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My crazy little world

Updated: 2014-10-05T15:15:02.626+08:00


Tis the Season to be Jolly


Ahh...the shops are a-glistening with fairy lights and holly wreaths, the malls are filled with the raucous pulse of Christmas chants about jingling bells, as we count down towards the silent night when all is calm and all is bright. Yup, it's the season of giving, and thanking and remembering, and getting rid of one bad year before heading into the next. Did that come out slightly sarcastic? Do I sound like a Christmas grouch? Well, yeah, I'm the first to admit that Christmas sure doesn't make my insides all warm and mushy, any more than Valentine's Day.

Maybe it's just me, but the whole season seems to have lost its appeal. What happened to giving? My wanking-lecturer certainly isn't in the Christmas spirit this year, and neither does it seem, is anyone else who has walked into A&R or called up LAWA. The lead up to Christmas isn't filled with smiling children on their best behavior for Santa.

Instead we have screaming kids who have had enough of shopping, distraught parents who are rethinking their decision to have children, lonely singles without family wondering how to spend their night without having to deal with the hangover, but still drinking themselves silly, and worst the increase in divorce, separation and child-stealing.

Yup, you heard the last part right - now more than ever, one parent is more likely to take their child and make a runner, because the other parent is refusing to let them have visitation during the Christmas break.

How then am I supposed to maintain a positive outlook on a season that is celebrated not by people wanting to give and 'spread the love' (in a totally non-sexual sense) but by selfish, self-absorbed adults who have taken away the spirit of Christmas, and have left an empty shell of a holiday that focuses on the best and most expensive gift rather than a message of peace and love, family, hope and joy.

Mood? Slightly disillusioned, more than ready to get blind drunk, and happily heading there right now...(well, tonight anyway...)

Daylight Savings - The New Evil in WA?


In the years to come daylight savings will be considered as one of the greatest evils to occur in Western Australia. It will be on par with horrific events such as Barney the Dinosaur and the Tom Cruise jump on couch scene. Mayhap it might even be considered to be as terrible as the appalling World Cup Game between the Italians and the Australians (damn those babies, we DO NOT PUSH THAT HARD!).

*clears throat*

Daylight savings will alter the very foundation of our society. Companies will not have to get calls to the Eastern States in early, we will not have to alter our times, and taken into consideration the time difference changes that occur in the rest of the world, as our times will change to. This can only bode ill for our businesses.

Furthermore, our cows will no longer be able to be milked at their regular times, they will not know when to come home, they will be confused. We cannot compare our cattle to the cattle of the rest of the world. Ours are more precious, more...sensitive to such drastic, terrible, life altering changes. This should not be taken lightly.

Worst of all, the quiet, laid back, laissez-faire attitude that is so ingrained in our West Aussie culture will be affected! Alas, we shall have longer days, more time in the sun, but worst of all, we'll actually have to work the full 8 hour day, because the excuse of "Oh, but our Eastern office is closed now" will not be able to be used!

Ladies, and gentlemen, it is coming. Daylight savings is no longer a myth.

In other news, milk-drinking youths all over WA, are blaming cows for the appaling literacy levels of the State, stating that idiocy is contagious.

An Intro


Okay, well, after much procrastination I've finally decided to write something if just for the sake of writing. If any of you crazy folks want to know who exactly I am - well, cue up, cause there's a line around the corner wondering the same thing ;).

Honestly though, it's a question that plagues most of us. What do you usually answer when someone asks you who you are? A name, and age, often an occupation: writer, law and psychology student, bookseller. Sometimes you list interests, like dancer, equestrian, chef, book-enthusiast.

Culture? French-Canadian and Australian.

But do those things really define who you are? Who knows. But for an intro that doesn't sound to bad.

Right now, who I am is a tired, over-worked, completely stressed, direly anxious writer waiting for a response that could either be the make or break of the year (at least for the two weeks after the answer in the case of a rejection letter) who is wondering if it isn't a good idea to throw down the white proverbial gloves and leave the writing to the experts. Hmm...also wondering what exactly I should make for dinner...