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Preview: Comments on Cobwebs Of The Mind: Who Let The Dogs Out?

Comments on Cobwebs Of The Mind: Who Let The Dogs Out?

Updated: 2014-12-02T03:38:37.414+02:00


This whole thing has disgusted me from the start, ...


This whole thing has disgusted me from the start, but that comment from loquat (or whatever its name was) was the bottom of the barrel. Even more vile, though, is the fact that it was intended as a joke. (I heard some other ignoramus say it back in the 80s. It was sick then, and it's sick now.)

And these people called you uneducated? (Which, BTW, is one of the major logical fallacies, and the last refuge of a weak argument - an Ad Hominem attack.)

Feh. I've washed my hands of AW. Even if I hadn't already had plenty of reasons, this would have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

Upon reading more of what is said it is has confir...


Upon reading more of what is said it is has confirmed my original thoughts. The symbol was only the beginning of something much larger. I have seen this behavior too many times to deny it.

Still those in support of evil can not admit to themselves that there is a possibility they were wrong. They are still unable to realize they are allowing disease to spread. And still there are those who think because they are related to a certain person or have befriended someone, that this allows them to claim the history and suffering of their people.

I have seen the one who states that you are showing a lack of intelligence, yet she continues to defend a group of people who allow the use of such hatred. She describes the owner of that site as the most kind, loving person she knows! That is a very scary idea. She asks you to spread peace instead of hate. Now that is demented.

She claims you are spreading hate and lies when in fact you have only exposed them. They continue to do the rest on their own.

This same woman goes on to claim her heritage and the heritage of her friends as a defense. In the end of her claim, she states it is unfair to her to ask her to abandon her friends. Yet we are uneducated? We lack sensibility? This from a woman who helps pass along denial under the pretense that she is affected by this because her grandfather was Jewish and married a Catholic and she is Irish, German and Jewish? How does this affect her? Ah, a pure blood Navajo friend. No, that is not good enough.

I married a pure blood Navajo Indian Chief. Does that make me expert on the suffering of his people? No. Did that make him expert on mine? No.

Why does she mention this? Why is it important to her that we know who she is friends with or who her ancestors are? I think she is struggling with her own conflict and trying to pass off her guilt. It is just my uneducated opinion of course.

I do wonder why she has not made a claim after the posting of the person stating that Hitler was an underachiever. Unless, just maybe she has finally reached her senses.

It is easier to pass out labels than to look at yourself in the mirror and take responsibility for your own thoughts. It is easier to attach yourself to someone in the hopes of passing yourself off as a peace loving person. It is harder to look at yourself and realize that you are part of the problem.

I can only hope that those who are allowing this to continue realize the message they send as a collective group when they do nothing to stop it.

I thank you for allowing me the chance to comment on your site. I take every opportunity to stand up to hate.

I wish peace to all


I hope their host service dumps them and no one el...


I hope their host service dumps them and no one else will have them. They and all their kind deserve everyone's backs. We need a net boycott.

Stever, webmaster

I have been following your posts since it was firs...


I have been following your posts since it was first brought to my attention last week.
Even though I know such hate still continues to this day it does not lessen the shock that it is accepted by some.

This has gone well beyond the misuse of a symbol and has spread into all out disregard for fellow human beings. What makes this more unbelievable is these people call themselves writers. Those who are more practiced in words than most people should be ashamed of themselves.

They strongly urge you to read and re-read, get your facts straight and hurl accusations around.

I had to grin to myself when one of their supporters left her comments here referring to the banner displayed. She states that she has read all the comments, yet she does not recognize that the very people she is dear friends with are the creators. She uses the word uneducated as a deterrent to her own lack of comprehension.

For AW to allow that statement to sit on their site is disgusting.

I too shall stand up and continue to fight for peace and unity.

John Arsenault

And as of right now that most offensive post still...


And as of right now that most offensive post still stands.

Apparently the threshold of tolerance by those who are supposedly more educated and more intelligent than us, is quite high.

My stomach literally flipped when I read this the other day. I can't begin to explain what this does to me.

It is unfortunate that you were correct in knowing, as we all were, that there was an underlying agenda.