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Preview: Ward Three DC

Ward Three DC

News and commentary from Ward 3 in the District of Columbia. Serving American University Park, Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, Friendship Heights, Fox Hall, Glover Park, Palisades, Spring Valley, Tenley Town and Woodley Park.

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Let's make more art in 2k18


Hopefully Ward3 residents are starting to notice the art appearing and happening in our quadrant of the District of Culture.  From the JanneyBees to the mural about Tenleytown now on the side of the 4300 Block building to the Make Music Day and Art All Night events.

(image) As a purveyor of music, it warms my heart to see the District get down with art,  I 'm not saying it from an esthetic sense alone. Because there is money in Art, in-fact data from CENSUS and NEA suggest that art is one of the main growth sources of the US economy to learn more about this please visit a blog about you guessed it making money with music.

Getting to the point,  Is there an economy lens that the district and various officials are using that includes art.  If so I'd love to have someone post a link to it below.   If not let's work on this in 2K18 together. 

Insights not hits is needed for Tenleytown



Now that a few stories have been put out about the chicken flight having the same issue as every other teen centric location in Tenleytown all of which has been blogged about here over the last year. Let's put some perspective on this, starting with the fact that Wilson students are a huge part of why chicken fla is there. Starting at 6am, I have a Wilson student athlete that has practice at 530 am ,and I'll stop buy Starbucks after carpool and Tenleytown looks like it's serving a lunch crowd. And those kids are there til it closes at night.

So from an economic standpoint it's pretty safe to say that Chicken Fla is going to cook the green tiger and they are trying to deal with a public safety issue. Why do I think it's Public Safety because I've blogged about it here before, and I got to hear the corporate handler talk the franchise owner through the process prior to her going on the air with Fox 5. (BTW Folks at Chick-fli ment to say something; however didn't have time as the call came in to do her interview)

 Again, I'd like to point out that while under the age of 18 actions are viewed as preadult and there forever Adults need to supervise; As community members we do need to ask our community leaders and elected officals what they plan to do about the bigger issue since a private business can choose to operate in what it feels is its best interest for public safety.  And, I believe the owner,  because I've watched and photographic the buildout of it and life in Tenleytown for years

Theres a notion in public safety about buckets of responsibility and spillover into actors that have larger buckets. Cleary Tenleytown is in need of a bigger bucket.  Since its not like the increased patrols and coordination with Wilson HS Administror isnt happening ,which this blog as called for and it's nice to see,  since without we'd not be talking about sitting down rights at a fast food establishment.

It's time for Mary Cheh and other District Wide officials to start putting that bigger bucket together.

1 Cooling Center and still waiting for outdoor pool in Ward 3.


In case a heat emergency is called over the next few days. (In the District, the Heat Emergency Plan is activated when the heat index reaches 95 degrees.)Please note Ward 3 has the fewest cooling locations in the District. Extended Spray Park Hours will be in effect 10 am to 9 pm weekdays until Friday, July 29, 2016Ward 3 Spray Parks with extended hours include:-Chevy Chase Recreation Center – 5500 41st St., NW-Macomb Recreation Center – 3409 Macomb St., NW-Palisades Community Center – 5200 Sherrier Pl., NWFor Saturday, July 23, extended pool and recreation center hours will be in effectWard 3 facilities include:Wilson Aquatic Center4551 Fort Drive, NW (9 am – 9 pm)Chevy Chase Community  Center, 5601 Connecticut Ave., NW (9 am – 9 pm)So plan accordingly and let's get our Ward CM and the At-large CMs that care as well as want checks form Ward 3 residents.Stay safe DC.Link to DCHSEMA about heat emergencys [...]

43rd Street Block Party is Today


So our pick for the best block party of Ward 3 goes to the crew that has been giving the American University, Friendship Heights and TenleyTown kids a reason to smile for years.

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> So enjoy and we'll see you there on hopefully, next year.

Gangs of Kids in Hoodies robbing at knife point?


 A friend of mine since the following story to me and it something that we need to start talking about here in Ward 3 and the District in general,  The public's safety.    From a Washington Post story:As many as eight to 10 teenagers, wearing masks and hoodies, attempted a robbery Sunday night in upper Northwest Washington, D.C. police said.The incident was reported in the 4400 block of Davenport Street NW, according to the police. A neighbor who puts out a newsletter for residents of the area said it happened on the street about a block west, near 46th Street.The neighbor said a youth who lives in the area was walking home from a friend’s house shortly before 9 p.m. when he was accosted by the teenagers, who threatened him with a knife.However, she said, he had nothing of value to surrender and nothing was taken. He was unhurt, but, the woman said, “it really shook him up.”According to police, they were looking for eight to 10 youths, with ages from 14 to 18.There are a couple of things that stand out beside a developing  Predator /Prey relationship being established.  And it starts with our kids and these kids since they're all District kids.    The long term issue is supervision.  All kids until they're adults need to have some supervision and guidance and it's clear that something is brewing in our communities and the lack of response is allowing them to start to act as predators.  Let's face it if a group of kids say let's go to AUPARK and start robbing and the District does nothing it will get WORSE. So for a quick recap, without even getting down to the PSA reports here's a few highlights. About four weeks ago on Thursday aprox 9AM  an adult male was attacked by a gang of kids that started with them having an altercation on the metro.  It ended up with the man being saved in front of Parnera from some serious damage and the kids the potential of jail time and surly an altered life path.A stabbing happened at the Tenleytown Metro the following week. Not related however it's violent and starts to make the community desensitize to treats like the one at the top of the post.  GUN found in Wilson High school last week this is so BIG it's scary and don't know to start beside I'll bet this blog it's not the only GUN in our Schools.   The part that's hard is that it took DC until Sunday night to reply and that as via the news.  Meanwhile we got a letter from our elementary school about a power-outage that only impacted them for 30 seconds and get a phone call everyday about a 2 dollar food balance and only heard about the followup via the local News. FYI On the same day as the GUN there was a knife fight in front of the School too.  Every day stores in Tenleytown have to deal with a large group of kids coming and an over whelming their staff and basically taking what they want and leaving the story.  Goes unreported and also desensitizes the threats. I'm not sure the of the District response; so far,  is enough and there's no communication with the community and given the holidays are upon us and next time the person might have something and the gang won't be so nice to leave them with it. At a minimum we need to have some adults in the path of these kids and then some kind of larger dialogue about this issues in the new year.Oh yeah,  most of the kids are transported to this community and home, if not from here, via the Metro and Metro should have to have some kind of security or even tapes that can be reviewed.   How many large groups of kids are getting on or off the Tenleytown Metro on a Sunday night?????NRJ[...]

With everything else going on there's Parking meters on our disaster strip .


Adams MorganGeorgetown Historic DistrictPenn Quarter/ChinatownU Street NW CorridorDowntown Central Business DistrictMaine Avenue and Water Streets SWThe National MallWisconsin Avenue NW (from Van Ness Street to Western Avenue)This WTOP story, about budget deal in May caught my eye for Ward 3 since the included provisions to increase revenues via fees & fines across the above neighborhoods [Story is parking meters would increase in length of time cost and fines and of course] the TenleyTown Friendship Heights areas are included and it makes sense! Because development is going along --So great --and our abundant choices of mattresses and realtors is a magnet for growth and making it worse only seems fitting along this disaster of a major road way called Wisconsin Ave.  (Bring on the MainStreet). I'm no big car fan, and frankly prefer walking or public transportation, however there are for a number of reasons (senior, handicapped, kids, ) to have parking somewhat reasonable. And, this just seems to be unreasonable and I'm not sure anyone ever asked us the citizens if we agreed with it.   Scary to think this was the cross roads from DC to the world going Northwest back in the daysAlso may be missing the trees and forest issue.  We know parking is being stretched from new families, multifamily housing, and construction workers parking like locust, and since the anti-growth crowd of the early 2000 were successful in gumming up the works, message boards and atmosphere we're not had a conversation about parking in Ward 3. While I'm not conversant on the other areas  I've been in this once since 2003 and know for certain that parking on Wisconsin Ave is not a priority.  Getting lighting on sections like the whole 4400 block in-front of Computer Clinic to Masala Art (one of DC's best restaurants) which have now become dangers due to the groups that are gathering to handout and smoke in the darken doorways is a priority for the community. BTW To the many council members that represent us ( District Wide council members this is your cue) please start to look into this since you get paid to do pretty much just that. .  #Ward3hasIssues. PS anyone else notice the surging homeless and the return of  jumpingjack-man in TenleyTown after he last walked into Starbucks scooped up a handfull of drinks and started yelling F*Kyou to all of us there at 10AM . Presumably MPD took him away and he's now just kicked back to the streets. [...]

Why is it a surprise that crime is on the rise in DC


Over the spring and now into the last summer I've been watching the cities in the US erupt into violence and the fear and concern that this epidemic was coming to the District of Columbia is now bearing unwanted fruit.For me the issue is really about opportunity, what does or doesn't exist in a community that would give our young male population a chance at succeeding?     Let's be frank, under empolyed young male population is worldwide issues and has been studied for years - if not centuries.   Yet, we've stuck our collective heads in the sand on this is issue, it's now part of the record, since it was becoming an increasing concern back in 2013 for most officials in Washington and I would assume that our council-members have access to the same internet and reports.Our country needs broad-based job-creation measures, but targeted policies to address youth unemployment are especially crucial. Due to the severity and long-term economic costs—$20 billion in lost wages alone—of high youth unemployment, the United States can ill afford to let an entire generation of young people lose out on the earnings, wealth building, experience, and skills development that come from working.Sarah Ayres is a Policy Analyst in the Economic Policy department at the Center for American Progress.Yet doing nothing or the wrong thing is what we've done here in the District of Columbia, other cities too. To me a big part of it is in the over indulgence in this unfounded belief in putting our future in STEM.  (For those getting lost bear me out)  STEM is the is Science Technology Engineering Mathematics focused education mindset.  Currently the District is madly in-love with this agenda not only in education, and even more so for jobs or economic development.    If not STEM what is the answer,Well it's just adding an A to STEM to make STEAM. The latter is just adding an A for Art to our education and even economy planning. Yes, I'm going after this scared cow and hopefully get people thinking about solutions (not hype) and expose the missed opportunities specifically that the arts bring to DC in the form of JOBS...Let's first put some perspective on the role of Arts in our economy.   According to new data from the via a partnership between the NEA and the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis which is an effort to provide an in-depth analysis of the arts and cultural sector's contributions to current-dollar gross domestic product (GDP). The revised estimates reveal the arts are a bigger driver of GDP and jobs than previously estimated. Among the new estimates are:In 2012, arts and cultural production contributed more than $698 billion to the U.S. economy, or 4.32 percent to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, more than construction ($586.7B) or transportation and warehousing ($464.1B). 4.7 million workers were employed in the production of arts and cultural goods, receiving $334.9 billion in compensation. Arts and cultural spending has a ripple effect on the overall economy, boosting both commodities and jobs. For example, for every 100 jobs created from new demand for the arts, 62 additional jobs are also created. - Time for a story as part of the Overview Institute's conference back in 2013 at The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum aptly named "Bringing it Down to Earth" Michael Lopez-Alegria made the case in only the way an Astronaut can.   "With out Art there would be no out of the box and no space flights"  View Archived Recording  and digging just a bit further it becomes clear that Art in as much a part of STEM as it is of Art. Bringing  it down to DC,  I like to ask of the investments in STEM and #DCTech based business is there any evidence that this focus is having an impact in DC.  Namely and to the point of this post --Are the j[...]

#DCARTtax hey if Denver can pass one why not DC


Having picked up a copy of the  Bruce Katz's book The Metropolitan Revolution two things struck me, one that there was no coverage of one of the great Metropolitan areas in the world right here called the DMV  and that Denver pass and ART Tax and helping itself become a world class metropolitan area as Bruce pointed out in his book. So starting in DC I've proposed a DCARTTAX to that is a 1% investment from developers into public art and dedicated % of this fund to an go to the Franklin School.  Additional, with just a slight alteration to the existing plan to host a DC Museum -- a company I run now out of Md called Altavoz Entertainment is will to relocate and offer guaranteed digital distribution deal and case by case physical distribution deal of all entertainment goods developed in the Franklin School which would be renamed the DC ART FACTORYGiven the Franklin School and DC artists that would be attracted to it a once in a life time chance to have the world, at least digitally, exposed to DC Made Music Film, Games, and all exportable Art ... The District gets more public art the Franklin School  gets a second life and DC can become the DistrictOfCulture for this Metropolitan juggernaut.I'm open to discussions about #DCARTTAX or the DCARTFACTORY  and only seek to have  5 Wins [...]

No Volunteer Opportunities in #Ward3for MKLDAY2015


So I just did a search of database for Volunteer opportunities in Ward 3 and was some what surprised that there was nothing for MLK  and shocked that nothing existed for any service oriented events for any age person in Ward 3 at all..

I'd like to hope that we can change this with the Bowser Administration and some effort for Ward 3 Council-member Mary Cheh and both staffs. 

We're Laptops and Lattes


I wow what a weird way to look at the Golden Zip Code! Just saw this on my Facebook......and it's from a company called Eris and they call this the  Lifestyles—Esri Tapestry Segmentation  it's a fancy way of saying they took a bunch of data and piled it all together and came up with this summary about our zip code.  Now I wonder since so many of moved here what's the difference between growing up home zip and where our kids are going up?  I'd like it noted that they forgot to mention we have our choice of two mattress stores, 1 street ATM our coffee is from the Bucks because, it's the only location for coffee. We have high end food because of the BS of Super Fresh keeping a competitor from coming into the AUPARK location via overpriced money demands for giving up the lease and thanks to area Private School/Mega Corporation for buying up the only other Grocery store location, Secret Safeway.  and turning it into a well subsidisation bastion for private wealth.  Oh yea love exercise! However - we have 1 pool it's indoors attached to the High School and the Private schools now rent it out pricing the neighbor out of the times available. As well there is not one outdoor pool in one of the most populated parts of DC. Fields for sports for kids are taking causing sports for 2nd graders to be played at nite and on Sundays. And to cap it off Ward 3 is regularly pitted against the rest of the city and our schools are a prime example.   BTW the parents that have kids now in Wilson High School (Thanks for leading the way) You are the real reason why Ward 3 schools are so Good.  And! it has very little to do with money and everything to do with holding our leaders accountable.  So when you Ward's leadering is blaming us over here just think about it they can't keep saying it's other there where the problem and solution is to be found.  When, in 2010 Ward 3 schools were in shambles and going back to the 2006 election only 3 precent of the inbound kids went to the public schools.  The only the reason they're not today is because of hard work including the staff and leadership of DC too. BTW how can this not mention Guapos or Stoddard Soccers? [...]

"The plates are retired" No Marion Barry Jr. you should be!


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="560">

Emily Miller has been looking into Barry’s ticket problems for weeks, and found that this is a tale of two license plates. 

Barry has a regular, six-digit plate like everyone else in D.C.  But there’s also a Ward 8 plate, and that’s the one Miller asked him on July 14 outside city hall.  

Just this point of driving a car around with two different plates is not remotely legal.  How is this being allowed to go un punished.  Everyone else in the District of Columbia would be in Jail. 

Marion Barry Jr. "Go find something else to do and go find some news".   "The plates are retired" 

Sorry this is news and Emily reports that other Councilmembers have unpaid parking tickets and they like Barry got them dismissed because the system is totally corrupt. 

Park Southern scandal is tip of the iceberg and litmus test for next Mayor of DC


Park Southern scandal is something that everyone needs to rethink.  This is not an isolated example of property (or community) managers stealing from the properties they are managing.  DC has had a long history of Mangers and Management companies closing down leaving the communities with nothing. The FBI arrested the owners of a D.C property management company accused of defrauding an estimated million dollars from homeowners.  Simple Internet Search Property Managers.comOther than being able to 1. read, write and understand English; 2.Pass the DC Property Managers Exam; High school graduate or holder of a high school equivalency certificate; 3. Has not had an application for a property manager's license denied, for reasons other than failure to pass the required examination, in DC or elsewhere, within one year prior to the date on which the application is filed; 4. Is not on license suspension on date the application is filed; 5. Has not had property managers license revoked within 3 years prior to the date the application is filed.  And, Best of all -- Real estate brokers licensed in the District of Columbia are considered to have satisfied the educational and examination requirements for licensure as property managers.  All of this means that we could have "Attila the Hun guarding DC properties and DC has blindly chosen to make it so simple to be a property manager and choosing to hold them to no standards what so ever.   I'm not surprised Muriel Bowser is not going to hold a hearing. "Are you interested in show, or are you interested in results?" M. Bowser WAMU's The Politics Hour, Because she knows good and well that Park Southern is the Tip of the Iceburg.  As a former member of trade group called Community Association Institute  I was a decade long participate on the  DC Legislative Action Committee "DCLAC" and more than a few of us voiced concern about Managers in DC not having to be licensed, bonded or insured.  To add to the disaster potential DC doesn't keep a registry of all of the Communities in DC; Since there is no requirements for Homeowner Associations to be registered, hold open meetings or submit records to new purchasers  because DC forgot to enact any part of the Uniform HOA Act (similar to Condo Act, which DC does have) that most of the other States have already figured out is necessary to keep people safe from abuse and fraud.  I have to ask why we're not asking our candidates for office why there is no DC HOA ACT and why no oversight of property managers?   Finally, I want to directly respond to what I just read in Washington City Paper about Bowsers wanting to Let the DC Office of Inspector General get involved and not hold a hearing. Councilmember Bowser it is indeed your job to hold hearings about this and many other issues and to not do so is a dereliction of duty and raises questions about your ability to run more than a committee. I'll get my popcorn.[...]

Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Wilson to protest their humanity.


I just saw on my Facebook feed from DCist that members of Westboro Baptist Church are planning to picket Woodrow Wilson Senior High School on June 9th from 8:15 - 8:45 AM.  This is in response to Wilson High School being the first school in the nation to hosting LGBTQ pride day. For this the mental goons from WBC are coming to use their 1st Amendment freedom rights to show why they are a declining population in the USA.   BTW in response the a Facebook page is up and it's about a positive response to something so negative.Friday, June 6th @ 4:00 @ Ft.RenoPOSTER MAKING PARTY!Come and bring posters, markers, glitter, crayons, paint, stickers, t-shirts etc. and we will finesse them! We will make signs, draw on t-shirts, all that good stuff. We can take your finished products home, or we can store them at the security desk over the weekend and grab them the morning of June 9th, which is that following Monday.And! Weighing in already is councilmember and Mayoral candidate David Catania who has released the following statement."I’m very proud of the Wilson community for standing up for inclusiveness and respect, even in the face of hateful rhetoric."BTW I did look at the Democratic nominee's website and found nothing as well as on their social media - nada too.Here's a  link to Wilson High School PS I somehow my title changed. [...]

What some data about the School Boundaries in DC ck this out.


( - the DC chapter of Code for America) working with a team of volunteer techies to support DC schools by ensuring communities have access to relevant data. The Code for DC team has just released an app - that shows the proposed boundary and feeder scenarios for all DC Public Schools under the Deputy Mayor of Education's ongoing boundary review.  Using this site, you can learn about the impact the proposals would have on school choice in your area (based on your address) and you can indicate your satisfaction rating with each proposal.

BTW there's a meeting tonight at Janney at 6pm for anyone in the Ward3 area to get some information. 

Yes DC primary's are messed up; However! until it changes that is the lay of the land.


So while looking over the timeline of #DCision14 on the "Twitter" I came across one of the non Democratic candidates for Mayor talking about how they're kept out of the Democratic Primary Debates. Bruce Majors @BruceMajors4DCAnother Democrats-only forum tonight claiming to be all mayoral candidates? #AME #AAWARE #Dcision14 #tlotNow here the gist of Bruce's argument.   He's not a democrat.  However he feels that he needs to be at a Democratic debate. Since we're in a primary season not sure why he thinks that it needs to be open to non democrats. IMHO if other parties had more supportable candidates they too could hold their own Debate.  Yet,  I decided to respond by saying as much and of course Twitter hilarity ensues after I send him a link which of course shows we have more than one party in DC and that they are "qualified to hold primaries" not guarentted them. Anywho, Here the convo just to save you non twitter people from having to slum-it on social media to check this out.Mine in Red Bruce in Blue 1st.@wardthreedc @BruceMajors4DC You know it’s the Democratic Primary right?  Hence only Democrats, we will have a general election which will be interesting Bruce Majors @BruceMajors4DC @wardthreedc I know disinformation is why we have a corrupt one party state.  Four parties have primaries on April 1 #dcision14 #dc #tlot2nd@wardthreedc @BruceMajors4DC Look like it or not a democratic primary is just that for Democrats,  I don’t like it any better then you.Bruce Majors @BruceMajors4DC Another #DC Dem claims there is only a Dem primary "@wardthreedc:  You know it’s the Democratic Primary right?  #disinfo #votersuppression3rd  @wardthreedc @BruceMajors4DC You picking on the wrong person since I’m not running and I don’t like it any better than you. SO save it for politiciansBruce Majors @BruceMajors4DC @wardthreedc You remain incorrect.  There are 4 parties on the April 1 primary ballot and any voter can ask for a ballot in any party4th  @BruceMajors4DC FYI #DC has 4 parties… might want to learn how party system works before acting like a baby on SMBruce Majors @BruceMajors4DC @wardthreedc There are three other parties on the primary ballot, some with fairly full slates5th  @BruceMajors4DC Don’t confuse Ballots which are givin out on election day w/ debates which can happen during Primaries and General ElectionBruce Majors @BruceMajors4DC @wardthreedc Just pointing out that there are four primaries, you post implied you did not know6th  @BruceMajors4DC BTW running for office and insulting people is not really a good strategy.  However go on with you bad WINGNUT self.Bruce Majors @BruceMajors4DC @wardthreedc  It doesn't have to work the way they want it to. To many fora, DCTV, etc have excluded non Dems. Part of why people don't vote7th  @BruceMajors4DC I agreed that we have 4 parties and I don’t agree that you get to vote willy nilly in primary since ours aren’t open.Bruce Majors @BruceMajors4DC @wardthreedc By the way what you sent as a link contradicts your first tweet to me.  It clearly states there are four parties in the primary8th Bruce Majors @BruceMajors4DC @wardthreedc And again you restate your first error.  There are 4 parties in the primaries April 1, not just DemocratME No response given since[...]

Not sure how many people are running for Mayor of DC as Dems and that just might be the issue.


Upon reflecting upon Colbert Kings call for some of the candidates to drop out of the Democratic primary for Mayor of DC~ I've come up with another possibility.
If your serious about running for Mayor you should do it in the general election 
To be specific why not just drop of the Democratic party and run as an Independent in the General Election.  It just seems that the Democratic machine is just less broke then the Republican party and that's not good enough anymore.

Given that there is more than a question there is an outright statement in a Court Document that the present front runner will remain that way and it's just fine for the Democratic Machine and it's embarrassing.

As for the District being on track, there are so many problems that I'm not going to go into it here; however I will soon.  Let's just say that we have our hands full.

Dear DC Mayoral Hopefuls can you please explain to Ward3 why we don't have an outdoor pool?


This is a screenshot for from the DPR website showing the locations of every outdoor pool in DC.

See anything interesting.   Hmmmmmmmm

Anyone remember last summer during the heat wave when our only indoor pool was closed and the libraries.  My point is besides simple fairness which I know DC is far from achieving  it's a matter of public safety.  Considering my company wrote the 2006 Family Emergency Preparedness Guide for the District I'm comfortable talking about this area.

So! don't think about our Community wanting to gather in our own neighbor think about there is often no where in Ward3 for basic cooling.  What is the plan of those running for Mayor of DC which is also the Top Incident Commander;  So, having some knowledge of Public Safety is kinda a must IMHO and having been involved with DC Emergency Response and Recovery efforts since 911 I would like to point out that we the Public needs to address a number of other issues with regards to public safety.

However that's another blog  I just want to know what is going to change to get us a POOL.

BTW try this query{%277%27.EX.%27All%20Aquatics%27}OR{%277%27.EX.%27Aquatic%20Center%27}OR{%277%27.EX.%27Outdoor%20Pool%27}OR{%277%27.EX.%27Children%20Pool%27}OR{%277%27.EX.%27Spray%20Park%27}

PS Our total aquatic centers is pretty lame overall.

Let's talk Internet infrastructure in DC since it was promised to our community over 18 years ago


Recently I saw something about our Internet speeds  vs cost on ( in the District of Columbia and then I click over to another article over on Washington Citypaper called the Fiber-Optical Illusion and the current woes of infrastructure to serve the residents in their communities.  The article by Andrew Weiner is well written and I suggest clicking on this link to read it.  What caught my attention was Mayor's promotion of age old effort.I say ages old since those of us that were part of something called NetDay in the 90 which was about connecting our libraries and Schools to the promise of the internetwork know all too well the promises made back then that still haven't come true.Today, President Clinton will announce that 10 states and territories had been awarded $11.8 million in grants under the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, administered by the Department of Education. can till recall back during NETday 1997  it was announced that a certain telco accounted a deal to hook up every library and School to an OC48 ring that they building spurred on by generous tax credits and some federal monies.So when those of us from telco backgrounds showed up to do our part at DC Schools we're flabbergasted to many of the school with barely functioning POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service ) and no way whatsoever to connect to this infrastructure. the PDF --District of Columbia: 40 of D.C.'s 150 schools were wired in the fall of 1996, and another 30 have signed up to participate in April and May. Companies have donated laptop computers, WebTVs, extensive teacher training, and wiring kits.For some perspective and humor I found  a report METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK ARCHITECTURES FOR INTERACTIVE DISTANCE LEARNING about the value of this and how it's going to change the lives of schoolkids. By the year 2000, more than 25% of all schools,libraries, and hospitals will be interconnected by fiberoptic networks, according to a recent surveyconducted by Deloitte & Touche LLP (Washington,DC). During that time, IDL MANs will be deployed inone of three architectures (or, more likely, hybridcombinations of the three) for intraclustercommunications and WAN backbone access: 1)uncompressed FM baseband circuits; 2) CATV VSB-AMbroadband circuits, and; 3) compressed switcheddigital video circuits. (See Figure 1.) to know the game of bait and switch is still alive.  However I would have hoped that over the nearly last two decades we've not been able to elect one member of our Council that understands a lick of technology.PS take a speed test to see what kind of service your Internet provider is giving you.  Our is pretty good and I'll be it's better than most of our libraries and Schools[...]

Does Vince Gray deserve a second term? Cuz he's running in DC.


Just got notice of the intention of Vince Gray to run for reelection.

I am running for reelection to build on the progress and achievements of our first term. We are accomplishing what we set out to do. Step by step, we are moving our city forward. We have built strong foundations. But our work is not done.  via email

What does Ward3 think about this? And what is Vince going to do for Ward3?   Join us on Twitter to talk about it.  @WardthreeDC

If you have not see the footage of Tx Rep Randy Neugebauer rebuking U.S. Park Service Range well.....


Now you can join in and demand that Rep Neugebauer apologize to the U.S. Park Service Ranger by signing a petition.Here is a few tweets about this and it's good to see #apologizerandy getting some traction. [...]

Music Capitalist: Cities are reconnecting the dots and getting back ...


Me and the Rome head of Bad Boy street teams. 
A conversation about the use of Ipads in schools, overwhelming for entertainment, this morning on our local public radio ((And, the need for art or having something beside test to come to school too)) struck a cord.

It  reminded me of the struggle that many of us face in the local entertainment community when dealing with DC elected leaders and others for the startup movement about getting behind a comprehensive music plan for the District and they just are unaware or uninterested in the impact of music on the District economy. --#2 live music market, #5 physical sales to name a few.

So if we know the outcome of the use of technology  is for Entertainment and that the US Entertainment market is estimated to be about a $77 billion dollar market sector....

Why aren't we positioning the District as being part of vibrate and growing industry.  

As I took the time to read the recent 5 year economy development plan for the District I noted that it only included the words music twice and both times where off hand remarks.    I'm pretty sure we have ALOT of eduction to do as to where our educational and vocational sights should be aimed.  However given that the District of Columbia has a huge musical and technological history and combining them is using the natural forces in our community to achieve a good for all is exactly what other Cities are doing and you can read about it here
Music Capitalist: Cities are reconnecting the dots and getting back ...: So any readers of this blog know full well that I don't think we're doing enough to support USMadeMusic and the over simplification ...
It's called #Techtainment and we have a growing DCTECHTAINMENT movement starting to to take hold.

What if everything you love about Turtle Park is about to change.


If you're like our family who's seen our kids grow up in Turtle Park (if not ~ you will) some of the best parts of the park for kids haven't been planned or envisioned by modern park designers; IMHO  it the same things that generations of AUPARK Families have enjoyed.  The sand in the main area, playing on, around or under the Turtle and the room to have our little ones run around and hopefully wear themselves out and if like ours fall a sleep dreaming of Turtle Park adventures.

Well! that dream machine of a park is in need of our communities attention.  There are plans afoot to change the size, scope and nature of the park and we need to make sure that every voice is heard in regards to these concerns and that consultants, designers, developers and officials come to the table with the board of the Friends of Group that's acting as stewards for the communities and know the day to day uses of the park better then anyone.

This blog will be updated with information about what is happening as it is gathered and when the District will be meeting with community member to discuss this import part of our community.

About to post a huge update about the community plans. 

Results are in from the Special Election and we've done it Ward3


So now that the dust has settled from #Four24DC it appears that our local candidate was able to win 6 precincts.  Which means he shouldn't have been in the race. Considering Ward 3 has some of the biggest voting blocks in the District this goes to prove my point in the last blog that running for a District wide office out of Ward3 is the best way to not win an election and to ensure that the old guard continues to win.

frameborder="no" height="400" scrolling="no" src="" width="640"> Source of information:

Here's a color coated map by Keith Ivey from

I know this is going to sound crazy, however here it goes..... Often those interested in gaging the will of the people run these things called polls, and sure how we do it in Ward3 by not running polls (is pretty awesome) for the candidates it's not working out too well for the voters.

So instead of thinking that backing our lovely Ward 3 neighbors is the way to go, we might want to look District wide to see who's actually got a chance to win and perhaps the Ward 3 Dem's can help all of us by doing just that.....conduct some polls.....

What's Ward 3 role in the recent special election?


So despite not setting the election for the lowest voter turnout, that's still owned by the voters of 97,  Ward3 might have done something far worse.
Help elect the very candidate we seeks to keep from getting into office in the FIRST place. 
Having run a number of Ward 3 campaigns and worked on as many District wide races I know Ward 3 is just as passionate about the District of Columbia as any other Ward.  It's just we seem to have Ward 3 Tunnel Vision #W3TV.

Yes our candidates are great, since many of them our help our community, are friends or neighbors.  However the one thing that seems to be missing from the equation is how our wonderful people in Ward 3 relate to other Wards.

Again having campaigned in a Ward5's straw vote, or Ward  8 unity breakfast, other than the very same "Do Gooders" our candidates outside of the Ward aren't even on the radar.   I'll let everyone in on a little secret, when the At-Large candidates and officials our outside of Ward 3 they point a crooked finger in Ward 3's direction say the ills and woes of this Ward (anything but 3) is Ward 3 fault.

There is a number of issues I have from time to time with my fellow Workers however the fault of another Ward's council member to deliver anything of value to their constituents is not our issue and the point of this blog.   What do we want in Ward 3 to like who we're voting for or someone that is electable in all of the Wards of the District.

Since the current way Ward 3 is going about it seems to be yielding the opposite of what we want, and it's just a thought; However it might be time to do something different in Ward 3 come 11 months from now when we can show that Ward 3 gets DC.


PS I'm not even going to wipe up on the GOP since we all know 3 strikes your out. 

Here's What's Wrong With The Economy is Ward3 part of the problem


Here's What's Wrong With The Economy - Business Insider: "I think there is room to blame rent-seeking in cities for the fate of some middle-income workers. The dynamic that troubles me, however, is that of the NIMBY, who restricts access to the best neighbourhoods or—by fighting development and therefore raising housing costs—to the most productive cities, thereby discouraging marginal workers from locating in such places and taking advantage of the opportunities that are available."

'via Blog this'

Looking at TenleyTown is it fair to ask if some of our neighbors are reflected in this comment.