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Shameless Self-Promotions

Like Dr Laura, but with a beat you can dance to.

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Ask Farrah!


So, there are like, seven of you still reading this, but for YOU- I have a very exciting message. We're going to tv. And by "tv," I mean, "YouTube." And by "we," I mean, "You and I!" For realzies!!! Since there's been a great reaction to our discussions on dating, relationships and the playlists we make for them, I'm starting an advice channel on YouTube. It will have daily clips of advice on



So I've been watching a lot of "The X-Files" lately (thank you, Netflix!) and I think I finally get it. The ongoing sexual tension implied between Agents Scully and Mulder always mystified me...I never understood why audiences wanted them to hook up so badly.She always seemed so cold and he was cute but bland. (Please forgive me. I was clearly still in the age of innocence when it was originally

GLEEking Out.


Jimmy Fallon, a musical number, Glee, costume changes AND an awards show?!? The gay man inside of me is freaking out.

Talking Out Loud.


Sometimes having a blog to discuss relationship anecdotes isn't enough. Sometimes you have to talk out loud and with other people about it. Especially with other people who are funny. So I'm doing it. I'm starting my own show. And I want YOUR help. Send me your dating predicaments, relationship conundrums, questions on social propriety, the best songs to break up to, why shoulder pads are being

I'm Your Most Popular Virgin!


I've been on planes all my life, but never flown Virgin...and while I've traveled all over the world, I've never been to Toronto. Looks like I finally have no reason to save myself for either; the time is now. Virgin Airlines is seeking a new ambassador, a "Provocateur," to represent their new Toronto destination. Please vote for my video here and repost the link in your facebook/twitter/gchat,

There IS No Competition in LadyLand!


There is a disturbing phenomenon going on in the Public Dating World. You've been there before; you're going to dinner, holding hands, snuggling around town, finding excuses to whisper in each other's ear...and it's nice. Nice to be around someone you find attractive and who clearly enjoys holding you as much as you letting them. When this happens for me, I'm not always immediately sold on

Ponies, Husbands and Other Fun Wishes.


When someone says, "I really want to get married," it sounds a lot to me like when I say, "I really want a pony." OF COURSE I want a pony! I have wanted a pony my entire LIFE! I know the colour, the pattrern, the name of my pony...I have dreamt of this magnificent creature since the time I was five years old. I WANT THAT PONY. And then I think, "Farrah, if you REALLY wanted that pony so bad...

Jane Austen's Fight Club


Sooo...we're kinda famous now. First it was Mashable, then TIME, Glamour and CBS news. Every time I open my mailbox, there's another article about our little video. It's like Christmas! Now we're in The Huffington Post and NPR and I figure it's about time I posted it, too. The video posted to YouTube only last Friday, and in a week it has nearly a million views. We filmed it thinking it would

It's Gonna Be a Great Day.


All drug commercials should be like this.

Are Appearances Really THAT Deceiving?


You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover... But what if that cover is in a too-tight, Ed Hardy-style thermal with large turquoise jewelery that says, "I'm a man, but I think this nod to Native American accessories makes me artistic." Does this mean you should maybe not be willing to give him a chance? If someone's exterior message says, "I'm a dirtbag" because I wear too much hair gel and spray

Taking This Show on The Road.


It's my Plan B, and maybe it should move up to Plan A. If it does, it will look something like this: Everything about this is so very, very right.

Two Bad Ideas Make One-


Two people. One I never want to see. One I never thought I'd see again. One song. Apparently they are collaborating and he just can't get enough Ga-Ga. But the world is full of bad ideas; maybe I'm just being close-minded. Maybe not everything Lady Gaga is such a bad idea...You tell me.

The Interception.


One time I heard Steve Young (some football guy) speak. Well- I guess I've heard him speak an inordinate amount for being completely uninterested in football. In any case, ONE of these times, as I floated in and out of consciousness during his endless football stories (not even analogies- just stories!), he talked about this awful day of playing and then suddenly he thought he had it all together

Dear Elizabeth Hasselbeck:


Shut the hell up. Please. Just. Stop. Talking. Apparently the plastic "representative" of a conservative, white-bread mom demographic from "The View" thought it would be funny to "joke" about a sexual predator who spied on a Dancing with the Stars contestant in her hotel room, saying that if only he had waited a few weeks, he would've seen the same thing "without the jail time." O, tee-hee-hee,



Cute, spunky thirty-something works in floral shop, surrounded by other people's romance, but with no one of her own! My life is a romantic comedy.I started my morning with this video. I've been asked to attend the LA and surrounding bridal events to do "research." I've also been asked to go "under-cover" as a bride to investigate wedding-related services (per my employer). They even have a cubic

Brownie Slut.


I'm KINDA shocked when I meet someone (especially a BYU alum) who is not familiar with the term, "Brownie Slut." These Brownie Sluts were so prevalent in my college years that I swore off baking the entire time there, just to ensure I was not confused with one. You've seen them; those girls who peddle baked goods, usually door-to-door, in order to meet and introduce themselves to local boys. The

Dear Prime Time Television-


Dear American Idol, The other night you caught up with me and reminded me exactly why I avoided you for so many years. You are still the most BORING THING ON TELEVISION. Taking mediocre singers with an imposed semblance of style to karaoke songs too boring for my grandmother to listen to? Not since the introduction of Britney Spears has the music industry manufactured such shame and exploited

They're the newest thing-


Just because you're busy, doesn't mean you can't look sharp! Please, ladies..."Put your best self out there," with PajamaJeans! Comfortable as sweats, but those metal rivets make them look like expensive, European designer jeans!!! I mean, WOW. Just know, dear reader, I want these as much as you wanted a Snuggie last December. THAT MUCH.

A Boombox Can Change the World:


Hence, why I take a boombox with me wherever I may go... The other day I turned on my favourite oldie's station and was met with hits from the 80's...THE 80's!?! Oldies is a genre- motown is as progressive as it gets. If I want David Bowie, I'll listen to the 80's/90's Alt-Rock station. But just 'coz it's 30 years old, doesn't make it an "oldie." That kinda hurts my feelings.

Maybe my skin is too smooth...


"You're a Very Attractive Waste of Time."


...Kind of like this blog. Did I mention that a man backed his car into me AS I WAS WAITING in the parking lot? Parked? And then even when I was backing away from him, since he was CLEARLY not paying attention? And somehow STILL, he managed to hit me?!? (If anyone watched last night's Modern Family, you'll love this.) sigh. I DO so love little kittens.

Sara Jessica Parker and Me:


I couldn't have said it better myself, Orson Scott Card. His article on how LDS men could learn a lot from Sex & the City. O wait... I think I might have!



I'm not particularly fond of peanut butter. Criminal, right? But as much as I'd like to appreciate it, I just enjoy the jelly more. There is so much variety and scope to the types of jelly you can use on a PB&J. For a long time I didn't think I liked PB&J, but then I figured out that it was because my mom always just shoved a giant glob of jelly onto a piece of bread with a glob of peanut butter

G, Love.


I love you, G.Love. But you call me in the middle of the night for action and I might not pick up the phone.

A Good Man is Hard to Find?


Who says a good man is hard to find? I propose that it is simply where you're looking...and what you're looking for... Dear Farrah,  Your readers might remember me as Molly. June of 2009, my grandmother decided to try and help me find a man who was the "right age."...Don Osmond Jr. Ha..  Well, I'd like to go ahead and share with you a story of how I've turned into that girl. This last week, I