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Virtual Business Solutions Online Learning Center


Learn New Programs, New Software ANYWHERE !!!!

With Virtual Business Solutions Online Learning Center and Remote Communications!

Studies show that:
• The human brain processes visuals 400,000 times faster than text.
• Visual aids have been found to improve learning by up to 400%.

We don't just tell you about a product or service we show you HOW to use it.

Our learning tools allow you to work with your selected software while taking a class for a hands on learning experience.

Take an online class anytime day or night and access your content 24/7.
Virtual Business Solutions can maximize your effectiveness by using a multitude of tools.

Virtual Business Solutions' Online Training brings the help to you so you can learn at your location and at your own pace. We provide video with full audio, screen captures and written text, all to help you maximize your effectiveness in learning.

Learn small business solutions driven by online social media tools, internet programs that help streamline your business, enhance your website presence, and much more.

Visit our Product Offers to see all the online learning solutions we have to offer.

Take a test drive in our Learning Center by signing up for FREE membership to the Virtual Business Solutions Community.

Once you are a member, log in to get access to a free class so you can experience first hand what a powerful tool you will have available to help your business.



Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network



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How to Add an RSS Feed to Firefox


Two ways to add an RSS feed to Firefox.

What Is Rss Feed


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Here is a great video that explains what RSS Feed is.

Quickbooks Podcast


Hello my name is Laura Gonzalez, business owner of Virtual Business Solutions, Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor with over 18 years experience as a Business Consultant specializing in “Business Makeover & Tune-ups” “Business Setup” and “Providing Solutions For All Your Business Needs”.

Welcome to Tips & Tutorials for the busy business owner on the go.

Here you will find QuickBooks tips and tutorials that are written text with screen captures, videos and audio podcasts.I have written and recorded these articles to help you make more sense out of your QuickBooks Software . I also have invited Top Expert Instructors in their area of business expertise to write and record content.

If you’re already “pulling” news feeds, rss, xml or podcasting choose your icon to subscribe. Enjoy and Welcome.
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QuickBooks Customer Manager


Find Information Fast... and Act On it Get the big picture, all on one screenNo more fumbling through file drawers, plowing through papers, or searchinghard drives. Customer Manager organizes everything you need to know about anycustomer, all on one elegantly simple screen. You'll see everything from phonenumbers to files, projects, appointments and financial transactions, all inone glance. You can answer customer questions instantly, make decisions intelligently,and take action.See information the way you need it The Name Record is the nerve center of Customer Manager. It summarizes allthe key information you need to know about your customer in one place. And youcan access the details with one click. Panes and action buttons include:Customer Profile — Company, address, phone numbers, contacts,e-mail address, Web site and more. You can customize unlimited fields to trackwhatever you need to.Recent History — A chronological history of communications,appointments and to-dos, QuickBooks financial transactions and related notesand documents. See invoices, payments and more.Notes — Enter details of phone calls and general notes,such as directions to the customer's office, while you're talking with a customeron the phone.To-Dos — Add and track tasks and reminders. Check themoff as you complete them.Appointments — Allows you to enter and view appointments.Projects — Provides a list of in-progress and completedprojects related to that customer.Related Contacts — Link related individuals, such asreferrals or colleagues, and see their contact information from each other'sscreen.Link files, e-mails — anything that relates Pull all of your customer-related information together in one place —no matter which application it came from. See appointments and e-mails, withattachments intact. Drag in multiple e-mails at one time. Add letters, faxes,logos and artwork, PDF files, spreadsheets — anything you need to trackfor your customer or project. Enter to-dos, reminders, notes of phone callsand projects, and schedule events right in Customer ManagerTake action with one click With Customer Manager, you don't just find information — you act on it.Write e-mails, take notes of phone calls, write letters, schedule appointments.Open any item with one click — including documents in their original application.You can even add new financial transactions to QuickBooks, all from CustomerManager.Stay on top of project detailsTrack all the details of any project together. Link related contacts —such as suppliers — and files, such as spreadsheets, images or plans.You can open them in the application that created them, directly from CustomerManager. Set pop-up alerts to remind you of important tasks and appointments— nothing falls through the cracks!Integrates with Software You Use Enter information once... use it everywhereUpdate key information in Customer Manager, QuickBooks, Outlook or OutlookExpress, and you've updated all at once. Customer Manager synchronizes:Names and contact information with QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, and OutlookExpressAppointments with Microsoft Outlook (Or, use the built-in calendar)Financial transactions with QuickBooks, such as invoices, payments and currentbalancesYou can customize the settings to limit the type of information synchronized— you're in control.See the actual QuickBooks financials Link to your customer's QuickBooks QuickReport. Or click on any QuickBooksitem in the Recent History pane to jump to QuickBooks and see the actual invoice,payment record, purchase order or check.Share appointments with Microsoft® OutlookIf you use Outlook to manage your calendar, click the "New Appointment"button and Customer Manager launches Outlook and opens an appointment window.The appointment appears in both Outlook and Customer Manager. If you'd prefer,you can use the Customer Manager Calendar. It's easy-to-use and looks just [...]

QuickBooks Tips


QuickBooks Tips

QuickBooks Tips #101


How To Send Invoice by Email using QuickBooks®

Open your QuickBooks Program.

In the Navigation Window, Click Customers (see figure A, special note 1)

Click Invoice

Create your invoice the way you normally would.

Now Click Email (see figure A, special note 2)


Fill in the To : with the clients email address

Fill in the CC: with your email address, this way you can have a copy of the invoice.

If the client does not pay promptly you can now resend it from your email. This invoice will also be sent to your email.

Fill in the From: with your business name

Then Click Send Now.

A question will come up “To view the selection link, QuickBooks must launch a Web Browser and connect to the internet. If your internet connection requires a modem, you may be asked to set it up.”

Click on the box that says “Do not display this in the future.”

It will now launch to the internet. You will see two computers communicating. Once your invoice has been sent you will see the message “Your invoice was emailed successfully”. (Do not check the box that says “Do not display this in the future.”)

Now you can click Save and Close.