way is to produce along with Madhouse Pictures.

Second trailer for K-20
More action, more capes and more girls flying James Bond style Gyrocoptors?! - A second trailer for the Japanese period superhero action flick K-20: The Fiend With Twenty Faces, has just dropped on the movies official site.

English subtitled trailer for COMING SOON
Another very quick update on Thai horror COMING SOON. GMM the production house for the movie have just release an English subtitled version of the trailer. Always handy!

Update on French Zombie horror MUTANTS
Waaaaayyy back in November of last year we covered news on an upcoming French Zomb horror by director David Morley, Mutants. Originally due in 2008 the production hit some major delays in filming....

The Midnight Meat Train (2008) Director - Ryuhei Kitamura. Review by: Peter Higgins. Midnight Meat Train. First things first: great title. No, really: great title. But is that the only thing it has going for it?

First stills from upcoming Thai horror MEAT GRINDER
Right, this is what we know so far about upcoming Thai horror MEAT GRINDER. It's being made by local movie production house Phranakorn film (who've released some pretty good upper end B-horror movies in the past) and from the look of these first stills to appear online, its going to be more than little bit (ok, its Thai horror so make that incredibly) bloody.

New poster for THE FATALITY
Whoever in Taiwan is responsible for marketing the upcoming Thai/Taiwanese horror THE FATALITY seems to have caught on that their first rather drab one sheet might not really cut it when it comes to HORROR movie posters, and has swapped out the design for a variation of the Thai version.

Kenta Fukasaku's 'XX' (aka X-Cross) on R2 DVD
Coming soon to R2 DVD is Kenta Fukasaku's (YoYo Girl Cop, Battle Royale 2) bubble gum horror 'XX (aka ex-cross'). 'XX' is based on the Manga series of the same name, which originated from the hit novel by Nobuyuki Joko in 2004.

ONG BAK 2 website arrives!
Yes indeed, the official website for Tony Jaa's follow (but not sequel) up to the hugely successful fight pic Ong-Bak, is now online.

Ghost Hunters vs Evil Spirits in MANDATE: GODS MISSION
How did this nearly passed us by! A Korean supernatural action thriller about sword wielding Ghost hunters, we would usually be there in a flash. So now we're on it, here's some info on the pic.

Website goes live for CORALINE
The official site for Neil Gaiman's upcoming animated horror fantasy film CORALINE is live to explore. For those not in the know, Gaimen is a highly respected (and in our book l iterary genius) and influential British writer of fantasy/horror Graphic novels, books, and screenplays. Coraline has been compared to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland books because of its dark surrealism and alternate-reality based plot, albeit in a far more contemorary setting.

THE WARLORDS invade the UK
Heads up British fans of all things Asian and epic. Peter Chan's historical blockbuster THE WARLORDS starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro is set for a UK theatrical release next month.

TOKYO GORE POLICE arrives on R1 DVD in January
Theres still no word on a theatrical (if any) release for Yoshihiro Nishimura's horror splatter fest Tokyo Gore Police, the same now cant be said for the DVD. TGP will hit the shelves in North America on January 13th. Pre-orders to automatic!

U.S theatrical play dates for LET THE RIGHT ONE IN
If you're in the U.S and have been itching to see Swedish Vamp horror Let The Right One In, on the big screen, this may be your lucky chance - The theatrical dates have been announced, but unsurprisingly they are very limited.

Kelvin Tong's new horror RULE NUMBER 1 on DVD
Back in August we reported that Kelvin Tong's (The Maid) new horror pic RULE NUMBER 1 was getting a Hong Kong theatrical release and we have been waiting on tenderhooks ever since - Why? because it was a sure fire bet an English friendly DVD release would soon follow.

More teasing from Brit horror THE CHILDREN
Oh they tease. Further to our post on October 3rd, a second teaser trail is online for Waz director Tom Shankland's new Brit Horror, The Children.

ART OF THE DEVIL 3 set for release in Korea
Directed by the collective group known as "The Ronin Team," the 3rd installment in the extreme Thai horror series Art of the Devil 3 is to get a theatrical release in Korea. Great news for Korean fans of hard core horror, but also for those (us included) who have been waiting months for a chance to see this film with English subtitles, and Korean DVD usually have them.

EDEN LAKE up for pre-order on DVD
Its a fair while off, but James Watkins Hoodie horror EDEN LAKE is up for pre-order on DVD. Opinions on the flick here at 24fps have been divided right down the middle, but there's no denying EL is a well shot, visceral and hard core piece of filmaking - with one hell of bleak ending.

Second poster for BUTTON MAN
Considering the plot revolves around the story of a cleaner for the mob, the first poster for Jen Hao Chien's gangland thriller THE BUTTON MAN, was a little on the tame side. A fault they haven't repeated, with this 2nd far darker one sheet. Francis Ng (Shamo, It's a Wonderful Life) heads up the cast of what looks like, it could be one hell of a bloody ride.

New project from 'Muay Thai Chaiya' director Kongkiat Komesiri
The next film project from director Kongkiat Komesiri, the man behind the hit martial arts action pic 'Muay Thai Chaiya' has been announced by local movie house 5 Star Productions - A horror thriller titled Slice. Even better the script will be penned by 'Tears of the Black Tiger' writer/director, Wisit Sasanatieng!

New trailer for Thai/Taiwanese horror FATALITY
A new (this time its the Taiwanese version and very different in style) trailer is up for Thai /Taiwanese horror Fatality. Directed by Thiwa Meyathaisong (Sisters) it's been hailed as the first co-production between the two countries. Fatality stars Pitchanart Sakhakorn and Kenji Wu, in a tale of death, reincarnation and retribution - always good horror topic territory.

First trailer for THE BEAST STALKER
From the title and poster you'd perhaps expect a horror flick, but BEAST STALKER is the latest thriller directed by Hong Kong action veteran Dante Lam.

EYE FOR AN EYE up for pre-order on DVD
Korean boxoffice smash hit cat-and-mouse thriller EYE FOR AN EYE is up for pre-order on DVD. Proceeding are helmed by Kwak Kyung Taek (Friend, Typhoon) while top stars Cha Seung Won (Murder Take One) and Han Suk Kyu (Shiri) face off in a battle of brawn and wit.

Coming soon from Canada BOLLYWOOD ZOMBIE
Registering 9.5 on the wtf-o-meter, Toronto based movie house Cinesavvy (via Access Motion Pictures) are to produce horror comedy titled BOLLYWOOD ZOMBIE. Who, and which countries they intend to market this to still eludes us, but the pic (directed by Maninder Chana) is apparently already filming, with a release in the new year.

Full trailer for Japanese disaster pic INFECTED ISLAND
One of a mini wave of disaster movies coming out of Japan this year - Kansen Rettou (rough translation 'Infected Island'), now has a full theatrical trailer on the official site.

COMING SOON gets a trailer
It's first trailer time for upcoming Thai horror COMING SOON and its all looking pretty good so far. Helmed by Sophon Sakdaphisit who penned the hit Thai horrors 'Shutter,' we'd expect nothing less.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008) Director - Ji-woon Kim Reviewed by: Pete Higgins. THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEIRD certainly lives up to its title. Bits of it are good, bits of it are bad, and bits of it are weird. Essentially a spaghetti western mash-up of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Mad Max 2," it dashes along at such speed that it's only afterwards you notice the complete lack of plot, character or motivation.

Teaser trailer for Brit horror THE CHILDREN
A first teaser trailer has surfaced for Waz director Tom Shankland's new Brit Horror THE CHILDREN. Incredibly brief, it still manages to ooze plenty of malevolence.

Concept art from Zero Chou's new project SACRED WARRIORS
A distinct departure from previous work such as award winning Spider Lilies (a tale of forbidden love starring Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong), writer director Zero Chou has announced her latest project SACRED WARRIORS. Described as a lyrical version of Apocalyto, the movie tells the tale of indigenous tribes living in the deepest mountains of Taiwan who practice ritualistic and bloody head-hunting raids for the glory of their gods.

DVD giveaway: Win a copy of Korean horror GUARD POST 506
We have another fantastic DVD giveaway! Su-chang Kong's (director of 'R-Point') new military based horror G.P 506 is being released through Showbox's Cine Asia label and we have three copies up for grabs.

New trailer for ANTOO FIGHTERS
More cheesy than a Kraft Dairylea factory, its a new trailer for Malaysian horror comedy ANTOO FIGHTERS. AF follows the absurd adventures of super heroes the 'Antoo fighters,' as they fight to save the world from the evil Count Drakulat. To read a summary of the storyline, check our earlier article on August 11th. ANTOO FIGHTERS camps its way into Malaysia, next month.

Aussie post apocalyptic horror movie THE STRAWMAN
Its bare bones info on it at the moment, but a teaser poster and synopsis for upcoming Australian post Apocalypse movie The Strawman have done their job, and intrigued. What the finished article will turn out like is another matter. More as we get it.