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Comments on Clerical Whispers: Church divide over gays has a global audience

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Individual congregations always do as they please....


Individual congregations always do as they please. This is indicated in the Bible, wherein some prefer to have their ears tickled! Pastors of such are to shake the dust off their feet! Pastors who stay, with them, leave the flock! They are congregations in name only, not in spirit! Congregations stay, or they leave!At issue is love. We seek to love all! Accepting churches seek to love! It is impossible to love and to leave the scripture behind! As a result, WHAT WE UNDERSTAND as homosexuality, "same-sex" SEX, not speaking of love here, is akin in the Bible to fornication and other sins we must put away that are not mentioned in the ten commandments! As it now stands in most places, same-sex SEX IS fornication because it is not sanctioned by sacramental marriage!I say WHAT WE UNDERSTAND as homosexuality. It is clear in scripture that same-sex SEX is not to occur! What IS to occur is SEX between opposites only! Sexes should not SWITCH! Male is male, female is female! That said, there must be recognition that God allows both in some persons. God, as well, sets a precedent in nature in creatures such as the oyster which exhibit traits of both sexes. IT IS INCUMBENT on Christians, to accept The Bible, to RECOGNIZE this and NEVER to claim "same-sex--the medical term is intersex--status"! ANY person who LEGITIMATELY has SEX has male-female, that is, sex with OPPOSITES, sex! To CLAIM to be "same-sex" is outright in contradiction of the Bible! Yet to claim to be BOTH is consistent with God's Revelation in nature! Are you, in fact, like the intersex, irrevocably male and female? Does the male in you love the female in your "same-sex" partner? Does the female in you love the male in your "same-sex" partner? These people, built by God, exist. What is under a microscope was not always visible to the human eye. What is beyond our range of observation does not necessarily NOT exist. Intersex at this time is medically observable UP TO A POINT. Many who are intersex ALREADY do not know it. How many more are intersex beyond a range which medicine can identify at this point, yet EXIST? But to claim otherwise is SIN. There is a place for you in God's creation, but agree with Scripture. When you realize you are legitimate WITHIN SCRIPTURE and stop trying to wrest the Scripture according to time or place, THEN you address the real problem! Do I, as an intersex person, with a valid mate, also intersex, WHETHER WE APPEAR TO BE SAME-SEX OR NOT, attempt to have SEX in an alternative way or surgically correct? Intersex people have organs, both vaginas and testes, etc. Or traces of both. Not completely operational one or the other, perhaps, or both! What is corrected? And, then, does surgical correction prohibit sexual relations between intersex people who are poorer? At what point is a prosthesis acceptable? Those become practical matters, and when does a prosthesis change from being "changing the natural use" in the same way that a medical exam changes from being sexual contact, if indeed it does? A whole different range of questions. But the relationship issue is left behind! Only agree with scripture, put your relationship into SCRIPTURAL terms; MARRY because you now know yourself to be OPPOSITE your partner despite APPEARANCE and LOVE each other, putting away fornication; ESCHEW the term homosexuality; return GAY to its rightful place in the language; call what you ARE what you ARE! INTERSEX. God's Creation. NOT antithetical to the Bible! But to claim male with male and female with female IS against the Bible! And to the end of the Bible, the importance of sexual morality for us all is clear. To put a person avowing homosexuality as RIGHT, that is, same-sex sex as RIGHT and not against the Bible, is like putting a liar in office! Each of us sins, yet a Christian repents! And a repentant Christian, a pastor, must be of impeccable character, a role-model, and is the repentance sufficient? THAT is the question. NOT whether an avowed, proud-of-it, defending-it SINNER ought to be ordained and not[...]