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Master Of Religion

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My Essay for Master Of Religion: ULC Seminary 20-Lessons and Forum Classes


    Minister Phyllis J Ward, Ordain from *God*First let me introduce myself, I am the I am, because God gives me favor to be, and choose me to be and I choose to do his will . I'm highly favored because I highly favor him in my life. I'm blessed to be filled with his holy present, and he gave his son Jesus to me and the world to gain the holy ghost, I'm glad to be walking in his anointing power of miracles, baptizied at a early age of 12years old at Saint Luke Baptist Church in Fort Gaines Ga, were I gave my heart and soul to the Lord Jesus Christ repenting of all sins and asking for savalation upon my life at early age.The James, Cannon, Bankston, Stanley, Frankins started the Saint Luke Baptist church in the early 1920's, which they are my foreparents of history of my decrease, greatgrandparents, grandparents & parents of my heirs & heritages. One decrease silbling with parents Jacqueline James,I'm the 7th child of my parents children living, born from two christain and powerful well-beings that carry my life until I was able to carry my on. Brother Iziah W. James and Sister Margain J. (Sampson) James. Both already gone ahead to join Lord in his heavenly place. I'm the youngest silbling of my parents children, but not the lest forgotten, because of my love I have for Jesus and my heart being so real in this land of mankind. I have always love going to worship God, in the foundations, building, the church which is in our fleshly body of Christ. I would do youth children programs and speaches at Saint Luke Baptist Church under the powerful: Rev. Dixon for 15years of my life. I sing in  for the Lord two years but didn't like it, I was bored being in a choral in front of everyone looking and staring at me, but that when I see I had something special , I could sing and everyone would smile and praise the Lord with my deep and strong anointed voice as a young teenager.I could remember when I was young teenager , I would have dreams and couldn't understand what the meaning until today, from God calling. I would have dreams of things happening and I would know things that would happen before they took place. Deaths, sickness, health problems also some very great things as well. I find myself , at the middle of the nite around 2:30-3:30pm waking up in cold or hot sweats. God was trying to get me to do something in the flesh, the Lord was trying to send his love and power and miracles to save his children and myself.I needed to pray for someone and myself to be delivered from whatever the evil spirit was trying to do to God people.It took me to go through my trails, trumoils, tribulations of life , deaths and his tests through not being obedient  , to get what God his astored appond my life for serving him in sprirt and in truth. I'm older in age, wiser with time, I've gain  God understanding  through reading his words, and mediating on his spirit and recieve knowledge through his glory and grace that keep us ,and he continue to gives me mercy from day to day of mankind.I've be been blessed with two kings in my life from God at young adult grown age. My first son Kenny, I had when I was 21 years old and when I gave birth to him, I went home from the hospital two weeks later and find out I was diagnostic with stomach cancer. I had a blood clot that grew into the bottom of my stomach, today I have a Cross that remind me everyday of what happen in surgery and I know the meaning of these scars, today. God lightly affected me to save me from the world in the flesh. This blood colt cause me to be on my death bed for 4months in ICU.  Thats' when my true calling was brought to my face, but as a young lady still in the world I didn't understand God hand been place on me. My family gave up on me, in the flesh, but God wouldn't let that happen to me in his holy hands . I could here them saying she's not fighting hard enough to live, but I was they di[...]

Master Of Religion Lesson-20:Government & Church


 Last Lesson for the online classes from the ULC Seminary. Before the powerful essay of 500words of learning and experiences with theses classes.

Government & Church

I feel that I have learned for this lesson and other lessons like this one that Church and Government does go together and very well, I must say.  The country does depend on this for peace in the United States. I see that the statistic  for more than 200,000 Christains are discriminated against and have a fear of death worldwide because of their religious  or governmental beliefs.

The money that is printed in the United States which is legal does have IN GOD WE TRUST very bold  so it gives a message to our people and other countries we are the land of free, and do serve with liberty and justice, not like other countries that laws and rules prohibit these actions.

There are so many lost people in the United States that are still not Christains or live by the ten commandments or the governmental laws and rules, but we have to pray for them as well.   

I can say Minister Amy Long, that I do understand and It shows that you also understand the power of Church and Government together, goes hand to hand in our country for the better of all people rights for ther living on earth with mankind. I have been in business for myself for 12years, dealing with Government. I can say I truly enjoy the Church part of me that deals with my clients and future customers to be successful in this world, and to do  God will is very important. I understand we are in two different types of warfare. Governemental and Spiritual which is the Church. They both have to be meet and dealth with in order, unity to satify the Father, Son, and Holy Ghosts on earth internal and external.

Minsiter Phyllis J Ward

Master of Religion Lesson-19: Religious Denominations


   This Lesson 19, really breakdown what is a Denomination? A Denomination is aset of like 'brand' of Christainity. There are four Church groups, of that direction, they are the Catholic,Protestant, Lutheran or perhaps a Christain.
 The Denominations have been part of the Christain landscape since the Reformation. The Catholic and Orthodox Christains been around for more than hundreds of years before the seismic shift gave us the Lutherans, and the Reformed, the Anabaptist Brethrens and the Mennonites.
 The Church began in the east among the Greek-speaking Jews, and the language of the ancient church was Greek. The rites of the Church, such as baptism and the Eucharist, were called *mysteries* of the church, and they are still in the Eastern Church. Mystery is a Greek word that was often used in philosophical and religious discussions to refer to knowledge that was once unclear, but is now revealed.
 The Ancient church called the mystery  of our**faith**, because they believed that the Old Testament had been teaching these doctrines all along, but they were only clear in Jesus Christ.
 Many people seen to believe that they have recieve Gods order to become Priest and to start their own Church. Most of them probably have not sufficent qualifications to do so, other think that being able to quote the Bible verus parts quote flently, thier disbality and lack of knowledge to actually perform the sacramental church procedures.
 Lets' talk about Money, some of these so-called churches appears to talk more about donations than God words, laws, statues, commandments, decrees. Most people I would guess are somewhat confuse with a Ordained Minsiter with a Business Manager. We all accept that a Church must recieve donations and tithling, and gifts to exist and upkeep the ministry to continue the mission for the Lords will for us that alies in the heart of faith, inside our spirit and truths well-being on earth.
  Also lets' remember through everything we do in his church, to serve Him.  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, It's his will to live by his words that are choosen for us to live a better life here internal and external for mankind on earth.

Minsiter PJWard
Feb.1, 2011

Master of Religion -Lesson 18: History of the Church IV


  This lesson is about the further Journeys of Paul, which leads to the traveling in a city called Iconium.
Apostle Paul story begins of the healing of a lame man which came from his mother's womb , carried to the gate of the temple called Beautiful found in serve Bibles , in Acts 3:2-8 version of (NKVJ), (KVJ).

It also speaks of when Peter and John where look on us, and they gave heed unto God people, the people were expecting to recieve something of them when they went into the land of Iconium. Peter said to them I don't have Silver and gold, but such as I have give thee, In the Name of Jesus Christ of Narareth riseup and walk. Peter took  this lame man by his right hand and lifted him up and immediately his feet and ancles bones recieved strength. They entered with them into the temple, walking and leaping and praising God.

Acts (14) speaks of gods pop up, but Paul stood up and told them that they had delivered the same messages from God, to turn away from the useless things to the Living God, that we are made humans in God image, who He made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all things that are in them, which He did not leave Himself without witness, in that He did good, gave us rain from heaven and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness. 

This is how Paul first journey open doors to the Gentiles, after being stoned and left for dead and rose up and coming back into the city the next day with Barnabas  and stayed there for sometimes bringing more to Christ and ordaining them to elders in the every church. After there traveling to many cities then they sailed to Antioch and the church there proclaimed how God had open door to the Gentiles.

Master Of Religion: Lesson 17-History of the Church III


 The Journeys of Paul: Paul and Barnabas continue their journey and came to Pisida, here they were invited to speak in the synagogue where Paul preached a good sermon. This was the first recorded sermon of Paul. Acts 13: 16-48 verus when Paul preached to the crowd before him.
Paul sermon was very clear about his will from God and that he sent from him to the human race to give them a good news about God words to his people and saving them from destructionn of mankind.
Paul traced the promised through the history of Israel, and he spoke of how God had stood beside them in all their trails and tribulations: God had promised not to foresake them, God had promised to send a savior and God did just what he said he would, if anyone doubted that Jesus was that savior, the resurrection was the proof that his or her doubt was mistaken.  The resurrection of Jesus stands at the heart of the gospel. It was something that God did, and doing it God confirmed fulfilled that promise of Salvation.

Master of Religion Lesson 16: History of Church II


  This lesson on the History of Christianity, The beginning of time tells us how searchs the heavens within ourselves for answers to that which surrounds us, as mankind living.  This great gift from God comes from the inner knowledge of people who we know as Priest, Ministers, Shamans,and Holy Man and Holy Woman who have been instrumental in adding us in finding our way as we journey on our path of trying to understand this thing we call faith. In the beginning Saul name in the KJV so to become Paul, in the History of Church II, that most likely Saul was his Jewish name, and Paul was the name if his Roman Citizenship. The History of the Church is important that you can't some it up just in one lesson. Knowledge is power from God and how you use it to bless his people. Amen

Master of Religion : Lesson 15-History of the Church


    History of the Christianity begins with Christ actually with the birth of Jesus, or whenever the scripture started to report about him.  The old testament, the people holding these scriptures were Jesus not Christians. The First Christians were the followers of Jesus himself, more than 2000 years of history. Just reas the different bibles and studies that God has place mankind to write from his will.

Master of Religion: Lesson 14---Counseling


    When counseling today's Christians, Fundamental training is highly recommended!
Throughtout a counseling session, the goal is to change the counselor's focus on the false self , a self of lusts and appetites to a realization of his true self, a self in union with Christ. This is accomplished by a continuous process of judging self, one's own sins, to accomplishing God's purposes for his life by loving him and the others foremost, daily dying of the old man and putting on of the new man.

This maintain a state of forgiving and reconciling throughout life, Christ is in us to work out our salvation daily.
I recommend every Christian Minister to strive for more eductaion, reading, meditation on his Bible daily,and training in order to provide these important services of new and old Leaders to help perform better decisions,
Christian Counseling, sufficiently and adequately to help God people make great, and wise decisions about life endurance of mankind here on earth and eternal.

Master of Religion :Lesson 13--- Divorce


   A good marriage takes alot of patience, love and understanding, and foremost respect towards your partner.  If anything of these important ethic or emotioms are missing you are not sure that both of you respect one another, truly patience for one another and love, then you should have couseling or talk to Pastor or Minister before getting married or if married before getting a divorce.

Divorce is terminal, it's an end to hope and dreams from months or years even perhaps decades of shared experience that evaporates.

It all depends on you and your Church or Denomination , for it usually a sin for two Christians or two Baptized people in which in the Spirit of God to divorce.

Christians must be reconciled, in Christian Marriages, divorce with remarriage is usually a godly option on when one partner refuse the discipline of the Word of God and his church. No marriage is perfect, it is unique and imperfect.

* Marriage was insitiuted by the Creator as the best possible way with a few execeptions for two separate human beings to live. It is based on the builtin physical, mental, psychological, emotional traits of male and female, we need one another.

Man is incomplete without woman; and Woman is incomplete without man. Commit your marriage to God and Jesus. Christians of all people are responisble to make our marriage work, you can make this work with the accomplishments with God help.

Today churchs are vital part of stablizing society. The church has a very important obligation to fillfull and it is the Minister or Pastor of the Church who determine major directions.Social work is basis of many church and how to create a strong and heathy congregation.

Helping others are christian duties, doing the work professional or with professionalism and love is the primary social obligation of any church.

Master Of Religion: Lesson 12 --Prostitution and Drugs


   First of all lets start with saying, how can or how do we react to a person that visit our Foundation or Church Building being a prostitute?

      God is the judge of all sins, not us as human being, we should treat one another as we want to be treated, with love and kindness as Christian people or Children of God.
      How long a person may take to resolve a problem or problems like that one or being a prostitue , depends on her/his strength between themselves and God only.

 *In some cases prostitution is a fact that it is blooming best or more in poor countries
   Which means we should strive to help them , not condemn those people, we might be able to help someone to free a problem from themselves , that's the Christian way of life and that's how to handle things in a Christian matters.

  Prostitution causes many addictions problems like substance abuse, alcoholism and crimes of many levels accompany the scene.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  Substance abuse, when people who abuse alcohol and drugs keep using them even when they know it is hurting them, and those they love. 
 Alcohol is disease , this means the alcoholic is sick.

If you can't get  the Christians and Foundations to understand and be patience with your problems,which they  should do and be like God, which is patience with us, then come to God which  can work all miracles and give you all the strength and understanding you will need to fight for yourself against theses diseases and addictions, because Jesus will be on your side at all times. Just call on him.


Lesson 11-Marriage,Family,& Tithing


  This lesson is very warm minded to the wording of God enlightful meaning to his books in the Old Testament and the New Testament of his leaders to give his children the understanding of what mankind should understand about Marriages, Family, and Tithing.  Tithing is a great things in God foundation for the Churchs. It supports the Priests , Pastors, Ministers,  leaders who or ordain to do God will for mankind for a descent living.   The bible tells us about paying our tithes and tithing, donations, and gifts to Christ who love the Church. 

 Marriage is a wonderful thing in the law of the land, and God institute marriages very early on after creating mankind.

 The New Testament of 2 Timothy speaks of qualifications of Elders and Deacons, to be husband of just one wife, and many more details about his calling and doing his work for Church of God.

 A basic rule a solid family to first have solid parents, and the parents that support of the family, not only economically, but morally and spirituallly should be established on a solid foundation. I really enjoyed all these three subject and I wish we could be more open in the Church about them to mankind conversation to wisdom, knowledge, and being wise from God.

Master of Religion Lesson 10-Worship


  Worship is when you meet with Christains in Congregation (people) of a specific church.  Yes ,you should enjoy worship and get to know the understanding of what is it to show God revence.

   God and Jesus Christ should be the center of attention in church, not us.  True, the First of the Commandments is keeping the traditions and remebering not to put any gods before him, also when wearing priest uniforms or black slacks, or black blouse or dress shirts, with dress shoes is more respectful and people judge you better and listen to you with authority.

   Kneeling and setting, or standing is another structural part of demonstrate respect to God, by using of a position  which reflects the position of a servant of God, when we pray it is important to stand for God. I also know it is important to stand during a Holy Sacrament. It shows respect toward the Lord.

The Holy Communion is the actual reception of the Sacrament of the Euchariest, Everyone who is baptizied should recieve the Holy Communion, if you are under the age of 14 years old it won't count to be baptizied, you don't have any sin against you, which you are children that are to young to understand how to worship.

Holy Communion is when a priest should always wear a surplice or stole, and there should be two candles burning for peace .

Master of Religion Lesson 9-Sacraments & Baptism


  These two words and very powerful into Christain learning of what God written in his Ten Commandments.
Holy Sacraments in the early anicent where called mystery of our faith because they believed that the Old Testaments had been teaching these doctrines all along.   Sarcraments from many Catholics are taught that  is an outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible grace.  Visible sign(the physical act) Invisible grace (the spiritual reality).  Platonic thinking , is that physical acts and spiritual reality are one and the same.

Baptism is the initation rite into the Christain faith and into the Christain church, which is your bodly fresh.
It is considered a sacrament by everyone who uses the word. Confirmation is the historically the second half of the baptism.

God and Jesus is the authority for baptism, and baptism is a Holy Sacrament given from God to follow His way. Holy Baptism is one of the first among the sacraments, because it is the door to the spiritual life: with which we are made members of Christ and included in the Church.

The Minister of baptism sacrament is a priest, who is authorized to baptize, by reason of  his/her office.

In closing my topic of this lesson, Today baptism is a normal ceremony in every Christain church and a Holy Sarcrament. It should not be abused, changed, or modified.

Master Of Religion Lesson 8- The Religious Title


             This Lesson was short, but interesting to the titles of the men and women, with God calling to mankind.  The Religion, Position, and on Envelopes, Salutation, Direct Address helps to correctly write, read, communicate with the formal name calling of God's will for his leaders, and servants. The information did enlighten me with some new and different Religious titles for other beliefs in the high power of God grace and mercy.