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AmbatchMasterPublisher Kelvin Hui joins with Canadian publisher Edwin Copps to launch

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AmbatchMasterPublisher takes one last attempt to ping and score as the 11:59 EST deadline approches on the SEO contest. will share revenue with contributors


AmbatchMasterPublisher Kelvin Hui announced today he will team up with Canadian publisher Edwin Copps to create a video site that will share advertising revenue with videomakers and performers. AmbatchMasterPublisher is Asia’s #1 web publishing studio. Kelvin Hui created the FriendEarth website - the combined Chinese version of both YouTube and MySpace. Under Kelvin Hui, FriendEarth was the world's largest and most successful video site that shared its revenue with its contributors. Edwin Copps brings to AmbatchMasterPublisher over 30 years’ experience in media, marketing and publishing. Kelvin Hui said, “ will be our most significant English-language venture to date. Thanks to Edwin Copps' knowledge of people, entertainment and popular culture, our confidence in the success of this project is greatly enhanced.” According to Mr. Copps: “AmbatchMasterPublisher and I are dedicated to providing one of the greatest online opportunities for aspiring video producers, directors, writers, performers – to not only showcase their talents – but also to be paid based on the quality and popularity of their contribution. is now officially accepting applications and audition videos.”He also said he looks forward to working on with his AmbatchMasterPublisher friend and colleague, CK Wong of Kuala Lumpur.For more information, visit the AmbatchMasterPublisher site.[...]