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alive and well


i never write on here much anymore but maybe will some time. i hope everyone is well. loves!

autumn in oregon


after strolling through some friends' blogs this morningi thought...i guess i could blogit's been a less climatic weekend i did notes for work most of saturdayfriday night we did go to see "seussical" the musicalwhich was actually funi'm not in love with most musicalstoday we're doing a waffle feedseems like the right thing to do these pics are from our yard and down our gravel road streeti love fall leavesbut in oregon lots of the trees don't turnand i feel there's a lack of nativedeep reds and orange leavesthanks to the japanese maple in are yard next to the non-working waterfall/pondi get my orange fixit's getting that in between time in oregon where the rain is happening more oftenand i'm just not ready for thatwe've ran to smith rock to climband get out of the rain  on our way to smith/bendwe stopped to watch a msl gameat a bar on the wayi couldn't help but snap this jem of a women's bathroomtwo in one large stall?really...we don't work that waylast saturday was "epic"(because it didn't rain and was sunny)mtn biked in the forest on my favorite trailthen scooted into tillamook for some squeaky cheesetook a walk on coastlet the dog run and be so happytouched sea urchinshurried back into townand watched my spurs beat the trailblazers in the final minute (thanks to my friend getting us $5 tickets in the nosebleed)don't worry i wore my cowgirl hat and boots, and my black and greyand maybe yelled at the crowd when there was a dirty foul"classy trailblazers, classy"but i didn't say jailblazers!i'd root for them any other time...other than playing the spurs. the end.i may be back. may not.we'll see.  [...]

momma visit: portlandia


after leaving the to the rush of the city... happy hour with a view from portland city grillgot us in the city mode mom experienced last thursday on albertawhere she was pulled into dancing and drummingof the krishnasof course she easily flowed to the beatsand got to see the array of randomnessshe was able to buy a necklace from a vendoras seen in pictures was a good taste of portlanders we had a stop at blue platelunch counter and soda fountainyou may have seen it onguy's diners, drive-ins and diveson the food networkmom with a serious facewith her new hip glasses from the coastgreat ambiance not quite captured in the photo...i tried!we went to sauvie islandto pick berriesand visited st. john's bridge on the waybeautiful.u-pick raspberries and blueberries.check.we hit up saturday's marketand continued the hip-nessmom got feathers in her hairso fashionable.she began to blend right in.she met fenway, the dogbut with the hustle and bustle of the marketwasn't able to get a good psychic reading on hershe was enchanted by her pom-pom earsand look-a-like to jabba the hut's dogthe line to voodoo downtownwas too long to waitshe did see a doughnut wedding though.priceless. and we did go to the other locationto experience the tango still remains my favorite we snuck in the rose garden, hawthorne and rushed her in good time to the airport. it was a delightful timewith a wonderful mom.i'm grateful she was able to visit...wish it could've been for her![...]

momma visit: the coastal edition


after a mouth watering experience at pizza research research institute in eugenepicture patio seating, guitarist, honey lemonade,flowers and greens hanging abouti wasn't sure if my mom was ever going to leave but with some poppy seed bread in handmonday evening we headed to the coast we stopped in florence and got our picture takenby a kind weathered menwhose smilei trusted not to run off with my cameraone of the many cool bridges of oregonwe got my mom some hipold lady reading glasseswith a bit of blingwell... for her it was a little flashybut that's what you can do at a certain have to own it.then we headed towards yachatsto visit judy wind blown hair?lighthouse... checkand no we won't pay to seeyour sea lion cave that was so 15 years ago then we made it to was a great reunion for my mom to see her best friend from oregon we got to see josh and 2 of his kidsand stay in her great home close to the beach the coast was remarkable wonderful and pleasantdoesn't happen that often at least for me we enjoyed eating on the deck for most if not all mealswe went on a little hike to cape perpetua, devils churn and cooks chasmcooks chasm devils churncape perpetua it was hard for themto leave each otherthere were tears but i was reminded againtrue friends last next stop: portland town[...]

momma visit


well... peer pressure still worksi got my mom to oregonshe flew into eugene and we rushed up to our old branchto see old friendsit was a heart warming Sundayas it always is in the blue river branchme in front of my old elementary schoolthe new and improved mckenzie river ranger stationold bridges to old residencesi don't know how many times my mom said"the trees have really grown!this used to be a field or they weren't this tall"strange what over 20 years does on a place...old dwellings...i broke my collar bone herefriend's old placesmy parent's first house that looks good stilleugene was painted with flowersi forgot how UNCOMMON this is for an arizonianshe was just so blown away by the flowersi kept thinking...really mom?new eyes, new perspective on the beauty of the areanext stop...the coast[...]

ben jones beach house weekend


a pre-birthday retreat?a returning visitor from the utah?the view from the houseyes to all questions. oh let me clarify... also the view from the large outdoor hot tubyou could hear the waves crashing.amazing. happy breakfast makersgreg and kate! sleepies half awake?part of the crew:lee, scott, elba, me, jenn, david, russ, kirstin, ka saturday lighthouse walk or bike ride... i love these series of facial shots of riley absurd story? not sure. word. sea hag restaurant = delicious clam chowderi would venture to say the best on the coast lee, david, riley, kate, scott where these smiles aresomething is going onno comment on whatlet's just say a full moon night and not a lot of wind jenn, lyndsey, chelsea, me good times with friends! [...]

quite the man


my father's birthday was on the 19thand i'm late to postingabout such a great man in my lifealthough the favorite may have gottena few extra points in getting married firsti still am the first bornand think i still have a twinkle in his eyei successfully learned how tochange my car's oil and flat tires from himstrangely enjoy yard workand pulling weeds(he's a plant boy)he's put up with 3 womanfor his married/children lifeand in his early years with 2 sisters as wellmy mom loves him his daughters love him he's been a spiritual leader in our homesupported his daughters in our endeavors given us dudley squinty eyes gone along with our girly ideas from yoga shots to trying fondue...he's driven snowy roads so that i could be home in time for Christmasalong with used to be strangershe's been an example of patiencehard workperseverancedevotion to the gospelservice to others continuallyand has been a support of love and encouragement through the years he came from humble beginningswas the first to graduate and go to collegeas i've matured through the yearsi've realized howlucky i am to have my fatherthat always provided for his familyhe served God, his family,and his fellow manas best he couldand still doesp.s. i wish i had his fire fighting pictureto post...[...]

NYC meets Bagby


so a little crew was up to show steve,
jenn's good friend from nyc,
some unique places of oregon
(don't worry that's rain
not snow) (image)
let's just say...
we waited for a while
jill and i got the tree tub
that we couldn't turn off
the hot water coming in
and without a stopper
luckily a nice man
clogged the tub so it'd fill
we had to get cold water by the buckets (image) rub a dub dub
(image) corina, steve, russ, kate, jenn
(image) ickes even came to play!
jessie and kirstin
(image) and we made it back by 9ish...
a lot better than 1-2 am last time!



a green bean casserole can't cook quick enough...

rainy tuesday


some days look like this:
saving winchester from the rain and cold(image) he didn't bite me!
it was the first time
i've picked him up
by myself...
because i've been scared
it was like we were best friends
isn't he cute!
(image) then working hard on the computer
wearing my leopard print snuggie
thank you spencer again
for a great present last year
it was cold today
... 46 degrees!
(image) i also tried out a new zumba class tonight
i decided i like the other instructor better
sorry lady at 5:30
it's me...
not you!

catch-up: greek festival


beautiful greek orthodox church...with my favorite kind of christian artcheck. delicious greek food...check youth dancing...check. i loved the closeness of the teens that danced togetheri wish every youth had a group to be close and connected towhatever their interest/passionmay be off church grounds yo! [...]

president obama visits portland


i was there...waiting in see the president of the united statesso it was almost 2 weeks agobut i'm trying to catch up! we all said the pledge togetherthe gal from the band pink martinisang the national anthemand we all were singing along by the end the d's showed off their peepskitz is now our new governorafter a tight race then we got to hear from our presidenti have to tears were a little mistywhen he came out he spoke aboutthe right things take time and they're worth the time and sacrificelike women's and civil rights i told myself i can stay in social work longer emily and i enjoyed ourselves! our first political rallysporting our blue i rode my bike to the convention center then back homei felt like a portlanderand the night skylinecontinues to enchant me here[...]

some days


are like this...(image) well snake
(my plant i got from juli
when she moved back
to Arkansas in 2004)
are in need of a new transplant
to a bigger and better pot/life/etc.
he got pushed over in the wind
i'm getting pushed to open my mind
accept changes daily
including things i don't want to do
like moving half of my stuff from salem...
a tree fell down on the garage of my old neighbor
and i'll having to move the end of january... again
that's basically 4 small moves in 6 months.
all my choice none the less
my friend/hometeacher will be gaining
his sainthood moving merit badge.
there's days that coordinating things
take up some days
which drives me crazy
when it's not related to a job

as my kind mother reminded me today...
at least i'm not moving in a shopping cart.
i'm grateful i'm not in that circumstance...
and have empathy for those that do.

the sun is still shinning
and it's warm for oregon in november
i even have gone to a zumba dance class
twice in the last week
to cheer me up and dance my worries/other peoples' worries
that i'm worried about away
i'm glad i don't know anyone there

a new pot to grow in
i guess we're both ready
the end. :)

carnie halloween


BK's theme this year was excellent(image) cotton candy
(image) a fortune teller
(image) i didn't dress up like anyone else this year = success
i was a snake charmer...
(yes it was my mother's idea)(image) i hope to always be a good one



you would think
i might be swayed to vote a certain way
because of a particular name(image) tempting with name association
but... i didn't vote for him.
(image) hard voting decisions today...
(image) another reason to love oregon
getting your ballot in the mail
and just dropping it off
no lines
quick & easy

i hope you voted today.

the real favorite...


the REAL favorite in the familyjust had a birthday on the21st... i'm a little late(don't worry about it)he's the youngest of the crew and probably the best dressed in the family...he charmed my sister firstthen the rest of the familycheers to another year older wolfgang!may all your nutella dreams come true... [...]

a lil' elba in my life


so my dear friend elbacame to visitand couldn't have picked a betterfall weekendit was beautiful all weekend long! when a good friend comes in town you never know what may happeni submitted to putting...o.k her putting eyeliner on meand curled my hair friday night we had a delightful timeat happy hour at the portland city grillwith an amazing view of the city lights saturday we went to the farmer's marketthen walked to the burnside bridgefor the saturday market after posing by my nicknamegiven by elba... doodleswe also were agile women for jumping up on postsit was like our own versionof extreme walking...kind of at the market elba bought me dangly earringsyeah i don't really wear dangly earringsbut i do like themand wore them every day after receiving them she loves oregon! especially portland town! then we went to the templethen to bagby hot springs...we didn't take enough pictures jill and russ joined in the late night adventure! sunday was the duo of church and food laughs and talks i was done up again curls, eyeliner and the pencil skirtthat i haven't dared to wear yetshe wore the outfit she wouldn't dare wear at homeneedless to sayi got compliments all day longon how nice i lookedone person even told elbashe should move to portland just to be my stylist...embarrassing monday was up the tram...short hikemy favorite gift shopand back to the airport i think she'll be back soon.very soon![...]

Camp Trailer Survey


So I have a dear old supervisor/friend that is thinking of starting his own business about refurbishing camp trailers. So I made a survey to get some input for him if you have a few minutes could you please take it and maybe tell someone else to? I made a quick 5 min or less survey monkey. Thanks!

Click here to take survey

happy birthday mom!


marsha, marsha, marsha...if you know my motheryou probably love heri have yet to met many that aren'tcharmed by hermy dad's sweet on herjaimie and wolfgange love herwolfgang even gets nutella from her way more than i ever have(ok maybe she's sweet on him) i'm quite fond of her she's up for new thingsor can make something normal funnycan make fun out of most thingsmay have a great dress up boxloves to stalk or "inquire" about potential crushesher daughters have had through the yearson the internet with her best friendthese two can find out almost anythingi've learned not to give last names she's entertainingespecially when scared by birds loves her familyand is even visiting her dad todayi wish i was with them today! happy birthday mom! love and miss you![...]

nice to hear


i liked getting this email about a job i just recently applied for...

"Your final score is 100 and your rank on the eligible list is 1."

thank you very much.

happy tuesday everyone!



for those of you who don't know
but should
i hate walmart
i may call it "the whore of the earth"
or just the "whore"
i just don't like how they've changed
in treating their employees and customers now
and a few other things
so in a weak moment today
while looking relentlessly for a specific carpet and rug shampoo
i googled walmart
and found this... (image)
see what the comment says...
i still called and actually
for the first time in years
the nice man i was switched to was very helpful
they didn't have what i needed
but i appreciated him
good man
but guess who did have the stuff i needed
a local store
proud to support



Now and then it's good to pause
in our pursuit of happiness
and just be happy

ode to the favorite


a belated birthday post
to the favorite
her birthday also falls on
international talk like a pirate day
another reason why she's so lucky
and the favorite(image)
early birthday celebration at the wards!(image)
sisterly crab eating bonding time in lincoln city(image)
prior visit to our old home on the mckenzie (image)
sea kayaking on the oregon coast (image) yoga posing at horseshoe bend
sexy plexy with the hubby
(image) cheers to 24 years!
next year she'll be having a quarter life crisis...

timothy lake


slight drizzles?
we're training ourselves to go
rain or shine
or you never go

lesley & i

(image) young love
dillon & jennifer(image) tender on the love bench(image) (image) below the lake...(image) emma, chelsea, tiffany, me & david(image) cheers to friends!