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Modernist Mexican


consumed 3/3/12 I’m in love with my new Modernist Cuisine at Home cookbook (thanks Mom!) and learning many things about equipment and specialty foods.  It also prompted me to buy my new favorite kitchen item: a Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker. This thing is magical and is going to transform the way I cook. Tamales? Done. […]

A McSweeney’s Thanksgiving


consumed 11/22/12 A week before Thanksgiving my brother and I were still trying to figure out what to cook. Then he came across McSweeney’s Thanksgiving Gallimaufry–a collection of decidedly non-traditional Thanksgiving recipes.  (I had to look up the word “gallimaufry” and it’s now my new favorite word. It means “A confused jumble or medley of […]

Brunch & Facial Party


Every now and then I crave brunch. About the same amount of time I crave a facial. I decided to combine and see what happens. The result was some very happy guests… Breakfast Strata with Sausage, Mushrooms & Monterey Jack – Kind of an old standby for breakfast for a crowd. I love the way […]

Course #11: Sous-vide sage & mint chocolate lollipops


For dessert number three, I found a tea & chocolate recipe in my Sous-Vide Cuisine cookbook. I vacuum sealed a pound of chopped milk chocolate with White Sage & Wild Mint Tea and placed in the water bath for 2 hours to meld. Afterwards, I strained the chocolate, poured into blobs on waxed paper, added […]

Course #10: Vietnamese coffee ice pops


A bazillion years ago, a fellow foodie sent me ice pop bags from Guam. I decided now was the time to use them. I found a recipe for Vietnamese coffee and carefully funneled the liquid into the bags. The trick was sealing them. For some reason I didn’t think of tying them with string, so […]

Course #9: Raspberry mousse with fizzy lime sugar


Dessert number one was a huge hit and a crazy sugar blast. I made a quick mousse by whipping heavy cream with raspberry jam and spooned it over donut crumbles (glazed donuts pulsed a few seconds in a food processor then toasted until very crunchy). The “molecular” portion of this course was an effervescent lime […]

Course #8: Salt block seared steak with chimichurri air


For the meat course I seared New York strip steaks on Himalayan salt blocks–basically I heated a brick of salt in the oven until it was blazing hot, then tossed the steaks on to sear both sides. As the meat released moisture it made a salty, delicious crust. I paired it with a chimichurri air–chimichurri […]

Course #7: Duck confit with arugula “spaghetti”


The duck course was next (I know it’s not really a thing, but it should be)… Of all the recipes I researched for this party the arugula “spaghetti” sounded like the most fun to make. The arugula was pureed with water and agar agar and sucked into a tube with the aid of a syringe. […]

Course #6: Quinoa-coated shrimp with sweet chili sauce


For the fish course I found a recipe for quinoa-coated shrimp in A Day at El Bulli. The quinoa was mixed with a solution called metil, but it was difficult to coat each individual shrimp and get the quinoa to stick. It was even harder to fry them without losing the coating entirely, but it […]

Course #5: Asparagus with soft poached egg & lemon mustard emulsion


Next up was a “greens” course. I wanted to make the asparagus with the soft poached egg recipe from Momofuku, but with a lemon-based sauce. For the eggs I used my broken sous vide machine to monitor the water temperature and perform water circulation, but had to use a burner on low with an improvised […]