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Preview: Comments on Clerical Whispers: European bishops entrust Europe to Our Lady at Fat...

Comments on Clerical Whispers: European bishops entrust Europe to Our Lady at Fatima

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Their Lady of Fatma: Hey girls did you have a good...


Their Lady of Fatma: Hey girls did you have a good day in work today? Guess what happened to me? I got all of Europe entrusted to me?Their Lady of Knocks: What? Who gave it to YOU!Their Lady of Mud’ngorey: Yeah who the hell gave it to you BITCH?Their Lady of Fatma: It was a whole gang of the old guys.Their Lady of Knocks: Could you narrow that down for Jaysus sake mauvourneen, at this stage just about all they have left is old decrepit bags of wrinkles lookin’ like some farmers retreat in Connemara. The catholic church needs to be feckin’ steam pressed, it does, so it does.Their Lady of Zapopan: Yeah, time was we used to get lots of virile young dudes. I used to nearly wet me self when they’d be kissin’ me feet and all that good stuff. I was even tempted to move a few times but that Ballinaspittal cow signed an exclusive on that one.Their Lady of Constipation: It used to be lovely. They’d dedicate their swords to us and ride off full of bluster and go choppin’ non-belivers heads off shouting “In the name of the QUEEN OF PEACE! I used to crap meself!Their Lady of Lourdes (glaring at their lady of Fatma): Mon Dieu! Listen flat chest you should have called franchise HQ before accepting anything like that. I have ze seniority over you, you leeteel pussy.Their Black Madonna of Missouri: I bet she got it because she’s white. Them bishops man, dey was always racist bastards.Their Lady of the Miraculous Medals: This just proves what I was saying last week: manufacturing is increasingly losing out to the service madonnas.Their Lady of Dzhublyk: Это только идет показать: если вы не можете переговорить английские в shrine бизнесе вы получаете обогнаны.Their Lady of the Garden Enclosed: What did she say: I can’t hear bugger all behind these bloody bushes.Their Lady of the Wind: Dunno, it whistled right by me! Their Lady of Guadeloupe: Dijo estos días, tú tienes que hablar inglés si tú quieres estar en la empresa del santuario.Their Lady of Bechouat : Could we stick to English?Their Lady of Bekaa : I think we need to call an official meeting.Their Lady of Cardigan: I think that Fatma cow getting Europe breaks our franchise agreement. Anyone need a jumper?Their Lady of Combermere: I should be given Canada.Their Lady of Ipswich: One would think that a super idea and quite fair!Their Lady of Kazan: Always we are getting the left behinds.Their Lady of Kursk: I’m stuck with a bunch of sailors. One of them pissed in my grotto the other day!Their Lady of La Vang: I think bias in the advertising department has skewed public opinion. I don’t even have a decent airport.Their Lady of Lebanon: I had one but the bloody Jews bombed the shit out of it. I haven’t even been repainted. My numbers are way down.Their Lady of Mantara: Mine have not recovered since they brought in education for the masses.Their Lady of Nourieh: Their doing education at the Mass now?Their Lady Of Knocks: Masses, MAASSES, it means the great unwashed, the herd, the flock, the lemmings who make up our customer base.Their Lady of the Snows: Immm freezing, are you all warm?Their Lady of Cardigan: I could knit something for you if you’d like. I could do it so you didn’t look so flat chested. Their Lady of Lourdes: You can’t do that Cardi. Flat chested is part of the look, its on page 4 of the franchise agreement. We’re supposed to be sexless versions of women. Bleedin’ celibates! If normal people dreamed us up we’d look like real women instead of ironing boards. You can’t show any flesh except hands and mush.Their Lady of the Wind: Bush! We can show bush now! When the hell did that come in? That might up numbers and a few other things besides.Their Lady of the Garden Enclosed: Did someone call for a bush?Their Lady of Knocks: Wash yer mouth out yeh filthy hussie. We’re not supposed to even have a bush. Remember the Grotto Motto: Dirty sex, sex is dirty, dirty is sexy.Their Lady of Međugorje: I’m doing a roaring trade. May Michael O’Leary keep us[...]