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By: valentin

Sun, 06 Sep 2009 10:05:43 +0000

I found very good tips at

By: @MattWilsontv

Mon, 30 Mar 2009 21:07:12 +0000

Hi Penelope, I was really fascinated by this blog post, not really sure why. You wrote a good story here and you were very open and sincere about the whole thing. Good stuff.

By: Public Speaking Coaches

Mon, 02 Feb 2009 04:19:40 +0000

Good content. Thank you for sharing.

By: Sarah

Tue, 18 Sep 2007 04:13:25 +0000

It's good to know that I am past the point of wanting to blow off engagements. -Sarah

By: Mrs Laughing Pants

Tue, 11 Sep 2007 21:22:55 +0000

You have a great blog. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. Best regards Mrs. Laughing Pants

By: Barbara

Wed, 27 Jun 2007 14:37:44 +0000

Penelope, As usual, you seem to know just what I'm thinking about at various points in time...even what I need to do. (I agree with you and the previous responder about what one DOESn't do on a To Do List.) I went right to the website of TAI and found it is also "The Actors Institute." As a college professor trying to rivet restless undergrads to my lectures and engage them in class discussions, I would certainly benefit from TAI speaker coaching. Also, my son is an aspiring actor in New York City. I will definitely send this info on to him. I've already got my daughter hooked on your column. I'm sure this info will convince my son to subscribe. Barbara

By: Kim G.

Sat, 23 Jun 2007 17:10:38 +0000

Just found your blog and found this information very helpful. I do some speaking in my job and ministry work at church and I'm always looking for ways to get better at it. I appreciated your comments on coaching as well. I've been trying for about a year now to get going with my writing and I think the one thing that is stalling me the most is a lack of accountability. There is always something else more "urgent" needing to get done but it allows me to hide behind the schedule and not do what I know NEEDS to be done. Thanks for the great information and encouragement to do what needs to be done(even when it's not what we want to do).

By: Mikeachim

Sat, 23 Jun 2007 13:40:58 +0000

Terrific post. Public speaking techniques - something I've always been fascinated with, especially after working my way through the part of Steven Covey's material that talks about the importance of listening and validation of someone else's point of view. Public speaking as effective communication (speaking *and* listening)....yes, one day I'd like to go on such a course. .... You wrote this entry very nicely, by the way. Very engaging. .... I've heard (it may be a myth) that a good technique for checking the direction of someone's attention is looking at their feet, where they are pointing. I always check people's feet when talking to them, but I still can't make my mind up if it's a true indicator or not....anyone else know better?