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If you don't want to risk your capital in a real m...


If you don't want to risk your capital in a real market play, have a look at this viciously harmless board game instead:

And don't forget they can cut off your power supply (excommunicate).

Are you an admirer of the CCL?Sign up now for our ...


Are you an admirer of the CCL?

Sign up now for our seminar now:

Easy Money in the 21st century.

Among the topics included in the €25000.00 admission fee will be.

Virgin Mary Franchises: Is this the most adaptable tourist booster in history? Learn how with low cost labour, a blue light and four yards of cloth how to create tourist revenue virtually anywhere.

Grabbing them at Birth: how to recruit life long customers. Learn "the first strike method" and how to create a self-perpetuating customer base.

Make Anywhere a Tax Free Haven: how to make loopholes in any tax system, anywhere, anytime.

Smoke and Mirrors: how to invent ceremonies to impress your customers. With this course you'll have them awed in the aisles.

Unbreakable Laws Made for Breaking: how to invent rules that your customers can't help breaking.

Rule Breaker Rewards and Profit: how to set tariffs for the rule-breakers you've created.

Headline Opposites: how to blind customers to your actions by using "opposite to the action" titles for major announcements.

Hit 'em Where It Hurts: how to use sex as a common denominator to control large markets. How to turn the guiltless into the guilty, how to set tariffs and penalties.

Fear Playing and Scapegoats: How to isolate minorities and use them to play on the fears of your larger market segments.

The No-Limit Lie: learn how the bigger the lie the harder it is for customers to see it. Create a false basis for the your market that your customers have to perpetuate for fear of collapsing the market.

Send your check now to : Herr Joey Ratzinger, Vaticn Enterprises, Rome, Italy.

The Catholic Church Limited: A Capitalists Wet Dre...


The Catholic Church Limited: A Capitalists Wet DreamRecently one Joey Ratzinger, the Bavarian chairman and CEO of the Catholic Church Limited has been making statements disparaging the efforts of capitalists around the globe.The coffers of Herr Ratzingers Vatican bank are swelled by inflows siphoned off from the efforts of capitalists’ economies over centuries. In that light many industry leaders have characterised his statements as gloating over his fellow marketers’ Herr Ratzinger when he was making his statement failed to notice he was standing in a billion dollar palace built on ground obtained by fraud (the Donation of Constantine) and stuffed with art treasures bought by the now debunked practice of selling totally worthless junk bonds (known as indulgences in CCL speak). Demonstrating his well earned reputation for modesty he did not mention that the Catholic Church Limited of which he is the present CEO for life is something of a capitalist icon. The CCL through completely fraudulent and outlandish claims takes in billions of dollars tax free every year and gets away with it Scot free. Unlike a normal corporation where goods are offered for sale to the market allowing customers to make a mature decision Herr Ratzingers Company recruits child soldiers from birth by coercion in order to turn them into life long consumers. Its been described as the art of selling nothing useful and getting paid for it by brainwashing people into thinking it is. This has been the key to overcoming one of the greatest challenges facing any capitalist: actually having to make something that people need. When it comes to product promotion leaders of the biggest global PLC’s can only drool at the power of the CCL advertising system. In countries across the earth the CCL through its adherents have streets, hospitals and EVEN CHILDREN named after its most famous sales reps. The CCL has infiltrated the education system, the medical system and politics.As a result the claims of Herr Ratzingers organisation are not subject to any government regulation or testing and when they have been tested privately have been found to be completely groundless. In its history the CCL has even resorted to burning its critics alive en masse. Its corporate enforcement wing, the Inquisition (now operating under a new name) not only burned and tortured wayward customers but seized their assets as well. In recent years the CCL has been the envy of capitalists every where when, after getting caught abusing it customers (raping and torturing the younger more defenceless ones), using its political muscle, it managed to get the very same customers to pay the compensation bill! This arrangement became know as the Indemnity Deal. The CCL went further to demonstrate its overwhelming grip on the market by getting itself appointed to investigate itself. Following a centuries old pattern the CCL was then in a position to makes its consumers pay on the double while claiming the credit. One observer likened this situation to having the SS investigate the Jewish holocaust and pay the compensation claims of the victims with their own money.Although the CCL has many imitators of its system, especially in the US, its head start in the fantasy threat and reward business (as some analysts describe it) means it continues to be a global leader among all non-producers. However a constantly growing powerful lobby group has sprung to prominence in recent times and is gaining ground at a pace that has set panic into the CCL management. The core of this lobby groups demands are that the claims of companies like the CCL should be tested like every other player in the global market. This type of thinking has leaked into the ranks of the CCL’s customer base. Some financial commentators predict that a growing demand for rationale, common sense and proof from its customers as the biggest threat facing the CCL and its dominant market position. Many commentators attribute Herr Ratzingers increasingly outlandish statements to this s[...]

Profit can only be safeguarded with the support of...


Profit can only be safeguarded with the support of a State or group of States.

It is up to the politicians, who are supposed to represent the people, to set the rules for the market system. In this they have failed miserably, for a wide variety of reasons, including cowardice and corruption.

That's why I get annoyed sometimes when criticism is levelled at the capitalist system or capitalism. The capitalists, who are indispensible at the end of the day, should be permitted to take their just rewards (including for risktaking) out of the system. No more, no less.