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The official Hadouken! blog

Updated: 2017-10-12T09:21:01.935-07:00




Hello, our blog now has a new home here where we intend to update it more often.

click the link now for our end of year list.






My favorite bands seem to be dropping like flies at the moment, so I'm getting some new ones, I'm sure they'll understand, you have to move on with your life, I don't want to die the names...This City Blakfish This Town Needs Guns Pnau Kasms Architects Tubelord Maths Class Colouri couldn't find a video for colourdx[...]

It doesn't rain it pours.


'The band are not planning any more gigs or releases for the foreseeable future - I should make it clear that the band members are all on amicable terms and are supportive of the need to call a halt.'

Absolutely gutted to hear this, one of my all time favorite bands without doubt.

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Buy all the Reuben albums.


Some sad news.


We're all gutted to hear that our good friends and generally massively awesome band SHUT YOUR EYES AND YOU'LL BURST INTO FLAMES have decided to call it a day. James and I hatched the plan to start our label, Surface Noise Records at a Shut Your Eyes gig at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds and they were one of a number of Leeds bands that inspired and excited us to put this band together. We've had a great time and learned a whole lot playing shows with them over the last year, we owe them a great deal and they will be very much missed.

Alas, I Cannot Swim



This really is very good isn't it? Not good like 'good given she's only young' or like 'good compared to the current crop of young songwriters' but genuinely, exceptionally ace. How exciting.




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Single out this week, the album 'Acres of Dead Space Cadets' follows 14th april.

Odd name, ace Band



people keep comparing TUBELORD to Biffy Clyro, this is presumably because there are three of them and they are very, very good.

Single is out on monday, buy it here.

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Remember the good old days when there were bands so exciting they had to be described with words like 'DANGEROUS'

DEAD KIDS are dangerous. they will blow your mind, stuff the remains in a party popper and fire it right at your eyeball.

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As J mentioned below, Jacknife's music collection is rather epic. Thankfully, he was kind enough to put together a playlist for us to explore and I'm currently enjoying working my way through it. Right now; Vector Lover's album 'Capsule for One.'

When discussing the influence of gaming on contemporary music for an interview a while back James pointed out that beyond the obvious 8-bit scene, there's a lot of music that far more subtly and perhaps even subconsciously adopts the sounds of computer games that soundtracked many young adults' childhood*. Some Vector Lovers' tracks, to my ears**, sound like a paradigm example of this, so I was amused on initial google based research to read that he is indeed an ex-games designer. For those not familiar with V.L. check out 'Arrival, Metropolis' (the melody that comes in at 1.10, to me, brings to mind the credits for something like Streets of Rage). For those who know his material, where should I go after Capsule for One?

The name, Vector Lovers, apparently represents the two contrasting elements of the music; 'the logical, mathematical process of synthesizing sounds and the sentimental element of the melodies.' I find a similar meeting of opposites between the nostalgia inducing effect of the gaming sounds and the otherwise futuristic metropolis soundscapes they are found in. Indeed in one interview he talks of a 'nostalgia for a future that never was' induced by the realization that our childhood ideas of the what the future had in store never came to pass.


*In an interview for the same feature, Cassette Playa made a very similar comment regarding the aesthetics of gaming and her fashion design; 'We're the generation who grew up on gaming, our minds are built out of tetris blocks, so they're the shapes our imaginations will build.'

**These ears are far from well educated on this subject, so apologies for naive or off the mark ramblings.


In other news, when DJing on Radio 1 earlier this year, we had the honor of the first play of Frank Turner's forthcoming single 'Photosynthesis.' Below is the recently unveiled, and rather charming, video for that track.

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It's a Riot In An Arcade



Just in the studio recording our album, with my new best mate Jacknife. He's got a cd collection that would take you 6 years to upload, an unlimited supply of wine and synths that make noises that sound like R2-D2 having an orgasm. Its good fun.

The album is probably going to have NINE new songs on it. Of those if you saw us on tour you probably only heard three.

Theres a track called Get Smashed Gate Crash about that house party you went to where you smashed up the living room, had sex in the pantry, pissed in the corner, stole the dvd collection and smoked crack in the laundry room aged approximately 13.

Another one currently called Wheres Your Head which has the lines...

''So where you at, And where's your head?
Your precious indie rocks dead, and I'll fuck up your life like crystal Meth.''

Daytime radio's gonna love it. I fully intend to press for it as our next single.

Everyone got together on Friday, and recorded some drums/guitars/bass, but there will be only be one track with live drums on the album, so don't expect anything similar to Leap of Faith (sorry emos.) Its a dance album first and formost, dare i say the word 'rave'?

I've been listening to the following music, Prodigy Experience, Pendulum, PRE, Kernkraft 400-Zombie Nation, Sonic Youth, David Cross (comedian), and a Dreamscape CD (thats Old Rave to the kids).

Now only got to overcome the small issue of having flu, earache, a cold, blocked nose etc and record some fucking vocals.




Last night James and I were honored to take over Zane Lowe's radio1 show for two hours while he chillaxes in NZ. Inflicting your taste on the nation is a lot of fun. Massive thankyou and much love to Zane and his team for having us and to Annie Mac for looking after us throughout. It was ace. Here's what we played...

Monday 7th January


Pendulum - 'Granite' (Ear Storm/Warner)
The Streets - 'Lets Push Things Forward' (Warner)
The Cribs - Hey Scensters' (wichita)
Burial - 'Archangel' (Hyperdub)
Bloc Party - 'Little Thoughts' (Wichita)
The Ting Tings - 'That's Not My Name' (Columbia)
Benga And Coki - 'Night' (Tempa)

Hottest Record In The World
Santogold - 'Creator' (Lizard King)

Lightspeed Champion - 'Galaxy of The Lost' (Domino)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - 'Rockstars' (Virgin)
Late Of The Pier - 'Bathroom Gurgle' (Moshi Moshi)
The Hold Steady - 'Stuck Between Stations' (Vagrant)
Wiley -'Bow E3' (Big Dada)


The Good The Bad And The Queen - 'History Song' (Parlophone)
The Ghost Frequency - 'Nightmare' (City Rockers)
Patrick Wolf - 'Tristan' (Tomlab)
Radiohead - 'Videotape' (XL)
Frank Turner - 'Photosynthesis' (Xtra Mile Recordings)
Joker - 'Stuck In The System' (Ear Wax)
Reuben - 'Alpha Signal Three' (Xtra Mile)
Dubstitutes - '2 Faced Rasta' (Reso Remix)
Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames - 'Burning Chrome' (-)
Skepta - 'I'm There' (Boy Better Know)
Rolo Tomassi - 'Film Noir' (Holy Roar)

You can listen again at this link

or download the highlights as a podcast ici

The Pirate's Dilema


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Matt Mason's The Prisoner's Dilema is coming out on January 8th, 2008 in the U.S. through Free Press and May 2008 through Penguin in the uk.



It's that time of year when critics start listing their opinion of which of this years albums are the most objectively valuable pieces of artwork. Personally, every year I get less sure I know what that might mean, or who could be qualified to recognize such a thing. Anyway what I am sure of is which albums I ENJOYED listening to the most this year, so I made a list of them. There may well have been 'better' albums released this year but these are the one's I'll remember:Meet Me In St Louis - Variations on SwingRadiohead - In RainbowsBurial - UntrueThe Good, The Bad and The Queen Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire WorksThe Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever Reuben - In Nothing We TrustFrank Turner - Sleep is for the WeekJamie T - Panic PreventionJeffrey Lewis - 12 Crass SongsBattles - MirroredTinariwen - Aman Imanstill on my to do list: band of horses, MIA, arctic monkeys, iliketrains, beirutso what have I missed out on?pilau x[...]



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This is probably the greatest thing I have ever seen, a Christmas song with the lyrics 'it's your birthday so have a party, we're sorry about that nailed to a cross business.'

Join this facebook group, promote the track in anyway you can and please, please buy it when it's available on iTunes on 17th December.

Get Reuben To Christmas No 1

Reuben Website


In other news, I saw TUBELORD play last night after having their myspace tracks on heavy rotation all week, massively impressed, check them out here:



Real Time Collage TV


Just added some new videos to our video blog, Real Time TV - just click the link to the right...


Nostalgia is for losers, discuss.


Cool interview question from Dazed Digital, I said...

“Agreed. Every year there are articles complaining that it's been a dire year for music and that the current music scene (by which they mean the guitar bands in the top 40) are awful in comparison to the official cannon of untouchable rock ‘n roll greats. They're right, there has been some very bland retro indie stuff this year but there's been a lot of exciting new music from big and small bands too... off the top of my head: Rolo Tomassi, Liars, Does It Offend You Yeah?, Bloc Party, Late of the Pier, The Ghost Frequency, Battles, The Hold Steady, Burial, These New Puritans, Future of the Left, Radiohead, Meet Me In St Louis, !!!, Foals, Chipmunk, Orphans, Arctic Monkeys and so on. I'm very far from being on top of new music at the moment but thats enough to keep me excited and stop me selling a kidney to see Led Zep or rushing out to buy Sex Pistols re-releases. Music is a lot about context and I'd rather see a young band in their prime than hear a 60-something Roger Daltrey singing 'My Generation'”


COMING SOON: New content on REAL TIME TV and top albums of the year but first I gotta listen to In Rainbows, Burial's Untrue and the new Dillinger Escape Plan!



We're releasing a Mixtape, it's called 'Not Here To Please You'

Tracklisting is...

Leap Of Faith
Love, Sweat & Beer
Dance Lesson
You Can't Be That
Liquid Lives (Noisia Remix)
Tuning In (H! Rerub)
Bloc Party Vs Hadouken! Remix
Plan B Vs Hadouken! Remix
Bolt Action 5 Vs Hadouken! Remix

It's going to be available on USB only and will be the first release to be available exclusively on that format. Why you may well ask? Well we're not foolish enough to think that the future of music consumption is on USB, but we thought it would be cool to try it for these reasons:

1. This is not our album, to make sure there was no confusion, we decided to make it aesthetically different from your standard album. We'll be back with our album next year on more traditional formats.

2. The USB does open some interesting new possibilities, it's not a case of you plugging the thing in and pulling the tracks out of a folder, we've had an interactive bit of artwork built that you can navigate through to get to the tracks and other secret bits and pieces.

The video for 'Leap of Faith' will be available online on Monday at 8pm, it won't be on here, on youtube or any of our sites but check back to this blog and we'll have put up a link to where you can find it. It was made by Bobby Harlow and StitchThat, who made Liquid Lives and That Boy That Girl, I think it's their best yet and can't wait for everyone to see it.





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Definately worth a moment of your time this one. Congratulations to Klaxons on the win, defo deserved the prize for the best album of the last twelve months! No one on that list could test Gravitys Rainbow/Atlantis/Magik/4 Housemen IMO.

I managed to catch their set at Reading which was also out of this world. You have to see this band at least once while you are absolutely trashed (a bit like Alex here probably had been... ;)




Nick's always complaining that we use this blog to big up the same few bands all the time so I thought I'd do a quick post about some bands I'm loving at the moment that I probably haven't mentioned here before...

Firstly, and not for the faint hearted, MALEFICE. Malefice are a brutal metal band from Reading whose guitarist is an old friend of mine. Their album, Entities, is out now and just got a bunch of incredible reviews including four Ks in Kerrang and 9/10 in RockSound. They were due out on the road with Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan this autumn but sadly the tour has been canceled. However, you can still catch them at Klub Kerrang on the 15th September.

On a completely different tip, one of my favorite bands in the country, iLiKETRAiNS, have a new single out on monday. Whilst living in Leeds I saw these guys play loads of times and they're simply stunning, here's the vid for the new single:

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Finally, make sure you check out Eliza Doolittle, she's got two gigs coming up at Notting Hill Arts club and is no doubt destined for big things.







We try not to use this blog to promote our stuff and instead keep it focused on inane chat, amateur music journalism and novelty youtube videos. However we´re pretty excited to be nominated for a DIGITAL MUSIC AWARD and so we´d be very grateful if you could vote for us in the ´Best Eelectronic Artist of DJ´ category by clicking here

We are also nominated in the best breakthrough band category, but that is panel judged. In other news, we played Ibiza rocks last night with We Are Scientists, bit of a weird gig that, it was in the tennis court at the hotel where george michael filmed Club Tropicana, for those too young to remember:

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In the song he says the drinks are free, it was a big let down to find out THAT WAS A LIE. Ill never trust george again. anyway, WAS were ace and lovely blokes

peace n that



P.S. some of the gigs on the tour are sold out on our website but you can still get tickets at other outlets, like



Last year when people used to ask us about the 'grindie scene' in interviews James coined the phrase; 'it's not a scene, it's a mixtape,' because it seemed to us that there wasn't really a massive crossover going on beyond Statiks infamous mixtape. However since then it seems we've been proved wrong with loads of collabs popping up on record and live... Dizzee with Arctics, Bizzle with Gallows/Kate Nash/Doherty/Yourcodenameis:milo, Kano with Damon Alban, Ordinary Boys with Lady Sov , Statik with all sorts and possibly, the most unexpected of all The Hoosiers and Tinchy Stryder?!?

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Damon Albarn, Kano and Scratch Africa Express.

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Bizzle and Gallows on tour.

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Arctics & Dizzee at Glasto.

It's easy to be cynical and say the relationship exists because it allows indie bands to grab a bit of credibility while grime artists get a bit of mainstream exposure, yet if you hear any of the acts involved talk about what their doing it more often than not comes across as sincere mutual admiration for what different groups of people are doing. Regardless, whats really exciting about all this is that the young fans coming through now seem totally open to 'urban' and 'indie' music co-existing on the same stage. For example Blaise Belleville, at All Age Concerts has been putting on gigs for under 18s that feature JME alongside Foals and Jack Penate alongside Tinchy Stryder, all of which sell out, while at the 18+ side of things Styleslut have been put on Wiley alongside BonoMustDie.

Next week we've got the Reading and Leeds gigs which are a massive deal for us as we've been going to the festivals ourselves for years. We're on Friday in Leeds and Sunday in Reading. For those going to Leeds, make sure you get up on the Thursday to see the finest Leeds bands (Forward Russia, Sky Larkin, Shut Your Eyes) play a special welcoming party on site organized by DTTR.

Also, check out our myspace blog, for pictures from our trip to Japan.



(NOTE: thanks to Chantelle Fiddy, where I found the Damon/Kano vid.)



We are going to Japan,

asides from trying to get our Japanese record label's PR team on the phone to the Bape central offices what should we be doing or looking out for? We got all evenings and a whole day off in Tokyo. I wanna eat sushi, ramen drink Saki and Japanese beer, some raw beef, buy loads of proper manga (even though I can't read it), maybe some porn (just so it can be read openly on a train), buy some toys (I heard Nintendo DS carts are universal, true?) and eat off the body of a naked virgin (I heard there are places that do this.) Suggestions please people?!?! I saw this trick worked nicely on another blog.

Where is Johnathan Ross when you need him?



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I've just finished a remix of Tree Friend Tree Foe for my friends Bolt Action Five. It came out pretty good, I saw a tee-shirt in Topman that said 'I Hate New Rave'. Apparently the high-street marketing men no longer believe it to be cool so I tried to make the most Ravey remix I could. Took me back to my M25 illegal field rave days. When I get clearance I'll be uploading it here, and no doubt sticking it on the next Hadouken! Mixtape with one of their new tracks.

Aside from that the song is based around what I believe to be the Television programme Knightmare. Who remembers this little gem of a show? Plenty of clips on the Youtube website. Fuck Morrissey, Tree Friend Tree Foe is real lyrical Genius.

World of Hadouken!:

Well if I am writing a blog it means I have a severe case of writers block, I'm sitting on three great instrumentals and I havent got a clue where to start with the lyrics. One is a drum and bass track, one is 3/4 swingbeat number and the other is kind of Coldplay with square bass. I'm thinking about doing one track about parental divorce (although mine have never done this, so I'm trying to step out of my shoes for a moment), and the dnb one I'm gonna try and do some sort of gossipy anecdote, dont ask me how though. I also wanna do a song about some sort of suburban Jack the Lad, dad bought him a Vaxhall Corsa, has a mullet or Manga Hair, heavy drinker or a cannibis smoker. I'm also working on some vocal for some other band, something might come of it.

The other three boys are all in Barcelona at the moment no doubt drinking and getting a tan, maybe a few other things. Cunts. (Sorry, didnt mean that... just quite jealous.) Alice is still working on her dissertation, something I don't envy.




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Hometaping Is Killing The Record Industry


Two fresh perspectives well worth a read:

Richard Russell from XL says 'times have never been better for making music'

Stephen Godfroy from Rough Trade on the art of music retail and fighting back against the high street.

On the subject of Rough Trade, found this Youtube jem from New York anti-folk legend Jeff Lewis...

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