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When you gonna shake off the malaise? I need you to be on

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Think of it as an errand


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One thing about Port Angeles . . .


There are a lot of tattoo shops in Port Angeles, Wash. You don't even need to eavesdrop to constantly overhear girls talk about the "tat" they are going to get or got the day they turn 18. Maybe it's a small-town thing. I swear to you, the two most recession-proof business are tattoo shops and sign shops. However, not recession-proof enough for Port Angeles to support tattoo shops named "Slung Down" and "Naughty Nurse Tattoo" for even a year.

Wheezed off his gig the whole time


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Office chatter


Someone: ". . . because you can get eight pieces of chicken for $8 at Safeway, or you can get two pieces of chicken for $8 at KFC."

My head: "Yes, but you are only one person; you don't need eight pieces of fried chicken."

My baby's riding shotgun in her knee-high tights


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The thing about you kids


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What is that for?


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Put on your face, dear


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The Picket Line


My favorite thing about a group of workers going on strike is the opportunity to refer to people as scabs.

Damn Dude


Damn, dude. This bread has nine grains.

Harry Arno


"After they talked to him for two hours he spent the rest of the night in a detective-division holding cell. The next morning Harry told the Crimes-Against-Persons detectives it was just as easy to fix eggs the right way, over easy, for [Hell's] sake, as it was to fry them till they were stiff as leather. One of the detectives let him know the eggs were from the Cuban joint down the street. Call them up if he wanted to complain."

--Elmore Leonard, "Pronto," p. 35

When you say that it can't be no lie


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Happy New Year.

Fat the trim


Twas a somber mood when I ate the last of the Thanksgiving pie.
Twas twice the feeling when to the last of the leftovers I said "Goodbye."

By Chuck Klosterman


"We're also the same age. Considering that the population of the state is only 680,000, it's not totally unthinkable to imagine we could have somehow met. But I really doubt it. She was the homecoming queen at Bismarck Century High School, which means she probably didn't go to many Ratt concerts."


". . . following any event on Twitter radically amplifies the illusion of its import. It makes you believe things matter far more than they do."

From here.

Rooftop hopping has its drawbacks


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Does anyone still read blogs?

Does anybody still write them?

Let me know.

I call this one "The Overshadowed Banjo Boy"


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Quoting my friend and associate Damian, who made me aware of this video:
At first you think this is amazing because of the 8 year old playing banjo, but then you notice the fox.

It's 2011, stand up and take a look around


Should we start doing these things again?

Going too far





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Don't tell me we didn't make it. We made it.


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Thing I will do when I graduate, part six


Spy on the neighbors more.

Thing I will do when I graduate, part five


Finish reading

so I can start reading

or maybe

Also, it is about damn time I finish this:

Thing I will do when I graduate, part four


Work on my fitness. Perhaps I will even pump some iron so I can look kind of like this guy:


Thing I will do when I graduate, part three


Finish reading this.

Because of this.


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(for those of you who hadn't heard)