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PS VR's Arizona Sunshine gets updated with two new horde maps next Tuesday

Well, here’s a happy surprise.

Developer Vertigo Games announced today on the PlayStation Blog that the PS VR version of Arizona Sunshine, which is a favorite among the Gaming Nexus staff, is getting an update next Tuesday. The free download, entitled DLZ, will include two new horde maps, Old Mine and Undead Valley.

Old Mine is based on the mine environment in the campaign, which has been reconfigured to support fights with endless waves of the undead. Supply and ammo drops have been moved outside of “comfort zones”, forcing players to take chances to retrieve them and keep their team alive.

The second map, Undead Valley, takes place in a warehouse turned casino near Las Vegas. Players are able to fight their way to new areas, opening them through combat and environmental destruction. Instead of sending waves of zombies at the players, this map unleashes an endless stream, encouraging players to keep moving to stay safe.

I’m really digging the recent trend that has PS VR titles getting updates. It is nice to see development companies supporting VR games and expanding them after release. Now can I get some Romulans on Star Trek Bridge Crew?  Ubisoft? Anyone?  Anyone?


Get a free taste of Wolfenstein II this weekend

Wolfenstein II launched on October 27 to thunderous critical acclaim (check out our review here.) If you were on the fence about this one, now is your chance to check out this brand new title at no cost to you.

Live right now, a free demo is available for Wolfenstein II on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.  The demo allows players to complete the entire first level of the game, and if they choose to buy the title, their save data will carry over. Pretty sweet.

Wolfenstein II is going to be on sale at ludicrously low prices on Friday, and if you were planning on getting it, this is a great way to get a jump on things.


What we're playing: Star Control Rec Room
It’s that time of year when we gather with family to eat slabs of a large flightless bird and, for the most part, ignore the fact that some Native Americans call Thanksgiving a Day of Mourning. Belgium leads the way in declaring loot boxes a form of gambling, stating that Battlefront 2 “is a Star Wars-themed online casino designed to lure kids into spending money.” And after roughly six months, Civilization 5 designer, Jon Shafer, leaves Paradox Interactive due to “creative differences.” What are you playing this Thanksgiving Weekend? Russell Archey, Staff Writer, @NeoScytherI won't be doing much gaming this weekend between Thanksgiving dinner and then working Black Friday and Saturday. The fun of retail during the holidays. So, any free time will likely be just resting in front of the TV. Any time I do find to play games will likely be spent playing Ninja Showdown, 88 Heroes: 99 Heroes Edition, and Conga Master Party for the Nintendo Switch in preparation for my upcoming reviews. The games themselves are simple and can be played in spurts for the most part. They're perfect for relaxing after being on my feet for several hours dodging customers and trying to navigate what little room there is to walk in a packed store. Sean Colleli, Staff Writer, @scolleliI'm working on my review for Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 for Nintendo Switch. It's a weird situation, since RE Revelations began life on a Nintendo portable—the 3DS—and now it's come full circle. I'm also picking up Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition as I've heard nothing but good things, but I wanted to hold off and play it on Switch. As the game is a huge homage to Super Metroid, it only seemed appropriate. I might also haul the Wii U over to my folks' house for Thanksgiving, for my family's semi-traditional Smash Bros. and Mario Kart tournaments. Kinsey Danzis, Staff Writer, kdanzis@gamingnexus.comSince I have to answer the war horn of retail workers on Black Friday weekend, I'm going to have approximately three seconds of game time this weekend. The struggle is going to be resisting the tech sales—but since I'm going to be on the clock for most of Friday, my job solved that one for me. I'll probably come home and try to unwind with Sky Factory 3—which, by the way, is far more engrossing than I ever thought Minecraft could be—but I won't have time to really delve into my other current fascinations, RiME and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Yes, I am still playing Shadow of War this long after my review—or rather, I'm trying to play it, because retail holiday season started a few weeks ago. Dave Gamble, Staff Writer, dgamble@gamingnexus.comAs advertised last week, I jumped back into Elite Dangerous, albeit in glorious VR. I wish I had done this sooner, but with hundreds of VR hours under my belt, it wasn't the awe-inspiring event that it would have been back in the days when it was all fresh and new. There was also, of course, a fairly decent learning curve to surmount before I could control at the least the most common tasks solely through the use of my HOTAS system. Once I got more or less up to speed, I decided to take an honorable path in this world, having learned from Red Dead Redemption just how easy it is to fall into a life outside the law, whether intentional or not. Mining is a grind, so I decided on cargo hauling. My quandary now is how to learn market prices on far away trading planets/stations without resorting to external websites. With only four cargo slots, I can't afford many mistakes on the economic front. I'm also spending a lot of time in the Drone Racing League Simulator, for which I am working on a review. They warned us right up front that this is a ultra-realistic simulator and all that that implies, which in action means it's really, really hard to fly. It's an FPV presentation, which takes a great deal of getting used to, and it models racing drones which typically don't have all of the fancy gyros and such to make them beh[...]

Free anniversary update to Planet Coaster now live on Steam

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 Holy moley, Planet Coaster is a nice looking game. Look at that trailer.  This thing is beautiful.

In celebration of Planet Coaster’s first anniversary, Frontier Development is releasing a free update, now available to download at Steam.

The update has a lot of cool new features. There is a Scenario Editor, which allows users to create scenario challenges and share them with the community. There are five brand new rides, including three new rollercoasters. There are also several new structural enhancements, like billboards, picnic tables, and a new Staff Management Building.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would really love to see Planet Coaster brought to consoles. Frontier is the same company developing Jurassic World Evolution, which is coming to console, and they recently brought Elite Dangerous from PC to console, so there might be a teeny-tiny chance that my wish comes true.



The NXT Generation pack for WWE 2K18 is now available

WWE 2K18's first content pack drops today and it's the up and coming Superstars of the NXT brand with the NXT Generation pack. 

The NXT Generation pack includes the following Superstars

  • Aleister Black
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Lars Sullivan 
  • Elias
  • Ruby Riot 

The other cool thing about when new Superstars are added to the game is that all of their parts are added to the creation features as well. Their ring attire, entrance music and move sets will be available for created wrestlers to use as well. 

Be sure to also check out my review of WWE 2K18 as well where I said that 2K18 is a major step above 2K17 but still comes with its own set of problem as well. 

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Frenetic action game No Heroes Here comes to Switch and PS4 in Q2 2018

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No Heroes Here, the multiplayer castle defense game by Mad Mimic Interactive, is going live on Switch and PS4 in the second quarter of 2018.

The 2D pixel art co-op game allows up to four players to work together locally or online, crafting ammo and defenses to defend their castle from waves of attackers. The game currently has a Positive rating on Steam, drawing comparisons to Overcooked and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

I love everything about the trailer for this game. Frantic co-op games of this nature go over like gangbusters with my family, so I will be keeping an eye on this one as we move closer to release.



Paradox adds another big expansion to the Europa Universalis collection

Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization is now available for download. The latest in the series from Paradox has you deep into the happenings in the Middle East. Across the sands you will make profitable trade routes and expand your civilization through the years. Some of the features include:

  • Mamluk Government: In a diverse empire, where the slaves are now masters, new sultans must rely on cultural power to stay viable.
  • Persian Theocracy: Persia can use the power of the faith to bolster their regime.
  • Army Professionalism: The Age of Mercenaries slowly transitions to the Age of Standing Armies as you recruit new generals and drill your peacetime army.
  • Tribal Federations: The Black and White Sheep tribes in Armenia and Mesopotamia must can exploit the unity of local clans to aid expansions.
  • Iqta Taxes: Islamic nations have new taxation options to fuel their growth.
  • Trade Policies: Instruct your merchants to take actions in trade nodes to increase your trade power or military advantage.
  • Islamic Schools: The wide range of Sunni and Shia disciplines offer unique perks to their disciples and transforms international relations across the Middle East.
  • And Much More: The Cradle of Civilization expansion will be accompanied by a free update for all EU4 players, including a new map with many new nations

Cradle of Civilization is available now for download at $19.99 and here is the trailer:

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XBox One Gold members need to get to early Black Friday sales

Last week I was touting that the game list for XBox One was paltry and to expect something this week. I was oh so correct. There are some 400 games at huge discounts (up to 65%). Some big ones look something like this:

  • Call of Duty WWII Deluxe $10 off to $89.99
  • NBA 2K18 $18 off to $41.99
  • South Park The Fractured But Whole $19.80 off to $40.19
  • Madden NFL 18 $29.99 off to $30
  • Wolfenstein II $29.99 off to $30
  • Assassin's Creed Origins $21 off to $48.99
  • Destiny 2 $21 off to $38.99

These and a slew more are now available from the XBox One Black Friday sale for Gold members.


Full reveal for Operation White Noise in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has fully revealed everything that will be coming in Operation White Noise, the next big content drop for Rainbow Six Siege and will include three new operators, a new map, skins, and tons of changes / fixes to the game. 

First up is the new attacker, Dokkaebi. Dokkaebi carries a tablet with her into battle. Twice per round she can use her tablet to do one of three things.

First, using the tablet will cause the phones of all of the surviving attackers to start vibrating essentially giving off their positions. Attackers will then need to make a choice. Take the time to turn off their phone, leaving them vulnerable or take a chance and let it ring. The second thing it does is that is disrupts the attackers feeds to cameras, letting the defenders maneuver around the map without being spotted. Finally, if an attacker dies with Dokkaebi in the match, they will drop their phone. If Dokkaebi can hack the phone, the defending team will then get access to the camera feeds for the rest of the round. 

Next up with the new South Korean Defender, Vigil. Vigil can cloak himself which will make him invisible to surveillance equipment like hacked security cameras or drones. He can however be detected by IQ's scanner, and his footprints can be scanned by Jackal. 

Finally, Zofia, an Attacker from Poland and the sister of Ela. Zofia carries into battle with her the KS79-Lifeline, which is a grenade launcher equipped with both explosive rounds and stun grenades. You can switch freely between explosive and stun grenades at any time and they don't need to be reloaded between shots. 

Since Zofia and Ela are sisters, they both have experience and training when it comes to stun grenades. This means that both Zofia and Ela will recover from their each others stun grenades at a faster pace.

Additionally, Zofia has an ability called "withstand". This allows her to pick herself up from a DBNO(downed but not out) state once per match and will recover with 1HP. 

For the full list of patch notes, be sure to check out Rainbow Six Siege's official website.

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Want to learn how to play Ascension?

So far I've written two articles this year on a couple of the new sets for the Ascension deck building game: Gift of the Elements and Alliances, with another set review on the way for Valley of the Ancients. In my Gift of the Elements article I briefly explain how to play the game, but don't really go into a lot of details. With my third article on the way I decided to finally rectify that issue and create a video that goes over how to play and a few other things such as a couple of strategies and how cards can combo and work together. While the video quality isn't the greatest, I hope that this is helpful for anyone wanting to learn how to play and I'm also hoping to do more videos on the other sets that I end up checking out (I will do videos for Gift of the Elements and Alliances as well as Valley of the Ancients in the near future).

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Finally, someone solved the case of the bugs in jars in Skyrim (you won't like the answer)

YouTuber Camelworks solved one of Skyrim's longest-standing mysteries. It's the curious case of the bugs in jars. You've perhaps run across one or two of these curiosities during your travels sometime in the past six years. Those big glass jars with big cork lids that house one living bug specimen inside. There's a bee, a butterfly, a dragonfly, a luna moth, and a torch bug. Only five. They're so rare they might as well be unique.

But why are they in the game? Is there some mission related to them? Do the symbols carved on the inside of their lids the answer to some map-spanning riddle? The far-flung theories and even further-flung math and linguistic translations have brought up no concrete answers.

Until now. At nearly 17 minutes, it's a long video. Camelworks is mainly describing the arduous search for an answer. But he got the answer. And he didn't put on a tin foil hat to get to it. He got at Skyrim's level designers, the tight-lipped people with the actual answer.

You're not going to like the answer.

Skip ahead to about 10:10 if you don't care about the process Camelworks went through. 

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Planet of the Apes – Last Frontier debuts tomorrow on PS4

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The Imaginarium’s new motion-capture cinematic adventure title Planet of the Apes – Last Frontier drops onto the PlayStation store tomorrow. The game is story based, with the player having no direct control over the characters, instead making choices for a cast of apes and humans. The play dynamic appears to be similar to that of last month’s SuperMassive title Hidden Agenda, including a shorter play time (two to three hours) and Sony PlayLink support.

The story takes place between the last two films in the trilogy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War of the Planet of the Apes. Last Frontier follows a group of apes that has split off from film hero Caesar’s clan, and headed out to make their own way in the world. The new group is led by an ape named Khan, who eventually comes into conflict with a group of farmers.

For such a high-profile franchise, publicity on the game has been strangely low key. No pre-order information is currently on the PlayStation store, and no pricing info is available. The pre-release trailers indicate that a great deal of care has gone into making this game, and the production values appear to be through the roof. It will be interesting to watch how the release of this title plays out. It seems like the game is just quietly slinking out into the world with little fanfare, which is unusual for a game from a franchise of this stature. I will probably be checking it out, depending on the price. If I do go for it, you can expect me to follow up with my thoughts after the weekend.


Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge begins tomorrow with interesting rewards

Pokemon GO Trainers around the world will be participating in a new Global Catch Challenge where interesting rewards can be had depending on how many Pokemon trainers catch over the next seven days. From November 20th through the 26th, trainers can unlock three tiers of rewards. Catching 500 million Pokemon will unlock the bronze-tier reward and will yield double XP, six hour lures, and increased Pokemon spawn rates (for how long wasn't specified). The silver tier will be unlocked at 1.5 billion Pokemon and will include the bronze tier rewards and double stardust. Finally is the gold tier which will yield not only the bronze and silver tier rewards, but will also make Farfetch'd available worldwide and Kangaskhan available in east-Asia, each for 48 hours. In other words, help trainers catch a ton of Pokemon so we can finally get another regional Pokemon that doesn't require us to travel to another continent.

UPDATE: Originally forgot to put that Farfetch'd and Kangaskhan would be available for 48 hours.  Also recently saw via the Pokemon GO Facebook page that the Bronze and Silver tier rewards would last until December 1st at 1:00 p.m. PST.

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Geralt narrates the Cinematic Trailer for SpellForce 3, behold

I came across the cinematic trailer for SpellForce 3 while writing this article about the latest gameplay trailer for the game. 

So, although this video is a few months old, it nevertheless feels fresh in my eyes. This trailer focuses on the history of Nortander, how it fended off a rebellious mage that tore the country apart. It was saved by the queen's sacrifice. What resulted was a ban on magic, but as we see, something fishy, and dead, is afoot in Nortander. 

It's an interesting short story, hopefully we'll get more content showcasing the other kingdoms of this fantasy world sometime soon. SpellForce 3 releases Decmber 7th, 2017.

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Here's the newest trailer for SpellForce 3

Well, if this isn't the prettiest looking RTS I've seen since Age of Empires II

SpellForce 3, the third entry in the fantasy-genre RTS series of games, has been dropped a new gameplay trailer (although teaser is a more appropriate word) of the human faction. 

A gruff voiceover tells a partial history of the human country of Nortander, talking the average talking points of weak governments and strong militaries. But then the real action shows up later with the catapults and a siege at the city gates. Although it's a small scene, it gives a nice sample of what's to come. 

SpellForce 3 releases December 7th, 2017.

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The (New) Justice League comes to Injustice 2 on consoles and mobile

Have you seen the new Justice League movie yet? Neither have I. What better way to skip the theater than just playing as those same characters in a videogame? Well, there are now Justice League-themed events happening on the mobile and console versions of Injustice 2. Players can partake in these events, and acquire gear for the characters featured in Justice League. 

So while there may not be specific character packs, you can still cosplay your Superman like he's the new Superman, or something like that. 

Watch the trailer below. Injustice 2 is out now.

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Get excited about Concrete in this new trailer for Surviving Mars

In a new blog post and trailer, the developers over at Haemiont Games are showing off the resource system for their game, Surviving Mars

Paraphrasing an entry from the diary, the developers approach resources in three ways. The first is to make them truly different, in how they functioned, replenished, and how they are found. The second is to make them feel truly scarce: "Surviving Mars is a city-builder, but it also has a strong survival element". The third element is the position of resources: "The bulk of the resource transportation happens automatically once set up, but a specific delivery can be manually ordered in case of an emergency". 

The dev diary goes seriously in depth, and you can read more here, otherwise, the short version (the trailer) is below:

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Hulu's giggle-inducing Futureman is worth a look, if you leave your brain at the door

I’ve been watching Hulu’s Futureman with my wife and teenage sons this week, and even though this program is waaay too adult to watch with my kids, we have all agreed to ignore that fact because Futureman is an extremely funny show.

The show focuses on Josh Futterman (played by The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson), a janitor at a disease research center who is obsessed with an unbeatable first-person shooter, which he plays obsessively every night after work. The way the game, Biotic Wars, is represented in-show doesn’t even attempt to accurately represent how actual games work, but Josh’s obsession with beating the game (and the cool game store where he hangs out) seem awfully familiar to me as a gamer.

One day, inspiration strikes, and Josh tries a new tactic to beat the game. Immediately following Josh's triumph, two intense time-travelers from the future appear, telling Josh that the game was sent back in time to recruit a “savior”, as the future has become a bleak dystopian where “biotics” rule the day, and humans live in the sewers and eat rats. Hijinks ensue, as the hapless Josh is deemed the savior, and is recruited to help the future-folks alter the timeline to prevent the rise of the biotics.

The show openly acknowledges the fact that it rips of the plot from 80’s cult favorite The Last Starfighter (it righteously doesn’t mention Ernest Cline’s bum-out follow up to Ready Player One, Armada). And after the first episode, the gaming aspect of the plot is pretty much abandoned. Not surprising, given the fact that the story is played for rapid fire jokes, with little concern for continuity or scientific accuracy.

Futureman is produced by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, who also handle directing duties for the superior first two episodes (the decline in quality after the first two installments is noticeable, but not a deal-breaker). Their participation reveals everything you need to know about the show’s tone and content. The body humor jokes fly fast and furious, but are punctuated by sharp writing and a surprisingly killer supporting cast.  Viewers should be warned though, that despite the fun pacing and constant references to 80’s sci-fi (the Back to the Future “something has changed here” chime is used liberally), this show is 100% not appropriate for kids. Don’t even try.

However, for mature gamers looking to take a break from the overwhelming tidal wave of holiday releases, Futureman is worth a look. It is breezy fun, with a touch of heart. Just don’t expect it to make too much sense, and you will find yourself giggling at the audacious goofiness on display.


Hands-on with Ragnarök, the first Titan Quest expansion in ten years
src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" data-mce-fragment="1"> Fun Fact: Titan Quest is the very first game I purchased on Steam. The game was already a bit long in the tooth when I got it in late 2012, having released in 2006. I got it on sale for maybe $5, and proceeded to pour a ton of hours into its fun blend of Diablo-style dungeon crawling and Greek mythology. However, according to my Steam account, the last time I played the game was in 2013, so I’m a little rusty on what has been going on in the world of Titans. I did note last year that THQ Nordic released a free Anniversary Edition, and I happily clicked the button to grab the upgrade, but never fired it up. However, when THQ announced on Friday, November 17, 2017 that, from out of nowhere, they had released a full expansion to Titan Quest, entitled Titan Quest Ragnarök, my curiosity got the best of me and I realized I had to check it out. There has been a recent wave of companies that have been releasing updates to fairly aged IP, the highest profile being last year’s Diablo 2 patch, coming 5 years after the last time that Blizzard had touched the game. But this Titan Quest update is releasing a full 10 years since the last expansion (2007’s Immortal Throne), and while Titan Quest enjoyed some popularity back in the day, I’m unclear on how large the community currently is. I guess people must have been receptive to the Anniversary Edition, because THQ did not skimp on this expansion. The new levels have moved away from Greek Mythology and Hades, and are now focusing on Nordic and Germanic lore. The list of new features is expansive. There are graphical updates, UI updates, ragdoll physics updates, tons of new quests, a new experience curve, a new level cap, new gear, a new player mastery, the list goes on and on, and frankly, is majorly impressive. My favorite from the list of new features? “Finally: wear pants!” Sounds good to me.  I like to wear pants. So how did it go when I fired up the expansion? Well, the simple fact of the matter is that after five years away, I really suck at Titan Quest. I decided to roll a new level 40 character and attack the new material with a Runemaster (the new mastery). I spent about an hour studying all the skills on the skill tree, trying to determine how they would work together. I carefully placed all of my character points into strength, intelligence, etc. I went to a vendor in the opening city, and selected starting gear that I thought would help me get through some of the lower level enemies I would encounter. Satisfied that I was ready to go, I carefully searched the city for an enemy to fight. The story line quickly steered me towards a gaggle of mermen hanging out near the edge of town. I cautiously approached one, with my fingers hovering over the skill buttons, ready to try out my new powers. The merman zipped over to my location, hit me one time, and I dropped dead. It turns out that jumping into the middle of a game that you have been away from for five years is extremely challenging. I have made some progress, but am still extremely squishy. I have been kiting bad guys, laying down explosive runes on the ground and running away. The entire game has taken on a much more measured, tactical feel than I had expected. However, there is some good news. I have some new gear that I pillaged from a pile of bones, and I recently fought off a gang of four crabs without dying. So that was exciting. The game looks g[...]

What we're playing: Skyrim Injustice
Star Wars: Battlefront II had an eventful week. It went from owning the most downvoted comment in Reddit history, to pulling down all microtransactions hours before launch. Despite having a Jewish protagonist that kills hundreds of Nazis, Wolfenstein 2 is blocked from download in Israel. And Tesla CEO Elon Musk hires a lot of video game programmers; one of his latest is video game engineer Scott Simms from Microsoft, who worked on Halo 4 and Kinect Sports: Season 2. What are you playing this weekend? Sean Colleli, Staff Writer, @scolleliCurse you, Todd Howard! I thought I had left Skyrim behind many years ago, and closed The Elder Scrolls to slumber until the inevitable sixth chapter. I assumed reviewing Skyrim on Switch would be a relatively quick "How does it run and look?" affair. But now I'm sucked back in all over again, compulsively transmuting iron ore to level my smithing, enchanting and alchemy. Y'all got any more of those blue mountain flowers? I might be able to tear myself away long enough to continue my memorial playthrough of of Dead Space 2. If Dead Space was Alien: The Haunted House, then Dead Space 2 is definitely Aliens: The Roller Coaster. I forgot just how unrelenting the pace of this game was. It makes me even sadder that Visceral is gone and we'll probably never see greatness from this sci-fi horror series ever again. Press X to pay respects...and to stomp a Necromorph. Dave Gamble, Staff Writer, dgamble@gamingnexus.comI'm currently running through High Hell, an ultra-short (well, for people other than me, who has been stuck on Level 10 for a longer period than it took me to get there) FPS done in a minimalistic style that puts run-of-the-mill minimalism to shame. At the end of Level 9, I would have described it as "fun." Now I'm not so sure. I'll walk away and pout for a few days before trying it again. In the meantime, I'll get started on The Drone Racing League Simulator—note that this one is also bound to end up in ignominious surrender. I've taken something of an interest in Drone Racing, but I don't think a half century of seasoning is going to have done wonders for my reflexes or hand-eye coordination. At least if High Hell is a reasonable measure, anyway. When not in review-prep mode, I'm thinking that it might be high time to start over with Elite Dangerous. I burned myself out on it last year after grinding away day after day as a miner, so I'll maybe pick a different specialty this time around. I would have tried it just as soon as I got the Oculus Rift because I fully expect it to be absolutely awe-inspiring in VR, but I had been long enough out of it that I would essentially be starting over. That remains the case, but this time around I will have a lot more patience since I no longer have a lengthy list of "I can't wait to see this in the Rift" to work through. It's also coming up on winter and real-world flying is going to go into semi-hibernation, so I'll likely spend some time doing instrument approaches in Flight Sim World, which I fervently wish was playable in VR like Aerofly FS2, which I fervently wish had clickable controls to the extent that FSW has. Eric Hauter, Staff Writer, ehauter@gamingnexus.comI have been playing Mad Max on and off for a couple of months, but my wife finally put the hammer down on me playing it in front of our four-year-old. Something about her waking up with nightmares about the awful violence and the deformed mutants. As a result, I picked up Horizon Zero Dawn last week while it was on sale for $20 on Amazon (score!). I'm hoping th[...]

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