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Simply thoughts, ramblings, etc.

Updated: 2018-01-15T23:14:11.502-06:00




I am on a couple of Electric Vehicle forums. One I follow fairly closely, another in passing. I sometimes start a reply/response to a discussion and then realize a lot of people aren't going to be overly pleased with my ramblings taking up so much space and effort to go through. I then thought I know a better place to just ramble, but it likely would not reach any of those people in the discussion. Needless to say I may throw some of my miscellaneous ramblings out here as I did when I started blogging.

I have thoughts all over the place on some of this stuff. I guess I will just ramble some without any real data. Sorry. I would think it hard  to be a business trying to set up electric car charging infrastructure. You don't own the electricity and you don't dictate the technology and if infrastructure building costs go up are customers going to be willing to pay more for it or just say forget it I'll go back to ICE. So many variables. I know some can't get good charging at their residence for various reasons, but it appears many can and do.  How many of you have a form of charging at home. If ranges double,  triple, etc and time to charge lessen what does that do for demand for away from home network charging. And what if things are simply looked at differently and another strategy works out. I think a company was doing a swap process for batteries, swapped while running through a structure much like a car wash. What if we all  had standard modular batteries instead and you simply pulled up and batteries were swapped in minutes. What if breakthrough in solar would allow for on-car solar reliably able to charge fast enough to sustain charge. Or technology changes that let you do more with less energy. One of the biggest variables is the human factor. I admit I have some of the bad traits of an American me generation. I want my own stuff and I enjoy driving. If I were really green (not even close) I would probably support autonomous (electric of course) cars and not require that I have one sitting unused much of a day all to myself (as well as 2 ICEs). It may be the best form of public transportation and come directly to me (of courses I could do a cab, Uber, etc to do that now) or walk to public transportation stops. But how many of us really want is good for humanity versus what is good for me. Hard to say I am saving the planet with my very own BMW not to be shared with others.

Would  chargers everywhere simply end up being the new phonebooth. How many phonebooths do you see today?


BLU Win Jr LTE on Cricket getting "get media content now" message. Nothing happens when clicking link.


One of those things to post for my own future reference in case I would run into it again as well as for anyone else dealing with the same thing.

Moved from Motorola Mote E w/ Android to a Blu Win Jr LTE.  Both on Cricket.  It turned out to be as simple as popping SIM card from one and putting in other.  I did previously have a Lumia device on Cricket 6 months or so ago, so as I setup Blu phone I restored my settings down from backed up device.  Worked rather well, some apps no longer around, but it went pretty smooth until receiving my first MMS from iPhone user actually sending me a multi-recipient message.

Regular text were coming and going fine.  Tested texting a pic, which also failed.  I found the following page on Cricket that gave me the settings I needed to fix the old get media content now message.  After making the changes I was able to click the get media content now and the message that had previously tried to arrive came on through.

Bring your own Windows device to Cricket.

As it notes on the page linked to above, it states these settings are only for non-Cricket Windows Phones.  Such is the case for BLU (Bold Like Us) Win Jr LTE.

Now I need to test sending a pic and see if it has cleared up for that as well.


The Funny Side of 2 Factor


As I read Can Two-Factor Authentication Fix Mobile Security it reminded of a comical scene.

I was included in a meeting regarding a service an agency was looking to procure and it got to the point in the demonstration where the vendor was going to demonstrate the admin piece.  They pulled out their cell phone so that they could complete the two factor authentication to login.  The only problem being the building that we were located in is partially underground, needless to say when the info was sent to their phone that they needed for logging in they were unable to get it.  One of the two vendors then ran down the hall with the cell phone trying to get far enough towards the atrium that they could get a signal while the other requested the code again.  He ran back in and didn't make it back within the time allotted to enter the code, so they tried again, he ran back quicker and that time the other person was able to get logged in with the code.  Just one of those things to take into account when deciding on a 2 factor solution.


Text file keeps prompting to be downloaded instead of displaying in browser


Hello Blog, It's been a long time without a post.

Here is one that made it my way recently.

Agency customer:  Hey we have a bunch of text files hosted on website x and two of them are prompting to be downloaded, and if we download and view them they don't look the same as the others.  The other files simply display the text in the browser just fine. What's up?

A scheduled process sends the files to the web. Developer reruns the job, same results. I take a look at the two files that are having the issue and compare against a couple not having the issue. Turns out the two text files having the issue have nulls in them. Take the nulls out, post a test copy and they work fine, happily displaying in the browser. Update developer he needs to remove the nulls form the file he produces, which he does, and done, no more crisis.  But lets say you need to test the scenario as I did. Here is a quick way to do that. Open your text file with NotePad++.

Note the little Nul symbols.  Simply find and replace them.  You can't simply type nul in though. Here is how you can do it with NotePad++.

Open the file in NotePad++, you'll see the NULs.  You can't just type "NUL" into Find what: and expect for them to display.  You'll need to change the Search Mode to Extended.  Then you can simply put \0 (that is a backslash followed by a zero), then if wanting to simply strip them out leave the Replace with: field empty.  Click Replace all.  Save as something else so that you still have the original if needed.  Then upload that file and see if it takes care of the issue.  Of course, if wanting to replace NUL with something else put the replacement in the Replace with: filed.

Happy times with your text files on the web!


State Fairs


Judging by the current stream today there is a good number of State Fairs taking place.

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April Fools' Day


I wonder what Google will do for April Fools this year. Ha.

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Wow, on Blogger for a decade. Time flies.


Hematoma Entry 2


Here is the initial swelling on the upper outside part of the thigh. Below the scab area the swelling went away. The hematoma is basically from the scab upwards.

Bruising is basically gone now, but since fluid was drawn off it has noticeably filled back up.


Google Health


I canceled my Google Health account today.




I fell recently and my thigh and hip hit the top wooden rail on the cattle run and I ended up flat on the ground.

My leg ended up looking much like that in the picture on the hematoma wikipedia page.

Bruised from the top of the leg to behind the knee.

Although the picture shows what the bruising looked like it doesn't do a very good job of depicting what the actual hematoma looked like that I had.

It was a big bump and only got bigger. It looked about like a third butt cheek on the side of my leg.

Upon my first visit to the doctor he said he could likely not draw much fluid off with a needle as it was a jelly like consistency and it would breakdown over time to liquid that could be drawn off with a needle.

Yesterday the doctor took about 5 oz. of fluid off of it (think about the amount of a half can of a soda). That made a definite difference in size, but there was still a small more solid bump left. Since yesterday the bump does look to have grown a bit, which he said it may. We'll see how things look at my appointment next week.




I also added Google Translate to the full site (dropdown in the upper right), so it can be enjoyed internationally. Ha. As it is translating text, hopefully it's much better than Google Voice's translation. I like Google Voice but the translation can make for some good humor.




I did enable the mobile stylesheet on this site a while back




So it has been some time since I posted anything here. Like many I frequented microblogging more and left this one simply out there like so much other randomness. Now my microblogging has fallen off, my football Facebook fan page has not seen me for a while and not contributing much on Google +, so who knows what's next.  I could always hook my blog up to share on Google+.


Google Cloud Print in Action


Maybe you have seen all of the hoopla about Google Cloud Print, but you haven't had a chance to see it in action. Well if you have the right version of Chrome and have enabled Cloud Print, try this. Login to your Google account on your mobile device, then simply open this post on your device and follow this link to the Google Cloud Print beta page. Once there click the "Print a test page" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. If all went well you will have the popup to select the printer you want to print to. Go ahead and select it and print. You should see the Google Cloud Print test page print on the printer you selected.

I have successfully done this from the browser on a BlackBerry 8530 and on an Android 1.6 based tablet.

Curious to know if others have the same results and from what device.(image)



Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!



Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Human Target


Did you see the new show Human Target on Fox? If not, you can still catch it on Hulu.

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Xtreme Labs Speedtest Results


Dec 29 18:19:15

Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg. Download Speed: 2659.5Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 2659.5Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 18.98Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 60.09Kbits/s

Via Xtreme Labs SpeedTest


Merry Christmas


Okay, the Photobucket Merry Christmas post got axed. Starting up the Jingle each time got annoying.(image)

BlackBerry without BES


Those that received a BlackBerry for Christmas might be interested in a previous post regarding setting up BlackBerry Outlook Web Access (OWA) with BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).

(image) (image)



Micro as in little. That is how much regular blogging I have been doing. Football season kept me busy and since the season has ended I have simply been slacking from full post in favor of micro-blogging with Twitter, but you'll also find my Tweets here at the top right of this page under Twitter Updates.(image)

Cool Iris


If you haven't checked out CoolIris, it might be time to take a look. Works with Flickr, Aminus3, and others. (Not compatible with Google Chrome...Darn it. Oh well)

It gives you a wall of pictures to look through as shown for my photoblog below. The screencast might give you a better feel of what it does.



(image) (image)

Flags in Missouri at Half-Staff


From what I have seen many times citizens don't know why flags are at half-staff at Missouri's State facilities. It is often to honor fallen soldiers/Marines or other men/women that have fallen in service to the state of Missouri.

If you see the flags at half-staff and wonder why, a good place to look is the Governor's Newsroom Archives.

This year alone, the Governor has ordered flags at half-staff 20 times.(image)

Zoho Shoutbox


An example of a ZOHO Shoutbox.

As noted in FAQ & Help Documentation

You can have a Shoutbox embedded in your blog or website to enable your site visitors to talk among themselves. If you are online, you can join their conversation as well. Shoutboxes can also be used in classroom environments. Students can interact on a topic among themselves and the instructor can join in too. Shoutboxes are transparent, everyone's chat is visible to all. Similar to Live Support, you can generate the HTML code for Shoutbox and embed it wherever you need it.

style='overflow:hidden;width:100%;height:100%;' frameborder='0' border='0' src=''>

You can see what the Live Chat looks like from the customer/end user perspective in my previous post (that is, if I happen to be logged in to take your chat session).

The only one I haven't tried, at least yet, is the Live Support.(image)