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Preview: mixtape cult[ure]

mixtape cult[ure]

A forum for cool cats to share playlists, meet new people and discover new artists.

Updated: 2015-09-16T14:35:32.064-07:00


And it don't stop...



"My first mix", directed by Mayowa with assistance from Traktor DJ Studio 3.

The Players:

Feist hearts Hollywood Holt - My! Gay! Husband!
Kryptonite (Klever Kryptobounce edit) - Purple Ribbon All Stars
Chewing Gum Fraise - Numero # Feat. Omikron
Engine - LA Priest
Follow Me - Ercola feat. Annie
Bar Star - Kudu

download (right click + save as)


Photo credit: Ryan McGinley

Junior Senior Album Pre-Release


Mixtape Cult[ure]'s bringing you another exclusive, Junior Senior, Denmark's rump-shaking team are releasing their new record, 'Hey Hey My My' on Tuesday in North America but why should you have to wait?

I saw the band in action yesterday during their instore at Soundfix records in Brooklyn, after being tipped off by B-Rad. The new record is a 40 minute party that borrows heavily from 80's pop, funk and hip hop to create a fun, daceable album. The release also comes with a bonus 7 Track EP, with a good couple of solid grooves on it. Look out for cameos from Le Tigre and other musicians.

Here are tracks 1 - 6 for your listening pleasure. If you like it, go pick it up tomorrow, if you don't, go pick up something by The Raveonettes(their Danish labelmate's)



D.A.N.C.E to our D.I.S.C.O



DJ Lainii is sending you this mix from across the ether. All the freshest tracks that have been tearin' up and wearin' down the hippest dance floors this summer, and then some!

Get your sweat on and enjoy.

mpFREE: Summer B.E.A.T.


Soft Tigers - Heart it Races [Architecture in Helsinki Cover]
Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks (Punks Jump Up Special Disco Remix)
New Young Pony Club - Grey
Architecture in Helsinki - Do the Whirlwind (Safety Scissors/Hot Chip Remix)
Bonde de Role - Solta O Frango
Enon - Tilt You Up!
The Blow - Hey Boy
Calvin Harris - Colours
Yeo - Two Sides of a Door
Tokyo Police Club - Cheer Them On (Trey Told Em Remix)
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Djosos Krost Extended Remix)
Justice - B.E.A.T.
The Go! Team - Bottle Rocket
Fox n Wolf - Youth Alcoholic
Le Tigre - Deceptacon
Punks Jump Up - Dance to Our Disco
LCD Soundsystem - North American Scums
!!! - Me And Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard (A True Story)
Lo-Fi-Fnk - Change Channel (Kaos Remix)
Peter Bjorn and John - Let's Call It Off
I'm From Barcelona - Jenny
Streetlight Manifesto - Walking Away

My Melancholy Monday...


A little bit of shoegaze to ease you into your week from East Coast babe Gel J. Shoegaze is a genre of alternative rock that emerged from the UK in the late 1980s characterised by it's wall-of-sound aesthetics, subdued vocals and melodic soundscapes, very similar to the songs on the "Digital Bollocks" mixtape by Will M.

The mix features Cocteau Twins, Asobi Seksu, Starflyer 69 and some other great artists and is def. one of my favorite so far! So, tune out your thoughts, turn up your headphones, and Enjoy.(object)


p.s. don't forget to check out the comments section for a bonus dancemix featuring Peaches, MSTRKRFT, Missy Elliot and the Klaxons.

TRL, go to hell...(Indie Mixtape)


This is Alex M.'s second mix. He was responsible for the "White Boy Dance Party" a little while back". This mix is a homage to the artists you might not get to see on TRL or on a NOW album but are far more deserving of your money, a mon avis.

It's an eclectic mix of artists, featuring Feist, The Decemberists, Jarvis Cocker and our local heroes Oh! Discretion (Journal & Courier's best new local band of 2007) who start off the mixtape. (Look in the comments section for a link to free downloads of their music).

Enjoy and make sure to come back on the weekend for a dance party mix that'll make you wet your pants in glee!(object)


Justice/Uffie/My Life with Lo-Fi-Fnk


One for the party animals:

The first track is off parisian boys Justice's upcoming release, it's called "The Party" and it features cheeky lady rapper Uffie.

The remainder of this week's mixtape comes to us from dj to the (hip)stars, DJ Never Forget from Brooklyn. Its called "My Life With Lo-Fi-FNk" and it's got some more Justice, Lo-Fi-Fnk's "City" remixed by the teenagers, a vicious remix of Kelis' Lil' Star and more good stuff. Best of all, it's premixed and dancefloor ready. (There's a link to the download in the comments section)



"My Life With Lo-Fi-Fnk" tracklisting:
'D.A.N.C.E (original)' - Justice
'X-Ray (South Central Remix)' - The Maccabees
'Wet ‘n Wild(Riot In Belgium Remix)' - Kim
'Love Ya (Herve Remix)' - Unklejam
'Give it to me (sta remix edit)' - Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake
'Lil Star (Linus Loves Remix)' - Kelis Feat Cee-Lo
'What Goes Around Comes Around (Sebastien Leger Mix)' - Justin Timberlake
'City (Teenagers Remix)' - Lo-Fi-Fnk
'One Inch Badge Pin (Bag Raiders mix)' - Muscles
'Ignition Remix Remix' - Cousin Cole
'Youth Alcoholic (Etienne de Créxy remix)' - Fox N Wolf
'The Bomb (The Teenagers Crush LOU Remix)' - New Young Pony Club

It Takes a Village Fest...


This mixtape is a little glimpse into what each of the nine acts will be bringing to Village Fest 2007 this Friday, 27 April. So check out the mixtape, then come out and check out the festival.


Friday, 27 April at 4pm
136 Northwestern Ave.
(corner of Columbia
& Northwestern) between Cafe
Royale & the West Lafayette
Public Library.
$5 Donation

Hit Play!!!(object)


The Lineup/Tracklist:

4:00 - Gates Open
4:30 - Oh Discretion!
5:15 - Jeff Pearce
6:00 - Phantom Cruisers
6:50 - Double A Daddies
7:30 - David Shultz Band
8:20 - Bill Mallonee
9:00 - Half Rats
10:00 - Green Room Rockers
11:00 - Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind

p.s. For those of you not in the know, Villagefest is an annual benefit music festival that takes place in Lafayette, IN in late April. This year, 100% of the profits go towards Naomi Nunez-Torres' kidney transplant operation. Naomi is a 12 year old Sunnyside Middle School student from here in Lafayette. Find out more about Naomi and the festival at the Villagefest website.

For more information on the festival or on how you can help please contact Benjamin Ezra of Shameless Self Promotions

Nothing but Green Lights



A while ago, my friend/lover/sister Leah asked her to make her a mixtape for running. Three months later and here it is in all it's sweat-soaked glory. It may be for Leah but I think, judging from the long winter that just passed, we could all benefit from running a mile or two. So, you guys are welcome to listen to it and download it onto some sort of portable player. Mind you, the files will only be online for a week, so act quick and don't rat me out to the FCC.

Enjoy it here:(object)


Download it here

Semper tristis, Semper pulcheris



I think, if my limited latin hasn't failed me, that means: "Always sad, always beautiful", a fitting title for this submission.

This is R.Mani Sexavier's second mixtape and it's totally eclectic. It features Bob Marley, Daft Punk, The Kinks and others. Truly provoking.



They go by the name of...(ratatat)


Ratatat are some of the "downest" white boys I know. They released a hip hop remix album (ratatat remixes vol. 1) in 2004 where they added their signature beats, funky guitars and swelling organs (you know, like pianos) to some of the year's coolest rap hits.

Now, they're doing it again, with appearances by Kanye, Young Buck and Ghostface Killah (amazing remix). Volume 2 is coming out sometime in the near future but Mixtape Cult[ure] doesn't think you should have to wait. The mixtape below is a compilation of my fave tracks from the mixtapes. I've staggered 'em: Vol. 1, then Vol. 2, then back to Vol. 1 and so on. With a little surprise at the end.

Enjoy (and make sure you don't repeat the naughty words that the rappers use in these songs)(object)


Pandemonium at the Disco ?!!



The title is self evident...

It's a compliation of Alex's favorite white boy dance anthems and features booty shaking hits from Death From Above 1979, funky French boys Phoenix and !!! (pronounced "chk chk chk", rather than "shift-one, shift-one, shift-one").

Enjoy and make sure to leave lots of comments on the mixtape.



p.s. the track order's kinda random right now...

Hot French Nights



Parisian House and Electro blew up last year, with the likes of Justice, Uffie and SebastiAn taking it mainstream(ish). This mixtape is a compilation of some of my favorite tunes from Kitsune Maison and Edbangers, two huge dance labels out of Paris. In fact, the Edbangers chaps just embarked on a tour of the US with VICE, so expect to hear a lot more from them. If you like any of what you hear, check out Kitsune Maison, Ed Bangers and Modular Records (an Australian Label, Brad D. informed me about), they all have some really good releases out right now.

It's a short one, so enjoy.(object)


Songs to Drive Cars By...


Mi compadre Raj / R-Mani X. sent me this mixtape a little while ago and I've been awfully lazy about putting it up. It's not like anything we've ever had before, feat. tracks from Imogen Heap, A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Shadow and more



Mixtape Cult[ure] presents: Ribbon Nights



This is a little taste of what tomorrow's ribbon party will sound like for those of you lucky enough to cop an invite. Put it on while you're getting ready and practice your sexy mirror moves to the sounds of the Klaxons, New Order, Mylo and other hot stuff!!!

Need I say enjoy?(object)


p.s. the looker in the picture above is our very own ribbon girl Marla, come find her on Saturday and buy her a drink!

Something tells me, I'm into:



Random sounds that are running between my eardrums feat. Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Bloc Party, Jose Gonzales (in a way you've never heard him before) and a bevy of funkE french artists.

Oh and obviously, more cool remixes than you can shake a stick at!



Shake the Clouds Down...


This week, Rumichu brings some dreamy pop tunes to get you through your week, with a dash of heavier things, funk and electronica. I don't have track names yet but I know the title track is done by the funky skeletons and the girl-faced boys.



Valentine's Day



This mixtape is the soundtrack to your valentine's day, whatever you wish it to be. It features cutie all-stars such as Tunng, Aisling Lavelle, Sigur Ros and other lovely stuff.

Whether your valentine is spent in the shackles of your favorite beau/belle or spent eating chocolates and crying like newborn, you'll find something you like.

For me, valentine's day is the day that I can do anything I want and get everything my heart desires. Tomorrow, I'm going to bake a huge cake, slather it in dark chocolate icing, and eat it all for breakfast, then draw myself a bath with rose petals and delicate salts, and while away the morning listening to my favorite mixtape.

Happy Valentine's Day and for everyone at Purdue, Happy Snow Day (track one's for you).(object)


The Sounds Up North (of England)


"Sheffield's more diverse than the Arctic Monkeys and all the 'New Yorkshire' bollocks" says Will B.

This mixtape's a homage to some modern Sheffield artists that are just as, perhaps even more, deserving of the Arc-tits Monkey's fame but were overlooked by the NME/myspace hype machines.

For those of you not in the know, or didn't take the time to peruse the Sheffield wiki entry in order to seem like cultural experts, Sheffield (the steel city) has given us such musical gems as the Human League, Joe Cocker and the Arctic Monkeys. It's also the birthplace of Warp Records, boner-inducing electronica label and home of Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada.



For your sweet tooth...


"It's called cake batter 'cause it's so sweet" says My Man Michael M.

This mixtape should be the soundtrack to every party you go to this year, it's got some crazy Knife remixes I've never heard before, a wicked Klaxons re-edit and enough sexy electronica to melt your face off.

Also, Teddybears, Jenny Wilson, Lo-Fi-Fnk and more

I'll have the complete tracklist up in a few!



I've got something to tell you...


My good friend Tina P. said, "Mixtapes are like the modern love letter". But I think mixtapes are much more than that, I think a sincere mixtape can be a heartfelt apology as well.

I want this one to say,

"I took your charm, empathy and beauty for granted. I took only what I wanted and moved on without you.

I'm truly sorry."(object)


"Everything you like now, I liked five years ago..."


Few people other than Will M., this week's mixtapecult contibuter, can get away with such outrageous comment! (Though he never actually said it) He was the chap who sported retro garb and listened to seemingly random 80's music well before its recent revival. Sure, you may have thought his tastes were odd then but now, I bet you wouldn't think twice about running out to buy a brand new, "distressed" Live Aid '85 replica tee from some high street vendor!

He sent me this aptly named mixtape late last year. It features submissions from Boards of Canada (labelmates with Squarepusher/Aphex Twin), Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and others. I could write pages about the solid fuzzy soundscapes, the impassioned vocals, the droning guitars and so on, but I would rather you just hit play!

It's a short one so...



This is where it started (I think)


I was digging through my cd's when i found this ethereal gem. This is "side one" from a cd Charles B gave me this as I left England. I believe this was the very first mixtape I ever recieved as a gift. It's a little different from the other mixes I've put up, as Charles B. made it during a period where he played/listened to Ravel(extremely talented french classical composer fyi) obsessively. I remember listening to Charles play "Jeux D'Eau" in the recital room during Wednesday activities. He made me this mix as a going away present and I'm very fond of it.

I've unfortunately lost the tracklist and I'm not sure who/what else is in the compilation (I'll see if I can get it from Charles). But as the title suggests, the CD is certainly very relaxing and should be listened to with headphones while lounging on some idyllic beach somewhere exotic...
Need I say "Enjoy"?(object)


Goodbye 2006...


Happy Holidays.

This is Mixtape Cult[ure]'s first collaborative playlist. It's a short one and features submissions from My Man Michael M., Raj X., Alex L. and Mixtape Cult[ure] repeat offender John G.

It's an all-star mixtape starring The Knife, Jans Lekman and the Godfather of Soul (Rest in Peace).



It's a Hit !!!



Here's an early New Year's present from my cousin Gbenga, it's a mix covering the best 2007 has to offer in indie and hip-hop. Based on the mixtape, I think 2007 looks pretty promising. It's got the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah single, a really delicious Amy Winehouse track and some Mary J. Blige, something for everyone.

But a little warning for the rest of 2007. I had the misfortune of catching MTV2 resident jackass Jim Shearer's "Artists to Watch Out For in 2007" . . .

All I'm saying is, if Rich Boy's single, "Throw some D's on that b****" wins a Grammy, I'm transferring to North Korea University.

Enjoy and here's to 2007(object)


8Bits for Every Boy/Girl



I was turned on to the Chiptune movement by John G. and my inner geek was instantly titillated. Chiptunes are songs which are either made with, or inspired by, the old 8bit music chips in Gameboys, NES', Commodore 64's, Atari's etc. The music spans electro, rock, disco, funk and trance. It's much more than just video game music.

With the growth in popularity of "old school" video games (look in any Hot Topic store), chiptunes have also become more popular. Earlier this year, Beck released an EP with 8bit "Guero" remixes, one of which is on the mixtape. There's also a little festive number at the end. So C-C-Check it! If you like the songs, Check out 8bitpeoples, the record label from which the majority of the tunes on this mix come from. Also check out this movie which Brad D sent me.

Enjoy Responsibly(object)


p.s. the songs may take a little while, just be patient